Fun With My Roomie And Friends

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It’s my super-senior year at college and I am still living on campus. This year I checked the “prefer a homosexual” box on the form. I was always interested in the lifestyle of a gay man. My girlfriend, Carrie, and I have often talked about my interest in gay experiences. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to mark the box.

The first day I met him I couldn’t help but look at his body. He was thin and slightly built. He was my height (5’9) brown eyes and light brown hair. His voice didn’t have your stereotypical lisp but he did sound a little feminine. We shook hands after we introduced ourselves and got on with the beginning of the semester.

Since he was a junior he was always doing his homework. I was finishing up my bullshit required classes so I just sit around, work out and see Carrie as much as I wanted.

It has been three weeks now and Carrie and I have made the decision to try to get me and my roommate, Steve, in the same bed.

“Ooh I can’t wait to see you going down on a guy. It’s going to look so hot!” She tells me on the phone, Thursday night.

After we hang up I walk over to Steve sitting on his bed and I said, “Hey man, Carrie is going to be here this weekend. Would you mind hanging out with us?”

“Of course Jay, whatever you want.” He replied. We stared at each other for a moment as though we both were feeling some sort of tension.

I went back to my side of the room, began to strip and made sure he saw me take off my clothes. I put on my towel and went into the bathroom for a shower. I looked back before the door closed and caught him checking me out.

When I got out I found him lying on my bed in a thong. I went over to him and asked, “Can I help with you with something?”

He smiled and pulled off my towel. This gave me the biggest boner. He said, “You have something I want.”

I laid down on top of him and we began to kiss. Right when he lightly grabbed my ass I remembered a pact Carrie and I made long ago about us being there when either one of us was having a homosexual experience.

I jumped off of him and said, “Sorry Steve, but I can only do this when Carrie is with us. Is it OK if we continue this tomorrow?”

“Sure thing,” he said while walking casino şirketleri past me and giving me a soft jerk.

The next afternoon came quickly. Carrie was over no later than 5:30. Steve was out so Carrie and I began to warm each other up for the night. I stripped her completely naked and ate her out. She came once, twice, then a third time and begged me to stop because of how sensitive she was down there after the orgasms.

Then she stripped me down to my underwear, which was a thong. She teased me with her mouth and hands but never actually touched my dick.

“SUCK ME NOW!” I yelled at her but instead she got up and opened the door and in came Steve. He smiled when he saw me lying on my bed in a thong with a full blown boner. He came over and ran his fingers all over my body. From my chest to my crotch down to my feet then back up to my head and he put his fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them lightly until he pulled them out.

After he touched every inch my front side he turned me over and touched my back side. He ran his fingers up my ass crack a few times causing my body to feel all tingly and I couldn’t help but squirm with excitement. I was both relaxed and energetic. I almost forgot where I was for a second, till I hear Carrie say, “Jay, help me take off Steve’s clothes.”

Carrie and I took off Steve’s shirt first. I unbuttoned his pants while Carrie took off his shoes and socks. We pulled off his pants and his dick was hanging there right in front of our faces.

It was a nice size but soon to grow bigger. We looked up at him, smiled and she began to lick his balls while I jerked him off. Then we switched and I got a nice taste of his smooth balls as she stroked him. When he was hard enough we both licked his hard cock. First we licked in opposite directions, while I licked towards the tip she licked towards his crotch, then vice versa.

Then he crabbed my head and had me take his cock in my mouth. I took more of it in my mouth every time I moved my head in. Not long after I was getting his whole dick in and he was moaning. Carrie then moved in and she took over. She was deep throating him the whole time while cuffing his balls.

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Being the slightly jealous casino firmaları boyfriend that I am, I forced my mouth onto his shaft and we ended up licking tip of his dick. I crabbed the shaft and began to jerk him off as we massaged his mushroom with our tongues.

He came into our mouths. There was so much. Some of it got onto our faces. We both got one last suck on his prick to top him off and then Carrie and I kissed deeply and passionately. Her hands found their way to my penis and she stroked me for a few seconds.

“Have your fun now, I won’t get in the way.” She said to me right before she gave me another deep, jizz-filled kiss.

I stood up and Steve and I kissed. He had his hands on my hips and I had my hands on his ass. His kissing left my mouth and went onto my neck. He nibbled a little causing me to moan. Then he worked his way down, kissing my nipples and stomach until he reached my package. He rubbed my cock outside of my thong and then just pulled the underwear off really quickly. He kissed and licked my penis but never did he put it in his mouth. I was being teased again.

He sat me on my bed and put his cock in my face and I sucked and stroked it some more. When he was hard he stood me up, turned me around and then bent me over. I couldn’t see what was happening but I saw Carrie’s eye widen and I could feel his hot breath on my asshole. Right when he was about to lick, his cell phone rang.

“Keep him busy while I take this.” Steve said to Carrie.

She got up, got on her knees and tossed my salad while Steve talked quietly on the phone. When he hung up he said, “Jay, since your friend is joining us, I got some friends that want to join us as well.”

He opens up the door and three guys come in. “Meet my three boyfriends.”

I walked over to them and gave them all kisses while they touched and stroked my crotch. I took of the first one’s shirt, but before I could get him naked Steve grabbed my hand and led me back to my bed.

Carrie got up and sat on my chair which was off to the side so she can watch this long awaited experience of mine. The three guys got naked while Steve and I kissed. He told me to get on all fours on the bed and he took the position behind me. He began güvenilir casino to lick my ass, causing my cock to stiffen even more than it already was. I thought I was going to burst but amazingly enough, I held it in.

After his tongue loosened up my ass, he stuck his lubed up cock in. He started his thrust long and slow. It felt amazing. It was like I was the girl and my ass was a vagina. I could feel his hot and hard dick inside of me. It felt like his dick was rubbing my balls from the inside.

Then the three guys came over to me and began to stroke themselves with their dicks just out of reach of my mouth.

Steve gave me one hard push and pulled out and flipped me onto my back. He lifted my legs and fucked me some more. One guy knelt on the bed, next to my head and put his cock in my mouth. It tasted so good. Just as good as Steve’s. Once the rhythm was established with Steve’s cock pumping me and my giving head to this guy, the two other guys stood at my sides so I could jerk them off with each hand.

Here I am, pleasing four guys at once. I feel like a slut and it’s only my first gay experience. Although I am new at this, and there are four guys to please, I managed to stay focus on each job. The sensation I was experiencing was making me so horney and so hot. I began to sweat. My own cock was pounding as well as the others I was handling.

Then, as Steve began to fuck me faster, I sucked harder and jerked the other two guys faster. I couldn’t take it any more, my dick was ready and all the nerves in my body were making me twitch with pleasure. I erupted hot cum all over my chest and stomach. Shooting out in streams. The two guys I was jerking off came all over the parts of my body that my cum missed. Steve and the guy I was sucking jizzed inside of me, at the same time. I was unable to swallow all the sweet tasting cum in my mouth and some of it leaked out and ran down my cheek. Steve pushed one last time really hard and got his jizz as far up me as possible. I feel so sexy!

In unison the four guys licked up whatever juice was on me and kissed me to share. I felt Steve’s cum oozing out of my ass, but his tongue took car of that too.

After they got the last drop of cum in my mouth, they walked as a group back to Steve’s bed where they sat or laid down to rest. I just laid there on my bed, feeling so incredibly good covered in saliva and cum. Carrie came over and smiled, “So honey, how did it all feel?”

“Give us an hour and we’ll do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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