Getting Caught By Mum

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Getting Caught By Mum
I was playing the new video game that had just come out. I had no idea what was to be in store for me besides playing the new game.
I was a 15 year old. And I got nothing else to do! But enough about games. Lets get to the good part.

My mother, what this whole story is based upon, is extremely nice with dark brunette hair. She is a size 12, 38C breast that go perfectly with her figure.
Nothing much happened in the line for the video game. Later that night I was playing this game “Now Mark, get off that at a reasonable hour.” My mum said. “Ok mum.” Of course, I didn’t have any intention of getting off the game that night. It was the weekend! At 12:00, what else was I supposed to do?!

I played for some more hours, then I heard the door open her bedroom door upstairs. then come down. It was my mum again! “Mark please get off that thing. What makes it fun anyway?” I told her, “just come and see, you probably won’t understand.” She laughed at that but actually came in my bedroom “So, what is the point,” she asked why she plopped down on the couch. “You just kill people,” I said, “it is more fun than it looks.” My mum asked me if she could play the game. I was so surprised, I thought she was going to turn it off and then I would have to go to bed. But she didn’t. We changed seats on the couch and she actually tried to play. That’s when I realized what she was wearing. My mum was wearing a very light blue sheer nighty. After all, it was almost 3:00 am now. She looked kind of tired, her brown hair was lose. I kept looking at her body while she tried (and failed) to play my new game. That v-neck showed her perfectly 38C tits, I could almost see the aerola!. I she started laughing. Her boobs bounced perfectly! She saw me looking at them. My mum must of paused the game. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!” I was at a loss for words. “Uh..” “I don’t know” but the tent in my pajama bottoms told otherwise.

I tried to cover it up but couldn’t. My mother saw it. “Oh my,” she said, “you seem to be just like most young men!” She joked. “Mum stop!” “I’m, I am sorry.” She said its okay, and that everyone my age gets them.

I was really tired and I told her that. My mother said “I told you that you shouldn’t of played video games for that long!” I replied, “but it so fun!” She giggled and I told her goodnight. “Love you, honey.” “Sleep well.” I responded “thanks mum, you too.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about her as I walked to my bedroom. I could hear my mum as I shut the güvenilir bahis siteleri door watching tv. I knew it was risky but I had to relieve my hard cock. I was thinking about my mum the whole time. Her sexy body, and my God, those big titties. I just wanted to lather myself all over them until the end of time. I started thinking of watching her play the video games. Thinking about her sexy body shaking pressing all the buttons furiously and big boobs bouncing around. I started increasing the speed of my hand. Little did I know my mother was watching me in the doorway.

“Mark !” She said. I freaked out! I tried to adjust so it wasn’t noticeable, but I didn’t know how long she had been watching. “What are you doing, I thought you were asleep?” She asked in her surprisingly, not angry voice) “I,…I…um..” “Mark. It’s okay” she said. She was surprisingly calm about the whole situation. Meanwhile my dick and hand were under the covers. “All boys your age do that. It is just apart of what you do.” I had no clue why she was reacting this way. “But, Mark, what are you thinking about.”

I hesitated, not knowing if I should tell her the truth or not, “I,..of you. Mum, honestly, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. The way you dress in that nighty turns me on.” “Oh do I? It is good to know a person in her 30’s can still make a man hard.” This was so awkward for me. “Well, honestly I have too , do thing like you… I do the same thinking about dirty stuff” my mum added. “Really?” I asked. “Yes, I shouldn’t of told that, I don’t know why” I cut her off. “It’s okay, mum.” It was dark in my room. And for some reason she turned the lights on. She was still in that sexy nighty she was wearing. “Mark, that is a big tent you have in the covers there.” I didn’t move.” Wait, did my mum just say I had a big dick?!!?. I stepped out of my bed my mum was still looking at me. Honestly I didn’t even think about covering my dick cause I thought she wouldn’t look. She did. “Oh my,” my mum said.” I didn’t know what to say. My mum touched my bare chest. “Mark. I haven’t seen a cock in ages, please just let me look.” Holy shit, I thought. Was this really happening? ” without asking she knelt down. “It is so, big, and you’re only 15!” “You are going to make a girl really happy someday!” My mum said. “I hope too” I replied. She kept staring at my cock. And I felt really uncomfortable. But I could see her huge tits from up here, so that helped. “Mark. I love you.” “I love you too mom,” she kept looking perabet giriş at my dick and even with the great view I had, it was getting really uncomfortable. “Mum, I have to go the bathroom,”
Then what happened next took me by even more surprise. My mum said no, “Mark, I haven’t felt this tingly sensation I have in ages. I am going to suck your cock Mark.”

I was so taken aback I didn’t say anything. She got closer to my dick and touched it with her hand . Oh. My. God. I had a shiver go through my body. “It’s so lovely. I’m sorry Mark. But I need something, and you’re it right now.” With that she put my hard dick in her mouth. I watched as she swallowed an inch of my cock, then 2, then 3. She stopped and said “I want to take this all in my mouth.” Hollyyyy… shit…this is actually happening. My mum wants to suck my cock!

My mum started going faster, her head bobbing up an down my dick. Honestly my legs hurt from standing but at this point I didn’t care. She looked so hot sucking my cock. My own mother! Wow! This was surreal! Her tits bounced in correlation with every hot suck. Almost a couple of times bouncing out of her nighty. She sucked away, her beautiful long, fingers jerked my cock off while she had her tongue around the head. Not much talking was going on during this. Just enjoyment. Holy shit, a great amount of enjoyment! Her mouth felt great, and the occasional tickle of my balls was nice as well. It looked like she loved what she was doing. But I knew in my head it was so wrong.

She got up from the sucking session. “Mark, that felt so good.” But before she could go on. I went at her. I practically jumped. I literally ripped the nighty off her and her voluptuous 38C breast flopped around. “Oh Mark!l” I couldn’t tell if she was mad or happy, but I didn’t care. I grabbed both of her tits and sucked her nipples like there was no tomorrow. “Mark, please st-” my mom said but stopped. She knew I wasn’t going to. She starting moaning louder and louder. “I’ve never been touched like this,…oh! Oh my god!” I obliged. I was such a good son. I licked her huge boobs. God they were perfect. I furiously sucked my mums nipples. The room was full of moans from both of us.

As if it couldn’t get any better, my mum stopped me. “Mark, fuck me.” Oh my God. She said it. Am I dreaming. Fuck me. She said”” Yes i will. This is awesome. You have to understand though, I have been with girls but have never had sex. I was hesitant but I told my mum. And with that, she perabet güvenilir mi pushed me onto the bed and jumped on me. We started kissing passionately and the whole time she was stroking me with her hand. I felt the sensation but I did not care. I just started cumming. Mum just smiled at me and kept on kissing me. My dick was still rock hard and we kept making out. This was amazing. I could feel her nipples rub against my bare chest . She finally responded to what I had said earlier. “Good, Mark. I will teach you.” “Ok mum,” while slightly pausing from kissing her. She stopped and stood up. I was on the bed with a hard on while my mother took off her nighty. She jumped on the bed and climbed on top of me. “Mark, don’t worry darling mummy will teach you everything.” She had her legs on either side of me and was crouched with her dark hairy pussy right above my cockhead. “It’ll be fine, here I go darling.” Time to lose your virginity.

Mum slowly inserted my cock into her wet pussy. While she slowly kept going down on my hard cock she started moaning, and so did I. I had never felt anything like it in my life before. It was amazing. Her pussy was so warm and wet. “Oh my you’re so big, Mark!” For some reason, that gave me a reason to fuck my mum back. Without warning, I shoved my hard cock into my own mothers hairy pussy. God. She was so hot. She screamed and I moaned.”” I starting pumping my young hard cock into my mums hairy pussy. “Mark, oh my God! Keep going, Keep going darling!” I did what I was told and starting fucking her, she was fucking back. My hips kept bucking into her arse and made the sexiest slapping noise I have ever heard. “Oh yes daling, you are good at this, keep fucking me.” My mum was so wet now. I don’t know why, but I impulsively grabbed her hips and starting shoving her body down on my young cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told my mum I was gonna cum soon and she responded “Mark I don’t care, fuck me hard as you can, make me cum with you!” She leaned down while fucking me and starting kissing me. I started kissing her back but took a breath I told her i was about to cum. “Mum!!!” “Mark, cum in me, fill mummy’s cunt up baby. The slapping sounds, moans and hot kisses increased. And I came. I shot 2 then 3 then 4 hot loads of my cum into my mum’s wet pussy and she screamed. “Mark! Oh my god, darling boy. Holy shit!” I couldn’t help but smile. I just had fucked my mother. I was in heaven. My mum slowly got off my limp wet cock.

“That was amazing” I told her. She agreed with me with such a loving kiss. We just laid there, both of us breathing hard. We were actually holding hands. My mother and I. Wow, my dreams had come true. “I hope this happens again…” I thought to myself. My mum and I happily fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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