GB Club Ch. 05

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Part V – Joan’s Fantasy

I had not talked to Cory since our excursion to Aspen where she again failed to get an invitation to join the club. I sit across from her sipping my martini waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.

“So, do you know what Joan wants?” Cory asks me. Her voice is somewhat hostile. I sense she has not fully recovered from the hurt of the last session.

“I know, but Joan swore me to secrecy.” I respond.

“Well, I don’t know. That club doesn’t seem to like me.” Cory whines as she sips a mai tai. “I’ll never be the kind of girl they want.”

“I do not think that is true at all. You have such a sweet innocent look and such a great body. Once a man finds out just how raunchy and sexual you can be they will want you even more.”

“I can’t do the type of sexual things that club requires!” Cory protests.

I exhale in disgust at her pretension. “Cory, what are you talking about? I’ve seen you in action at the erotic exotic ball and after Irene’s initiation. You can do it if you want. You’re a ‘dirty’ girl and guys like that! You just need to find something that will get your motor started.”

“Hi!” Nancy states as she pulls up a chair. She is dressed in a one-piece jumper that covers a sheer white t-shirt top. The fabric of the jumper clings to her substantial bust line in all the right places, teasing people with a potential peak at her breasts that never will materialize. “Sorry to interrupt. Are we talking sex?”

“Of course.” Cory answers.

“Look, there’s Irene and Joan!” Nancy says as she waves her hands over her head. We all say hello and the newcomers give the waiter their orders.

“So, what’s the rush for a meeting?” Irene asks Joan as she pulls up a chair.

“I wanted to share something with you…and ask for your support.” Joan responds to the whole group. “I’d like to submit a fantasy to the club.” The girls are silent. Until now they had only fulfilled others fantasies.

“What is it?” Nancy asks through a big grin.

“OK, remember the night of the Erotic Exotic Ball?” Joan asks. Everyone nods in fond memory of the event that started us down this path. “We shared our fantasies then. It’s pretty much the same.”

“I remember!” Cory giggles. “That is so sexy!” Nancy and Irene can not remember Joan’s fantasy and prod her to tell. “Shouldn’t we wait for Arlene?” Asks Cory. Much to Nancy’s consternation Joan agrees with Cory.

“Nancy, you seem pretty horned out. You finally want in?” Irene asks.

“Maybe I do!” Nancy states. The last time the women met about the club Nancy was curious but did not want to ruin her budding relationship with Jason.

“So, what’s changed?” Cory asks. “Ready to introduce Jason to our hot little world? Or just need a good fucking?”

“Actually, Jason and I are having problems. In fact, it’s over.” Nancy states, her voice noticeably upset.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that.” I say, not completely honestly. My mind contemplating what Nancy would look like naked being ravished. The women are blunt and ask for all the details about the break up.

“I broke up with him.” Nancy clarifies. “I could not stand his ego anymore. He got a promotion to general manager of this little product line and now thinks he is god. Basically became unconnected with me and my feelings and always demanding of sex. It became fondle my tits for a while, demand a blowjob and then a ten to fifteen second ride before he blew all over me. Just got tired of it.”

The women nod in sympathy.

“So, Irene, to answer your question I do finally want in!” Nancy states emphatically. “Is it worth it?”

“You bet!” Says Irene. “OK, we’ll see what we can do to get you and Cory in. The dinner party was as much fun as I have ever had.”

“And you get paid well!” Cory exclaims. “Is that how you got your new BMW?” She continues rather sarcastically, obviously still hurt by not getting an invite to the club.

“Actually it is.” Irene continues. “But that is not why I did it. The pleasure and fun of the event is why I participated. If you want to know I’ve made over a $100K so far. Maybe if you wanted to enjoy the club for the sexual adventures you’d have better luck!” Irene snaps at Cory.

The disappointment Cory feels about being rejected twice boils over as she breaks down into tears. “I didn’t mean it that way. I’m just jealous!” She blurts out between small sobs. Irene and Cory quickly reconcile.

“How did you make so much?” Joan asks. “I’ve only made $80K so far.”

“I got a lot of bonus money for bareback penetrations and for letting men cum in me. Maybe that is the extra?” Irene asks.

“No, I did that to. That’s were most of my money is from.” Joan answers.

“Well, I also got about $20K for woman on woman sex. Letting some of the dinner guests lick me out.” Irene responds. Joan concludes that is the difference.

“But, didn’t you do some lesbianism with Arlene at her event?” Nancy asks.

“Yeah, but I was a guest so I wouldn’t have gotten paid for that.” Joan concludes. “Bummer! That would have been worth a lot.”

“What are casino şirketleri we talking about?” Arlene chimes in. We had not noticed her arrival. “Sex I bet!” She says with a big grin.

“Joan’s got a fantasy request for the club!” Cory shouts. The women momentarily blush as several patrons look over at us.

“Well what is it? Is it the one from the erotic exotic ball?” Arlene asks excitedly.

“What was that fantasy?” Nancy asks Joan. Joan’s not willing to share so Nancy guesses. “To be in a porno and get fucked by at least ten guys?”

“No, that’s not it.” Arlene smirks. Joan asks Arlene if she remembered what it was. Arlene bends over and whispers something in Joan’s ear. Joan giggles and says yes it is. “That will be fun!” Arlene shrieks out loud.

“What is it?” Nancy asks.

“Nancy, you’ll find out if the club can arrange it. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up much less mine.” Joan responds.

“Arlene you don’t remember them all do you?” Cory asks. Arlene says she does. “Ok what are they?” Cory challenges her back.

“OK. Nancy wanted to tease the guys with her magnificent tits. Getting them to do all kind of things before they get to fuck her. Irene’s is to be full at all times, meaning all three holes continuously filled with nice cocks. Mine was to be in a spotlight and subjected to non stop licking, sucking and fucking all night in front of a large room of people. And Joan’s, we will have to wait and see! I’m not giving it away” Arlene finishes with a smirk. “But, I think it will be fun and about as sex filled a time as I have ever had…except maybe the ball.”

“OK, so who wants to be invited if they can stage it for me?” Joan asks getting the group back on her agenda. Arlene quickly says she is in. Irene might but needs to check her calendar; she has a critical project at work.

“Cory and Nancy?” Joan asks.

“I will try again if they let me.” Cory states. Joan commits to try and get her in. Joan is sure she will be a star at this event if we can just get her going.

“And Nance?” Irene asks, “Ready to give the club a try?”

“Me and my tits are in!” Nancy answers as she flashes a devilish grin. “Time for this girl to get a serious fucking!”

“OK, I’ll let each of you know what the club says! Thanks for helping out.” Joan concludes. We linger a little longer before departing for home. Everybody once again ready to meet his or her dates in a heightened state of arousal.

Several weeks later Joan received her confirmation from the club. She informed all of the group that the date and location had been picked. The event was to be held locally and we would be picked up by a limo the night of the event. Joan confirmed that Irene and Arlene had accepted their invitation as member of the club, that I had been invited as her male guest and that she utilized the club’s rules on female participation to invite both Cory and Nancy. Everyone was in! We would each get individual instructions shortly.

My email came the next day:

Congratulations, Joan has invited you to participate in her special fantasy day. She has asked that not all details be revealed. The following information you need to know to be properly prepared for the evening if you chose to participate. You will be picked up by us at 6:00 pm and taken to the venue.

Joan’s fantasy will involve a large amount of semen. Please bring at least one quarter pint of semen to the event in a small container that we can warm to room temperature. As a reminder, the average male ejaculation is 5 cubic centimeters. A fluid ounce is 30 cubic centimeters. A quarter pint is two fluid ounces so a minimum of ten ejaculations.

Joan’s fantasy involves a public sexual display. She has requested you participate with her in this performance. You must be comfortable being nude, engaging in oral and vaginal sex and ejaculating in front of a large audience. Please email your confirmation to the address listed below.

I called Joan to try to get more information.

“Joan, public sex…. what do you have me signed up for?”

“I really don’t want to say. It’s not public, public. Just in front of a large audience of club members…. you game honey? I’d really like to have somebody I know part of the group.” Joan asks.

“OK, what group? And why the cum?” I ask.

“Group…of the guys that are going to fuck me. And the cum, I’ll wait and let you see. I’m disappointed you don’t remember the fantasy.” She comments just before hanging up the phone. I try to remember but can not. My mind is racing thinking of what she could be dreaming of.

I get to work preparing for the event. I create numerous fantasies of Joan in sexual acts. I imagine her spread to the world as I enjoy her. My hand rises up and down my cock thinking of her firm breast and wet labia. Cum explodes from my balls into a cup. That is the third of the ten sessions I will need to accumulate my entrance fee.

The day of Joan’s gangbang finally arrives. A large white limo pulls up in front of my apartment. I slide into a seat opposite the door as my eyes adjust to the darker interior casino firmaları of the car. Joan, Cory and Arlene have already been picked up and are seated in the rear of the car. We drive the two miles to Irene’s apartment. Through the tinted glass window I see Irene and Nancy exit Irene’s front door and approach the car.

“How is everyone?” Nancy says gleefully. She is surprised by the subdued responses. “Second thoughts?” She asks. Her own anxiety now heightened by the quite nature of the seasoned gangbang girls.

“Just saving my energy.” Says Arlene. “Plenty of time to get excited. I’m sexually charged but saving it up.”

“Why aren’t you dressed up like the ball?” Nancy asks. Apparently confused by everyone’s attire. The women all wear blue jeans and casual tank tops or t-shirts.

“What do you have on?” Arlene asks Nancy.

Irene starts to giggle. “It’s more like what she doesn’t have on!”

“Oh really, Nancy, do show!” We all chime in. She obliges and parts her full-length coat for a good ten seconds. She has dressed in some very sexy lingerie. Her large 38D’s are supported by a lacy white half-bra. Her areolas are large and her nipples are slightly hardened. My eyes were so focused on her wonderful white mounds I missed the opportunity to take in all of her before she closed her coat. Her legs are clad in sheer white stockings that ended high on her upper thighs. But I did not see anything else. Was she totally naked below?

“OK, but why aren’t you guys naked. I know Irene isn’t wearing any underwear.” Nancy asks.

“Oh, we don’t have underwear on either. Do not want to have unsightly lines from the elastic. We have our stuff for the show in our bags…or we simply plan to be naked.” Cory giggles.

“None of us are wearing underwear.” Joan states.

“Can’t you tell she is braless?” I ask with a smirk. As if to emphasize the point the limo drives over the rough pavement of a highway interchange under construction. Joan’s tits jiggle beneath the thin fabric of her tank top. The top struggles to keep them contained.

The situation is surreal. Nancy is only covered by a coat. The rest wear light t-shirts and tank tops. Hardened nipples and the outline of breasts surround me. Yet, we are all reserved. Knowing a much more serious sexual experience awaits us.

The limousine pulls up in front of the Circus Club, an old auditorium that has been recently closed and is scheduled to be torn down as part of a downtown renovation plan. The five women and I exit the car enter the building through the stage entrance at the rear of the building. We are met by a stunning redhead who is outfit in a pair of relaxed cut blue jeans and white t-shirt. Similar to Arlene and Cory’s attire she is braless. Her nipples well defined against the thin light fabric of her shirt.

“Hi, you must be Joan.” The redhead declares, “And are these all of your friends?” Joan introduces her to Arlene, Nancy and Cory. “Where is Irene?”

Irene had been investigating the backstage area. She wanders back at the sound of her name and exchanges a knowing glance with Sarah.

“I remember you. Back for another event?” She says to Irene.

“Most definitely!” Irene responds with a big smile.

“Hi, I am Sarah, your host for Joan’s special fantasy.” Sarah states in her nice southern drawl. “I’m sure she is very excited to have you here with her. I have already met two of you.” She says nodding at me and Irene.

“Were you in Irene’s dinner party session? That has been such a big turn on for us.” Arlene giggles. “You’re a celebrity among our group.”

“Well, yes, I was the hostess of that event. I know Irene had a good time there and so did he. Do you think you are ready to fuck me again?” Sarah says to me, her hand rubbing my crotch as she flashes a wicked smile at me. Nancy has a big grin and asks me if I really fucked Sarah.

“Of course he did. I would not forget that.” Sarah responds. “And he shot a really nice load onto my tits that Irene licked up. Unfortunately, I teased him a little later about getting him to cum so I could eat it all up. Do not think I will get a chance with tonight’s agenda but maybe someday.”

“So this really is real.” Nancy continues, the reality sinking in.

“Very real and fun if you let yourself enjoy. Let me show you around and get you set up for tonight.” Sarah responds as she leads us to the dressing rooms.

“Joan, you stay here. I have special instruction I will give you.” Sarah says indicating the dressing room. Joan asks if I can stay with her and Sarah accommodates. She leads the rest of the women out.

“Are you OK?” I ask Joan. She nods her head yes.

“Just nerves. I think I am ready for my big night!” She says still not fully willing to tell me what is in store. We sit silently and wait for Sarah, Arlene, Irene, Nancy and Cory to return.

“This is unbelievable.” We hear Nancy squeal, her voice carrying down the corridor. “I can’t wait. I’m getting wet thinking about it.” The veterans of the club encourage her to settle down. The event is still almost a half an hour or more güvenilir casino away.

“OK, Joan are you ready?” Sarah asks. Joan is ready and Sarah guides us down the corridor to the stage entrance. “This old building was a concert venue that seated two to three hundred. It is a ‘music in the round’ format meaning the stage is in the center and is designed to spin slowly around allowing 360 degree viewing for the audience. You will be performing tonight on the stage.”

We round the corner into the main hall and climb five stairs onto the stage. In the center is a small bench large enough for a person to lie on comfortably. We walk up to the bench.

“This has been specially designed for tonight.” Sarah says as she lies back on it. “You will notice it has lips on the outside and the surface is one inch lower than the outer wall. That should help hold all of that wonderful cum in the bench. The surface is a rubbery compound that should be warm to your skin and give you some traction so you do not slip too much with all that lubricant around you.”

“Oh my!” Joan stammers as she realizes her fantasy is really going to come true. “How much liquid will there be?”

“We will get to that.” Sarah confirms. “But let me show you some other features. This table is designed to be slightly padded so you can change positions. You can be comfortable on your back in the classic missionary position.” With that Sarah demonstrates the positions lying on the table and spreading her legs slightly.

“I know from experience trying to maintain good positions for a really long session of intercourse can be tiring. Our engineers have designed these leg harnesses. You simply place your foot in it and assume the position you like. They studied the pressure you will place on them during sex and made them lock to be stable. When you want to move they will.”

She lies on her back with legs spread, uses a set of leg harness on the side to raise them high and demonstrates how to use them. “With these you can open yourself wide for some really deep penetration. There are also hand holds on the side to help when you are on your stomach or in the ‘doggy’ position.” Sarah concludes. “Getting excited? I am!” Sarah smirks at us? Joan and I both nod yes.

“Joan, what will happen is the following. We will invite our guests into the seating areas and get things set up while you wait back stage. When the show is ready to begin we will lead you out and help you to the table. I will remove your robe and position you on the table. You will be treated to some intense one-on-one actions from some of our best male members before we allow the general assembly to have fun with you. You really need to do nothing but relax, enjoy the sex and enjoy all of that warm man juice.” Sarah pauses.

“There are 125 men joining us tonight and we have twenty women that will help coax the semen from them. The only rules for tonight are that all ejaculation must take place on your body and you must be provided all the cock you request in any hole you desire.

The women will position themselves on the circular stage around you. As the men reach climax they will deposit on you. You will be surrounded in a sea of sex for about one hour. Any questions?” Sarah concludes.

“How much cum?” Joan asks. Sarah explains each man brought some. At a minimum two gallons plus whatever is produced tonight.

“What is my role?” I ask. Joan’s fantasy now unveiled.

“Joan has asked that a close friend be one of her first conquests for the night. We will ask you to come on stage as part of the opening act, enjoy your friend and make one of the first deposits of semen. We will have some members help get the show going and then ask you to go on and give Joan a special treat. Is that OK?” I nod yes.

As we head back to the dressing room Sarah explains the rest of the rules. Each woman may participate as long as she wants but they would like to have at least five women on stage at all times. Each woman is going to have ten to twenty sexual acts to perform and they have encouraged them to pace themselves.

Men must play at intervals to not overwhelm the women and provide a steady stream of ejaculation. They will be paced onto the floor by hostesses and will have five minutes to reach orgasm. They must wait fifteen minutes after their first session and thirty minutes after their second session before being allowed to participate again. As a special guest my first session will not count against the time limit. Oral and vaginal sex is available from all female participants. Women who are open to anal sex will wear a pink arm band signifying anal penetration is acceptable.

My mind is overloaded as we enter the dressing room and sit down. The group is back together again but silent. No words are spoken. Thirty minutes pass quickly and the show time is near.

We hear the murmur of voices as the auditorium fills. Sarah’s voice fills the corridor as she checks on the preparations. We hear her footsteps approach. The door swings open and my draw drops. Sarah stands before us completely naked and wonderfully backlit by the hallway light. Her nipples stand taught and erect on her tear dropped shaped breasts. They are pink buds waiting to be suckled. Her figure is perfect and her legs long and tight. A well trimmed tuft of red hair on her mound catches the light.

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