Graduate School Ch. 02

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Note – Chapter 1 of this story was mistakenly (by author) posted in the Loving Wives category.


Mike still had to work like a dog for the next six weeks, but he did change things. No longer did he spend the night at the lab on the other campus. He concentrated on making the wisest use of his time in the lab and found that with careful planning and preparation he could keep up with the demands of his research and still have time left for Dana.

Their sex life had been reignited by the night with Leslie and they eagerly resumed their previous ways with sex. The great, unexpected, benefit for Mike was that he found himself much calmer and relaxed and that meant he was able to think more clearly and rationally about his work. He and Dana often joked that it was a great discovery that fucking could help his research.

In addition to fucking Mike, Dana also continued her relationship with Leslie. They fucked far less frequently than before, but at least once every couple of weeks Dana and Leslie had a girl’s night. When she returned home Dana always told Mike how these nights ended. Every one ended up with Dana and Leslie fucking and exploring each other until all hours of the night, and sometimes they would get so engrossed in fucking they wouldn’t sleep at all. These wild stories always led to hungry fucks between Mike and Dana.

Mike still fantasized about fucking Leslie and about all three of them fucking together, but now he was fucking Dana regularly again so the fantasies weren’t nearly as all consuming as they had been just a few weeks earlier.

When the term finally ended Mike had successfully wrapped up all the research objectives his advisor had set for him and he was feeling great. He and Dana celebrated wildly one night, got very drunk, and fucked each other madly all night long. It was like a huge weight had been lifted as they knew the worst part of his school was over and things would be settling down even more.

For some reason, during that night of frantic fucking Dana was very vocal and asked Mike about his desires for Leslie. As they fucked Dana quizzed Mike on if he still wanted to fuck Leslie and asked him how much he wanted to watch her fuck Leslie again. By the time that night was over Mike felt as used up and exhausted as he had felt during their honeymoon when they had fucked multiple times per day for nearly two weeks straight.

A few nights later Mike and Dana were getting ready for a night out on the town. It had been a long time since they had gone out dancing and drinking like this and they both were very excited about the evening. It was just a few nights before Christmas and most of the college town had emptied out as the kids had all gone home.

They got to the club and had only been there a few minutes when Dana excitedly giggled and ran over to greet Leslie, who had just walked in with Ken following behind her. Dana invited them over and mentioned to Mike that this was a great “surprise”. Mike knew better, however, as he suspected right away this was far from a surprise. Even as he talked with Ken and watched Leslie and Dana talking out of the corner of his eye he suspected they had organized the whole thing. His cock twitched and his stomach knotted as he wondered what else they had planned to “surprise” him with later.

Leslie and Ken were the first to move out to the dance floor. Dana and Mike finished their drinks and as they watched their friends Mike quickly took notice of Leslie’s outfit. It wasn’t overly revealing or sexual, but it made Mike’s cock tingle with lust.

She wore a tight black turtleneck sweater and a “catholic schoolgirl” type of pleated, plaid skirt. The skirt stopped just above the midway point on her thighs and the rest of her legs were covered in dark black nylons. Her black shoes had chunky heels with just enough lift to accentuate her tits and make her ass sway deliciously.

What immediately grabbed Mike’s attention, and the attention of many other guys in the club, was how Leslie danced. While her outfit wasn’t overly sexual her dancing certainly was. She danced close to Ken and gyrated very noticeably and explicitly against his leg and crotch.

When they joined their friends on the dance floor Dana wasn’t nearly as openly sexual, but she was being a little looser and more expressive while dancing than she usually was. He enjoyed caressing her and feeling their bodies rubbing together as they danced. He also enjoyed watching Leslie dance and felt his lust for her rekindled. He had only seen her a few times since they had fucked on Halloween night, and he could feel the unrealistic primal urge to take her to a dark corner of the club and fuck her silly welling up inside.

Near the end of the night Leslie pulled Dana onto the dance floor and they began to dance together. This definitely caught the eye of most of the men in the club, as it does nearly anytime two woman do anything together in public. However, as far as Mike could tell, there wasn’t bahis firmaları anything overtly sexual about their dancing. To an innocent observer it was simply two good friends having some fun and dancing together, but Mike was far from innocent and every second they danced together further stoked his lust and caused his cock to grow.

Every nuance of their movements and the way their bodies moved together made him think of them naked and in bed. He thought about the vivid descriptions Dana gave him of how she and Leslie fucked and he yearned to see them together. Even if he couldn’t join in he would be content to watch and jerk off as they fucked and teased each other until they both came.

It wasn’t long after the two women left the dance floor that Leslie suggested they leave. They all headed back to Leslie and Ken’s place where Leslie suggested they get a nightcap. They sat around drinking for a while with all four of them on their oversized couch.

Soon the conversation reached a lull. Ken and Mike were sitting next to each other on the couch with their wives next to them. Without a word Leslie turned to Ken and they began to kiss each other wildly. The intensity and urgency of their kiss was almost palpable and Mike could feel his cock stirring as he watched out of the corner of his eye while trying to make it look like he wasn’t watching.

Mike was very horny but still a little confused about what was happening. He had been hoping for a while to get the chance to be with Leslie and Dana again, but with Ken in the room he wasn’t sure how to feel or what exactly to do. As of now Dana and he hadn’t done anything sexual with each other, and they both sat seemingly frozen by the actions of their friends on the other end of the couch.

Before long Leslie crawled onto Ken’s lap facing him as she straddled his legs. Leslie wrapped her arms around Ken’s head and very obviously shoved her tongue deeply into his mouth. She was clearly the one driving their wild kiss. Ken had his arms around her lower back and let out a low moan as Leslie began shifting her hips back and forth humping Ken’s lap.

After a few more moments with Leslie and Ken kissing deeply while Mike and Dana watched in a near trance, Leslie parted their kiss with a sexy little moan and then slowly crawled off Ken’s lap. Mike noticed right away that her nipples were poking through her top. It wasn’t real obvious due to the sweater she wore, but Mike knew that for him to even be able to see them her nipples must be very hard.

He had no idea what she was about to do as she slithered to her feet and stood before Ken. Mike had no idea that simply standing still could be so erotic, but the way Leslie stood with the gleaming lust in her eyes was driving him wild. Part of him expected her to start stripping or perhaps drop to her knees and start giving Ken a blowjob. However, he also would not have been surprised if she went into the kitchen for a beer and turned on the TV. Leslie was always a little wild and unpredictable.

What Leslie did next was so shocking that it was beyond anything he had even imagined. Without a word Leslie resumed her position straddling her lover’s lap, but this time she sat on Mike’s lap. Before Mike could think or react she wrapped her arms around his head and neck and drove her tongue wildly into his mouth. Her tongue roamed throughout his mouth and massaged his tongue even before he responded to her wanton kiss with his tongue.

He wasn’t sure if he should be doing this since he currently sat between his own wife and Leslie’s husband, but by now his lust was in control of him and all he could do was respond to Leslie’s wild kiss. His kiss with Leslie lingered on perfectly for a long time.

Leslie eventually pulled back from the kiss and stood off Mike’s lap, but not before she began humping his lap as she had done with Ken. The feeling was amazing and immediately flashed Mike back to the moment he had lived out his fantasy and fucked Leslie.

“It feels like he could use some attention,” Leslie said seductively to Dana just before she moved back to Ken and took her place straddling his lap once again. With catlike grace and beauty Dana moved to Mike and assumed the same position Leslie had just been in. The intensity of Dana’s kiss was amazing and it was clear that watching what had happened had really turned her on.

Their tongues wrestled wildly and Mike fondled Dana’s ass greedily as she ran her hands over his head and shoulders. Soon Dana and Mike were thrusting their hips together in a simulated fuck as they continued their deep kiss.

They stopped only when Leslie gently took hold of Dana’s arm and said, “Come on.” Leslie led them all down the hall holding Ken’s hand in one of hers and Dana’s in the other. Dana took hold of Mike’s hand and pulled him down the hall after the other three.

Leslie led them to the bedroom and stopped right next to the bed. Both couples quickly resumed their wild kisses and began groping and rubbing each kaçak iddaa other excitedly. Leslie was again the first to advance things as she pulled off Ken’s shirt and then pants. Ken, seemingly not bothered by Mike and Dana’s presence, eagerly responded and pulled off Leslie’s clothes. Leslie moaned and pulled back from their kiss to help him.

Just as Leslie was pulling off Ken’s boxers to reveal his rock hard cock, Dana began pulling off Mike’s top. By now Mike was so wild with lust that he began practically ripping off his wife’s clothes still not believing exactly what was happening or that they were about to fuck next to, and possibly with, their friends.

It only took a few seconds for Mike and Dana to rip off each other’s clothes and throw them madly across the room. They resumed their wild kiss completely naked. A long, lusty moan from the bed briefly pulled their attention away from their kiss. Mike looked toward the noise and saw that Ken and Leslie had moved to the bed and were on the verge of fucking. Ken was sucking hungrily on Leslie’s tight nipple and she was stroking and caressing his hard cock.

Dana and Mike looked on excitedly as Leslie guided Ken’s cock toward her wet and waiting pussy. Leslie spread her thighs even wider as Ken moved between her legs and drove his long cock inside her. Leslie’s pussy was so wet and excited that Mike could hear a slurping sound as Ken pushed his cock all the way into Leslie with one long stroke.

Once Ken was all the way inside Leslie she wrapped her legs around his back and let out a hungry moan. Only moments after Ken started to slowly fuck Leslie, Dana grasped Mike’s head and pulled him wildly into her waiting mouth.

Mike and Dana moved together onto the bed next to their friends. Dana quickly assumed the same position as her good friend and spread her legs widely for Mike. Mike caught a glimpse of the heavy wetness seeping out of her pussy just before he moved between her legs and quickly found the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock.

She pushed her hips upward slightly as he thrust inside her as if she wanted to have him in her as soon as possible. “Fuck me,” she groaned wildly as Mike immediately followed her order and began pumping in and out of her.

Soon the bed was creaking, groaning, and shaking wildly with the combined force of the two couples fucking. As if driven by the same intense desire, both couples soon were fucking in the same tempo. Having climbed onto the bed from different sides, Ken and Mike were nearly facing each other as they fucked and the two women lay on their backs with their heads close to each other.

Mike hadn’t intended on matching Ken’s tempo but, almost before he realized he had done it, he was thrusting into Dana in the exact matching rhythm of Ken and Leslie’s fuck. Both couples continued like this for a long time without anyone uttering a word beyond a lusty moan.

Mike often closed his eyes and concentrated on controlling his lust and not cumming too soon. When he did open his eyes he alternated his gaze between watching Dana beneath him and Leslie beside him. Dana’s tits danced erotically across her chest from the way the bed shook and trembled. The mere sight of them drove Mike’s lust to amazing levels. He leaned down and engulfed one of her nipples in his hungry mouth as he lavished his tongue all around and over her hard point.

When he released her nipple, with one last twirl of his tongue, he looked over at Leslie. Leslie’s eyes were closed and her face was a mask of lust and desire as she too rocked and bounced on the bed under Ken’s eager thrusts. Leslie’s tits swayed in a manner just as hypnotic as Dana’s and Mike’s eyes focused on her tattoos and on the thin layer of sweat forming on her chest.

Ken was the first to cum and he grunted repeatedly as he spastically thrusted in and out of Leslie as he emptied his load of cum. Leslie opened her eyes, put her hands on his shoulders, and moaned happily as he filled her pussy.

As much as Mike wanted to hold out and make Dana cum first, the eroticism of the situation and his burning lust was more than he could resist. He strained against his desire for a few minutes after Ken stopped cumming until Dana, apparently sensing Mike’s situation, began urging him to cum. As she told him she wanted to feel his cum inside her in fantastically nasty language Mike began pumping harder and faster into her.

When Mike started to cum he groaned and pushed his cock as deeply inside her as he could. He held still as his cock surged a huge load of cum into Dana’s already wet pussy. When he finished cumming and opened his eyes he looked over and saw Leslie and Ken watching them closely.

He and Dana kissed softly and as they parted their kiss Leslie reached over and let her fingers run up Dana’s arm to her shoulder. Mike excitedly watched the two naked women touching and saw the flicker of lust in his wife’s eyes. He could feel his cock jump inside Dana’s pussy, but he desperately wanted kaçak bahis to watch the two of them together so he pulled back and let his cock slip out of Dana’s pussy.

Ken followed his lead and soon the two men were sitting on the opposite ends of the bed as Leslie and Dana rolled toward each other and let their lips meet in a tender, probing kiss. After kissing like this for a few minutes they crawled to the center of the bed and lay down in each other’s arms. Their kisses were now less soft and tender and quickly became more excited and wild. Their arms wrapped around each other and they began fondling and rubbing each other excitedly in a scene straight out of Mike’s fantasies.

Ken’s eyes were wide with surprise and he gasped as he watched his wife kiss her way down Dana’s neck and chest to her tits. Leslie’s mouth traced lazy circles around Dana’s tits and she slowly spiraled her way toward Dana’s nipples as Dana groaned and wriggled excitedly under her lover.

Leslie lingered at Dana’s tits for a while, but she seemed eager to move to the next step. Mike could tell from Dana’s reaction and expression that she was wild with lust and nearing the verge of her control. Leslie kissed her way down Dana’s stomach and slowly approached her pussy. Dana spread her thighs wildly and from his position Mike could see the wetness seeping out of Dana’s pussy and coating her inner thighs.

When Leslie’s face neared Dana’s pussy Leslie spun around and lifted her leg bringing it down on the other side of Dana’s face. As Leslie lowered her pussy toward Dana’s waiting mouth Dana extended her tongue and reached up to drink in the taste of Leslie’s pussy. Once Leslie settled down over her Dana dipped her tongue as deeply inside Leslie’s pussy as she could.

Leslie let out a long, lusty moan and then lowered her mouth to Dana’s pussy causing Dana to pause her licking and groan as her body trembled in excitement. Mike’s head spun with desire and lust as the two women spent the next several minutes in an excited 69 as they each enthusiastically licked and sucked the fresh cum from each other’s pussies.

Mike shifted so he could closely watch Leslie’s mouth as it danced over his wife’s pussy. The confidence with which Leslie moved and teased Dana’s pussy was incredibly exciting because Mike knew it meant they had been together like this many times before.

For a long while Leslie fucked Dana with her tongue and swirled her tongue around deeply inside Dana’s pussy. Mike felt light headed as he realized that Leslie might be trying to gather the last remains of his cum from inside his wife’s pussy. The very idea of Leslie drinking the mixture of his and Dana’s juices was enough to cause his cock to jump and become fully hard.

After driving Dana into a near frenzy by fucking her with her tongue Leslie began concentrating on Dana’s clit. She teased and licked Dana’s clit with an easy confidence that made Mike excited and jealous. Dana’s hips immediately started to buck and her breathing became more erratic. Mike knew Dana was fighting hard to hold off her orgasm but Dana never moved her mouth away from Leslie’s pussy.

Finally, when Dana’s orgasm began washing over her she pulled her mouth away from Leslie’s pussy and let out a long cry. Leslie continued teasing Dana’s clit the entire time Dana was cumming as Dana’s body rocked and spasmed under her.

Mike watched as Dana finished cumming and then gasped as Leslie sat up straight over Dana’s face and looked directly at him. She cooed and sighed as Dana resumed sucking her pussy with Leslie sitting over her face. Keeping her eye contact with Mike, Leslie reached up and began to play with her own tits. She pinched and pulled at her own nipples causing Mike to gasp and his cock to twitch again.

Mike was having a hard time withstanding the urge to move toward the two women and either plunge his cock into Leslie’s mouth or Dana’s pussy. However, he wanted to watch his wife make Leslie orgasm.

He didn’t have to wait long as Leslie soon began purring erotically as she played even harder with her nipples. He watched Dana’s hands massaging and gripping Leslie’s thighs tightly as she focused completely on making Leslie cum.

Leslie’s mouth opened in a silent cry and her eyes popped wide open as her whole body tensed and she seemed to press down even harder on Dana’s mouth. As her body began to rock and spasm with the power of her orgasm Leslie let out a long, lusty gasp and then a series of soft sighs as she rode out the rest of her orgasm.

When she finished cumming Leslie lowered herself down over Dana and began to softly lick and kiss Dana’s thighs as she recovered from her orgasm. Mike’s cock was now throbbing and rock hard as he watched the two women tenderly play with each other. He desperately needed some relief but he wanted to let the two women completely play out their fuck before he interfered.

After they had kissed and held each other for a while Leslie looked up at Mike and met him with a deep, hungry eye contact before she let her eyes drop down and focus intently on Mike’s hard cock. Leslie crawled off Dana and moved across the bed toward Mike with a raw sexuality that sent a chill down Mike’s spine.

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