Go Ahead Ch. 03

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Events in people’s lives form the individual they are today. Such was the adoration I had for an older woman who lived next door.

I dropped my shirt to the floor, knowing what I wanted to do, but not knowing exactly what to do next. I definitely wanted to see her as naked as I was, but I must have hesitated as I reached for her blouse. She leaned towards me again and uttered those special words that I will never forget, “Go ahead”.

I finally mustered up the courage to reach down and pull her shirt the rest of the way off her shoulders as she was leaning forward and Margie tossed her bra across the room. I was naked. She was naked. I was trembling. She was calm as a cucumber when she said, “Just relax”.

Once again, her experience takes over and she simply pulls me down to lie upon her. I can still remember the feel of her hard nipples on my chest, her pubic hair rubbing on my dick. Time again turns to slow motion as I feel her reach between us and we stare into each other eyes as Margie draws my cock up between her pussy lips.

I know in the back of my mind that this is going to be over before it really gets started. Sure enough, within a couple of strokes, I begin to shudder and she squeezes me at the base of my cock and stops my flow. I moan in discomfort as I feel my dick pulsing for release. She clutches me tightly with her one free arm and both legs as she pulls me down to kiss her, and I feel her rubbing me against her body as we kiss. I feel the sensation, but it is not what I normally feel when I cum. I pull back and start mumbling an incoherent apology when she says “Get up”. She never lets go of my cock.

There are times of sadness in our lives and I was experiencing the epitome of embarrassment. I had my chance and ‘blew it’. She could see I was ready for the floor to open and swallow me right there on the spot when she stood up to console me. For the first time, I was so ashamed I could not look her in the eyes.

Standing there still holding my cock she said, “Steve. Hey, I know. It’s okay. Don’t worry, you’re still ready for me. Look!” I looked down and sure enough, my cock was crimson red where she held the blood in it and hard as a rock. I was still unsure, until she reached up to pull my face to hers and kissed me as we stood there in the living room. “It’s really okay”, she said as she broke the kiss then let go of my dick and grabbed my hand. She once again started pulling me down to the couch.

Just as Margie sat down she must have changed her mind. Looking back on it, she probably was trying to stall to allow me time to ‘cool off’. “Let’s go where there’s more room,” she said as she stood and led us to the spare bedroom. I remember shaking like a leaf as we walked down the hall and stood there beside the bed. She threw her arms around my neck and reached up on her tiptoes to kiss me. She then said, “Don’t move” and ran out of the room.

When she returned, she had the clothes and shoes we had scattered all around the couch. Once she dropped them in the chair, she turned and stood there looking at me. I am not sure what she was thinking, but I knew right then bahis firmaları that the vision before me would be burned in my memory forever. Every time I see a movie where a woman stands and then slowly crosses the bedroom, it reminds me of Margie. She was making her way towards me and the room seemed to grow in distance as I could hardly wait to feel her body against mine once again.

Once she reached me, she said, (Yep, she actually said it!), “Now, where were we?” She took my hands and placed them on her body. My hands obviously had a mind of their own as they gravitated to her tits, when she threw her arms around my neck again and pulled me to her lips once more.

Once again, memory fails me as I am not sure if it was me pulling, or her pushing, but we effortlessly backed me up until I felt the bed against the back of my legs. We broke the kiss and I made the mistake of looking up.

I could actually see my house next door through the bedroom shades. I suddenly became nervous all over again as she turned to see what I was looking at. She once again gave me a quick kiss and broke our embrace. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind and I suppose she could read them all. She turned, closed the blinds completely and putting one hand on my chest, pushed me back onto the bed.

The memories of that day, I’ll never forget. The image of Margie standing beside the bed between my legs was the most beautiful sight I had ever had the privilege to gaze upon. The back-light of the window surrounding her seemed to give her an angelic aura. Man, was she a beautiful sight. It was actually my first unobstructed view of her (or of any woman other than in magazines). All I could do was stare at her as she watched me ‘take her in’. I would have been happy to just lie there and look at her.

She even ‘picked up’ on that and twisted and turned a little while putting her arms up behind her hair, making her tits and nipples seem to stand out more. My eyes followed her every move as she slowly moved her hands down over her breasts, stopping momentarily to gently squeeze them till finally dropping one hand down her stomach to graze the top of her pubic hair, strumming her fingers through it. I finally looked into her eyes and she was smiling down at me.

It was just like in the movies where the woman slowly crawls upon the bed in the long flowing nightgown except this was not the movies and she was not wearing a nightgown. She lay down beside me, propped up on her left elbow and rested her head on her hand. While looking at my body she gently touched my face with her fingers and started her way down delicately tracing my body. I remember looking at her face as she studied me, rubbing up and down my torso, straying once or twice to tease my groin area but never touching my cock. This was different. I was the one being explored. “You really do have a nice body”, she said.

I’ve never considered myself to be “good-looking” or “having a nice body”. I was your typical teenage kid, lucky enough to not have serious acne problems or issues with my weight. I did play basketball, so I was somewhat tall and slender. kaçak iddaa My contribution to the work force was mowing grass for summer employment. My uniform consisted of a tank top or tee if I wore a shirt at all, sneakers, and a pair of cut-offs. You could usually find me riding my bicycle with one hand, while pulling a mower behind me with a gas can tied to the frame of the mower. Even after I got my first car, I would ride my bike to save what money I could. So as of this story, I had a nice ‘cut-offs’ tan and was in decent shape.

She continued to study me while she lightly caressed me for a couple of minutes. Laying there flat on my back really did not afford me the luxury of touching her like I wanted. Margie had my right arm ‘pinned’ between her body and mine, so I could rub her, but it was with the side or back of my hand and I really could not reach the ‘good parts’. She leaned over me and kissed my lips; just a gentle peck and smiled. It was like she was studying my face for some kind of expression.

I now understand the art of studying your partner for signals and looking back on it, that is exactly what she was doing. I was too young to grasp what she had already learned, but even to this day, I am grateful she knew what she was doing and why she was ‘watching’ me so closely for signs.

The next time Margie leaned over for a kiss, she raised herself up, threw her right leg over my body and straddled me. She once again studied my face before she lay down on top of me and I was finally able to take her into my arms.

Reminiscing about that day, I honestly have no idea about her weight. She was not what I would call petite, but she was slender and I do not recall feeling her weight at all. However, as we kissed, I do remember the feel of her body as she stretched out on top of me. Her nipples felt like pebbles on my chest, her legs were satiny smooth as she rubbed her foot up and down my leg, and I remember the feeling of her bush on my skin. I also remember her forcing (well, maybe not forcing) her tongue into my mouth as we lay there.

I also remember trying to memorize and map every inch of her back and ass, hearing her moan when I would hit a spot she liked. She maneuvered us so that our crotches were together, effectively rubbing the underside of my cock with her pussy as she sat up. With both hands on my chest Margie toyed with the few hairs I had sprouted since puberty and I returned the favor by reaching for her breasts and rediscovering her nipples.

Let me refresh your memory about Margie’s tits. I never checked the label on her bra, but I would guess her to wear a 32B. Considering this was my first uninterrupted encounter with a older woman, they seemed huge. The areolas were about the size of half dollars and the actual nipple was almost the size of a 1st grade pencil eraser.

She brought her face to mine and we kissed again. She, once again, must have read my mind because the next time she leaned forward, she stretched herself up my body and brought her breasts within inches of my face. They seemed to be larger as they hung in my face with her above me.

I kaçak bahis took advantage of that position as I ‘went to town’ on those nipples while squeezing her tits, trying my best to suck the whole breast into my mouth. She broke my attack on her tits and slid down for another kiss. When our lips separated, she followed the path that I had used earlier and went across my cheek to my ear, then to my neck and finally lowered her mouth to my left nipple.

WHOA! I didn’t know my nipples were sensitive and capable of making me (if possible) hornier.

I remember craning my neck to look down at the top of Margie’s head as she did her magic on my chest. Her hair was obstructing most of my view, so I gathered it gently and tried to form some sort of ‘pony tail’. When I had her hair pulled back as best I could, she lifted her face to look at me and smiled. Then she said, “What?, baby.”

I did not have a clue as to what she meant by that and probably uttered something stupid like “Huh?”. Thank goodness this was Margie and it was like she was able to read my thoughts.

I honestly do not recall having a single intelligent thought running through my head at that moment, but once again, she came to my rescue and said, “Remember how I was moving your face around my boobs earlier on the couch? Take my hair and direct me where you want me”.

OMG! Now she was putting me in the driver’s seat and I had too many stories from Charles’ magazines running through my mind to know which direction I wanted her to go.

Knowing I must be gentle, I closed my eyes and started to tug down on hair towards my waist and stopped. I was afraid of being too forward and ruining the moment with my desire yet, hoping she would just take my direction and ‘run with it’.

When I stopped, Margie stopped. I opened my eyes and it actually looked like I was cupping the back of her head. She looked at me questioningly and said “Steve, I want you and I want you NOW, but what I want, more than that, is to make it special. I told you, your first time should be that way, so help me make it special for you”.

Margie paused for a moment searching my eyes for an answer when she spoke once again and said, “It’s okay. I want to and will do whatever you want to try”. I was still torn on the direction to choose when she unselfishly made the decision for me.

I started to let go of her hair and grab her by the sides of the face. I wanted to profess my love for her when she lowered her face, and just before she once again kissed my chest, uttered “Go ahead”.

I gently pushed on the top of her head guiding her down my body towards my cock as she

To be continued…?

I want to thank you for taking time to read my story. I do appreciate the comments and kind words from the previous 2 chapters. In case you did not see my ‘notes’ in the other stories; I do not consider myself a writer. I am just a guy that was lucky enough to have lived and grown up next-door to the woman who helped me through my ‘rite of passage’. I hope there is enough encouragement to continue this series and welcome all comments. I also welcome constructive criticism, but please, be kind as I did not have this edited, and I am sure it contains numerous errors. I really wanted to tell the story in my own words, and so once again, I submitted it without an editor. SWIMP

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