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Although essentially a true story, I’m a firm believer in safe sex with strangers and condoms were used although for the purpose of fantasy I have omitted this.


I’d decided on the Canary Islands to get some winter sun and an all over tan- we’d been before- and I’d carefully chosen an apartment only 20 minutes walk from the beach, supposedly a gay beach but sadly lacking in much action or talent. However, we had really come for the sun on our bare bodies, anything else would just be a plus…

We arrived at the apartment complex I had found and paid for on the internet, about half an hour later than expected and I had sent a text to the owner from the airport to tell her we were on our way so we were surprised to be met by a guy, not too tall, smooth and very slim (which I guessed was due to exercise), about 40 with a shaved head- I assumed as he had probably started to go bald anyway. Sexy, I thought.

“My wife has had to go back to England” he explained, and proceeded to show us the facilities of the apartment whilst I checked him out from behind. My boyfriend just gave me an exasperated look. I said we already knew the area and he parted by saying to call him if we needed anything. Hmmmm, if only…

The next day in the afternoon, my boyfriend and I hit the beach for a couple of hours, we got perved by more pensioners than I cared to count, and as the heat started to drop, we headed back. I showered first, it felt great to wash away the sand and suncream, I was relaxed. And horny too so I really made sure I was clen enough to be licked all over. As Dave was in the bathroom, I put on my new jock strap. From the front it looked very much like tight underwear and to keep me in the pouch, I sported a cockring. I had bought one for Dave as well, except his had a fly so he could wear it all the time and get his cock out too. I opened the fridge, took out a chilled bottle of Cava we’d bought and the poppers I had brought along from the ice box. I put the poppers down at the side of the settee, along with the lube sachets I retrieved from the bedroom and began to pour 2 glasses. Dave was still in the shower, probably unaware of my plans and equally unaware of the jockstrap awaiting him. I was swelling just thinking of my plan when there was a knock at the door and it opened straight away, the guy whose wife owned the place just let himself straight in. I had turned to face the door so he couldn’t see my bare and bronzed arse cheeks.

“Hi guys, just thought I’d check out how you’re doing” he said. I was close to speechless, mainly through embarrassment and his lack of waiting for me to answer the door. Bare faced cheek, I thought. Bare arsed cheeks here, casino şirketleri I laughed. So I just said we were great, not long back from the beach, and invited him to join us for a drink. He accepted and sat down as I remained facing him so I went and sat in the chair, knowing he still couldn’t see I was wearing only the jock. Dave came out of the shower wearing the towel, got a drink and sat down on the other end of the settee joining us, again looking at me in bewilderment at my state of dress in the company of Marcus, who had by now told us his name. But not realising if he lifted one leg or the other, he was revealing more than the pair of us!

We chatted for half an hour, mainly about our various keep fit regimes which explained why we were all slim although Dave and I varied ours, he the gym and me the pool. And the 2 of us were smooth thanks to the help of a full body shave twice a week although the pair of us, to be fair, weren’t that hairy naturally.

“Fancy another glass?” I asked Marcus. He said yes and, completely forgetting my attire, I rose from the chair to replenish our drinks.

“Wow!” he cried, looking at my arse. However, even though it’s in good shape, the exclamation was simply to do with the outfit. “I really want one of those for my running” he said so as well as pouring the drink, we exchanged ideas of where to get a jock for him. On line and postal delivery was the best option as the sport shops or boutiques selling trendy undergarments on Fuerteventura were few and far between and probably didn’t stock such items.

“Are they comfy for running in?” he asked. Not knowing, I said yes. They were comfy enough for being fucked up the arse in so I probably wasn’t lying!

“You can try this if you want” I said and passed him the one I had bought for Dave who gave me yet another puzzled look. He got up and went straight to the bathroom, not what I expected at all, I thought he would have borrowed it and tried on at home. He came out almost immediately, wearing nothing but. He stood there, muscular and slim, smooth chest and firm pecs, grinning away. “What do you think guys, is it me?”

I thought he was well hot but saw he wasn’t quite all in the pouch and that the strap at the back was twisted as I checked out his hairless tight rounded little butt. I excused myself and straightened the strap and told him to try one of my cockrings which I had tactfully told him was called a ‘positioner’ to keep his balls and shaft facing more forwards, and he disappeared into the bathroom to position and adjust. I hoped the cocking would fit and simply explained to put his cock and balls through so everything stayed upfront.

“Freedom, it casino firmaları feels so free” he said when he came out moments later.

Dave smiled and told him it looked good too which he seemed pleased to hear. I nodded at Dave, he was sat there in the towel still but hadn’t realised that without underwear, we could both see his hard and shaved cock due to his leg positioning and lack of underwear. Dave was only just over 5 inches long when hard but he was circumcised and perfectly formed. And it was a perfect fit for my peachy, tight arse. Marcus was tactful but nonetheless, curiosity got the better of him. “How would you fit that in this?” he asked, pointing to his jock. I pulled at the velcro fly so he understood that a swollen cock would be no impediment to wearing such an item, in fact it would be a bonus. For me, at least.

I walked over and put the lube and poppers on the table without saying a word. We both stared at Marcus.

“What are these?” he asked. And funnily enough, he genuinely didn’t seem to know. I opened the lube and put some on my finger, then sat back with my legs akimbo so he could see me finger the entrance to my arse. “Feels good” I said. “Try some…”

He took a finger full and surprised me by coming towards me and fingered my tight hole rather than his own. His cock was prodding out of the jock so I put some lube on the end of that too and worked him until he was rock solid. I was pleased he was only just larger than Dave, I like cock but I’d rather have 2 small ones at once than 11 inches on one shaft! Dave came and stood behind him and opened the second lube sachet, then placed some on his middle finger and headed for Marcus’s crack. I was worried that this might be too much of an initiation, but needn’t have been, he moaned in ecstasy when Dave’s moist finger reached his ring.

I stood up, still playing with Marcus’s cock having pulled back the foreskin then knelt before him and licked the end before taking the shaft in my warm mouth. My hands reached out and opened the poppers, I took a sniff and inhaled deep as the blood flowed to my head and to my own cock, still ensconced in my jock. Dave, greedy twat, took a sniff too and put them under Marcus’s nose. I don’t know if it was his first time but he went for it and I hoped it would have the same inhibition-losing effect on him as it does to me. And loosen his sphincter like it does mine.

I stood up and turned away from him so his cock was in my crack, then bent further forward and put more lube on my hole as I rubbed back on to Marcus. His knob head was against, but not in, my wanting arsehole.

I reached back to try and pull Dave by his arse into the two of us, güvenilir casino Marcus the filling in our sandwich, but only reached his hips so I moved my hands and grabbed a cheek each of Marcus’s smooth and firm arse, spreading his bare and muscular little buttocks as I pulled him closer. Another gasp -or groan- of pleasure. And as his cock hardened again, I felt the tip enter my waiting anus. Unbeknown to me, as he entered, and paused for a moment, Dave did exactly the same to him, having almost emptied the lube sachet up his inquisitive orifice which In was parting wide with my grip on those formed cheeks so he really was being slowly and painlessly roasted. I took my third sniff from the little brown bottle, passing it backwards, and as the rush hit my head, cock, and hungry hole I pushed back to take Marcus deeper. He in turn went a little forward and then pulled a small way out so he rocked himself back onto Dave’s cock, solid and perfectly sized for the virgin but warm and slippery arse.

Picture it, me in a the jock strap, desperate to tug at my well throbbing cock, Marcus wearing his jock but yet fucking and being fucked at the same time and Dave, bringing up the rear- Marcus’s rear- wearing only the flip flops he’d stepped out of the bathroom in.

Dave was good, rhythmically, and sadly never lasted too long and I always begged him to tell me he was going to come so I could enjoy feeling him spurt against my love spot. Boy could he spurt, sometimes longer than the actual fuck itself! And old habits die hard…

“Oh my god, I’m coming!” he shouted, clearly over excited by the tight and warm arse he’d got wrapped around his hard and hairless shaft.

“Fill him!” I barked. And I believe he did, as I heard Marcus mutter “Jesus” just before saying “me now”.

“Go for it” I said and I felt every spasm and squirt. Now Dave really comes bucket loads and was still in Marcus, probably just finishing dumping his juice. And from what I had just felt I believed Marcus was just as volumous. I stayed there, rock hard, until his dick went limp inside me, then carefully walked forward carefully off his manspike, leaving his deposit deep within. Dave smiled at me but probably knew what was coming. Or who.

“Down!” I said. He dropped to his knees, I stepped out of the jock and my cock pointed upwards thank to the cockring keeping me hard and in the right direction. I walk towards his mouth and as soon as he licked the end, I shot, filling his gob with my cum. Marcus watched in bewilderment and then Dave stood up and kissed it back to me, our tongues clearly covered in my cream we were enjoying and sharing. I was surprised that Marcus moved in for a taste but not being selfish, willingly obliged as I passed him a tongue full of spunk.

To break the silence, I reached for my glass of Cava and we each took a swig, washing down my salty juices.

“It’s gonna be a good couple of weeks here” I said. And indeed… it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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