Fuck Me Dean Ch. 02

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It was then that the wave of guilt washed over me. I should have said goodbye right then and there. I should have pulled up my pants, tucked my dick back into my undies, told her it was a big mistake and gone home to my wife.

If Shannon agreed never to talk about it…. it could, NO, would remain a secret.

That’s what I should have done, but I didn’t.

I was caught up in the thought of my rock hard dick inside this cute little pussy. All day long dirty thoughts had flooded my day dream, my hands in her hair as she sucked my cock. The look in her eyes as she sucked my balls & her warm firm tongue poking inside my arsehole.

This was all a bee’s dick away from becoming a reality.

I couldn’t walk away, so I moved behind her and started nibbling on her neck.

“I want you to fuck me with your mouth Dean, to put your tongue in my beautiful little pussy and make me cum all over your face. But first I want to lick your fingers and taste my pussy.”

Softly and slowly I slid the flat of my palm across her stomach and down towards her beautiful little honey pot. When I reached my destination, I slipped my fingers insider her; Shannon gave a whimper and her cunt clenched hard around the two fingers currently curling inside her. As I continued to lick all over her neck and tickle her cunt with my fingers, her juices poured out, beginning to run down her inner thighs.

I took two steps back bringing Shannon with me, before removing my fingers from their new favourite place. Shannon whimpered in unhappy protest. I ignored her protest and simply grabbed both of her hands and placed them on the counter in front of her, effectively forcing her to bend over. When she began to protest and turn around, I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, leaned over and whispered, “Be a good little girl and stay.” Shannon whimpered, loving it. She nodded. She was rewarded with a squeeze of her beautiful arse cheek.

Shannon felt me drop to my knees behind her and nudge her feet further apart, exposing her luscious lips to me. I ran a single finger along her slit, collecting some of her juices just like I would a completed tub of ice cream — I couldn’t waste it! Abruptly, I stroked each of her bum cheeks and gently spread her apart. Shannon grabbed tightly to the countertop for balance as she went up on tippy toes. Without warning, I leaned forward and ran my tongue from her puffy lips to her cute little brown rosebud. Shannon gave a lusty gasp “MMMMM that’s nice keep going, eat my little bum bum!”

Ignoring her cunt (for now), I leaned in and began to vigorously eat her arse. I began with several long, thorough laps of her entire bum crack, pausing minutely every time I passed her tight little hole. Shannon was squirming, trying to get me to give her more. I complied with her silent demand and began lapping at her arsehole, flicking back and forth and rimming it before forcefully fucking her bum with my tongue. Shannon relaxed allowing me to push my tongue further into her sweet tight little hole. I spent several long minutes’ tongue fucking her, pushing in as far as I could and swirling my tongue around. Shannon was grinding canlı bahis her cute bottom onto my face as she moaned and groaned, begging incoherently for more. When I pulled back from her arse I noticed a little puddle between her legs where her juices has fallen. My dick throbbed at the sight — I was proud, knowing I’d gotten her so excited.

“Oh please don’t stop. Please make me cum, I need it so bad,” Shannon begged as she rotated her hips in my face. I acquiesced, sliding two, then three fingers into her drenched pussy, meeting little resistance. Slowly I formed a plan. I would continue to finger fuck Shannon as she whimpered and sobbed from pleasure – as soon as I felt her approaching orgasm I would pull out.

And pull out i did.

“No!” Shannon moaned, but her protest turned into a smile and I positioned my tongue in front of her so that I could lick her firm little clit. Shannon swung a leg over my shoulders forcing my head back. She slowly sank down onto my face. My mouthy opened wide. I clamped my lips around her swollen pussy and shoved my tongue into her hot little pussy. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy hard against my face as I licked, sucked and slurped her sweet nectar.

I suckled hard on the little button; flicking it with my tongue. While my mouth was glued to her throbbing cunt I reached up with both hands and began to stroke and caress her nipples. After several moments of this play, I felt Shannon’s clit get incredibly large and hard moments before she tossed her head back and panted out her orgasm. I released her nipples and grabbed onto her hips to hold her in place as I continued to suck her clit, milking her for every last drop of cum that flowed from her beautiful pink cunt. Finally Shannon begged me on a sob,

“Enough, baby, I can’t take anymore.”

“You sure do know how to eat pussy. I bet Beth just loves your tongue, doesn’t she? I’ll have to compare notes with her sometime. Now we’re going to fuck.”

I should have stopped things right there but my brain was frozen. Shannon slowly squatted over my cock and guided the tip to the lips of her swollen pussy mound. She held my meat in her opening, moving it back and forth along her slit and across her clit. She finally let go and sank down on my shaft. I watched it slowly disappear into her body until it was stuffed all the way up her inside her. The line of infidelity had been crossed.

She held me deep inside her belly, moving slowly back and forth and using her well trained pussy muscles to squeeze my dick. She finally lifted up my length until my knob was barely inside her pussy, and then came crashing down, impaling herself on my pole. She did this again and again, holding me deep inside her pussy to milk my cock each time she impaled herself on me.

“Oh fuck Dean this feel good… aaaahhhhh… your cock feels so good in my pussy… ooohhhhh… that’s it… screw me……”

Rubbing her clit hard against my pubes, Shannon had another orgasm. She dropped to her knees and propped her hands by my head. Her tits bounced in my face as she continued to ride me. I sucked a nipple in my mouth. My hands cupped her creamy arse cheeks bahis siteleri and guided her fucking motions. My forefinger found the tight nub of her asshole. It was already lubricated and my finger slipped deep inside.

“Oh god yes… put your finger in my dirty little bum… oh god… oooohhhhhhh… that’s it… mmmppphhh… AAAAAHHHHHH…”

The woman was a sex machine. She kissed me hard and ground her pussy against my cock as pussy juices dripped down my hairy balls onto the floor. After catching her breath she stood and squeezed her tits.

“Get up here and fuck me. Fuck me hard. Rip my pussy apart. Hurry…”

She was doing everything she could to bring out the raw animal instinct in me and it was working. I popped up off the floor and threw her against the wall, slamming my body against hers in the process. Her teeth bit my lower lip and drew blood. My hands grabbed tightly onto her arse cheeks and lifted her off the ground. She threw her head back and wrapped her legs around my body.

As soon as my cock found the juicy folds of her pussy, I thrust hard and jammed my meat deep into her pussy. At the same time I bit into the side of her neck. She let out a loud shriek and dug her fingernails into my back. I slammed my cock into her again and again, driving her body up the side of the wall.

“Shove your cock in my pussy… harder… ah… yes… ooohhhhhh… deeper… oh fuck…. Mmmm… fuck me… fuck me… ooohhhhhh…”

Shannon’s gasps and screams were out of control as her body was wracked with a continuous series of orgasm. My fingers were slimy with pussy juice that poured from her pussy and dripped down my hairy balls . My throbbing meat pushed deep into her belly and slammed up against her cervix each time she impaled herself.

Her tight pussy twitched and squeezed my cock as she rode me. Her screams were out of control. Filth continued to spill from her mouth. My middle finger found the rim of her asshole and easily pushed inside. I buried it to the knuckle and dug it around inside as my cock continued to pound her pussy.

“Yeah… that’s it… shove your finger up my arse.”

Her fingers clawed at the skin on my neck and dug into my scalp. Her heels dug into the cheeks of my arse. My cock knifed up into her belly each time she slammed her pussy down its length. She was having one orgasm after another. Her moans and squeals were loud and out of control. Pussy juice was flying everywhere.

My hairy balls were about to explode. I had never fucked anyone this hot in my life, not even during my wild college days. Just as I was almost there she stopped moving with my cock buried deep in her pussy. Her well-trained pussy twitched against my meat. She put her tongue in my ear and whispered.

“You haven’t fucked my arse yet. You weren’t going to cum in my pussy and then leave were you? You promised to fuck me in the ass.”

Shannon lifted off my cock and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me, she quickly gobbled my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She teased me to the brink of orgasm and then backed off. She looked up at me with my swollen meat in her hand. She must have bahis şirketleri had a tube of lubricant with her because it was all over her hands and she was greasing up my shaft.

“Patience, Dean . Good things in life are worth waiting for… and my arse is really good. I want to make sure that you fill me up with lots of good thick gooey cum. Are you ready to fuck my ass, Dean?”

It was a rhetorical question. She stood and faced the wall, putting her hands against it for support. She spread her legs and tilted her arse in the air. The creamy white round spheres were as smooth as a baby’s skin. In the crevice splitting the two halves I could see her tight little brown asshole just above the swollen plum of her pussy. The fleshy folds of her pink lips peeked out from the gash down the middle.

I guided the purple knob of my dick against her sphincter and pushed. At first nothing happened. I felt her push back against me and suddenly the head of my cock was inside her. I worked my cock deeper and deeper as she rotated her arse back against me. I looked down and watched the entire length of my cock slowly disappear into her body.

“Ooohhhhh… that feels so good. Your dick is so nice.. Have you ever fucked Jill in the arse? I think you should, Dean . I think you should go home and fuck her little bum hole… but not before you finish with me. I want it hard and fast… nothing gentle.”

I pulled it out a little and pushed back in, then a little more and a little more. It was tight… tighter than anything I had ever fucked before. Shannon squirmed and rotated her arse against my prick. I looked down between her creamy cheeks and watched my meat move in and out of her sphincter.

I reached around and cradled her boobs as my cock hammered her bum hole. She moved one of my hands down to her pussy & gasped when I rubbed my fingers rapidly across her clit. My cock was hammering her arse as pussy juice dripped from my fingers.

“On the couch; finish me on the couch.”

She sat down and spread her legs. I looked into her deep green eyes and guided my swollen bell end up her tight bum.

“That feels so good” she said “I’ve been looking forward to this part” Our eyes stayed locked together as my cock easily slipped into her little brown rosebud. She panted the words “fuck me” over and over.

Somehow I saw Shannon in a new light, I realised how pretty she really was with the red hair framing her face and her pouty pink lips covering perfect white teeth… oh, and I had my dick up her bum.

This time she used her own fingers to rub her pussy. My cock hammered away at her asshole as we continued to look hungrily at each other. Shannon could tell I was close by the desperate look in my eyes.

“Cum on me, not in me Dean, go ahead baby”

My cock swelled inside her tight bum as cum started to surge from its length. My mind went blank. Blood rushed from my head to my groin. Every ounce of energy was concentrated in my hairy balls as I pulled my dick out of her bum and started to wand it enthusiastically; hot sticky cum exploded and splattered across her arse & back. I continued spewing cum onto her body until I was completely drained. I collapsed forward onto her lifeless form. Our lips met and we slowly kissed in the afterglow of our shared union.

As my breathing returned to normal I felt my dick deflate like a popped balloon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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