Gay Days Ch. 04

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Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings – right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole thing was too long and rambling but that didn’t matter because I never intended to publish my sexual autobiography. However, since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style – comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

This therefore is the FOURTH of those segments of my life – “Sue, Me and Bob too!”


To start this story I have to bring you up to date with a little of my background first.

In 1967 at 22 years old, I’d taken my new bride to Australia and there we set up home and conceived our daughter but despite thoroughly loving Australia, my wife found herself too far from her parents and after many acrimonious rows, we fell out completely and she demanded to be brought back to Britain.

And once ‘home’ my wife took our daughter and went to live with her parents once more – and our divorce happened soon afterwards.

And so I became a single man again and for several years I simply screwed every female I could. Living not far from Stratford-on-Avon and working as a barman, I was surrounded by females of all ages and sizes from all over the world and I screwed most of them, I reckon! I know that I bedded over twenty girls during one year and over fifty in something like three years, before I lost count. I had the dubious ‘pleasure’ of deflowering two virgins in one evening – and not a condom in sight! I had to wash the sheets by hand to get rid of the bloodstains and get them dried at the launderette before the landlady found out. Ah – the good old days!

After a few years on the loose I managed to find a big comfy on-site caravan (trailer) to rent – far more privacy than in a bed-sit and cheaper too, even if noises did rather carry to the outside world on occasions!

Then I met Sue, a slim, feisty, red-headed horny little 18-year-old minx and I’m sorry to say that she got pregnant the very first time we had sex – on the front seat of my car.

She sat on my lap (between me and the steering-wheel, believe it or not) and rode me until I came deep up inside her. I need hardly tell you that her parents kicked her out because out-of-wedlock pregnancies were most definitely disapproved of in those days.

So Sue came to live with me in my rented caravan and once the baby was born we had him adopted – in the circumstances and since neither of us was at all family-minded, it was the only thing we could sensibly do.

I guess that wasn’t the best start to any relationship and although ours settled down well enough for a while it soon became rather stormy and not always the most sociable, to say the least. After some six months we’d got to the stage or more or less just living together; friends with benefits as they now say, although at the time the phrase wasn’t coined and the word ‘friends’ was sometimes inappropriate!

During the day Sue worked at a local factory, being picked up and returned home by a workmate called Bob, while I worked in an architect’s office on the other side of town. Then, most evenings, given that home life was usually somewhat edgy, Sue and I would go into town where we’d often separate and go to our own favourite watering holes – to meet up again at bedtime somewhere in town or back at the caravan.

Naturally Sue had a good selection of female companions when she was out but since most of them were co-workers from the factory, Bob soon became included in her group.

I guess I put up with him because he was good to Sue; because he’d bring her home and thereby save me having to wait for her or search the town for her and because he’d often leave some booze with her for us; a kind of bribe, I now reckon!

Who’d turn away a man carrying gifts of alcohol!

He’d bring her back from work, say a quick hello to me and then he’d be off promptly, the pair of us waving him away cheerfully. At least that’s how it was until Sue took the initiative.

“You won’t mind if Bob stays with us for a while tonight, will you?” Sue politely asked me one day.

“No problem, yeah fine, whatever,” I said, thinking that an extra body would be someone else to chat with.

And so Bob began to be invited to stay afterwards more and more casino şirketleri often for some social chatter and a few drinks and things were fine – we all got on really well and before too long Bob was included in more or less everything.

He had inevitably by now become her best mate and as he and I got on well too it wasn’t long before he’d return later in the evening and take both Sue and me into town. We began to hang around town and at weekends as a threesome and then go back to our caravan for a few beers with all three of us sharing whatever there was, be it booze or food or entertainment.

Strangely enough, Sue’s growing interest in Bob didn’t really worry me much. Truthfully, our somewhat rocky relationship was such that I just couldn’t have cared less at times and anyway, not only did he often leave some alcohol for us but he was good company and after he’d left Sue would always be eager to be fucked. Being relatively young, that made me and my cock happy so I just let them get on with their gentle socialising. There was the odd occasion when I’d even hope that he’d take her away and leave me in peace so that I could do my own hunting. My relationship with Sue made me long for some real love instead and there was another thing that lurked inside me – the desire for some man on man sex which didn’t seem likely to happen with them around.

Occasionally I thought that we’d separate when things became really strained between us but Bob’s presence would calm things down and for some reason I never complained or did anything to change things.

At that stage I never knew of anything sexual taking place between the two of them, but it may simply have been that I didn’t really care; I simply had no idea what happened at their factory or on the way to or from work in his car. I knew that they were pretty friendly from the way that they hugged before he departed and then when I suggested that she kiss him goodbye the warmth between them was palpable. But there was a certain thrill in watching them kiss, because I knew that once I had her to myself she’d be primed and ready for sex!

As a sociable threesome it was seldom long before our conversation would become sexually orientated and there was always an air of sexiness when he was around. I suppose that in a way, he and I were both vying for the same girl, while Sue was sexually interested in both of us – well, him more than me now perhaps. I think that she must have fallen in love with him but was in love with my cock too, so she couldn’t say ‘no’ to either of us!

Once Bob and Sue began to kiss goodnight as he left she would be horny and edgy and she’d be soaked. I knew that because as soon as he left she’d come to me, wrapping herself around me, rubbing her groin against mine and generally stirring me up. I’d hold her against me, sliding my hand down and under her miniskirt to feel her up and she’d always be hot and wet. We’d be fucking within minutes of his departure, urgently releasing her pent up needs and relaxing my aroused cock.

At the time I liked to think that it was me who’d aroused her but it wasn’t long before I began to understand that it was her new boyfriend who’d got her going, but so what! So long as I could fuck her then if she chose to imagine that it was his cock in her instead of mine then that was fine with me because I was the one fucking her, not him!

But the growing sexual interactions between them were soon increasing and inevitably something sexy was going to happen – and eventually it did.

In a caravan everything’s a bit crowded and so right from the start we decided to leave the double bed down – especially since it took time to fold away. We would have liked to have some comfy chairs but the accommodation would then be so squeezed as to make things awkward, so the bed stayed down.

To us it was an excellently good arrangement as we could then recline on the bed to watch TV or to read; we didn’t need to fold the bed up each morning and the bed was ready should we choose to have an early night. It also proved to be a very convenient place on which to entertain our guest!

During our first winter in the caravan we acquired a decently powerful electric fire and with that running and with the curtains closed, it became very cosy in there.

It wasn’t all that long after we’d got things organised that Sue invited Bob round to join us and we all now enjoyed our snug set-up, his beer and the company and if it hadn’t been for the degree of acrimony between Sue and I then the threesome gathering would have been perfect.

Anyway it was soon afterwards that Bob was invited round for another social evening and a few drinks and I happened to be feeling a bit pissed off this time; Sue and I having had a louder than usual row beforehand. Initially I tried to avoid conversation, acting grumpy and aloof and drinking my own booze instead of Bob’s but as Sue then began sliding closer up to Bob, so I found myself wanting to join in as if to be able to supervise things. Instead of casino firmaları that, it was Bob who pushed himself away, stood up and went outside.

“Got something you might like,” he said as he disappeared.

A few moments later and he returned with a bag from which he pulled a pile of magazines and even a quick glance showed that they were very rude, crude, dirty or blue magazines.

They not only showed spread-shots and erections but actual penetration and cum shots – very risqué for those day. No way could I remain in a grumpy mood nor refuse his addition to our pairing.

“Wow! Where the hell did you get these?” I asked, feeling my penis springing to attention immediately.

“Ah,” Bob said, tapping the side of his nose, “Someone at work but that’s all I’m telling you.”

And I suppose he was right to keep it a secret because you could get in trouble if caught in possession of such licentious material in those days…as could the person he’d bought them from.

We began ploughing our way through the magazines, ogling the male and female models and their appendages and attributes and staring almost wild-eyed at the pictures of wide-spread pussies and of assorted fucking; both men and women in action together.

“I can’t believe some of these cocks,” I said, “Those blokes have got to have ten inches each – they’re massive!”

I felt my penis stiffen as I admired some of the bigger and more delectable cocks.

“Got some mags with guys with bigger dicks than that,” said Bob smiling broadly as he rubbed his groin, “But they’re gay mags and I didn’t know if you’d like them.”

I could hardly yell out “Yeah – brilliant!” so I made some mild reply that didn’t indicate my preference or interest. Perhaps another day…and anyway there was more than enough to excite me in the magazines that were spread before us.

Sue started things off into the next phase by fanning herself theatrically and clambering from the bed. We were quickly losing our inhibitions now we’d begun to drink some of the assorted booze and the caravan, with the curtains closed and the fire on was now a snug and cosy place.

“I’m getting bloody hot,” she said, “I’m going to change; hope you don’t mind!”

Did we mind if a pretty girl took her clothes off right there before us? Did we heck!

Sue stood there in the small area that was clear of clutter and changed from her jeans and jumper into shorts and a halter-neck top with no bra.

Actually, why Sue now put anything back on at all seemed a bit silly because she just undressed completely in front of us, even changing her knickers as we watched! Perhaps a brief flash was fine but to remain naked was way over the top…or perhaps she was just titivating us!

And now, as we watched her silently, Bob and I also undressed until both of us were only wearing our underpants which did very little to hide the signs of our increasing tumescence. Boxers had yet to become overly popular so it was our Y-fronts that were being stretched.

I’m sure that we all knew that sex was rearing its head and that Sue was going to get well and truly fucked sometime quite soon. But by whom and was I prepared to let Bob have his way with her?

At this point however I was torn in two. Sure, I wanted to be able to fuck my girlfriend but after our row I wasn’t feeling too charitable towards her. Instead it was my interest in cocks that was at the forefront of my desire and the thought of Bob’s erection being just a few feet from me was making me burn with eager need. I’d been too long without a cock – had spent too long accepting the need to be ‘normal’ and now at last it seemed that I might get a chance to enjoy something different. However, that was going to mean that I’d have to let Bob get naked in front of Sue.

My penis was as stiff as it ever had been, throbbing eagerly as I watched Bob’s own cock straining in his own underpants. I wanted to get to see it, to hold it, to feel it but then again Sue was there too, reaching out her hand to stroke my erection.

“You’re extra horny tonight, aren’t you,” she said, “Sorry we rowed, let’s make up, please.”

“Of course,” I answered as her hand thrilled me, “I’m sorry too.”

“You don’t mind Bob being here, do you?” she asked as she glanced at his distended y-fronts, “Everything’s getting so sexy tonight!”

“Would have been nice to fuck you,” I whispered in her ear and she smiled broadly at me.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get some action!” she said, now pressing her groin against my hip, “Come, on, let’s see what comes up!”

We all settled back on the bed – Sue now resting back against my body as I sat, cross-legged leaning against the back of the bed, all of us drinking and looking at the pictures. They were in full colour and depicted all kinds of sexual activity and the air was full of innuendoes and crude statements as we browsed through the magazines and made various comments. The air was full too with the scent of heated sexual organs, scents that made güvenilir casino my nose seemingly strain to explore.

My erection was squashed deliciously by Sue’s arse, an arse that wriggled against me as she settled on the bed. The owner of the delectable arse nudged me, looked over her shoulder at me and pointed at the substantial ridge of arousal inside Bob’s underpants.

His penis stretched out over to one side, lifting the material of his underwear into a sizeable tent, all complete with a patch of dampness. I could even see that Bob’s penis had been cut, unlike mine.

“Guess who’s feeling cocky!” I chuckled, stating the obvious but Sue came to Bob’s rescue.

“Leave him alone,” she said, “He can’t help getting a hard-on, can you Bob?”

“I’d be fucking strange if I didn’t!” he replied, rubbing his hand over his long shaft, “Are you hard too?”

“Of course he is,” said Sue, wriggling again, “I can feel him.”

“Definitely hard!” I said, feeling my cock pressing against Sue’s behind, “I’m going to need some relief tonight!”

Bob laughed with me; the magazines now almost forgotten as things began to take on a personal touch.

Sue began to squirm more energetically against me now, stimulating and stirring my hard-on so I put my hand round to her front and placed it on her belly. I felt the dimple of her navel under my fingers while Bob’s eyes followed my hand avidly; he was almost willing me to go further, I could see.

Not to disappoint him and also because Sue kept squirming her abdomen around under my hand, I let it slip downwards until my hand was cupping and then rubbed her cunt over her shorts.

“Don’t do that,” she moaned, “I’m all wet now and you’ll make me flood!”

We couldn’t miss seeing that happen, could we!

With my body trembling with need and with a feeling of fright for doing what I intended to do in front of another person I let my hand move until I found the clasp of her shorts. I released it, hearing Sue gasp as I did so, then ran her zip down too. Now there was easy access so I slid my hand inside her shorts and ran my fingers down over her knicker-covered pussy. She was wet, her cunt was hot and moving under my fingers; her knickers were soggy and damp; well, wet really; her juices were pouring out…

“You’re dripping wet,” I pointed out to Sue, more for Bob’s information really; “I bet you’re really horny!”

I pulled my hand out of her knickers and held my fingers up; they were all wet and slippery and smelling simply wonderful!

“Fucking horny all right – I could fuck a bloody army,” said Sue, her pussy pushing hard against my reinserted hand and as she squirmed, so Bob watched; his hand continuing to rub over his erection, making his cock jerk.

His tent looked more than substantial, as was the wet patch that had now appeared on his underpants.

“Look!” I said to Sue, as if she might have missed Bob’s action, “Look at his hard-on! He’s almost as wet as you!”

“I know, looks so good, I want to feel it,” Sue groaned, stretching out her hand and Bob obligingly moved closer and closer until Sue could place her hand on his throbbing mound.

I heard her hiss as she sucked in her breath while I could see the excitement written all over his face.

“Ohh fuck Sue!” groaned Bob, “That’s bloody nice!”

Sue began stroking her hand over his erection, just sliding her hand up and down his covered shaft while behind her I felt my cock jerking against her with his own excitement.

Then suddenly Sue got up on her knees and in moments she’d slid down her shorts and her knickers; leaving herself completely exposed to both Bob’s and my gaze, my view being of her back and her delicious peachy arse. With quick and deft movements she removed her lower clothing completely, flipped them off the bed and settled herself back against me; her legs now wide apart! Slowly she slid downwards until she was almost horizontal on the bed.

She had a pretty, tidy little pussy; her outer lips were small and smooth and covered in a glorious bright ginger-haired tuft. Her clit was relatively large though, standing up some inch or more from her little cleft.

Then Sue upped the ante a bit more as she took hold of Bob’s hand and simply guided it to her cunt! He turned his hand to face her; his fingers sliding down over her lips and pressed his palm over her clit and Sue groaned her pleasure as he touched her. I moved my hand out of the way so that he could get at her better and Sue chose that moment to lift her hips upwards, presenting her eager cunt to Bob, her head now resting on my erection! She wriggled around briefly and slid off her halter top so now she was completely naked; a raunchy, hot, horny, wet and slippery girl with a very willing pussy!

“Come here Bob,” she asked and Bob moved even closer until her hand could once again feel his cock, but this time she slid her hand underneath the material and grasped his penis in the raw.

“Oooooh yeahhhh Sue,” he moaned, “Hold my cock, rub it!”

Nothing was going to stop her being fucked now!

Moments later and his cock was exposed as she pushed his underpants aside and Sue quickly had her hand around his shaft, Bob moaning with pleasure as she fondled him.

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