Goddess Mina: Banished

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I miss her terribly. I have dreams of her so vivid I wake up with an erection of steel and the taste of her feet on my lips. It is awful, devastating, I have been cast out, let go…banished. I no longer am able to have an audience with my goddess Mina. I think about her night and day and because of a drunken email tirade I no longer have the relationship that meant the most to me. I am lost without her but know that in my heart it is because of me and only me. I have lost the most important relationship I have ever known. I am rudderless and lost. I have reached out and apologized but I have insulted my goddess and there is no coming back. I dream about her quite frequently. I will share a recent episode. I woke up so hard I thought it would rip out of my skin. I love her and miss her and I am going through a withdrawal that is utterly profound. I am heartsick.

Let me set the picture. I am in her lair, my forehead lying against the instep of her bare feet. It is a nice day and there is classical music on the speakers and the sun is pouring in through the windows. My goddess is dressed in a beautiful outfit a sexy blouse and short skirt. I can feel my breath getting ragged and short because I will soon be in the place that is my favorite in this universe under her wonderful and meaty soles. My goddess stands and walks around me. She uses her strong and muscular legs to position me on to my back. She has yet to say a word. I am breathless and anxious it’s only a matter of moments and I will be in nirvana, my home…under her feet her glorious feet.

My goddess steps over me as I lay on my back she sits and takes a deep breath. I see her toes come into my vision and they are spread for an attack. All at once the light in the room is blocked out. Her feet take their natural place over my lips and eyes. I sigh deeply and have never casino siteleri known this satisfaction ever in my life. I am satisfied and at home my goddess begins to slide her feet around my face with expert precision. She is a true master and I am putty under her. She dances around my face as I breathe in short breaths. I am so excited I feel my cock about to burst through my pants. My goddess gets my nose to run long the underside of her toes and she tells me to sniff. I breathe in her odor and I am pushed to the brink. I can feel my cock drooling uncontrollably and I fear I may not be able to contain myself. She has me sniff the underside of both feet and captures my nose between her big toe and second toe. I have never wanted time to stand still before; I was praying it would now. I wanted to spend eternity right there. My goddess rubbed her feet on my face in a circular motion and did so with some force. She didn’t care if it hurt me or if I liked it. It made her feel good. That is why I was there.

My goddess asked me to sit up. She said “if you’re going to use your mouth to insult me, you are going to use it to please me do you understand?” I said anything you wish goddess. She had me open my mouth. She inserted the heel of her right foot forcefully. She told me to open my mouth wider or she would break my jaw and push it in. I opened as wide as I could and she told me to lick. I did so with love and with my eyes watering and struggling with intense jaw pain I bathed her beautiful rounded heels. I made sure to gently scrape her heels with my teeth to give her joy. When my jaw was about to give out she removed her heel and when I was relieved and joyful that I was out of pain she inserted her other heel for the same lengthy treatment. I struggled but gave her heels a proper loving with my tongue. My goddess put her right foot slot oyna to my mouth and told me to open. She inserted her big toe and told me to suck. I did so with my cheeks withdrawing giving her adequate suction and pull. She moved her toe in and out of my willing mouth like a cock. I gave her toe head that would have made a pro blush. I did so with love and without the slightest bit of shame. I sucked all ten of her cocks lovingly and with care. I licked the balls of her feet like a pair of balls and lovingly washed them from heel to toes and back with my mouth. The taste and aroma was exquisite and I was in love with her. I was foot drunk, a full on foot addict for her feet. I was in an absolute trance.

Goddess stood up and faced away from me. She raised her skirt to reveal one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen. Classically beautiful, alabaster and perfect in shape and skin. Her bottom is flawless in every way a true ass man’s delight. She rubbed her ass on my face and moved it around my face to have my nose find its home in her crack. I was in heaven she told me to breathe her in. I did so fully. I was told to move my lips around her bottom softly; I traced every inch of her ass and would have done anything in the world for her. She told me to kiss it I did so she told me to use my tongue and I did so bathing every inch of her ass. I was told to lean in and lick her well. I did so without hesitation.

Goddess sat down and put her feet on my thighs. She told me to remove my pants she wanted me to perform for her. I did so quickly. For the record I have never been nude in front of her and I was embarrassed. My dick was like steel and I was drooling precum like a teenager. I was told to lie on my back and she put her feet around the base of my cock. She didn’t touch it but they were there to push me over the edge. Her steely canlı casino siteleri gaze met mine and she told me to pull my cock. She wanted to watch me cum. She wanted a tribute and my cum would be the payment. I began to pull my cock as tears filled my eyes. I was so happy to be there under her feet as I worked to cum for her. Her eyes were locked on mine. I was so close to losing it and she knew it. She moved one foot to my balls and the other to my face. With her toes spread over my nose she uttered the command I was waiting for…CUM! I came so hard I almost passed out. Ropes of cum came out of my cock like a roar. I have never had an orgasm like that my dick kept spitting. As the twitching died out my goddess nodded her approval for both the volume and intensity of my load.

As I laid there catching my breath I knew what was next. She moved her toes and feet around my deposit and she laughed like a kid jumping in a mud puddle. She covered both feet completely and told me to get ready. I had made this terrible filthy mess I was now going to clean it up. She brought the first foot to my face and the smell of my load with the mix of bleach musk and sweat made me recoil. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick with determination I wanted her to be proud of me. I worked at it as she moved her feet around to accommodate my effort. I continued till my job was complete. Her feet were a shimmery sight and clear of my mess. She then placed them on my face for me to understand my place. My senses were never more alive and I was never so happy…until I woke up. I was horrified by the realization it was a dream and that I was not in her presence as a matter of fact I was still banned. I looked down and saw that my cock was a rock and drooling precum I started to pull it with tears welling in my eyes. I came as I began to weep. I was never so far away from her. I was so lonely and missed her so much.

I am truly regretful and filled with pain. If you find a goddess like this in life don’t ever let her get away.

I will love her forever! My Goddess Mina!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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