Fun with Mary, part 2

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After I got over my shock of sweet innocent little Mary being such a wild slut, I could barely wait to see her again. Later that week I needed to go on a day trip to a school about 2 hours away to do some work, and the next time she called and we talked, she volunteered to go along and “help”.

I picked her up that morning at her parents house, where she was dropping her kids off to be watched. She was wearing some jeans and a kinda snug shirt with no bra, and I was hard by the time we were back in the van. She immediately gave me a nice kiss and felt my cock as we drove along, and I returned the favor, lightly pinching her nipples.

Being broke and with any money they had going for the kids, Mary had very little in the way of clothes. What she did have was all either used or bargain stuff that was bought for price and not style or fit. We had discussed this before, so when I offered to take her to a mall to buy a few new things, she lit right up and said yes. She ended up getting a really hot pair of ultra low cut jeans (size double zero), a pair of very sexy platform sandals, and a couple of shirts from a children’s department of one of the stores…. she was THAT small.

We get back out to the parking lot, and she promptly starts taking off her clothes in the van, to change! Unlike the time before she didn’t have on cotton panties, but a black stringlike g-string that you could see right through the front. I just about died, both from horniness and the fact that people walking by the car were staring in disbelief at her total disregard for any modesty. She finished changing once we were out on the highway, and my God she was hot. It was like a total and instant transformation. She still looked way young, but instead of looking like a prudish 15 year old she looekd like a hot slutty 15 year old. The g-string was visible above the top of her jeans, and the shirt was so thin and tight that she might as well not have had it izmir escort bayan on.

My cock was aching from being so hard for so long, so i unzipped and she moved over between the seats, smiling and stroking me lightly. I reached down and began rubbing one of her nipples between my fingers, and sensitive as before, she came after a short while, moaning loudly and jerking about. As that distracted her from the attention to my cock, I didn’t cum, which was fine. I was enjoying getting hornier and hornier.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonalds and went in. Talk about getting looks. With a 17 inch difference in height (well, 14 with the shoes), with me looking every bit of my age and her looking younger than her actual 20, with her dressed like a total slut and snuggling up to me, holding my hand, and kissing me on the arm while we waited for the food, people’s mouths gaped open. The guys looked jealous. The women looked at her with hatred and disgust.

Arriving at the school, I went to the office to find out where I needed to go to do my work. This was a middle school, for kids age 11-14, and when Mary walked in with me, they looked at her and said that she couldn’t go to class dressed like that. She was all over me while I told the secretary that she was an adult and there to help me. While we were there and she went to the restroom, another teacher intercepted her in the hall and told her she’d have to report to the principal’s office because of her innapropriate dress. I felt so damn pervy it was wonderful.

I finished and we got back in the van to head back. Out on the highway, she proceeded to strip down, completely nude, putting her feet up on the dashboard, leaning back, and masturbating herself as we rode along. Anyone in a van or SUV as tall as our van could see her plainly, not to mention the truckers, who blew their horns as we’d pass. Just like the previous Sunday, she screamed and thrashed around, and when i leaned buca escort over and began fingering her (DAMN she was wet), she began jerking so violently that I actually thought for a moment that she was having some sort of seizure. She begged me to fuck her, so I pulled off at the next rest area, and we headed for the back.

It was acargo van, but even if you’d have to look inside of the read windows to see us, NO ONE could walk by without hearing her. I licked her, enjoying the fresh taste of young pussy, and she leaned over and sucked me. I could have gone on like this for some time as I enjoy forplay, but Mary was all about being fucked, and she demanded it right then. I put her on all fours, and prepared to mount her doggy. She insisted that I enter her as hard and fast as I possibly could, so i got as low as I possibly could because of our difference in size, lined up, and slammed my cock into her as brutally as I could. Unfortunately, I missed.

She was so small and timy, and the distance between her pussy and asshole was so small, that I accidentally had shoved the entire length of my cock, lubricated only by the short blow job she’d given me, to the hilt up her ass. She immediately fell forward and passed out. Talk about scared… I went soft right away as she laid there on her face, blood trickling down out the bottom of her ass crack. I’m not that long, but i’m pretty thick, and I’d split her ass open when I went in. I tried to wake her up and she came to slowly, as if in a daze, asking what had happened. When I told her, she groggily asked why I had stopped, asking me to keep going. When I expressed my concern that I had hurt her, and told her that her ass was bleeding, she didn’t seem to care. Reaching down and finding my cock soft, she pushed me back and went down on me.

This was the only time in my life that any woman has ever done ass to mouth on me, and while it was kind of disturbing and spooky, I got hard izmir escort again anyway. Once I was, she got on her back, raised her legs, exposing her bloody asshole to be, and demanded that I fuck her in the ass as hard as I could. This bothered me, and I told her, as I didn’t want to hurt her. That’s when she told me that she liked pain, and that the more it hurt, the better she’d like it. She also told me that if she passed out again, I was to keep fucking her hard. I got up, put the head of my cock against her ass, and sank it in hard and deep again. her eyes rolled up, she may have passed out again, but I pounded her as hard as I could. She screamed as if she was about to die, but when I started to slow down, she screamed even louder for me not to stop. I was so horny though, that I didn’t last long, and pulled out, shooting all over her belly.

Once my cock was empty, I leaned down and licked each glob of sperm off of her belly, then kissing her and transferring them to her mouth, one at a time. She loved it!

Soon afterward while we were finishing dressing, a bang came on the door, and a highway patrolman was there, hand on his gun, asking what was going on. People HAD heard Mary scream, and from the sound of it had called the police thinking some sort of violent act was taking place. He checked us out, didn’t believe she was 20, checked her driver’s license and called that info in, and finally told us to find a better place to do it instead of a rest area.

Back in the front seat and back on the road, I saw Mary twisting her butt and pushing it down into the seat. When I asked her why, she said it still hurt really badly when she did that, and she liked it. As we got closer back to home, she changed back into her more conservative clothes, and I dropped her off back at her parents.

The 2nd time hadn’t been quite as hot as the first… in many ways it was sort of disturbing, with the anal/thing and her insistance on being in pain, but it was still wild and good. I was looking forward to our third time, that was for sure, and with Mary, there were more surprises to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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