Friends’ Sexy Mom.

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Friends’ Sexy Mom.
I have a friend who has a mom sexy as hell. We used to joke him asking his mom for sex. He gets very angry after that. But everybody like to have sex with his mom. I am not doing jokes about his mom and i make my friends stop joking about his mom. So he has a big respect for me. Describing his mom is so difficult. She is smoking hot. She is a bit short, brown skin, huge tits and ass. Her lips colour is pink and soft as a rose. (Found that after some time).

The story began with my friend and his fother went abroad for a sports thing. My friend told me about that but i didnt understand it. So the day before they go abrode he phoned me.

Friend “Man, i need a faver.”
Me “What is it?”
Friend “I am about to leave the country for the sports that i told you about.”
Me “Ohh, what can i do to help?”
Friend “My mom is not going with us. She is alone at home. So can you go and stay at our home for few days until we return.”

I was exited. This is my chance. I didnt joke about his mother but i didnt say i would like to have sex with her. So i said “Ohhh, ok man tell your mom to call my mom and ask for permission”.

My mom cares about others so i knew she will say yes. So i startes to pack my cloths. I heard the phone ringing. They talked for a while and my mom said to me “Son, your friends mom need some help. You know what is happening so get ready”. I packed my cloths and got ready. My friend came to pick me up. We stayed up all night to pack his cloths and droped them at airport about 11.30. Me and my friends mom came home. Her name was Ashly. So we talked for a while. After some time she put her hand on my leg near my cock. I could not handel that. I got hard in a secand. At night she was wearing a short and a handess t shirt. I could see her courage. Her legs were perfect. She was very talkative. We talked all night. Then we came to the topic SEX.

She asked me “Have you ever kissed a girl ?”
Me “Yes, not much but i have”.
Ashly “Ohh, so romantic”.
Me “How meny you have kissed ?”
Ashly “Only a one”.
Me “Your husband”.
Ashly “Yes”.
Me “Ok”.
Ashly “Have you slept with a women ?”.

Actually i have slept with meny girls but i said no. I thought if she think me a player.

Ashly “Impossible, you have a cute face. I thought you are some kind of a player. I was wrong”.
Me “Do i look like a player ?”.
Ashly “Kind of i thought wrong. My son was right”.
Me “Right about what ?”.
Ashly “All of his friends want to have sex casino siteleri with me. He told me everything. But he told me you are the only one who didnt joke about me. Am i not sexy for you ?”.
Me “It is not about that…”.
Ashly “So i am a sexy women for you”.
Me “You are hot. But you are best frinds mom. You are like my mom”.
Ashly “Ohhh, I have two sons now. One with a cute face. Come here”.

She hugged me so tight. I was between her tits. They were so soft and so squashy. I began to relax on her huge tirs and hugged her. After about a minute we broke our worm hug and she said “It is time to bed”. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “good night”. I was frozen for a moment. I said “I feel a bit cold after the worm hug can i come to sleep with you so i can hug you”. She smild, thoght for a moment and said “Ok, but no touching”. I was so excited. I ran to her and hugged her. She said “Ok ok. Lets go to bed”. We went to bed. I hugged her. She hugged me back and said “Are you comfortable ?”. I said “A lot now”. She laughed and pulled me closer to her tits. I was about to fall a sleep. She shouted “I said no touching”. I raised my head and said “I didnt touch”. She said “I know. I only said no touching. I didnt say no kissing”. I was the fool. I didnt understand it. She wants me to kiss her. Then i gave a big worm and wet kiss to her chest. She said “Ohh, so worm. I cant remember the last time my husband kissed there”. Then i knew she did not had sex in a long time and i could make her horny easily. I gave her another kiss but a little lower. Then she said “Ohh, dont go in there. The way you kiss makes me horney. In my mind “Thats the point”. I stopped kissing her and put my head on mh new tit pillow. I couldnt remember when i slept


Next morning i heard she saying goog morning. When i wake up i was hugging her. It was about 10am. I said good morning. I looked at her tits. I could slightly see her nipple. It was about to jump out. She broke our hug. And said she is going to have a shower and be back soon. I said ok. She left. Then i started to think about what happend last night. It made me hard. I couldnt notice how fast time was going. She came back from the shower. She was wearing a short towel and her body was a bit wet. It made me even harder seeing her like that. I jumped out of the tipobet güvenilir mi bed and went to the bathroom. I jerked off remembering her like thet and took a shower, brushed my teeth and went to kitcken. She was wearing a minifrock. It was so sexy on her. I sat down near the table and started to look at her. She saw me and said “Why are you looking at me like that ?”. I said “I was checking out how sexy you are”. She smiled and went back to what she was doing. Then she brought me brakefast. she sat infront of me. Then I said “Can i see your tits ?”. She said “Excuse me. I am a married women and i have a son at your age. It feels like showing my tits to my son”. She was copying me. I am first one said that she fells like my mom. We had a big argument about that and finaly she agreed to show me her tits. She stood up and removed her minifrock and sat down again. I cold not believe my eyes. She was only wearing a panty and no bra. Her tits were so beautiful. I could jump on to her and suck her tits. She smiled and said “I knew you are gonna ask me that so i came prepared. I said “Then why you said no at the first place”. She said “I wanted to know how much bad you want to see my tits”.

After brakefast we went to watch the tv. I went to the sofa and sat down then she came and sat on my lap. My dick started to poke hetmr ass. She felt it but she didnt care about it. She leaned back and started to relax on my body. Then i hugged her and started to touch her tits. She said “I remember i said no touching. I said “Sorry cant help it”. After some time i asked her “what does your pussy tast like ?”. She said “i dont know. Why dont tou find out ?”. She fot up removed her panty and sat next to me and spreded her legs. It was bold pussy so nice and clean. I nkeeled down infront of her and started to lick her pussy. It was so tasty. She started to yell “Ohh, my god your tongue fells so good. Please make me cum. I wanted some one to eat my pussy”. I pulled her closer and started to do my best. I grabed her tits and started to squeeze them so hard. She yelled even louder.she pulled my face in to her pussy and held it. Sfter some time she started yelling “Ohhh honey i am about to cum. Please let me cum in your mouth. I will do anything you want. Ahhhh i am cummingggg….” i squeeze her tits even harder. She cummed in my mouth. Her cum was so tasty and hot. She started to shake. After she finished she said perabet thank you in a very tired voice. She raised her hands like saying come and hug me. I hugged her. Her hart was beeting really fast and she was breathing really hard. She whispered to my ear “Thank you for making me cum”. She hugged me until she regain her strength. She broke the hug and she went to the bathroom. I sat down. After she come back she said “It is yout turn to cum in my mouth”. She kneeled down infront of me and pulled down my shorts and started to take my dick in her moth. It was the best blowjob i ever had in my life. She took my whole dick in her mouth. I came in a secand.

She was naked the whole day having fun with me. I did every thing to her tits. Sucked them, licked them i even bit them. Later that night we went to bed. It was a cold day. I really wanted to feel inside her. I disnt even asked her. I pulled her close. She was confused. I could tell it by her look on the face. Then i peshed my dick inside her. She held me from her legs and screamed “Ahhhhhhhhh my god you didnt even ask me. It hurts so much. Ahhhhhh it is tearing my pussy”. Her pussy was so wet, worm and tite. I started to squeeze her tits. She carmed her self.she said “Hug me”. I hugged her so tite. And kissed her neck. She whispered “Fuck me slowly”. I started to push slowly and gentle. I asked “Am i hurting you ?”. She said “No baby you are makeing mom happy. I love you so much”. i hugged her even titer and said “i love you too”. I slowly started to increase the speed. She started to mumm even louder and faster. She cummed three time while we were having sex. I was so tired fucking her so stoped for a moment. She turned and came on me. Then she started to fuck her self by jumping on me. Then she leaned down and started to kiss me. I squeezed her ass while kissing. Then i was about to cum. We got off from the bed and she kneeled down. She jurked me off and sucked my balls until i cum. I came all over her face and tits. She said “OMG this is a lot of cum”. She sucked every drop of cum on my dick and started to lick the cum on her tits. she got up and went to the bathroom. She came back after about 30 mins and grabbed my dick and pushed it inside her pussy and hugged me. I said “Are we having sex again”. She said “Not now. If you needed it at the night i am all yours. Feel free to pound this pussy”. Like that we had sex every time. No matter what the place is we are fucking if we needed. My friend came back home after about a week. He didnt know his mom is mine. After that week, every night she sends me a naked picture of her. Every saturday we are going out and having sex somewere. That is the story of my frends mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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