Girlfriends Trainer

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Girlfriends Trainer
My girlfriend and I have been together just over three years. She’s brunette 5’1 with small perky tits and a nice round ass. She’s always had a nice curvy figure but she was never happy with how she looked so I got her to go to the gym with me, this is where it all began

she had been going for around 6 months and she started saying she didn’t feel like she was making any progress and wanted a trainer to help her

I’ve always fantasied about seeing her with another black man but never told her because I didn’t want to scare her away. When she said she wanted a trainer it sent my mind crazy with the thought of her training with a big black Guyana potentially even more. All the trainer porn videos I’ve watched played through my head

I encouraged her to find one and pointed out a few at the gym, all of them were black. She eventually asked one of them. He’s called Dom, 6’5 and carved from stone. He was a few inches taller than me which kind of intimidated me but turned me on at the same time because of the thought of how big his dick must be

They casino siteleri had a few sessions and she really enjoyed it but when I asked what happened it was just the normal sessions so I thought nothing was going to happen. Then after about a month things started to change and she started to become more elusive about how the sessions were

This made me suspicious and also very horny as all I could think of was they must be doing something they shouldn’t. Alarm bells went off when I saw her get a message from ‘Big Dom’. I had to see what they were talking about so when I got the chance I checked to see the messages and I instantly got hard from what I saw

She was sending him pictures of her in her underwear and he was more than complimentary. On more than one occasion he would tell her how sexy she was and how he couldn’t wait to get her in for another ‘session’. This was my chance to try and make my fantasy a reality. I started to drop hints about how I’d like to see her with someone else and to my surprise she played along with the idea. tipobet güvenilir mi I knew this was gonna be my chance to see her get fucked by a big black cock. After her sessions now I asked her how they went and she started to go into more detail about how he’d grab her and man handle her into new positions. I can’t tell if this was to tease me or if it was actually happening but it definitely turned me on and she could tell with the massive hard on I had

Then she said something that blew my mind. ‘I can feel Dom when he gets me to bend over and he’s so big’ I almost cummed there and then. I asked her if it made her uncomfortable and she couldn’t have loved it more, makes her work even harder. This quickly led to us having some of the best sex we’ve ever had with me fucking her from behind telling her to think of Dom’s huge dick

A few sessions later and it was her review meeting to see how far she had progressed. This is when it happened, she told me he was going to inspect her so she put her best panties on to impress him. I didn’t perabet hear from her after she went in but an hour later she said she had a surprise for me when I get home from work. I got home as quickly as I could burst through the front door and could hear noises coming from the bedroom

I ran upstairs and slowly opened our bedroom door to be met by her on her knees with Dom naked in front of her with his big black cock penetrating her mouth. She wasn’t wrong when she said he was big, it must have been at least 10 inches. They didn’t even acknowledge I was there so I stripped off naked and started to wank on the corner chair

Things really started to heat up and he picked her up after she’d gagged on his massive cock and lowered her onto his throbbing dick. I’ve never heard her moan so loud, he used her liked I’d always fantasied. She was begging to be bent over and he threw her on our bed and fucked her doggy until she cummed all over his dick multiple times. He was close to cumming and he pulled his cock out and told her to open her mouth. He blew his load all over her face and she sucked him dry. This made me blow my load and that’s when they finally acknowledged me

Dom has been coming over ever since and I’m hoping he’s going to invite some of his friends over soon to enjoy my girlfriend like he does

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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