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I live in a state in the Southeast in a rural county with three small towns. The towns are about seven to ten miles away from each other, so you’re usually stuck in them. The next biggest city is over twenty miles away, so everything has to be planned out ahead; otherwise, you have to deal with the limited resources in each small town, do without, or order online.

I was thankful that I lived in the county seat where the small county medical center was located. They had, a few years ago, opened a gym/wellness center in the community center complex where people could go to fitness classes and to workout. It was also where a regional community college annex was located, so the two institutions had pooled their resources and made this gym available to both students and locals.

My parents didn’t think I was ready for a university twenty miles away, so I was getting my basics at the community college, and helped my dad part-time at our hardware store. The rest of my time was spent at the gym – working out and swimming, or even in the local library which was also in the complex (they had a great WiFi connection).

It was in the library I first noticed Grainger, or Gray, as he said. He was about my height, but that’s where the similarities ended. He was drop dead gorgeous. His dark blonde hair was buzzed on the back and sides; a long shag of hair on top of his head which fell into his beautiful dark blue eyes. He had pierced ears, a square male model profile, and a big white grin. His body was like out of a men’s fitness magazine, and I loved looking at it. He never kept his shirt buttoned completely up, always showing off his muscles and his dense brown groomed chest hair. His always tanned arms were covered in veins pushing against hard muscle.

I found out he had moved here from Colorado to live with his aunt who was a nurse at the medical center. He never went into much detail about the reason why he had moved, just saying he and his parents thought he just needed to get away.

Like me, he complained about the quiet ruralness. He would tell me that the town he came from in Colorado was a small town too; but because of the scenery, the skiing, and other local attractions, there were always tourists coming and going. He talked about all the major retailers that had little shops on the main street. He talked about the coffee shops and clubs. It really depressed me. I was more depressed when he would talk about all the touristy girls he would fuck.

“I’d go into a coffee shop at two in the afternoon and be in some tight shaved pussy by two-fifteen,” he’d brag, laughing and flashing a big grin.

Grainger was not shy about talking about sex. He was sex. He had those natural body movements that were just attention-grabbing sexy cool. He could charm everyone he met. Every girl he talked to ended up blushing as he talked to them. All this made my gay self roll my eyes and actually feel uncomfortable sometimes when he talked to me. When we first met, I felt he was even flirting with me…but what did my awkward self know about flirting in a small town? I was like the only gay guy I knew for miles. I chalked it up to me just being horny all the damn time.

Grainger and I became fast friends. We discovered we shared a lot of similar interests -games, music, movies and such. He would hang out at my house quite a bit during the week and on weekends, sometimes staying over on the big couch in my basement room.

My parents had turned the basement into a large bedroom with a bathroom and sitting area with its own private outside door, and I had made it mine – my parents thought it’d give me a chance to demonstrate my independence before university.

I had been afraid to tell Grainger that I was gay, thinking he’d be scared off. I was really enjoying our friendship. I eventually I got the nerve and just told Grainger that I was gay. He just shrugged his shoulders and kept playing his video game.

“I had some great gay friends in Colorado. I’d do anything for them, and they would do the same for me. Great guys. It’s cool, man,” he added, as he twisted his body as his car crashed in the game.

My parents loved Grainger, thinking he was a good influence on me. And, of course, he flirted with my mom. She loved the attention of the beautiful college boy. I had noticed that she and Dad had started to take more weekend trips, leaving the running of the store to my Uncle Pete. I also had been noticing that my dad was friskier with my mom; they were kissing and touching each other more than they had in the past.

“I flirt with you mom, and she feels like a hot young thing again. She is a babe for her age. Your dad is fucking lucky to have that served to him every night. I bet your dad is getting pussy all the time now,” he told me, elbowing me in the side while playing a video game. “I wonder if she thinks of me when he’s fucking her.”

“Dude, not cool!” I told him. “That’s my mom,”

“I know, man, but you have to admit I’m one hot fucker,” he said, as he dropped his controller and pulled his shirt off.

Of casino şirketleri course, I stared at the tight muscled torso. Hair covered his bulging chest muscles and ran down as a dense trail to his eight-pack stomach, disappearing past his belt buckle into his tight jeans. You could visibly see every individual muscle on his fat-free torso. He was like a god.

“I bet even you jerk off your cock thinking about this perfect bod,” he laughed and pretended to box me. He laughed and pushed me backward onto the couch. He landed on top of me and stopped laughing. I could feel the heat from his body against me, pressing into me. He stared at me with his dark blue eyes; I could see every lash around them. I squirmed around hoping he didn’t feel the raging hard-on I had.

He grabbed my wrists and pushed my arms back to the armrest. He started to grind against me like a Magic Mike stripper.

“You horny…just rides it…my pony…I’m on it…I’m horny,” he tried to sing, his eyes closed and him pretending to act soulful.

“You are a nut,” I told him.

Then he laughed really loud and jumped up. He grabbed his game controller and started playing again. I rolled over to hide my hard cock. I grabbed a pillow and turned around toward him, pushing my hair back and taking a deep breath.

“You okay, dude?” he asked, turning toward me. “I was just playing, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” I answered back, weakly. “I know.”

He didn’t put his shirt back on all night.

After that night, things changed a bit. Grainger seemed a bit nicer to me and more touchy-feely. It wasn’t overt, just small subtle things. Maybe I was just more conscious of it. Little grins. Seeing him stare at me from the corner of my eye. Little pats on my back that ended with slide downward. A soft massaging grab on my shoulder. I wasn’t complaining, I was really enjoying the attention from such a perfect stud.

And he was becoming more exhibitionistic with his body in front of me. I took it as just signs that he was getting comfortable around me. He’s strip off his shirt all the time, every chance he had. He walked around in a towel after his shower, adjusting his big cock. He would walk around the basement in his tight boxer briefs, eating an apple or doing stuff instead of getting dressed when he stayed over on the couch. I’d frequently see his round firm ass and his fat soft cock as he paraded around or was getting dressed. I was a bit shy about that kind of thing, but Grainger had no problems doing it at all.

I couldn’t help but to notice the size of his cock. It was the chubbiest longest soft cock I had ever seen, creating a plump bulge in his skinny jeans. He was always adjusting it, sometimes as he flirted with girls or talked to other guys. He knew how to be the alpha male, using his huge cock to his advantage. Once they judged how big it was, people would usually let him have or do anything he wanted. I however had gotten to know him too well…although I myself was still enamored by him sometimes.

Grainger got a part-time job at the wellness center as a gym trainer and evening manager. They closed about eight at night, and I’d usually be there late keeping Grainger company and working out on slow nights. Well, slow nights is an understatement, they were dead nights.

Most people used the gym early in the morning or after work. Nights generally consisted of classes elsewhere in the complex or things like dance or aerobic classes in the studio upstairs. Sometimes, after closing, Grainger would change and we’d grab a burger. Other times, he’d clean up quickly and we’d go back to my house, have dinner, and play video games all evening.

A few weeks into his job, I noticed Grainger getting antsy at times. Sometimes, he would get easily irritated and short with me. I’d ask him if he had a problem or difficulties and he’s just brush me off. I knew something was bothering him. I once asked if there was something I could do and he flatly said there wasn’t anything I could possibly do for him right now. He would rapidly change the subject.

Then he started to avoid me. He was always giving excuses why he couldn’t come over. Even my mom noticed he wasn’t around as much.

One evening, I went to the gym just before closing time. He was wiping down equipment when I walked in.

“I was just about to close up and head back to my aunt’s house,” he told me, without even a “hello, leave me the fuck alone”.

“I’m not here to workout, dude, I’m here to check up on you,” I said, walking up to him.

He gave me a shallow smile and went back to cleaning the equipment.

“I know something is wrong, and I want to help.”

“Nothing you can do, Jason,” he told me, not even pausing.

“Is it drugs? Problems with your aunt?”

“I’ve got it handled,” he said, not even looking up at me.

“Well, obviously not,” I answered. He instantly paused in the middle of wiping down a weight bench. “I’m trying to help you. I’m offering myself…”

“You are what?” he interrupted, jumping up. He threw down casino firmaları the cloth and bottle he was holding. He walked to the gym door and locked it. He walked back to me with a look I had never seen before. He actually scared me.

“Nevermind,” I responded. “I just need to probably go.” Then, I walked toward the door.

“Oh fuck, no,” he growled as he grabbed me by the back of the neck. “What did you say?”

“That I wanted to help,” I said meekly, turning to face him, his hand still gripping my neck.

He shook his head vigorously.

“No! That’s not what you said,” he growled back to me. “You said you were offering yourself to me.”

“Yeah, if you need someone to talk to or whatever…” I responded softly.

I happened to glance down and noticed his cock was pressing against the long gym shorts. He grabbed me harder by the neck and started to steer me through the maze of equipment toward the changing rooms.

He knocked opened the changing room doors with a fist and pushed me inside. He stepped in behind me and kicked off his shoes. He peeled off his socks and threw them toward the lockers. He stood in front of the doors, while I stood there watching him, slightly shaking at this sudden eruption from him. He yanked of his shirt. His hands grabbed his waistband and pushed his shorts to the ground.

He paused for a minute and looked hard at me, running a hand over his mouth and chin like he was thinking. His thick cock was obscenely pushing out the jockstrap he wore. He took a deep breath, and then walked toward me. I backed up until I felt the lockers against my back. Now I actually was really scared. Grainger was way more powerful than I was, and he was in a possessed state. He placed his hands on either side of me firmly on the lockers.

“I haven’t fucked a single cunt since I’ve been in this god-forsaken fucking town. Girls in this goddamn town are too fucking religious to swallow my fat cock. Not even a fucking handjob,” he said as he stared at me. “I figured this job would get me some fit pussy.” He flicked out his tongue. “I could imagine sinking my tongue into some tight fresh country cunt, getting it all nice and wet before stretching it with my big tool.” He moved closer and ground his hips into me.

He was close enough that I could feel his breath. His dark blue eyes looked straight into mine and my heart began to race. His eyes opened wide and he gave me a big grin.

“But guess what, Jay?” he groaned to me in a deep gravely voice. “When they see this big cock at the end of a great date, they whine it’s too big…or they don’t do that.” He laughed angrily. “Is this place full of small-dicked celibate motherfuckers?”

I shook my head slightly and shrugged.

“Do you not get to see many fat cocks, Jason? Mine must really thrill you then. I figured you’d be begging to suck this big fucker. All the gay boys in Colorado love to swallow this big cock,” he told me as he reached down and pushed the jockstrap away. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it over his enraged thick cock. “Grab the motherfucking dick,” he ordered.

I couldn’t get my fingers completely around it. He moaned softly and closed his eyes for a second as my thumb caressed the shaft.

“I tried to tell you that you could have it. I needed that pretty mouth on me, Jay,” he said as a finger ran over my lips. He pushed past them and into my mouth. He hooked his finger and then pulled his finger out, stretching my bottom lip. My lip popped back and he ran his wet fingertip over his own lip. “It would have been a good deal for both of us, boy. But we’re well past that now.”

Everything was still for a second. I was staring at him and shaking. I pulled my hand away his cock and pushed at his shoulders. He reached up and slammed me back into the lockers. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying across the room. He pushed me backward and rammed a forearm against me as he bent down and pulled my shoes off, flinging them away. He looked at me. He put a hand on my throat and pushed my shorts to the ground with a rough tug.

“I actually hate it has to be you, Jay. I really do like you…” he paused for a second. “Hell, I fucking love you, man. But I can’t fucking wait anymore. Enough is enough.”

“Let’s cool down, Gray,” I struggled to get out. “Don’t do this,” I hoarsely pleaded to him.

He released my throat. He brushed some hair away from my forehead, then patted my cheek.

“Let’s go back to my place and I’ll suck your cock,” I said to him, trying to act calm.

He pulled me away from the lockers and turned me, grabbing my arms and pulling them back. He pushed toward the showers. I struggled against him and he grabbed me tighter. He pushed me to the tiled shower wall.

“Please, Gray, don’t do this,” I begged him.

He ignored me, and turned on the showerhead. Steam filled the room. He pushed his head under the warm spray for second. He combed his wet hair back with his hands, and then pushed me under the spray. He pressed me against the tile, grabbing an arm and güvenilir casino twisting it behind my back. He aimed the showerhead away from us. I felt a hand in the cleft of my ass.

He moved his hand and I started to cry. I had really wanted him. I would have taken that big dick down my throat in an instant. He was fucking perfect. I still wanted his cock. You’re fucking sick, I told myself as I heard him spitting into his hand. You are a sick fuck, I thought, he’s about to take your ass and it’s turning you on. My growing cock was hardening as it was pressed into the cold tile.

“You’re going to love Gray’s big old cock in your tight ass,” he whispered in my ear as he worked his spit around my hole. “Fuck that’s tight.”

I cried and tried to jerk away.

“Shhhhhh, need to lube up that hole for my big cock,” he said, as he wiped the precum from his dripping cock across my hole. “So you’ve never been fucked have you?” he asked.

I shook my head no. I struggled, trying to push myself away from the wall as tears ran down my cheek. He licked at the salty tears.

“So Gray is going to take that fuckin’ cherry. Goddamn that hole’s going to be tight around my cock. Fucking hell, I’m going to break you in, Jason. You ought to be happy about it. You’re going to be a big fan of big cocks after you feel this big hog inside you.”

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I felt his massive cockhead pressing into my ass. He jabbed it forward a couple of times, then it finally wedged itself into me. He started to push forward gently. Then he caught the ring of my ass. He paused. I took a deep breath and shuddered.

“Fucking relax and push out like you taking a shit. Do it, or it is going hurt like a motherfucker. I will be fucking you regardless of what you do,” he ordered as he spit and worked it around his cock and my ass.

I complied as his cockhead pushed past my ass ring and sank into me. Pain and pleasure made me loudly groan. He cupped his hand over my mouth to muffle my cries. My legs almost gave out from under me. My ass burned as he stretched it, sinking further into me.

“Yell into my hand, Jay,” he told me, as I screamed from the feeling of my body being practically ripped in two.

My whole body was focused on the intensity in my ass. My eyes went wide as he butted against my prostate. I sucked in a breath and wanted to claw at the tiles.

“Goddamn, it’s as tight as young virgin pussy,” Grainger raved as he settled in my ass. “Fucking glad I took your fucking cherry now. Gotta have pussy. Need me a tight hole. Jacking off just doesn’t feel good to me. Just doesn’t do it for me, understand, Jason? I need a hot hole to make my cock shoot. Now I’ve got me one. I’m going to fuck this ass like some prime grade-A pussy.”

He pulled his cock out until only the head was left inside me. That’s when he really started to fuck me as he shoved the thick dick forward. I groaned against his hand as his dick filled me again. Grainger began to pump his hips faster and faster.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Take Gray’s big cock. Goddamn, I’m taking you so fucking deep. You feel me fucking your ass, busting your cherry? Goddamn, I want to fuck it like a new pussy.”

I groaned again. The pain wasn’t as bad as he first pumped into me and my ass stretched to accommodate his big member. He pulled me backward, and kicked my feet apart. He bent me over slightly and began to pump his cock into me. I felt him spit on my ass and rub it toward my crack.

He reached around and found my hard cock. I groaned as his fingers ran through my dripping precum. He took it and wiped it on my ass.

“Yeah, I knew you’d get into it. You’ve always wanted this cock since you first met me. I know. Your ass itched every time I talked about fucking pussy or was flirting with girls at the center.”

He reached around and started to pump my cock in rhythm to his fucking. My ass tightened around his cock.

“Yeah, baby, milk my cock. That’s right, Jason, squeeze my cock with your ass. Flex that ass, baby.”

He paused and pulled me up against him. I could feel his hairy chest against my back. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. He hugged me with one arm around my chest while he jerked my cock.

“Fuck you feel good,” he whispered into my ear. He flicked out his tongue and licked at my earlobe.

I felt his arm move up my chest, running up my neck and chin to my mouth. Grainger shoved two fingers in my mouth and began to move them in and out of my mouth. I just sucked on them. I knew that he had me. He had me the first time I saw him. This god had mastered me. He had rammed his big cock up inside me and would fuck me until he came.

I just moaned as his hand began to jack me harder, my ass milking his cock as he ground his hips into me. I could feel his chin on my shoulder as he looked over my body to my cock in his hand.

“You like this don’t you? Sucking on my fingers and my hand around your cock. My cock deep inside you. That’s right, baby. How many times did you jerk off thinking about this? I bet you jacked that cock every time I left your house. Show me that cum you beat out of your prick thinking of me. Shoot your cum for Gray. Let me know how much you like getting fucked by me,” he whispered deeply into my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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