Gobsmacked Ch. 03

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After our bout of steamy sex, Molly got up and went back outside to the pool to rinse off. Janet said she was ready for a nice, relaxing, hot bath. This left me alone in the kitchen where I began to think ahead to Janet’s idea of a party. I began to think of what I had to look forward to, since yesterday, I only had fucked teenage Molly, whereas Janet had sperm deliveries from every guy on the street. I had some serious catching up to do in our new activity.

I don’t know what was happening in my brain, but the visions of fucking were making the dick hard again. Man did I feel like a teenager, these many wood episodes were making me feel young again.

I went into the master bath to find Janet up to her neck in bubbles, eyes closed, seemingly asleep. I gazed upon her. Man she was beautiful with her shoulder length auburn hair, tanned smooth skin. I could see the outline of her body thru the suds in the tub and the heaving of her chest brought her 36DD’s almost out of the water. I was a lucky man. She was my wife, best friend, lover and best of all now, a nymphomaniac.

I had taken most of the week off, so needless to say, sex between Janet and me was relentless. Before anal sex was rare, now mining the shaft was daily. Janet was constantly horny and I was more than eager to abuse those feelings. We were at it so much, even my normal copious amount of cum was wavering.

So after Thursday morning we both agreed to chill out till the weekend, no sense being wasted for our own party. We had planned the party for Saturday night and Janet got with Allie to invite all the regulars. Friday, Janet decided to fill me in on the folks, mainly so I could act like I knew more of them.

First there was Ned, the 50 year old contractor who I first saw with Molly that fateful Saturday night. Ned was a regular, his wife Martha was not. She sometimes came along but always remained dressed and did not participate. Then there was Tonya and Terrell, the black couple. He was an attorney and she managed a bank branch. They were full blown regulars and shared everything. Janet gave me an insight that Tonya was a cum freak and often asked and got bukkakes during some parties.

Tonya knew of my loads and was eagerly looking forward to our meeting, Janet said. Sometimes Terrell’s brother Leon would come and bring his wife Sasha. Sasha was a dead ringer for Halle Barry, according to Janet, which my friend downstairs approved of with a twitch or two.

Of course there was always Allie, Mark and Molly. I wanted to know more on the incest thing, but thought best to find out later. Then that human fuck machine, teenage Henry and surprisingly even his single mother Gwen would come along. She was fully aware of the activities done at these parties, but like Ned’s wife, Martha, she did not participate.

Then lovingly she brought up Les and Edna Deixler. They were the older couple from up the street. In their early 60’s, Les was a semi retired accountant, Edna was a retired school principal. They would enjoy being nude, masturbating and generally being voyeurs during the party. Janet relayed that Edna had enormous tits, she thought maybe 50H, that everyone wanted, but only she and Les played with. She further added that the aureoles were the size of my palm and the nipples were like my thumbs.

Thinking back, that Sunday morning trying to leave Allie and Mark’s house quickly, I did spot a huge titted woman asleep on the couch. Her tits began near her collarbone and extended to her navel. They did not appear to just sag, but rather the size and weight were too much for her ribcage muscles to handle.

Being a tit freak, I decided come hell or high water, I was at least going to try and get a hand, or two and lips on those teats. Janet concluded that sometimes others would show, but that these folks were more or less the regulars.

I asked Janet if some of the guys had tried for Edna, she knowing my fetish for extreme breasts, said hell yeah, the guys were always drooling like toddlers needing pacifiers, but Edna would not play. Janet could not say directly, but she felt that Edna had a problem that she was not comfortable with to share. But Janet agreed that she being naked and masturbating with Les during the parties was just a little odd.

So Friday afternoon and early evening Janet and I hit the liquor store and got ready made stuff from HEB’s deli. Janet knew everybody’s preferences so things went smoothly. Later that night, we had a slow and tender lovemaking session without thinking ahead, and fell asleep in each others arms, something we hadn’t done in years.

Come Saturday morning the energy and excitement were high in our house. My anticipation for all the fucking later had my heart pumping like mad. Janet had already experienced this, but with me now included, she was antsy also. To keep myself busy and mind off everything, I went into my office and answered e-mails and sent memos mainly to my partner. I kept myself busy for most of the rest of the day.

After casino şirketleri having a light snack, Janet and I proceeded to get ourselves cleaned up for the night. Janet just slipped a simple sundress over her naked self. I asked since I saw her in garters last week, could she put those on as well, so she did. I dressed in a tee and went commando in cargo shorts. Janet urged me to pace myself and I was sure to enjoy myself longer. I assured her that not only the fucking, but the looking was enough to keep my motor working well into the night.

When she asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to see or do, I told her the airtight thing would be nice. She grinned and agreed and hoped she could arrange it. Janet did say that the net result of this would be I would find all these people to be nice and pleasant to be around and friendships would move forward. I was open to that.

A little after 6 30 the first guests arrived, Allie and Molly. Mark was still at the house tending to some business. Molly walked in first wearing pink halter top and small white shorts. The little blonde pixie greeted me by a deep French kiss, pulling my head down to hers and then letting her hands fall and cupping my ass. After breaking the kiss, she whispered in my ear, “We’re both commando, how hot.” Next up was Allie. My last sight was her in an apron, naked and being plucked on the ass by a stranger. Allie was an older version on Molly, same hair, builds (with bigger tits) but that same iron hard round ass.

Like daughter, Allie did the same French kiss and ass grab, which I of course did back at her. I was looking forward to plowing Allie’s private pasture. Shortly thereafter, the next guests arrived, it was Les and Edna. Les greeted me warmly with a firm handshake, Edna and I shared kisses on the cheek. Making small talk, I told Edna I understood her to have been a school principal, which she confirmed she was. I told her I had a yardstick ready for use. She looked at me puzzled. I then told her those tits of hers would drive me insane tonight, and for her protection she should avail herself of the yardstick and beat me with it in case I could not keep my tongue in my head. Both Edna and Les had a hearty laugh over my comments, but in truth, I wanted her tits more than anything.

Being 60 Edna was in great shape with red hair and a pretty toned body. The body fat was in the right places and she looked hot in her yellow sundress, less bra. Next up was Henry and his mom, Gwen. Henry gave me his hand loosely; I think he was a little pensive meeting me after pummeling my wife. Gwen however was very warm and outgoing, and I might add, quite attractive. She wore glasses that fit her face well, she appeared to be about 40 or so with long straight black hair down her back, nice tits (about a 36C I guessed) very curvy with nice hips. She worked as a secretary for the IRS, and had a professional appearance. I remembered Janet’s note that she did not play.

I started serving drinks and snacks so from then on guests started coming in without me personally greeting. After making the rounds I ran into Terrell and Tonya along with their in laws, Leon and Sasha. Janet was right, Halle Berry had nothing on Sasha, and they could have been twins in every department. My balls did a little pectoral like lift after meeting her. Tonya came right out and asked if I shot a quart of cum. Taken aback a little, I responded by saying,” I don’t really know, but it is a lot.”

Tonya answered back,” I intend to find out.”

Looking ay her booty, breasts and thick lips, I swelled some more. Oh boy, I really knew now that this would be some night.

More people were arriving; I spotted Mark across the room and gave him a wave. I had a tap on my shoulder, turned and said hello to Ned. Behind Ned stood a tall woman, kind of mousy yellow hair pulled back, but still attractive. She wore loose heavy clothes that hid her body well, but the swell on her chest, told me that she had large tits. Ned introduced her as Martha, his wife. I remembered to that she did not play.

Folks were now throughout the house in conversation, snacking and drinking. Some people were milling outside by the pool. Edna asked about Janet, looking around I could not see her. I started down the hall to see if I could find her and ran into Gwen, Henry’s mom. She was looking at some of our paintings on the hall wall, so I stopped to chat as she asked me about one in particular.

From the side she was very alluring with deep dark eyes and a sensual angle to her face. I was genuinely disappointed that she did not play. I did want to know something though. “Gwen, I apologize for asking, but I’m just so curious. You know what goes on at these parties and yet you allow Henry to participate. I have to say you are quite a mom, and I mean that in a good way.”

“Well Jack, Gwen answered, I feel that Henry would probably do this anyway, with a crowd and people far less nice, and get in trouble. He is high strung sometimes and this appears casino firmaları to be the best I can do.”

I softly placed my arm around her shoulder and said, “Yes you are definitely a great mom and pretty woman.”

Gwen responded with a warm closed smile and her hand pressed to my chest, “Thanks, Jack, your sweet.” We then went our separate ways, Gwen back to the den area and me back towards the bedrooms looking for Janet.

One guest room door was ajar, and a thumping noise came from inside. There was Janet, hands placed high on the wall, bent at the waist, sundress up to waist with good old Terrell, driving his big snake into her pussy. Unlike last week, I stayed and watched and blurted out that Edna was looking to ask her something. Terrell turned his head upon hearing me and said, “Sorry Jack, Janet is just so hot, I can’t control myself.” I told him I understood and left them as I found them, cock in pussy.

Returning to the den, many people had left for other areas, plus a lot were outside. Gwen and Martha were talking in the kitchen, fully clothed, like your average moms. On the couch in the living room were Les, now undressed and slowly beating his meat. Next to him was Edna, sundress down and those glorious mountains out in the public view. I don’t believe my cock went any harder any faster. I just knew my slippers were getting wet from the drool running from my mouth.

I went behind the curio cabinet and pulled out the yardstick and walked over to Edna. I handed it to her and turned around and bent at the waist. Edna and Les started to laugh; this made it worse for me in that Edna’s massive mammories were now falling all over the place due to her laughter. This was making my dick hurt being so hard. Edna took my hand and pulled me down on the sofa next to her. She was still laughing loudly. I told her I was really sorry, but I had an aunt years ago that would pull me to her huge bosom and I would just melt. I just had a fetish about huge tits.

Edna slowly stopped laughing and said, “You are so cute Jack, maybe I could give you a little feel. You would have thought I won the lotto; I should have come in my pants just then. Edna said, go ahead Jack, feel.” I took my left hand and deposited it on her right tit. It was magic. The softness, size was incredible. I softly felt around and then went underneath and lifted. The weight was immense and as I let her tit drop I had my thumb rub against that extended nipple. It was rough and hard to the touch, but exquisite. I looked at Edna but she had her head back against the sofa. As gently as I could I leaned forward with my head and kissed her breast as softly as I could. I then just as gently started to lick up and down. Edna made a slight purring sound but otherwise did nothing to stop me.

Embolden, I then lifted her tit toward my mouth and in an instant engulfed her nipple into my sucking mouth. I was in heaven. Edna now noticing what I had done pulled my head closer to her tit and held me fast. Very faintly I could hear an o yes, o yes from inside her throat. I glanced toward Les and he had stopped moving his hand on his dick and was watching Edna. Looking past Les, I spotted Martha and Gwen staring at me and what I was doing, no one was talking.

Feeling more in control I now switched sucking on one tit then the other. I could sense a higher arousal underway with Edna. I thought of pushing the envelope and pulled away, taking Edna’s hand with me as I stood up. When we were both up, I pushed her down by the shoulders onto her knees and hands. In this position her nipples almost made contact with the floor as her tits hung down. I then slid under her and placed my face between her tits with her head and face above my chest. I then began to gorge myself on those fabulous bazookas of flesh.

The wobble of tit flesh was smacking my face as I greedily sucked and licked. I spotted Edna begin to slide one of her hands to my upright cock. To do so she had to scoot forward. My face was now more in line with the upper part of her stomach and her tits nearer my chest. I could faintly hear what I thought was a dripping noise past my head.

As I strained to see, moving my head at an angle, I got a better view between Edna’s legs. There was sheen of wetness along her thighs and drops were coming from her pussy, hitting the corner of the area rug. I now knew why Edna did not play; she was a closet squirter, probably embarrassed by it. But for me, other than tits, my fantasy was a squirter, the wet wild woman. Before Edna could even think of stopping me, I scooted on my ass and shimmied forward so my face was directly below Edna’s hairy red cunt.

Grabbing the backs of her thighs, I brought her pussy crashing down on my face and was immediately soaked. Edna now tried to get away, but I held firm and the liquid flow was intense, I was saturated. Edna stopped her antics about getting up, and my next sensation was her engulfing my cock. I swear if there had been paint on my cock it would have been off, because güvenilir casino Edna could suck cock. My face felt like it was wadding in a kiddies pool and I was literally lapping it up.

I also had the immense urge to fuck that fluid filled hole, so I lifted Edna’s leg and scooted myself out from under her. She was whiney a little bit, I think from loosing my cock. Positioning myself behind her now, I roughly shoved by dick in her pussy. As I began to fuck, the squelching and smacking noises of our wet groins was drowning out almost every sound except Edna’s wailing. I was a sight; it appeared I came out of the pool and just started fucking this woman. There was a puddle below us both. The excitement was too much and I started to fire my load deep into Edna. I cannot describe the sensation, but take fairly hot water, stick your dick in and cum. I was grunting and making animal sounds that had our now audience watched, glued to us.

After emptying what felt like a gallon, I stepped away from Edna, only to be replaced by Ned, who drove his dick into Edna. Underneath her, Henry and Mark had taken up position and were gorging on her tits. She was sucking down the prick of Terrell. Edna, whatever had held her back was now broken and I felt some pride in making her into another one of our groups cum-sluts.

I felt beat and left the action, going down the hall to the master bath to shower. Again passing a guest bedroom, door open, Leon was fucking the shit out of Janet, missionary. It was becoming obvious that Janet loved the dark meat and they loved her back.

Finally in the shower, I let the cool water rinse off my coated body. I had my eyes closed, but I did hear the shower door open behind me and shortly thereafter, arms encircled my chest and long fingernails raked on my pecs. Large tits pushed into my back and a knee went to my ass crack. Reaching behind me, I felt a hard ass and realized without looking that this had to be Tonya’s booty. Sure enough in turning around my lips were engulfed by hers and we started the tongue dance. My dick got hard again as Tonya using those fingernails was working on my nut sack.

I played with Tonya’s tits, they were quite firm with a recessed nipple that I tried to pluck out with my fingers. We were soon into a long and leisurely fuck, her back to the shower wall and me driving my renewed cock into her velvet smooth pussy. It was becoming very apparent to me that all the ladies so far had gorgeous pussies and they loved to be fucked. I could really get into this lifestyle.

I turned Tonya around and now entered her from the rear where I could see her booty in all its glory as well as softly spank it. Her ass had a beautiful shake to it when smacked. Tonya was vocal to with lots of fuck me and that cock is hot. She also insisted that when it was time to come in her mouth. I remember Janet telling me Tonya’s cum bucket preferences. When it was time to spew, Tonya quickly got down and began vacuuming my cock, when it shot she devoured all with relish.

We continued to finish rinsing off and Tonya left the shower, grabbed a towel and dried herself off while leaving the bathroom and bedroom. I decided to dry off and get a bite to eat since I really hadn’t done so since the party began.

Remaining naked with my now limp dick, I passed the bedroom again where I had seen Leon fuck the shit out of Janet. Again I could hear fucking going on. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Janet now riding young Henry while he was seriously rubbing her tits. What did surprise me was seeing Henry’s mom Gwen sitting in the corner watching the action. I made a mental note to do more digging into Gwen’s history. Since I broke Edna in, Gwen and Martha were good targets. Strolling back into the living room I was gobsmacked by the sight awaiting me. Towels were everywhere; Edna was still being mauled on the floor and was she a sight. The expression that came to mind was fucked senseless and put up wet. Edna had marks all over those massive tits from fingers, mouths and appears now, cocks. After absorbing the view I continued on to the kitchen to get a small sandwich and drink. In the kitchen sat Martha, looking downward and reserved. I began to think she may be a submissive type.

Looking out the window, sipping some wine, was cute neighbor Allie, naked. Her uplifted ass was more so as she tried to look more out the window and stood on her toes. I said, “What’s up” as I stood behind her closely; she startled a bit and came down from her toes which caused her ass to hit my cock. That was enough to rise to the occasion and without ceremony my prick went sliding into her pussy. Allie moaned her approval and so began my fuck with an older version of Molly.

But this was no Molly. Immediately inside her pussy was a difference. Her pelvic muscles were finely tuned machines and soon I just had my inserted cock getting a wonderful treatment. I didn’t do the old in an out anymore but just let my cock be fucked by Allie’s internal actions. To best describe it take a foot massager but encompass your dick. I began playing with her C tits and felt cum rise again. By my whimpering, Allie knew I was coming and the clenching of her twat intensified. I was soon shooting cum deep into her vagina and feeling good.

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