Gill A short story

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We left the relative shade of the peristyle garden with its white marble fountain depicting Venus, a ewer hoisted on her shoulder. The trickling figure stood in the centre of a shallow square pool, surrounded by smooth flag stones and then by a grassed border skirting up to a colonnaded cloister that hemmed the garden in, providing a screen to the outside world.

I took her small hand in mine to lead her away from the site of our tryst, to the coolness of the house I had had built in a Roman style.

She hesitated as if frightened by the sudden change of light. A gently guiding hand at the small of her back motivated her forward step into the cloister.

Gill was here for one thing, she was payment in kind for services rendered. Her father had defaulted on a gambling loan; I had his marker now, won in a hand of poker. He would continue to default; his business was shot, crippled by union activity and a falling market share. It was true, I had kind of ensured he would fail; buying up everything around him was having a disastrous result on him. All’s fair…as they say, and what goes around comes around. He had made a virtual pauper of my Daddy; I had the wherewithal to repay the deed. With no hope of repaying his debt, Gill was the best her could offer.

She wasn’t quite what I had expected. Not that I had any previous knowledge of her, only a glance at a silver framed photo on John Craig’s desk as I delivered the news of his immediate future. I might have harboured some respect for him, for his business dealings perhaps, but any respect evaporated the moment he offered Gill as a bargaining tool. I wanted to see him with a hole in his forehead, such was my disgust. Hypocritically, I took him up on his offer though, deciding to have him erased later as I said, “sure, she will be full and final payment.”

Gill was nothing like her photo might have indicated. The picture showed a confident young woman, who looked squarely back at the lens, an enigmatic smirk on her lips. It showed a woman without a care in the world, who promised a wealth of sexual enterprise and freedom. In fact, the almost complete opposite had tremulously knocked the door, had timidly made her way to the meeting in my garden, had stood nervously clutching the strap of her purse between her wringing hands, head bowed.

Even allowing for the impossible situation her father had caused her, Gill’s mouse like appearance and squeaky voice gave rise to the possibility that the photo had lied. I could sympathise a little with her position, but found her completely unattractive as a possible sexual partner. A glass of ice cold chardonnay did little to ease her, but it gave me the chance to evaluate what I would do. If I sent her home unsullied, undefiled, I would have to exact my revenge on her father long before I was ready. I was enjoying the spectacle of his gradual decline too much. If I took her, took my payment, then his life would be extended and my revenge would be all the more complete when he eventually folded or put a nine millimetre in his head.

I decided to take the easier, hopefully less messy option. She would do for the evening’s entertainment. Was that a callous thought? It possibly is, but do I care at all? Not in the slightest.

We passed through the cloister with its vaulted ceiling, through a heavy carved oak door into the coolness of my study. The garden is completely shrouded from the outside world, but the study offered an unlimited view through patio doors of a landscaped terraced rockery that lead eventually to the street. If patient enough, it was possible to see people walk along the pavement some fifty metres away.

I let her hand go and watched as it dropped to her side lifelessly. The whites of her knuckles showed where she gripped the bag in her other hand. She stood statuesque in the middle of the room; her head still bowed, a thin cotton flower print dress hanging on her limp body.

“Put the bag down.” She dropped it at her feet, simply opening her hand to allow it to fall. It was the simplest of movements, almost pitiful.

“Take your dress off.” I noticed her glance up at the window, the calculation of the possibility of being seen through the patio doors was plainly evident as it flashed through her mind.

“It wasn’t a request; take it off.” Her head still bowed, she reached behind her neck to start the zipper and then she reached around her back to complete the undoing. With a slight shrug, the dress fell to her feet.

Her hands wrung together in front of her panty covered mons. The heavy lace successfully hid any allure she might have had inside. A matching bra did the same for her breasts, hiding anything underneath in the heaviness of the fabric.

“Lose the underwear.” Again, she glanced up at the glass doors, causing her to hesitate.

“Lose the underwear now.” I raised my voice to emphasise my meaning. Her bra had a front clasp that sprang open with izmir escort bayan a twist. It dropped to the floor to join the dress. Her breasts, slightly pointed with raised nipples shone whitely in the reflected sunlight. She hooked her thumbs into the elasticated waist band of her panties and eased them over her hips and then stepped out of them.

She stood with her feet surrounded by the conglomeration of clothing. Almost pure white, almost transparent, like fine bone china held up to the light. It was possible to see the veins under her skin, pronounced in her breasts. She was only an average size, thirty four perhaps, waist in the twenties and hips in the middle thirties. At five feet six inches, she had absolutely no spare flesh, not quite skinny or anorexic, but not too far from it either. Her hip bones protruded forward a little, but not so much that it detracted from the overall picture. Her hands clasped together in font of her cunnii, hiding her femininity.

“Put you hands behind your head.” She complied slowly, nervously, but she complied.

I sat down on the nearest settee to me so that I could look her over. Gill could not be called a beauty. At twenty three or so, her face was more than passable, but the slightness of frame and her timidity did nothing for her. It indicated a narrowness of mind, even shrewishness. That was probably unfair, but an accurate description of the persona she projected.

Gill’s skin was almost flawless; a small brown mole on her left breast was the only apparent defect, spoiling a totally unblemished body. She wore no adornments, no jewellery. Her pubic hair was unshaved; a vee-shaped mass of black hair hid her genital region. She didn’t shave her arm pits either. Un-adorned, unsullied and in a completely natural state, she stood with her hands clasped behind her head, eyes downcast, waiting for me to give her an order; a blank page.

I sat back in repose to appraise her. She stood motionless, hips askance, one knee slightly bent, her weight carried on one leg. Did I want this girl who stood naked in front of me? Did I fancy her? Was my desire for revenge against her father that great? I decided that she did not do anything for me sexually. It was nice that a naked woman stood in my study, there for my pleasure, but did I want that pleasure. Arousal could not be further from my thinking. Gill was going to have to work for me to take her.

“Spread your legs.” She was slow to respond, but slowly her weight shifted, her feet planted the width of her shoulders apart. It improved the overall appearance of her, the light from the garden shone between her legs, through her pubic hair.

“Now come here.” She stepped out of the ring of dress and underwear and traversed the short distance between us. Her eyes still didn’t look up, even when she was directly in front of me, standing between my parted knees, taller than my sitting position, she hid her eyes.

“Kneel.” Gill knelt, her hands still behind her head.

I pulled on the plastic coated end of the tie to my jogging pants. The knot undid easily.

“Pull these down.” Gill took her hands from behind her head and grasped the waist band and eased the jogging bottom down over my hips, exposing my cock, then passed my knees that I had obligingly pulled up and together to help her.

“Suck it.” I ordered her when the garment was on the floor next to my foot and I had once again, placed my feet down and parted my knees to either side of her slim body.

She didn’t respond at first, I was about to repeat the order, but she grasped my cock at its root and lowered her head. Her mousy brown hair hid her face, but I could feel the heat of her breath as her mouth descended slowly toward my flaccid prick. Then the pleasure of her warm, moist mouth enveloped my length. I felt her teeth rub slightly as the head passed through to rest on her tongue.

Somewhat inexpertly, she began to bob her head, sucking my cock into her mouth, allowing only the head to pass between her lips and teeth. In a strange way, it was quite erotic, knowing that she was inexperienced, I didn’t know if she was a virgin or not, but could guess that her lovers were counted in multiples of ones. It made a change to the usual bimbo I was more accustomed to; sexual athletes with all the guile of a guided missile. Gill’s ineptitude made a refreshing change; it had a positive effect on my cock. Her mouth was working a magic, causing hardness and a need to shoot a load quickly.

I didn’t want to just come in her mouth and then send her home. Seeing that she was payment, I wanted to get full value, after all, she was costing me the best part of fifty grand, albeit, indirectly.

“Stop.” She took her mouth away from my twitching cock that glistened from her saliva, but did not look up at me.

“Stand.” She stood up, letting her hands fall to her sides. “Part your legs.” She shuffled her feet apart. I looked at her furriness buca escort for a moment or two, savouring her freshness and natural look. So many women shave their pubis these days; it used to be something of a rarity, back in the sixties, but now appeared to be ‘A la mode’. Seeing a woman in her full glory was a nice change.

I raised my hand, running a palm up the inside of her thigh until it reached her hidden lips. Her heat radiated through the coarse hair and was slightly damp. She shivered at the initial touch, but remained standing as before. Slowly, I worked my hand into her labia, my thumb butting against her pubic bone as her lips parted and lubricated automatically.

Twisting slightly, I pushed a finger between her slick lips and entered her cunt, not deeply, just enough to make her gasp at the intrusion. Her secretions increased, coating my finger, easing its entry into her body. The pad of my thumb sought and found her clitoris and began to rub the sensitive vestigial cock in a circular motion. I was surprised at its size, although I could not see it, my thumb told me that it was a substantial organ and would be pronounced if her hair was shaved off. I could feel it harden as blood suffused it. I wanted suddenly, to have it between my teeth, but resisted the urge.

The combination of finger and thumb was having a nice effect, involuntarily; her hips were rocking in time to the rubbing, her heat increased as did her slickness. Gill’s breathing was becoming shallow, irregular and ragged. Her hands twitched as if to pull me away from what I was doing to her. Her knees started to tremble, she moaned a little; I increased the pressure and pace. In a few short minutes, the trembling of her knees had become a positive shaking, they looked to be on the point of collapse, but my hand supported her, kept her upright and continued to agitate her nervous system.

Gill came in a flood, her juice flowed between her thigh and the back of my hand, ran down her leg in a rivulet to pool on the floor. She sighed between clenched teeth and quaked in front of me.

“Oh my g…” I hushed her with a finger to my lips. I didn’t want to hear what she had to say, it would spoil the moment for me. Her body was in a natural state, her orgasm had also been natural, not a screaming fake meant to impress me like so many of my normal bed sharing partners. She stood, demure, quietening and slowly calming down.

I was, I suppose, somewhat surprised by her body’s reaction. Given that we did not know each other, that she was here under duress and that there was no way she could ever be prepared for a situation such as this, her quickness of orgasm was a testament to her sexuality, her body’s ability to accommodate, her readiness to mate.

I stood and held her quivering body in my arms, feeling her heart race and thump the other side of her ribs. I wondered how she would react when I took her to my bed.

Turning as one, joined hip to hip, I led her from the study to my bedroom through a connecting door. We stopped at the edge of the bed. Guiding her by steering her shoulders, I positioned her next to and facing the bed. I sat in front of her to drink in her body. Again, she stood motionless, with her head and eyes downcast.

“Kneel.” I ordered her, but more softly now. The need to be masterly or tough seemed inappropriate after the reaction in the study. She knelt again between my knees; as I opened my mouth to order her to suck me again; she grasped my cock and bent at the waist to engulf my turgid cock in her mouth.

This time, her sucking was in no way hesitant as she had been before. She sucked and jerked me into her mouth as if her life depended on it. Her head bobbed up and down, cheeks pulling in then flushing out with the motion. Gill’s tongue snaked out to lick my end, her lips parted as her mouth swallowed me again, stuffing as much as her mouth could cram in. It was my turn to sigh. I have been sucked by many, but she was as good, if not better than even some of the professionals. It seemed completely natural for me to be fellated by this strange girl.

I couldn’t last much longer at this rate. She was doing to me as I had to her; my orgasm was rushing up, boiling in my balls. I had to stop her or come in her throat. I grasped her head between my hands and eased her back. She held onto my solid erection.

“Stand up.” She stood, as did I. Grasping her shoulders; I turned her around so that we swapped places then pushed her onto the bed backwards. She lay flat with her legs dangling over the side. I knelt and parted her knees. I could see her moist lips through her dark hair, it was my first sight, her clit was as I suspected, quite large, almost a cock in its own right, being about half an inch in length. I had to have it between my teeth.

It was very nearly what I imagined it would be like sucking a small dick. Her clit was hard and became harder as I suckled on it. The effect on Gill was immediate izmir escort and devastating. Her hips jerked, trapping my top lip between her pubic bone and my teeth. It hurt like hell, but didn’t stop me sucking her even harder. My lip was bruised I knew, but having this woman come again was my all consuming desire.

She grasped my head, pulling my hair to force my face into her. Breathing was difficult, but I wasn’t about to cease the attention my tongue was giving to her fabulous clit. I wanted her come in my mouth, very soon, with a cry, she rewarded me with a stream of girl cream; it was far too much for me to swallow and ran down my chin and neck, soaking my torso and upper thighs.

I wasn’t finished with her though; still sucking gently on her wonderful clit, my index finger slid between her lips, I crooked it to lodge behind her bone, feeling the ribbed inside of her cunt. I manipulated her inside as if in a beckoning motion, the ribbed ridges were pronounced and became even more so with my fingers insistent rubbing. Gill was writhing now, her head thrashing from side to side as I brought her straight away to another crashing climax.

She squealed and yanked her knees up as it struck her. Another flood sprayed my tongue and face to join the spreading pool on the wooden floor. My finger stayed inside to be joined by another as I got up from my knees, leaving the puddle to cool on the floor. I knelt beside her on the bed and began to finger fuck her in a furious pace, no gentleness, just a rapid fucking that I knew she would not be able to withstand for very long. I could feel her clit rubbing on the inside of my palm, that, with the finger fucking, very quickly brought her off again.

She clutched me in a tight embrace, almost desperately squeezing my waist against her quaking body. What a delight she was turning out to be.

“Fuck me? Fuck me please? “

It was a demand I was more than happy, more than ready to comply with. She scooted up the bed as I nodded my consent. Now she looked at me, now she looked into my eyes for the first time since her arrival in my house. Green irises stared back at me in pleading. They struck me as very beautiful, having a depth and life that I could only wonder at.

On her back, she parted her knees, once more uttering fuck me. I too scooted up the bed, between her legs. Until now, my only contact with her had been mouth or hands, now I wanted more than anything to be skin to skin, horizontal and buried inside her to the root.

I kissed her mouth, tasting my sex as my tongue slipped between her parted lips. The kiss lingered, growing in passion, we joined at our mouths and then with our genitalia. My cock slipped into her fury sheath. Her knees came up, ankles crossed behind my back, her hips raised to allow me to plumb her depths.

I started slowly, drawing back as far as she would allow me and then sliding into her, being pulled in by her legs. Gradually, I increased the pace, building towards my climax, trying to last for as long as possible, getting deeper with each thrust. My balls roiled with unspent come, blood surged to my cock; my tongue caressed her mouth, our breath mingled hot together.

“Stop; Stop.” she managed around my tongue.

Bewildered, I stopped pumping into her, wondering what the matter was. Without another word, she reached down between our hips and grasped my cock at the base. I lifted a little to see what she was about to do. Was she going to take my seed in her mouth after all, or jerk me over her milk-white tits? The answer, when it became apparent; surprised me yet again. She positioned the head of my cock and then breathed, “Now push.”

I entered into her ass at her insistence, passing her outer muscle ring to lodge deep inside her anus. Again, I started slowly, but she had other ideas, with desperate hip thrusts, she set a pace that would have me exploding inside her ass in no time at all. I could feel the tightness of her sphincter around my base; it was too much; I exploded in a blur of motion, nervous and climactic release. Spurt after spurt of my hot cream flooded her ass as I kept thrusting into her until the last drop was squeezed and milked from me.

Totally spent, I collapsed on top of her, trying to get my breath back and control my thudding heart rate. Gill was constricting her muscles, milking the last drops from me. I slipped from her body quietly. Gills legs released me body, we parted to lie side by side.

“Did I do well?” She asked.

Incredulous, all I could say was; “Fuck yes. That was incredible.”

“Does it pay my father’s debt?”

“Yes and yes again, he is all paid up.” I answered.

“Oh…that is a shame.” She cast her eyes up at me and then said, “I thought I might have to be brought to you several times. I had hoped I would be anyway. Can I be indebted to you for something else?” Her eyes betrayed no guile, just a longing as she asked.

“You came to me as payment, with no will in the bargain, you liked that?”

“I have wanted just that for so long. Dreamt of it; thank you for making a dream come true.”

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