Fuck Your Mouth Ch. 02

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The chapters can be read independently, but you may want to read them in order.


Time went by however I found myself consumed by one thought. How to find another guy that would fuck my mouth.

I found his ad on line in the Men for Men personals. “I want to fuck your mouth.” I was startled and immediately aroused! Had this unknown person somehow read my mind?

I have this fantasy about having my mouth fucked by a hard cock and here was someone willing to do it!

“I’m interested.” I answered the ad with trembling fingers giving him my cell phone number asking him to text me.

Nothing happened for four days.

I was ready to just give it up when on the fifth day, I got a text on my phone. “Oh really?” It said.

“Yes, what ever you want.” I texed back.

“Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Was his answer. I thought about it, and then told him I would turn myself over to him as long as I got my mouth fucked. “No problem, I hope you like big.” He said.

“How big?” I answered back as my fingers were shaking.

“Lol, you’ll have to just find out.” He said back. We stopped texting.

Johnny had only been a little bigger than my average six inch size and it choked me. How could I possibly handle big?

I agonized over it for a day and then thought, “What the hell, what can it hurt?” I text him back asking to meet him at the downtown mall that Saturday afternoon at 1:00 pm. He answered back promptly and told me to sit in the central atrium area and get a bag of popcorn so he would recognize me.

The two days until Saturday took an eternity. Finally Saturday arrived, and I kept busy cleaning up around my apartment doing chores as I kept my eye on the time. After about a year it was time to go, early. I found my popcorn and was sitting in the central atrium area. 12:00 noon, 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm, 1:00pm, 1:15pm. Nothing. A lot of people were in the mall, shopping, going to the movies, wandering around, all the normal things, and then there was me waiting.

Off to the side out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone that looked familiar as he was walking by. He was very close to walking past me going to where ever he was going, when he saw me, smiled and turned around stopping near me saying, “Well Dave! How are you?” It was Rich from college! I stood up, shook his hand, astonished that he was even here in the city much less in the same mall that I was in.

As I was talking to him I realized that I might miss the guy from the ad because of this interruption from Rich. I apologized and said I couldn’t talk long as I was casino şirketleri meeting someone shortly.

“I know your waiting to meet some one Mr. popcorn.” Rich said. I was stunned! Rich! He’s the guy from the ad!

My mouth dropped open, and I suddenly sat down. Rich stood near me and like before put one foot up on the bench I was sitting on, as he grinned down at me.

I was frozen. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, as my mind raced with the discovery of what had just happened!

“So you want your mouth fucked?” Rich said quietly as he leaned down near me. I could only nod as I was still stunned. “Good, because I have what you need.” Rich smiled and said. With his foot still up on the bench I was sitting on, his hand casually brushed against his crotch which was less than two feet away from my face. I swallowed hard and my eyes dropped to his full crotch and time fell away. Suddenly I was back in the locker room with Rich naked, foot up on the bench facing me.

My face was red, my hands were shaking, I didn’t know if I could stand up because of my weak knees. “Let’s go.” Rich said.

“Where?” I stammered.

“My place.” He said, asking me if my car was in the parking ramp, I told him it was. He told me to leave it there, I would be riding with him. He would bring me back to my car tomorrow, when he was done with me! I hesitated. “Make up your mind. Are you going to turn your self over to me or not?” He said. I nervously glanced around at other people near by thinking that we might be overheard. No one was paying any attention to us. “Well?” Rich said.

“What the hell, what can it hurt?” I thought as I nodded my head yes.

I followed him to his car in the parking ramp, got in, as Rich started it. Before he backed out, he turned to me and said, “Say it.”

“Say what?” I was confused.

“Tell me what your going to do, tell me what you want.” He said. It was like standing on the edge of a high place, looking at the drop, thinking about taking the leap. “Say it, or get out.”

I turned toward him thinking back to the times in the locker room and said, “Yes. I’ll turn my self over to you, I want you to fuck my mouth.”

“Good. Was that so hard?” Rich said as he laughed, clapping me on the shoulder. I joined his laughter.

We drove to his apartment a few miles away. As we drove I started to relax until Rich started talking. He said here are the rules, “You’ve turned yourself over to me. What ever I want, you have no choice. This is all about me as it should be. Those are the rules until I bring you back to your car tomorrow. casino firmaları Do you understand?” I nodded, yes. “Say it!” He said.

I swallowed and said. “Yes I agree, I’ve turned myself over to you until tomorrow, what ever you want as long as I get my mouth fucked.”

He laughed again and said. “Oh yea, you’ll get your mouth fucked and then some, no worries.”

We pulled into his apartment parking lot, Rich shut off the car, unbuckled his seat belt and said. “OK, you can touch it.”

“What?” I said. He turned his body toward me, sliding a little forward on the seat and leaning back looked down at his crotch. My eyes followed his. I swallowed hard as my hand seemed to reach out on its own, and my fingers traced the front of his full crotch. he leaned back further, and laced his fingers behind his head, closed his eyes, as my fingers explored his crotch. It was full, firm and starting to get hard. Here it was! After two years of seeing him naked, his big cock was in his pants under my fingers!

I became more bold and even started to lean over to bring my mouth down to his crotch. He stopped me and said. “No.” You’ll get plenty of that later, let’s go to my apartment.” I followed him in, he closed and locked the door. He turned to me and said. “Undress me, your going to wash my back in the shower.” With trembling fingers I unbuttoned his shirt, took it off his shoulders and dropped it to the floor. “Pick it up. Hang it on the back of the chair.” He said. I startedo realize that he had a lot of rules!

I looked at his upper body, he had pretty good muscle tone, more than I remembered from the college locker room. He looked at me and smiled, “Now my shoes and pants.” I dropped down on my knees, paused and looked up at him, he simply smiled down at me. I took off his shoes and socks, unbuttoned, unzipped his pants and slide them down his legs. He stepped out of them, and I folded them once and put them on the chair without being told. I turned back to him as he was standing in front of me in only his boxers. It was obvious that his chest was not the only thing that had developed. As he had gotten older, his cock behind the boxers seemed much bigger!

My hands were trembling. “Take them off.” He said. I reached up to both sides of the waist band and slide the boxers down over his thighs and legs. His freckled cock sprang up close to my face, large thick and now only half hard! Half hard he was bigger than my cock is all the way hard! It had to be more than six inches half soft! I started reaching up to touch it. “No.” He said. Disappointed, I waited there on my knees güvenilir casino in front of him. He said.”Shower time.” He walked away, I got up still dressed and followed him, My own cock was rock hard behind my pants painfully binding, as I adjusted it trying to move it to a better position. “Stop touching yourself.” He said. I was amazed as his back was toward me as I had done it!

We walked into his bedroom and and then into the bathroom, he told me to turn on the water in the shower. I did as he stood near me. When the temperature was right he stepped in picking up the soap and handing it to me. “Wash my back.” I reached into the spraying water, got the soap wet as he turned his back toward me I lathered him up. With the shower curtain open, some water was spraying out getting my clothes a little wet. He didn’t care. This was all about him. I soaped him, working my hands all over his back, “My ass too.” he said. I complied. I ran my hands all over his back, butt and legs marveling at his firm flesh. This was amazing! My breath was a little ragged, as I worked the soap and water all over his back, ass, and legs. He ever spread his legs slightly, and now dropping down onto my knees behind him, I could look through his legs, seeing his balls and big cock, which was even larger, but still not completely hard.

He took a second bar of soap and started washing his front. I continued to do what I was told and then started to get a little more bold and washed in between his legs actually brushing against his balls. “No.” He said. My body was totally aroused. My face was flushed, my cock was throbbing, my nipples were like hard little stones, my breathing was coming in gasps. My mind was on fire!

Finally, he shut off the water, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom. He turned to me and said, “Sit.” pointing to a bench that was at the foot of his bed. I sat. Rich walked up near me, and just like all those other times, put one foot up on the bench beside me. He started drying himself off taking his time, his big cock swaying back and forth in front of him, in front of me. As He was toweling off my eyes never left his freckled cock. It seemed so much bigger than in college and it was growing. He dried off his back, which made his front come forward a bit. His big cock was less than a foot from my face as it came to full erection and was leaking precum! Oh My God! It had to be more that nine inches long! Amazing! As he finished drying himself off he looked down at me. I tore my eyes away from his monster and looked up into his eyes and of course he was smiling. I licked my dry lips, swallowed, trying to say something. He interrupted me. “Tell me what you want?” I stammered. “Tell me!” He said.

“I want you to fuck my mouth.” I said as I swallowed hard.

“OK, you got it.” He said, smiling his smile.

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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