Good Afternoon Ch. 14

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Justin woke up with the bright morning sun shining through the sheer bone colored curtains covering the bedroom windows. He had this uneasy feeling as though something wasn’t right. He sat up at the edge of the bed with his feet touching the floor. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stretched a bit before standing up. His dick was standing up too as he had to take a piss, so he headed for the bathroom. When he entered the bathroom, he noticed that his clothes had been neatly folded and placed on a shelf where extra clean towels could be placed. He also noticed that the towels and wash cloths they used the night before had been replaced with fresh ones. He stood in front of the toilet waiting for his hard-on to subside. When it had, he relieved himself then looked for a handle to flush the toilet but couldn’t find one. As he stepped away from the toilet, it automatically flushed and the toilet lid slowly lowered to the closed position. Next to the toilet was the vanity where a large well lit mirror topped the counter which held two sinks, each with gold colored fixtures in an elegant design.

There was a liquid soap dispenser mounted next to the faucet knob. He turned the water on, adjusted the temperature then splashed his face washing the sleep out of his eyes. After drying his face he noticed a brush and comb compartment where he found a clear plastic wrapped comb and brush set. He tore open the plastic to remove the brush, then used it to brush his hair into place, admiring himself in the mirror as he stood naked before it. In another compartment were travel size samples of deodorant, after shave and cologne next to a cordless electric razor. He sniffed his left arm pit then decided to use the deodorant. He took his clothing off the shelf, got dressed, then returned to the bedroom to find Clark still in the bed with the pillow partially covering his head.

He touched Clark’s shoulder gently, “Hey, Buddy, are you going to sleep the day away?” He shook him a little harder, “Come on! Get up will ya?”

With that, Clark threw back the pillow and rolled over towards Justin, “What time is it?” He didn’t really expect an answer.

“I don’t know, but the sun is shining through the windows so my guess is, it is late morning.”

Clark pressed a button on the night stand and an electronic voice said, “The time is nine thirty seven a. m.”

“Its nine thirty seven a. m., get your skinny butt out of that bed. I’m hungry.”

Justin pulled down the covers which hid Clark’s body, revealing Clark’s naked body in all its hard-on splendor. With that, Clark stretched a bit, stroked his hard dick a couple of times, then slid out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Use that phone there on the night stand. You can order breakfast.” Clark’s voice was muffled by the closing bathroom door. “Order anything you want. The servants will bring it to you in the game room, if that’s okay with you.”

Justin picked up the phone and held it to his ear. After a short time, a female voice spoke to him, “Good morning, how may I help you?”

“Clark said I could order breakfast.”

“Very well, what can I get for you?”

Justin thought about it for a little while then said, “How about a couple of eggs over easy, 2 strips of crispy bacon, crispy hash browns and a couple of slices of whole wheat toast with strawberry jam. I’d also like a coffee with milk and sugar.” He paused, “Oh, and I’d like a glass of orange juice too please.”

“Sure thing. Would you like anything else?”

“No, that’s all for me.”

“Would Master Clark wish to order something at this time?”

“Let me see, hold on.” Justin put his hand over the phone and called out to Clark who now was running water in the bathroom, “Clark, they want to know if you want anything for breakfast.”

“Tell them I want the usual.” casino şirketleri He paused, “Tell them to bring it to the guest house game room will you please?”

“Sure.” Clark returned the phone to his ear, “Hello, Clark said he will have his usual.”

“Very well. Will there be anything else?”

“Yeah, bring the food to the game room in the guest house please.”

“As you wish.” There was a short pause, “Your breakfasts will be delivered to the guest house game room in about 15 minutes.”


“You are most welcome Sir.”

Justin returned the phone to the cradle. He called out to Clark, “They are going to bring the food to the game room in about 15 minutes.” Justin mused to himself thinking he could get use to this arrangement fairly easily.

Justin pulled his cell phone from his pocket, then pressed the numbers to call his Mom. The phone rang 3 times with no answer, then transferred to an automated answering service which instructed him to leave a message after the tone. “Hey Mom, its me, Justin. Sorry I wasn’t there this morning. A friend called around midnight and invited me to spend the night over here. We’re going to have breakfast, then I should be home around eleven or so. See ya in a bit. ” He made a kissing sound, “Love ya Mom, Bye.”

Clark came back into the bed room just as Justin was putting his phone back into his pocket. He was still naked, but without a hard-on. He was very casual about being naked as though it was normal for him to be naked in front of others. Justin enjoyed the view as Clark approached with his dick swinging from side to side as he walked towards him. His lean well shaped body was a pleasure to behold and he was sure others would love looking at it just as much as he did. The only difference for them, was they didn’t get to touch it like he had.

“I gotta go to my room and get some clothes, want to come along?” he leaned closer to Justin’s face so they where looking at each other eye to eye, with his hands on Justin’s shoulders and smiled. He continued, “My room is upstairs in the main house.”

If its all the same to you, I’d rather stay here and check out that big screen TV you’ve got. Justin grinned, “Do you have cable TV or satellite TV?”

Clark stood up straight again, “We have a couple of satellite dishes pointing at the different TV channel transmitters so you can watch pretty much whatever you want.” He stroked his fingers through Justin’s neatly brushed hair, “Most of it isn’t in high definition though.” Clark then moved his arm around Justin’s shoulder and he move to Justin’s side and began to lead the way back to the game room.

Once they were in the game room, Clark found the remote control and picked it up. “Here, let me show you how to use this remote.” They both sat on the soft leather clad chairs facing the TV. Clark pressed a button on the remote which caused the curtains to be drawn closed so the room was a little darker for viewing the TV, then he pressed another button on the remote which turned on the TV. With Justin scooted as close to Clark’s side as he could get, Clark showed Justin the various controls on the controller and how to select between the 2 satellite dishes. Justin was paying attention but also distracted by the view of Clark’s dick which seemed to begin to get hard then soften again as Clark talked. When he had finished his tutorial, he handed the remote to Justin so he could explore the possibilities, then got up and headed off to his room.

“I wonder what’s on at this time of day?” he said to himself as he began to cycle through the channels available on dish one. There were several channels in various foreign languages with news programs, game shows, soap operas and dubbed movies. He also came across some channels that had sports events being broadcast. He stopped surfing the channels to casino firmaları watch part of a soccer game for awhile, but couldn’t understand the language of the announcers, so he resumed his channel surfing. The next channel was a sexually explicit programming channel where, a not so attractive older woman was being fucked by a grey haired, over weight man. The picture quality, lighting and audio were really bad so he flipped past that channel.

After flipping through a few more channels, he came to a sexually explicit gay programming channel. There was an orgy of young, well built, well endowed men in a sauna who were all engaging in various sexual activities. While one guy was having his dick sucked, the same guy was stroking another guys dick while at the same time sucking another guys dick. The second guy who was having his dick sucked was also being kissed and having his balls fondled by another guy who was being fucked in the ass. The camera moved around lingering for awhile at various views of the activities. It looked like everyone was really enjoying the sexual interactions. Justin was getting a hard-on watching it. He rubbed his dick outside of his pants and sort of shifted it so it stood straight up pinned against his body by the underwear and pants. As he continued to watch his first ever porno movie, it became apparent that these guys enjoyed what they were doing, but probably didn’t love the guys they were doing it with. Also, none of them were wearing rubbers, so this movie must have been made before AIDS appeared on the scene. The sound track was an upbeat melody with a lot of groaning and sexual activities sounds that didn’t necessarily sync with the activities within the camera’s view.

Justin heard foot steps approaching so he quickly changed channels which turned out to be a local regional news program. He turned away from the TV to see a man dressed very nicely in a black suit, white shirt and bow tie pushing a silver cart into the room. He moved the cart next to a small table. He pulled out a starched white table cloth and carefully placed it on the small round table. Then he put a vase of fresh cut flowers in the middle of the table followed by silverware and cloth napkins neatly arranged across from each other on the table. Once the place settings were ready, he stood next to the cart as though waiting for someone.

A moment later, Clark came rushing into the room where upon arriving he said, “Thank you Charles.” He paused for a moment as he approached one of the chairs at the table, he looked over at Justin and beckoned for him to join him at the table, then said, “I believe we are ready to be served.”

Justin put down the remote control leaving the TV on that news channel. He turned the volume down very low so that it was barely noticeable. As Justin sat at the table and placed the cloth napkin on his lap, Charles lifted a silver domed lid revealing a steaming hot breakfast plate artfully arranged with garnishes on the plate. Charles placed a goblet of orange juice opposite the coffee cup which he then filled with steaming hot coffee. After returning the silver coffee pot to the cart, he picked up a matching silver milk container and offered to pour some into Justin’s coffee, but Justin said, “Thanks, I can take it from here.”

“As you wish.” With that Charles placed the milk container on the table followed by the matching silver sugar container, bowed slightly and said, “If I may be of further service to you Sir, please feel free to ask.” He smiled politely at Justin. Justin waited to start eating until Charles had performed a similar process with Clark’s food and drinks.

Once they were both served, Clark said, “Thank you Charles, that will be all for now.”

Charles nodded to Clark then turned around and quietly left. They both began to eat. Justin’s back was to the TV, but güvenilir casino Clark was faced towards it so he was watching it and commenting on the picture quality and variety of channels available. Justin mentioned the gay channel he’d found which sparked a conversation about the program content and the possibility that what they were scheduled to do later might appear on such a channel.

Justin laughed out loud thinking about when he’d talk to his Mom about getting a satellite TV, and reconsidered,”I told my Mom I wanted to get a satellite TV so we could get more channels.” He chuckled again, “Considering she might see me doing something like that on one of those channels, I don’t think I want to get one after all.” He laughed again.

“You can always come over here and watch as much porn as you want.” Clark winked at Justin, “But I’d rather we do it than watch it.” He grinned.

“How about watching it and doing it?”

“Hum, now that’s a possibility.” Clark laughed and Justin nodded and laughed too.

When they were nearly done eating, a news recap with photos and various news story film clips was being aired. One of the clips was of what looked like a bombed out apartment community with broken windows and debris everywhere around a huge blackened hole.

“Oh my God! It looks like those people over there will never stop killing each other.” Clark sadly shook his head in disbelief and pointed at the TV screen. Justin turned around to see the footage of what looked like a bombed out apartment complex area.

“Wow, that’s odd.” He paused as he continued to watch, “That looks a lot like my neighborhood. I wonder where that is?” He scooted his chair away from the table and turned it so it was more facing the TV.

Clark got up, went over to the remote and turned up the volume so they could clearly hear what the announcer was saying.

The announcers narrative continued over the film footage, “. . . The plane apparently nearly fell out of the sky as the impact crater took out several apartment complexes rather than blocks of them. As far as we can tell, several of the apartment buildings on the block of East Street at Second Street were totally destroyed upon impact. Other apartment buildings as well as businesses in the surrounding area have also sustained damage from the explosion, fire and flying debris. We don’t have a fatality count yet, but we expect the number to be between 200 to 300 people.”

Justin sat stunned in disbelief, “That IS my neighborhood!”

There was a short pause, then the camera showed the remote reporter who concluded, “I’m Brenda Chase and this has been a special report for Channel 13, eye on the news.”

Justin’s heart stopped for a moment in shock and disbelief at what he’d just seen and heard. Thoughts and emotions raced through his mind and body giving him a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. At that very moment, he realized what his dream the night before had been all about, he knew is Mom was gone, his home was gone, everything he ever cherished and had was gone, buried in the blackened debris and ashes. The realization of this loss was unbearable, so much so that he stooped over in his chair grasping his stomach and began to cry uncontrollably. Emotionally agony gripped him and drug him deeper and deeper into the depths of despair and darkness. He had flashes of his mother’s smiling face with her soft blonde hair dangling over her eyes and her brushing it aside. He had visions of his room and his brother which all faded into the deep dark blackness which enfolded him. Thoughts of happy times flashed by only to be quickly shattered by the grief he now felt, being replaced by the empty darkness.

At some point, he began to sit up straight again and realized he was being held and comforted in Clark’s arms. He realized Clark was also crying helplessly sharing in his pain of loss.

A young boys voice cried out from Justin’s lips, “I want my Mommy!” as he continued to cry and realized he’d never see his Mom again, he’d never feel her loving embrace again.

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