Girl in Men’s Restroom Ch. 03

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This story is a third one from a series. I recommend you to read the beginning first, to understand the progression.

For those who read the previous story longer time ago, I will quickly remind you what happened.

Hello, I am Polly. A singer riding across a country to a gig. When I stopped at a random gas station to pee, the cashier told me that ladie’s are out of order. When I entered a cubicle on men’s bathroom, I found out there was a hole between cubicles. After being blackmailed to suck a guy in the adjacent cubicle, I was caught by the cashier. He made me suck his cock too. I realized I liked being ordered around as I had to suck the dick in the hole again. After he realized it, he assumed his job done and allowed me to leave. Now, however, I wanted to stay…


I placed the pile of clothes on the floor. Still kneeling I raised my eyes to meet his. Then I interlocked my hands behind my back. And opened my mouth. Scared, trembling, but determined.

He stepped towards me.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded.

“There is a ground rule to this I didn’t tell you before. If you don’t want to do anything, all you need is to say your safeword and I will stop.”

I smiled at him. My smile was sweet and loyal.

“Blackberry. That is my safeword.”

He made another step to me. He smiled as he tied the belt around my neck and as he tied my hands. I smiled myself as I could feel how strongly my body responded to the touch of leather on my skin.

My pussy went damp again, as he tried the strength of his knot and choked me a bit in the process. I realized how long I was left without any satiation. I almost came as the blond guy fingered me through the hole. I was on the edge before he sprayed my face with his cum. I remembered how horny I was when the trail of saliva reached my pussy lips. I got close to cuming as the cashier taught me how to take a dick into my throat. I was close as he allowed me to blow the blond guy again. I was on the edge as I thought I was going to get punished for not being able to hold myself from stroking the cashier’s cock as he was making me swallow as much of the blond guy as I could.

I realized, that from the moment I became dominated, I was painfully close to cuming. And I wouldn’t let my chance go to waste now.

“Will you punish me now, sir?”

I smiled at the cashier. He smiled back.

“Please?” I added

“Yes, I absolutely will.” His face turned serious again.

“I was going to reward you, by giving your pussy some attention and fucking it, before you lost your posture. Now, I believe you will have to wait for it even longer, since I will use your mouth a bit more now.”

My body all tensed up with the thought of getting fucked. My pussy required some attention for so long and it was driving me crazy already. Now, however, I was left waiting again. I could feel a stream of my pussy juices slowly flowing down my thigh.


Meanwhile, the cashier knocked on the wall three times. I had no idea what it meant, but the guy on the other side obviously did. I heard a silent squeak of the stall door, and then another one, as the blond guy opened the door to our stall.

“Is the air clear?” he asked. I smiled at him.

“I locked the front door before I went to check out what was happening. There is no one else in the building.” The cashier replied, as he stood beside him. Just you, me and this little tart here.

“Good” The blond guy replied, eying me up and down.

They stood alongside each other, watching me. One short haired with black curls, the other one blondish, with longer hair flowing down to his shoulders. One serious and bossy, the other one smiling, obviously not believing his luck. One tall and slim, the other smaller, but with wide shoulders and chiselled chest. One completely naked, with trimmed black pubes and thick hard cock, the other one in his boxers. He must have put them on before he left his cubicle. I could see the outline of his cock through the fabric. The wetness of my saliva was seeping through it, most prominently on the end of the outline. I must admit, I felt proud for leaving it so damp.

“Rather small here, isn’t it?” Frowned the blondish one.

The cashier didn’t reply, just made two steps out of the door. The blond one followed him.

I had no choice, but to walk out of the cubicle on my knees. With my hands tied together, I couldn’t get up.

They waited for me next to each other. I stopped about a foot away in front of them.

“I am ready to receive the punishment, sir.”

I bit my lip while looking deep into the cashier’s eyes. Then I turned my sight to the blond guy, looked at the outline of his dick and gulped. I looked into his eyes, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Just like I was taught. My pussy was on fire.

“She looks cute.” Commented the blond guy.

“I like her glasses. Good job with that facial by the way.”

Blond guy smiled, but his eyes kept traveling across my naked body.

“Small casino şirketleri boobs.” He commented again.

“But very nice shape.” The cashier answered.

As he did, he made a step towards me, bent down and cupped my breast. The touch made me tingle. I twitched under his fondling. But it wasn’t enough to make me cum.

“And firm too.”

The blond guy did the same and cupped my other breast. He fondled it a bit before agreeing. While he did that, he made sure the bulge on his boxers kept rubbing across my cheek. I wanted it back in my mouth so bad. No! I wanted it in me. Grinding in and out of my pussy. But I needed to take my punishment first.

I stuck out my tongue to lick the fabric covering blond guys dick. The cashier noticed. He pulled on the belt. It bit into my skin and stopped my airflow.

“Eager to get punished?”

After he released it, I tried to take a deep breath. But I wasn’t allowed to. My mouth was already stuffed with the cashier’s penis. He was fucking my mouth fast and hard, with one hand on the back of my head, forcing myself on him. I had no chance to swallow the saliva that was quickly building up in my mouth. It flowed around his cock down to my breasts.

I knew he was trying to punish me. And he did his best. I could barely breath and I could feel my jaw getting sore. On one hand I wanted him to stop. To let me breath. On the other hand, however, I felt my body enjoying it. The saliva flowed between my breasts lower and lower. I knew, that if he will continue a little longer, the stream will continue in its way.

I looked at the blond guy. He was stroking himself through his boxers slightly, while watching me closely. As I could feel the stream under my bellybutton, I was sure I would come instantly if it reached my pussy. I managed to wink on the blond guy. His grin turned into a big smile. At the same time, I could hear the cashier grunting. He slowed down.

I wanted him to continue. I needed him to continue. If he stops, the stream will stop too. I couldn’t let that happen.

I looked him in his eyes and smiled. Well… As much as I could with his dick still halfway in my mouth. I wanted to provoke him. To my disappointment, he stopped altogether. Watching my disapproval, he just slowly withdrew his member out of my mouth, until it slid off my tongue and bobbed in the air in front of me.

“She seemed to be enjoying that.” Laughed the blond guy.

“I noticed. I guess we will have to try harder then. Any ideas?”

Meanwhile, I played with the thick blobs of saliva in my mouth. Mostly spitting it slowly out, so that the trace would finally hit the spot.

“I do. But first…”

The blond guy said, as he reached for a napkin. He stepped towards me. I felt grief when he reached down, about an inch above my clit, and started wiping off the saliva off my body. My plan failed. He saw it and laughed.

“Your pussy is soaked.”

I didn’t reply. I was so destroyed by postponing my orgasm again I lost words. I just glowered at him hatefully.

“Would you like to cum?” He smiled at me maliciously.

I was fully aware that he wanted me on the edge from the moment he refused to finish his fingering before. I just glared at him in my despair.

“I am afraid you will have to wait for that. I believe I will need you to try swallow my whole dick, before I will allow you. You will see that the wall shortened it for you quite a bit. But the wall isn’t here now to help you.”

I needed it. I would do anything. I looked straight into his eyes and opened my mouth wide. My tongue swirled from side to side.

He stood in front of me but didn’t let me suck him. He reached for my tit and squeezed my nipple. He squeezed it hard. I closed my eyes and gave a scream out of pain. He released it.

“Are you expecting me to do all the work?” He said as he squeezed again.

“My boxers are on. And I don’t really feel like I should undo them. After all, you are the one who wants to get deepthroated again, right?”

He grinned at me as he released my nipple glowing red. This time I managed to remain silent, but it took everything I had. The pain remained pulsating in my chest. To my amazement, I could also feel something else pulsating. The muscles in my vagina. I would never have guessed I was into this kind of shit. I didn’t like being hurt. My nipples definitely didn’t like to be squeezed. But my pussy seemed to enjoy the pain.

I had to cum. And I had to cum now. And in order to cum I had to make the blond guy drop his boxers and suck his cock.

I raised my sight and watched the hidden cock trying to tear out of those boxers. I needed to get them off him. I made a step on my knees towards him. He stepped back. I made another step. And again, he stepped back. He laughed as he made me follow him across the room on my knees. The cashier laughed too.

“Maybe if you ask him nicely…” The cashier commented, as I tried my best to catch the runner.

I stopped. I was puffed casino firmaları out. I took a deep breath and then looked into his eyes.

“Please, sir. Let me undress you.”

“Why would you want to undress me?” He laughed and made another step back.

“I want to suck your dick, sir.” I was getting furious.

“Would you? And what do I get?”

I was getting desperate.

“Anything you want.”

“Anything? Hmmm… That sounds fair. But you have to ask me in the same voice you thanked me for cuming in your mouth before.”

I shook at the word cuming. I needed it so bad. I shrugged and made myself do the baby doll smile. Then I looked straight in his eyes and started begging.

“Allow me to swallow your big, hard penis, sir. I promise I will be good. I want to feel it in my throat, sir. Please, pretty please. With sugar on top.”

I tried the best I could to sound like a cute little girl begging for a candy. And the look on the blond guy’s face and the twitch in his boxers gave away my success. I started crawling towards him, not breaking eye contact.

“Good girl.” Commented the cashier with a surprise in his voice. I could see him teasing himself in the corner of my eye.

As I reached my target, I rejoiced. He didn’t move away. He remained standing on the spot, smiling from ear to ear.

I rubbed my cheek on the fabric. He twitched as I touched his member through it. I faced his waist and reached up. My tongue swirled in his bellybutton and slowly found its way to the edge of his underwear. I was afraid he would run away if I didn’t make it sensual.

He didn’t move a muscle to help me grab the lining with my teeth. But he shivered as my breath reached his pubes after I managed to pull on it. It slipped out of my mouth. I tried again and managed to grab it better. I pulled and it slid about and inch lower. But the other side was stuck on his hip. I could feel his penis grow as I rubbed against it with my chin, trying to bite into the fabric.

After some time of trying, I managed to slide his boxers to the level of his thighs. At this point, however, new problem emerged. His, now rock hard dick got caught in under the rubber lining and made further movement impossible.

I grabbed the lining in my teeth right at the spot where his dick was. He was all twitching now under my quickened breath, as it stimulated the tip of his penis. I pulled on it and managed to release the thing from its entrapment. That, however, resulted in a way I didn’t expect. The penis sprung out from that awkward position and hit my nose. And remained stuck there.

I smiled at the blond guy as I deliberately breathed on it through my nose, keeping the fabric in my mouth. I Could see him completely captured by sensations.

I pulled down hard in order to slide the boxers all the way. It got stuck in the level of his knees. I hoped he would just put his feet closer to each other and let it fall on the ground. But he didn’t move a muscle. I had to slowly wiggle it on each side to get it slide lower. And when I got to his ankles, I realized why he made it so difficult for me.

You know, with your hands tied behind you back, it is very hard not to lose balance when you bow your head to the ground far away from your knees. And since I was never tied up before, I found out the hard way.

My face hit the floor. I managed to turn my head, so that I didn’t fall on my nose. It hurt anyways. Not as much as getting my nipples pinched though.

As I struggled to get back up, I could hear laugh and cheering. Those bastards. It made my try harder, but I got trapped in the position.

“Nice ass!” I could hear the cashier laugh.

“Are you presenting it in order to remind us how much do you wish to cum?”

Laughed the blond guy. As he said it, he moved behind me, leaving his boxers on the floor. He slapped my left ass cheek leaving a red mark. I whimpered but remained silent otherwise. This position would be very difficult for me to take another hurtful punishment. I figured it would be best to just stay in place and wait for what is to come. I didn’t have to wait long.

I heard another set of steps approaching me from behind. Then I could feel a hand cupping my ass. It opened my cheeks and explored around. At one point the man brushed so close around my pussy I couldn’t help myself and moaned. Even in this humiliating position I didn’t lose anything from the build-up. My pussy was still damp and ready to receive any kind of attention.

He, however, didn’t aim for my pussy. I could feel a finger on the small of my back. Slowly riding lower and lower between my ass cheeks. You wouldn’t believe the horror when I figured what he had in mind. When he started running his thumb over my asshole, I gasped. My breath quickened.

“Please, not in my ass. Don’t do that, please, sir.” I pleaded. But to no avail.

I tried anal before. Once. It was painful and not erotic at all. My ex-boyfriend talked me into it. And I hated even the thought of it ever since.

I güvenilir casino could feel the thumb slowly settling into place. I wiggled my butt in order to stop him. Bad move from me.

“Be a good girl or I will stick my dick in instead of a finger!”

I whimpered. Defenceless and trapped. I steadied my hips and tried to concentrate on the erotic part of it. I couldn’t find any. I jolted as a big blob of spit hit the exact place it was aimed. To my disappointment, it made a little pool in my butthole, instead of flowing towards my pussy. I could feel the thumb getting back in place. And then, slight pressure.

“Please, don’t. Please, sir.”

I could feel the fingertip slowly opening the tight hole.

“You know what to do to make me stop.” A voice advised.

Blackberry. The word came into my mind. But only another begging to stop came out of me, before I could fell the finger breaking through. After it surpassed the initial opening, it slid slowly but steadily all the way in. A little tear escaped my eye as I was getting impaled. The feeling was so strange and unpleasing it made me second guess my hesitation with the safe word. Not for long however.

After the thumb was fully inserted, I could feel another two fingers closing in. These two, however, aimed to a different target. After all the postponing and waiting I finally got what I wanted.

Those two fingers penetrated my pussy. I could feel them pressing against the thumb in my ass and wiggling around. But at that time, I was already shaking, and floundering in a huge orgasm. All those desired feelings came to me in one moment in huge waves. And many similar waves followed. I fell flat on the floor and it took me a good minute or two before I was able to look around.


Both men were standing around me. Arms folded on their chests, happy smiles on their faces… And throbbing cocks fully erected. I breathed deeply.

As soon as I realized my hands are untied, I quickly jumped up to kneeling position, put both my hands behind my back and fixed eye contact with the cashier. The orgasm was amazing. Better than I ever felt in my life. I thought the desired orgasm would satiate me. But that wasn’t the case. It left me even hornier. I craved for more. And I wasn’t willing to let those guys postpone fucking me even longer. That is why I returned to my position. To show how good of a girl I am. And how much I deserve the fucking.

The cashier stepped forward. He placed two fingers on my lips. I opened my mouth and let him insert them. They had a weird taste. I never tasted this before. But I knew the smell.

As I was cleaning my own juices from his fingers, I smiled at how good it tasted. The idea of licking my own cum never occurred to me. But now I was sure I will do it again, when I get the chance.

He then grabbed me by my hair and made me stand up. My knees were still weak, so he had to drag me a little. When we reached the sinks, he made me lean on one of them and turned my face towards a mirror.

I watched my face in horror. My mascara was smeared all over my face. Eyeshadows left black traces on my cheeks, my hair was messy and tangled. The belt around my neck left a few red marks on it. My nipple was still glowing red and I could see the leftovers of saliva trail between my breasts. I was one big mess.

He placed my hands on the sink to support myself, before he pulled on my hair again.

“Do you see what happens if you make us punish you?”

I just nodded. I couldn’t speak since I was trying to hide the pain from pulling my hair.

“Do you want us to stop?”

I quickly shook my head. I wanted more. I needed more. And I was willing to do anything to get it.

“Are you a good girl?”

I nodded again. He pulled even harder. I squeaked. But then I managed to open my mouth.

“I am a good girl, sir.”

He smiled at me. And I smiled at him as I felt something rub against my puckered ass. He slid his cock between my thighs and found the opening. And then he slowly pushed in. My pussy lips opened and allowed the cock to slide inside. I guess the pulling on my hair made me wet again, because even though he had to push slowly, it slid easily all the way in. I squeaked again. This time from pleasure.

“I love how tight they are right after orgasms.”

The cashier commented before he started pounding in me. His cock slid in and out fast, making my hips bounce around. I was glad he allowed me to grab onto something, because I was sure he would shatter my pelvis on the sink.

He never stopped pulling my hair as he fucked me, so my eyes were fixed on the mirror. I watched myself getting fucked by a stranger. I could see my grimace change with every thrust. I watched my boobs bounce and wiggle around. As I did, I felt warm waves in my belly, travelling across my body and reaching my vagina. I felt another orgasm building up in me. This time slower, but as the waves gained on strength, I realized it would be even more intense that the one before. Before I could find out, however, the cashier stopped.

“Want some too?” He turned to the blond guy.

“I can wait.” He smiled back. “But I promised something to the lady and this position makes it hard to keep my promise.”

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