Good Morning, Pet

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I roll over lazily, aroused by my dreams after collapsing into bed completely horny but equally tired the night before. I set my eyes on you, still sleeping but just beginning to stir. My heart starts to beat a little faster at the thought of feeling your bare skin, smooth and tan. As I caress your beautifully defined shoulders they boast of the diligence you give your morning swims.

I love feeling you and let my hands begin to roam more freely, now sliding down your back, over your hips as I curl up tightly behind you. I kiss the back of your neck softly, slowly, allowing my lips to linger. You feel the firmness of my large breasts, nipples already hard, pressing into you from behind at the same moment you feel my hand on your hip… so close to your cock, but not touching it. You are awake now, and your cock has been sprung to attention by the cool sensation of my breath over the trail of kisses down your back. It’s as if every nerve ending has come to life as I work my way slowly downward then back up and you feel the electricity pulse down your spine.

You rollover to greet me and we kiss slowly, deliberately, feeling each other’s lips. Our mouths explore one another, at first gently, then intently, then with the urgency to have the other, to claim that mouth, that body… We are both completely aroused, your hands are searching my body, eager to feel me. You move bahis firmaları down to my breasts, large and round and so eager for your touch. You begin to kiss and gently bite my nipples, and my lazy demeanor is long gone as my need to have you inside me overtakes my thoughts. I grab the back of your head, holding your mouth to my hard nipples, sighs turning into moans. I arch my back up to feel more of your mouth, your body, my thighs squeezing together feeling the wetness that is already there between my legs, the longing for more, for you.

I climb on top of you, feeling how much you want me as your cock rubs my clit perfectly, eliciting a long low moan from me. You tease me like that, your teeth biting at my nipples, your cock playing with my pussy knowing that eventually I will beg you for more… You are right, you know me well. I enjoy the delicious sensations of you until I can not hold back any longer and I tell you, whispering and pleading at once, “I need you, I need to feel your cock inside me… please, fuck me now…” You say nothing. You simply grab my hips and pull down hard, ramming your cock inside me so deeply, so suddenly you can actually hear the breath forced out of me. We moan together in the sheer ecstasy of that moment when you enter me, that connection, that feeling of our bodies joining together, fitting so fully, so perfectly. The sensation overwhelms kaçak iddaa me, I am yours to do what you will, and you know it — you know my body is yours.

You look up at my face and recognize the expression; you know that I have surrendered to you, that my body is for your pleasure. Your eyes scan lower to my breasts, the perfectly round firm globes of flesh that make you hard at the mere thought of them… My nipples are hard and brown, pointing right at you, begging for your mouth. You reach up and suck at one, biting hard knowing how the forcefulness of your mouth turns me on, that I feel those sensations everywhere. I am frantic, telling you “yes, like that, you feel so good… You’re going to make me cum!” And you know exactly what will put me over the edge….

Mouth clamped on my nipple, cock buried deep in my pussy, you reach around behind me and grab me by the ass. I moan loudly, hissing “yeesssss!” in your ear as you tease my asshole with your finger. You drive deeper and deeper into the tight dark wetness, pushing me closer and closer to the brink of losing control. My juices run down your cock and thighs, you’ve worked me to a frenzy and you love knowing that no matter how much you want me, you are still in control. And in that moment, it is that very thought that compels you to slide your cock out of my pussy and bury it in the depths of my tight, hot asshole. kaçak bahis You are completely in control, a deep growl escapes your lips as you feel the power of your conquest, as you hear me screaming out “Yes, fuck my asshole, take my asshole!! Yes, YES!!!” I scream as I cum, soaking your cock, your thighs, your hands where you are grabbing my ass. Watching me let go, seeing and feeling the heights to which you take me pushes you over the brink. You grab my hips again hard, and drive your cock deeper into me than ever, holding my ass, pounding it with each thrust, watching your cock disappear into that impossibly tiny opening. Your feel your balls tightening, your body tense everywhere, your toes feel that little tiny spasm and then there is no holding back, from the deepest center of your body comes an explosion that can not be stopped. I arch my back and lean my body into you, my breasts right there for your taking, your mouth punishing my erect nipples as you bite at them. You let loose a loud, primal roar as you shoot your cum in spasm after body shaking spasm, filling me completely. I shout out, delirious with ecstasy, my tight asshole convulsing around you, drinking you up, your entire body shaking with the intensity of your orgasm. We moan incoherently together, panting like wild animals, collapsed into one another, still joined, still one together. We lay still like that, lost to time, recovering the energy just to move.

My head on your chest, my hair soaked with sweat, I look up at you still breathing heavily, kiss you sweetly on the cheek and whisper in your ear, “Good morning, pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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