Fun and Games

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It was Friday night and my girlfriend Stacey and I had just finished dinner and had decided to spend the night at home having a few margaritas and playing Mario Kart. Suddenly the phone rang, it was my buddy John.

“Dude, Dave what’s up man?” John asked.

“Not much, bro just settling in for the night with the Mrs. You? I replied.

“John, that’s lame man! Let’s go out! I’ve been bummed this month since Jen broke it off with me. I wana get my mind off her; ditch the little misses and lets hit the shoe show.” Came John’s response.

The shoe show was John’s cleaver name for the strip club, because he argued the girls took off their clothes so as to not distract from showing off their shoes. Thinking about it for a few seconds I looked at Stacey. She was sitting on the couch sipping her margarita. She was wearing a light blue Nike running skirt that hit about mid-thigh when she was standing up, now that she was seated it almost didn’t cover enough as it barely covered her ass. She was also sporting a tight fitting spaghetti strap tank that was cut low enough to show off the ample cleavage that her black push up bra was providing her. Not that she needed the push up bra, Stacey had a full C cup as it was but she liked the attention she got by showing off her cleavage. Her Strawberry blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Looking at my wife sitting there looking like a sexy tittle tennis player, made me remember how lucky I was to be with her.

“Hey babe, it’s John he’s feeling a little bummed over Jen and wants to go out tonight, do you mind?” I asked her.

She smiled at me. “I guess we could go out tonight.” She responded.

“Umm, actually I think Jon has a boy’s night in mind.” I said.

She gave me a little pouty look. “Boo!” she shouted at John as much to me. “I miss you babe, between work and night classes you’ve been busy all week. I need some attention!” she said as she leaned forward and squeezed her tits together with her arms playfully.

God I really am a lucky man I thought. Not only did Stacey put up with my hectic schedule and love to play video games like I did but she had a sex drive that just wouldn’t stop.

Talking into my cell again “No can do tonight buddy. But that does suck about Jen man. Hold on a sec.” I told John.

Turning to Stacey again I asked “Babe, you’re right you do deserve some time. John’s just needs some company. Would you mind if he came over tonight, and hung out with us?”

Stacey got an annoyed look on her face. “Oh I suppose!” Came her reply as she rolled her eyes. “But we’re still playing Mario Kart!” she said loud enough for John to here, as a mischievous grin spread over her face.

“Hey bro, so I need to stay in tonight, but you’re welcome to come over and hang out with us.” I told John.

“I don’t know man; I wanted to see some tits tonight. I haven’t been laid in over two months and I need some new spank bank material” was John’s response.

“Sigh, come on dude, come on over, it beats going to the club by yourself, or sitting at home jerking it!” I told him.

At hearing that Stacey perked up “What’s his deal?” she asked.

“He hasn’t been laid in a while and was hoping to see some tits. ” I told her.

“Bawahahah!” She folded over laughing. After a few seconds you could tell she had a thought and she grinned like a Cheshire cat. Speaking up so John could hear her she said “Tell that pussy to get over here!”

“Alright fine, I’ll head over. ” came the response from the other end of the line.

Hanging up the phone I turned asking Stacey “What was that about?”

“Nothing, John’s just a big perv. That guy always wants some!” she laughed, pounding the last of her margarita.

Stacey made her way into the kitchen and poured herself another margarita from the pitcher I had made up. She also got down a few shot glasses and filled one with tequila. Making her way back to the living room she handed me the shot.

“What’s with the shot?” I asked

“I’m already working on my second and you have barely touched yours, considerate a penalty shot!” she responded with a smirk.

I downed my shot as she made her way to the entertainment center. She powered up the Wii and hit the eject button. After putting the disk that had been in the system back in its case she made a production of leaning over to put it away and getting out Mario Kart. Rather than simply keeling casino şirketleri to get the new game out she bent over strait legged and as she did so her already short skirt rode up until I could glimpse the bottom of her ass, as well as the tiny black lace thong she was wearing that just covered her pussy. Stacey took a few seconds longer than normal while looking for the new game, and the more I stared at that little heart shaped ass the more I felt the familiar tightness in my groin as my cock started to get hard. By the time she found the game disk and put it in I was sporting some major wood, and my cock was straining against my shorts.

Noticing the growing bulge in my shorts as she came back to the couch Stacey leaned over and whispered “Someone must like their view.” And then she kissed me softly as she playfully grabbed and squeezed my aching member through my shorts before sitting back down.

In the 20 minutes to took John to arrive Stacey and I had played several rounds of Mario Kart and we both had finished our drinks. When the doorbell rang Stacey popped up and grabbed our glasses.

“I’ll get us drinks, you get the door.” She said as she bounded off to the kitchen.

As I opened the door John was leaning against the door frame, with a smirk on his face. John stands about an inch taller than me at 6′ 2″ and has a fairly thick build compared to my swimmers build; he easily had 30 pounds on my 180 pound frame. His hair was strawberry blond compared to my dark brown hair. And while I had a dark mid-summer tan going John had the pasty white look that gave away the fact he was part ginger.

“I brought beer” John said as he held up a case of Bud Lite. “Figure if I can’t see tits at least I can get drunk!”

I just laughed and invited him in. It had been about a month since he and his girlfriend Jen had broken up, and I’m sure he was dying for some action. Making our way back to the living room we found Stacey waiting for us. She had a tray with 3 margaritas for us as well as 3 shots of tequila.

“Shots and drinks huh? I think someone’s looking to get drunk tonight!” I laughed

She grinned “Yeah you two! She shot back. “Johns got penalty two shots and you have one.”

“Penalty shots?” John asked.

“Yep, Dave and I are two drinks up on you already, and I’ll be damned if I’m getting more drunk than you two.” Stacey replied.

“OK I get John’s shots buts what’s with my penalty shot?” I asked.

“It’s because Johns here tonight, and I wanted some. ” She said in a pouty tone.

“Don’t let me stop you two!” said John

“Don’t worry I won’t” Stacey quipped back quickly, with a big grin on her face. “Now drink bitch!”

Both John and I laughed at this and downed our shots as we started up a new game. After about two hours of playing and about 3 drinks later John spoke up. “Not to complain, cause the company’s great but I’m getting a little bored.”

I thought for a minute and replied “Why don’t we up the stakes a little. Last place in a round has to do a shot.”

Stacey looked at us and said “You two just want to see me smashed.”

“Babe, you’ve been kicking our asses all night, you don’t have much to worry about. ” I said.

Stacey just laughed. “I’ll tell you boys what; you wanted to see some tits tonight right?” She asked.

“Hell yeah!” John piped in quickly.

“OK, so let’s really make it interesting, last place loses an article of clothes, and second place does a shot!” She said with a sly grin.

“I’m game!” John shot back.

“You sure babe?” I asked.

“I have twice as much chance of seeing some cock as you boys do of seeing tits; besides like you said, I’ve been kicking your asses all night!” she pointed out.

“OK, cool, I’m in.” I told her.

I was still hard from her earlier teasing, and the liquor, coupled with her skimpy outfit hadn’t helped things. Getting up to use the bath room I looked over at John and could tell he was having the same issue. In the bathroom I had a hard time due to the raging hard on I now had, but letting it out felt good. I finished up and headed back to the game. As I returned I was greeted by Stacey holding another shot of tequila.

She handed me the shot and quipped “Penalty shot for delay of game!”

I downed my shot and we started the first round of our new game. I won the first of the three race set John came in second and Stacey casino firmaları finished third.

“Ah yeah, we’re gonna see some tits!” John exclaimed as he crossed the finish line.

“Slow your roll there sparky, it’s only one race.” Was all Stacey said.

I smiled agreeing with John, and thinking about how much I wanted to see and touch her body. As we started our second race Stacey took a big pull on her drink, leaving her a little late off the line, however by the end of the race she had pulled ahead of both John and I.

She turned to John and said “Looks like some ones gonna be striping soon!”

John just smiled back and we got ready to start the third and final race of that round. After a few minutes once the dust settled I had won again, and Stacey finished ahead of John.

She poured herself a shot and as she downed it she looked at John and said “Strip you slut!”

At that John and I both laughed. John made a big production of pulling off his shirt and afterward he danced for a second in front of Stacey doing his best male stripper impression. Stacey responded with a wolf whistle that only egged him on. He sat on her lap facing her and proceeded to grind his crotch against her chest. She responded to this by grabbing his ass and squeezing it tightly. As I watched them my cock got even harder than it had been and it ached to get lose. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and told them it was enough and time for the next game. They both let out a little sigh and we continued. The second game ended with John winning, Stacey doing another shot, and me coming in last.

Stacey downed another shot and now was my turn for a strip tease. I stripped off my shirt and sat down next to Stacey. I knew I couldn’t dance and didn’t want to ruin the mood by making it seem funny. So I pulled Stacy on to my lap facing away from me. I then proceeded to grind my rock hard cock against her ass as I grabbed her tits and sucked on her neck. Stacey’s nipples immediately hardened at my touch, and she moaned a little as the bulge in my shorts ground into her. She responded by grinding her ass against my crouch until John broke us up.

Settling back into another set of races I was determined not to lose and apparently so was John. We traded 1st place for the first two races and I took 1st place in the third race with John taking second. Stacey came in last place all three races. I wasn’t sure if the drinking had gotten to her or if she had thrown them.

I don’t think John cared as he slammed down his shot and then looked right at Stacey and said “Time to show off them tits sweetheart. “

Stacey just smiled and stood up, then walked so she was in front of both of us. Then without saying a word she bent over strait legged, and slowly peeled off her little black thong. Once it was off she threw it at me and it hit me in the face. It was immediately apparent that she was turned on. Her panties were soaking wet. She just smiled and sat back down between us like nothing happened. We started the next set of races but it was clear that Stacey wasn’t going to play fair. At the start of the first race she put her hand on my aching member and rubbed my crouch until my already hard cock started to leak pre-cum and I could clearly feel my pants getting wet.

After that I had a hard time focusing on the game. During the start of the second race she did the same thing to John. He was clearly enjoying it as he even let out a soft moan. And by the third race she decided to sit on Johns lap and spent the whole race grinding her now bare ass on his hard cock, dry humping him. Poor John had no chance in the race but he loved what she was doing. After the first lap he put his controller down and was holding her hips dry humping her for all he was worth. By the time the race ended he had beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. When Stacey stood up I could see he pants were soaked.

John having come in third wasted no time in pulling off his pants. While I had expected to find him wearing boxers, he had gone commando. Having only been wearing a tee-shirt and jeans John now found himself buck naked. His cock was standing up fully hard, and pre-cum was dripping off the tip. John’s cock was a little longer than mine and looked to be around eight and a half inches long compared to my solid seven inches. As John stood there Stacey just stared at his member, memorized by his hard manhood.

“Looks like I güvenilir casino lost” said John “Bummer too, things were just getting good!”

Stacey smiled “Hold on now big boy. Dave still has to take a shot. Besides we can still play, we’ll just change the rules a little. From now on second and third place strips as well as doing a shot. If at any point in time a player has no clothes they have to do whatever the winner says for 5 minutes. “

“Done!” respond John.

“I’m down too.” I said.

“Good Dave strip!” she said as she looked at me.

“Huh? I thought it was just a shot this round.” I replied.

“Nope new rules start now” she shot back quickly.

I quickly downed my shot and lost my pants. Now down to nothing but my boxers, my rock hard cock tented out finally free from my jeans. The front of my boxers had a clear wet spot where I had been leaking form excitement. Stacey inspected her handiwork and laughed, clearly happy with herself.

“I told you two I was going to see some cock tonight!” She said in a cocky tone.

I smile spread over he face again and she said “It looks like you boys are really horny, do you want some relief?”

“Oh please baby, my cocks so hard!” I pleaded

“Stacey, my balls are so blue. It’s been more than a month since I got laid.” Was John’s response.

At this Stacy walked over to me and whispered in my ear “Drop em!” and nuzzled my neck.

I scrambled out of my boxers as quickly as I could. As soon as they hit the floor Stacey grabbed my throbbing member and gave it a few slow tugs. Soon pre-cum was flowing from the tip and I was lost in my pleasure. Suddenly she stopped and turned on John. She grabbed his balls with one hand and stoked his cock with the other. Within a minute she had John moaning and shaking, I could tell he was close. Without warning Stacey stopped what she was doing, walked to the couch and sat down, propping her feet up on the coffee table spread eagle.

“I want a show, boys.” she said as she began to play with her exposed pussy. “I know you boys used to fool around in college, so show me what you did.”

I began to protest, but without saying a word John dropped to his knees in front of me and engulfed my cock in his mouth. My protests fell off as he bobbed up and down on my knob, taking it deeper with each pass until he swallowed my entire cock. I was in heaven; my best friend was sucking me off as my girlfriend was fingering herself. After a few minutes I felt a warm tingle in my nuts and I knew I couldn’t last long. I grabbed the back of John’s head and pumped his mouth faster and faster until my cock exploded throwing rope after rope of sticky cum down his thought.

John pulled off my now deflating cock and just grinned. Moving from me to Stacey John crawled between her legs and began to lap at her twat, as he did she grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into her pussy. Stacey was moaning and trashing in ecstasy. My cock twitched and started to come back to life watching them, so I walked over to Stacey and without warning shoved my half hard cock in her mouth. As my cock sprang back to life Stacey moaned with an orgasm from John’s expert tongue fucking.

By now John’s cock needed some attention so he pulled Stacey off the couch and on to the floor, placing her on her hands and knees so he could take her doggie style. As he slid into her from behind I wiggled my way under her and into a 69 position. Stacey wasted no time in working my knob as I licked her clit and John pumped her twat. I had an excellent view of his tick ridged member working her over and moved back a little more so I also had access to his balls and ass. I started sucking lightly on Johns balls well Stacey was going to town on my cock. After a little while I pulled his balls aside and started to lick his asshole. As soon as I made contact John let out a low moan, and I knew he liked it, so I pushed in deeper.

After a few minutes of this Stacey let out a deep moan and started to quiver as she came. The combination of Stacey’s pussy convulsing on his cock and me tongue fucking him proved too much for John and he emptied his balls into Stacey’s pussy. As John pulled out of Stacey I moved back to replace his cock with my tongue. I began licking her clean as she continued to work my dick. I was enjoying the taste of Stacey and John mixing together when she slid a finger up my ass and started to finger me as she deep troughed my shaft. The sensation was too much and I shot my second load of the night.

Now fully spent, Stacey rolled off of me and with a giggle just quipped “And you boys wanted to go to the strip club!”

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