Great Mom Pt. 6

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Later that day, after my three-way with my daughter and Paul I stopped off to do some food shopping for dinner; after all my appointments were done. I got home, pulled my car into the garage. I went into my house; my sons, Ryan and Hunter were in the family room watching TV. I placed some bags in the kitchen as I called for my boys. “Can you guys help me unload the groceries from the car?” Hunter smiled at me, “Sure mom. You look tired and stressed.” “Yes dear I am, long afternoon. Where is your sister Tiffany?” Ryan spoke up; “She left a note, she said her and Paul went out for dinner and a movie.”

I smiled to myself thinking yeah right, they were going out to dinner to take a rest and then going back to Paul’s to probably continue their fun. Oh well, my daughter was having a good time and she was getting fucked by someone I knew and trusted. I followed my sons out into the garage. I opened the front door of the car, popping the trunk. I closed the drivers door and moved to the passenger door, I had left a bag on the floor in there, Ryan went around to the other side of the car walking towards the trunk, Hunter moved behind me, walking to the trunk. I opened the door and bent over to grab to the bag, Hunter grabbed my ass and began to massage it. I reached behind with my hand, smacking his away, “Hunter no, the garage door is open; someone may see you.” “I’m sorry mom. It’s just you have such a great ass.” “Thanks honey but you need to save that for when nobody can see us.”

I could feel my sons’ hard cock through both of our clothes. Hunter pressed his prick against my ass. Then my son caught me a bit off guard; he pushed me into the car, onto the back seat. He wrapped his arms around me and flipped me over onto my back. “Hunter what are you doing?” “Sorry mom. I gotta fuck you. I gotta fuck you now!” My son reached down and undid my pants. I really liked how he slowly unbuttoned them, then very slowly unzipped them. I could see his cock bulging in his shorts. I looked up at his face; taboo passion was building second by second. I protested a little but I knew I was not going to get anywhere, I knew my son could see my nipples beginning to protrude through my shirt. “Hunter! Anyone walking by the driveway can see us.” “No way mom. The trunk is up and it is blocking the view out of the back window. It is dinner time, it is getting dark out and the garage light will turn off in few minutes, so nobody will be out or able to see us. Besides, look at how hard your nipples are getting. You want to be fucked as much as I want to fuck you.” My son moved my legs into the car, and then he climbed in the rest of the way and shut the door. That put me a little bit more at ease. Ryan got into the back seat through the other door. “Yeah Hunter, lets give it to mom right here in the car. You fuck mom while she sucks my cock.” Ryan placed one knee on the seat, he already had his shorts undone and his hard prick was in his hand. He slowly stroked his cock while watching his brother undress me. Hunter pulled my pants off and I instinctively spread my legs wide for my son. I leaned toward Ryan, placing one leg on the floor and bracing the other one on the sidewalls’ of the car, my foot being partly on the roof. “See, I knew you wanted to be fucked!” Hunter said with a wicked smile. Ryan moved closer to my head, still stroking his cock. Hunter pushed his shorts down to his ankles. His cock was dripping pre-cum. It still amazed me how much I turned my son’s on. Just seeing all the pre-cum oozing out of their pricks always got me excited.

Both of my son’s stood there looking at me, slowly stroking their cocks. Finally I couldn’t take it any more, I yelled out, “Well come on! If you are going to fuck me Hunter, then FUCK ME! Fuck me hard!” My son’s eyes lit up with lust; he held his cock in his hand and guided right into my waiting, wet, tight pussy. He drove it in with forceful lust. “Oh yeah mom. I’m gonna fuck you really hard now, like the slutty mom you are!” I smiled a wickedly lustful smile at my son. I glanced over to my other son, Ryan. I reached out with my closest hand and grabbed is hard, throbbing prick. “Come on, let your mom suck your nice hard cock.” Ryan thrust his hips forward; I opened my mouth, letting his nice hard cock slide into it. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and I began to suck as hard and passionately as I could. I let my tongue do a lot of the work; I bathed my sons’ cock with my saliva. I circled his shaft and the head of his cock with my tongue. I was savoring the flavor of his pre-cum, with every drop it only drove me wilder. As I bobbed my head up and down my son’s cock, Ryan helped out by slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Ryan ran his hands through my long blonde hair; he grabbed a hand full of my hair on the back of my head and began to push my head slowly up and down his cock. For the first few minutes the only noise that could be heard was all three of us moaning, the loud sucking and slurping noise coming from my mouth as I lustfully sucked on my sons cock. A lower slurping noise could be heard coming from my tight, wet pussy along with a slapping sound of Hunter’s balls as my other son fucked me like a jackhammer!

I kept one hand on Ryan’s cock, right at the base of it. At first I began to play with my clit with my other hand but Hunters wild fucking of my pussy was making that hard to do. I then automatically began to massage my own tits through my shirt. I wanted to yell out for one of my sons’ to start sucking on them but I was too busy involved with sucking my sons cock. Hunter did not let me down, some part of my mind knew Hunter loved playing with my tits as much as he loved fucking me if not more; he was tit man to say the least. Hunter had his hands on my hips as he drove his cock deep into my pussy again and again. “Shit Ryan, take off mom’s top so we can her fucking big tits! I wanna watch them bounce around as I fuck her.” Before Ryan could do anything, I let go of his cock; of course I knew he would make sure it stayed in my mouth, right where he wanted it. In some ways I think Ryan loves watching me suck his cock and swallowing his cum more than he enjoys fucking me. I didn’t care, I was having the best, hottest, dirties, most lustful sex I have ever had with my two son’s. With both of my hands free now, I lifted up my shirt, pulling it up just above my tits. I pushed my bra down, letting my tits free. My nipples were extremely hard and erect, just the way my son Hunter liked them. “Thanks mom! Yeah let me watch your tits bounce! I’m gonna make them bounce around real good now!” With that said, Hunter began to fuck me even harder and faster. I felt like he was going to fuck me right through the back seat of the car! As he fucked me, I thought I saw his mouth begin to water, shit he was in such a lustful mode. “Look at them! Looks at them bounce Ryan! Fuck you are so hot mom! I wanna fuck your whole body!” Hunter slowed his pace down and leaned down, his mouth heading directly for my tits.

One of his hands grabbed my right tit, he squeezed it hard, then began to flick and tug on my nipple. His wet, salivating mouth hit my other tit. He wrapped his mouth around my large areola, sucking as hard as he could as soon as his lips made contact with it. As she suck on my tit, he took his wet tongue and ran it around my areola, making wet circles. Quickly he moved his tongue to my large nipple and wildly flicked it around. That was all I could take. I opened my mouth wide to let out a huge moan of pleasure. “OOH god yes Hunter! Suck my tit! Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Fuck me baby, fuck me good.” I wrapped my lips back around Ryan’s cock, licking and sucking with uncontrollable hedonistic lust. Ryan let out a loud moan of approval. “Fuck mom! Yeah that’s it, suck my fucking cock mom! Keep that up Hunter, it’s making mom go wild. Oh fuck, she is sucking my cock like wild!” Hunter let go of my tit, the one closest to his brother but he kept right on lavishing my other large tit with his tongue and mouth. Ryan reached down with one of his hands and began to massage and squeeze my tit. Then he began to pull on my erect nipple, knowing how much that turned me on. This treatment from both of my son’s was becoming more than I could bare. I could feel an intense orgasm building quickly in my pussy.

My son, Hunter, could sense this. He stopped sucking on my tit and moved his head right up to my ear. “Mom, I can feel your pussy getting tighter and wetter. I know you are going to cum.” Hunter rammed his hard prick deep into my pussy. “I don’t know what to do mom. I wanna cum in your pussy but I wanna fuck your beautiful, big tits and cum all over them too!” I just moaned loudly as sucked on my son’s cock harder. Hunter gave my pussy a few more fast, hard thrusts with his cock. “If I cum in your pussy now, can I fuck your tits later and cum all over them then?” I glanced at my son; the lust in my eyes had to be very apparent. I shook my head slightly up and down, giving him the yes. I then moaned to him a muffled yes. That’s all my son needed to hear. He straighten himself back up, holding my thigh’s and went back to fucking me like sex crazed teenage son.

This was all I could take, as I could no longer hold back my orgasm. I let my other sons’ cock pop out of my mouth, a long strand of saliva and pre-cum hung from my tongue to his cock head. I let out a loud moan as my pussy tightened around Hunters’ shaft. “Ooh yeah! Don’t stop Hunter! Don’t stop fucking your mom! Oh god I am gonna cum baby. Make me cum, yes, oh yes, make your mom cum!” As my pussy tightened around Hunter’s cock, my pussy gushed wet, hot, sticky, sweet pussy juice all over his prick. My son went wild pounding his hard prick into my pussy faster and faster. His balls were so loud as they slapped against me. Suddenly I felt his cock tense up, his pace quickened to an unbelievable speed. All my son cried out was, “Oh fuck…mom!” At that moment his cock erupted with hot cum as he was driving it up into my pussy. I could feel him unleash his load and it was a large one at that. I almost wished he had cum all over my tits, I would have loved to licked up that load of cum for my son. Hunter rapidly pounded his cock into my pussy, as several large spurts of cum went into my wet and willing pussy. I watched his eyes glaze over as he tilted his head back while he fucked his load into my pussy. I had never seen my son so happy as he was right then and there.

My other son put his hand on my chin and turned my head, my mouth back towards his cock. I opened my mouth and took his cock all the way in. I wildly bobbed my head up and down his shaft, as I did that I began to stroke his cock quickly. I was over come with such horniness, down right dirty lust; I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Ryan looked down at me, the sweat was rolling down his body, and he took his hands off of my head and just braced himself as best as he could, overwhelmed with how ravenously I was sucking his cock now. “That’s it mom! Oh shit you are such a fucking cocksucker! Keep sucking my cock mom, yeah that’s it! Jack me off into your beautiful little mouth! I wanna cum in your mouth! Oh yeah mom, I’m gonna cum all over your lips too!” It only took me a minute or two of my wild cock sucking to make my other son blow his load into my hungry mouth.

Ryan just stood there, he didn’t even tell me he was going to cum. He just started to breathe heavily; his cock tensed up and within a moment of that my son was pumping his load deep into my mouth and down my throat. He even came with an incredible amount too. I guess fucking me out there in the car with the garage door wide open was a kinky, wild thing to them. My son tasted so good, I worked his cock all around in my mouth, letting spurt after spurt, coat the entire inside of it. I ran his cock head along my lips, allowing his final spurt of cum, to spatter all over them and partly on my chin. I swallowed as much cum as I could but I did allow some to cum out the sides of my mouth. I knew my son’s loved it when I would be that dirty and slutty with them. I let that cum slowly run down the sides of my mouth, a few drops landed on my chest and tits. I slowly licked my lips clean then I ran my finger over my chest collecting up those bits of cum. Both of my son’s grabbed my tits and held them up to my mouth so they could enjoy watching me lick them clean. Afterwards, they both offered their pricks to me to suck dry of all their remaining cum. I took both of them into my mouth, enjoying the flavor of their cum and my pussy juice on Hunter’s prick. I moaned away as a savored their flavors, Ryan and Hunter both moaned, ‘yeah that’s it. Be a great mom and suck our cocks dry.” After a couple of minutes of this, both of my son’s took their pricks out of my mouth. The pulled up their shorts, zipped and buttoned up, got out of the car and took all the groceries into the house as if nothing had happened.

I laid in the back seat of my car for about ten minutes, completely spent from my very hot session with my sons. Then I got my clothes back on, closed the garage door and went into the house. For the next half-hour or so we went about the kitchen putting everything away as if nothing had happened. Afterwards we talked about what to have for dinner. I went about getting dinner started. Ryan stayed with me in the kitchen helping out as Hunter went into the family room. Ryan got out all the dishes and silverware to set the table with. I grabbed all of it and went into the dinning room to set up.

As I placed the dishes on the dinning room table, Ryan came up from behind me. He wrapped his arms around me; with one hand my son began to squeeze my tits, with his other hand slid it down to my crotch and began to rub my pussy. I could feel his hard cock up against my ass. I moaned with pleasure as my son kissed my neck while fondled my succulent tits and my tight pussy. “Mmm, Ryan, that feels so good. But why are you doing this?’ “Well mom, I didn’t get to fuck you in the car, so now it’s my turn to get to fuck your nice wet, tight pussy.” Ryan turned me around; he was standing there completely naked. He had a raging hard-on; his cock was sticking straight out, hard, red and oozing some delicious pre-cum. “Wow honey, you are horny!” “That’s right mom. You are so fucking hot, sexy and a great fuck! Hunter and I get hard just looking antalya escort bayan at you!”

In just a few seconds my son pulled my pants off, then he quickly pulled my shirt off next. He grabbed one of my tits with one hand, with his other hand he slid two fingers into my pussy. His mouth went right to my other tit and he gave it a nice, slow, long lick and sucking. I let out a loud moan. Ryan kept this up for a minute or so, then he picked me up and set me down on the dinning room table, spreading my legs and moving right in-between them. “Ryan! You are going to fuck me right here?” “Yes mom! I gotta fuck you now!” My son wasted no time; he grabbed his cock and pushed it right into my waiting pussy. I had never been fucked like this, on the dinning room table! Ryan grabbed both of tits as he began to ram his nice hard prick in and out of my pussy. For the first minute or so he just looked down at his cock going in and out of my wet pussy. He was enjoying the sight, sound and feel of his prick in his mom’s pussy. His cock glistened under the dinning room light, covered with my wet, sweet, sticky pussy juice.

“Oh yeah mom! Fuck your pussy is so tight! I love the feel of your wet pussy around my cock! It’s as good as your wet mouth and lips around my cock!” I just let go of my inhibitions as I responded to my son. “I love having your cocks in my pussy. I especially love having my sons’ hard cocks in my mouth, spurting your tasty cum in it. I love you boys treating me as your hot slutty mom. These are the best fucks I have ever had!” That only encouraged my son even more to fuck me hard and fast. He grunted and moaned as he began to pound my pussy, his ball sack made such an erotic noise as it slapped against me. Hunter either heard our moaning or wondered where his mom and brother went off.

Hunter came into the dinning room, “Aw man. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to fuck mom! I want some too!” I watched my other son quickly take his clothes off; his prick went from being flaccid to hard and rigid within a few moments. Hunter came over to the side of the table right next to me. Ryan had let go of my tits and was just holding my waist and rubbing my inner thighs as he fucked me. I laid back down onto the table, my tits were bouncing around to the hard pussy fucking I was getting from my older son. “Damn it Ryan, why did you have to fuck mom the dinning room table? Now I can’t fuck her large tits like I wanted to!” Hunter stood there for watching his brother fuck his mother as he jacked himself off.

“Just kneel on a chair and have mom suck your cock! She loves sucking our cocks Hunter.” Ryan hissed at his brother. I turned my head to my son, “Come on Hunter, let me suck your beautiful cock.” Hunter got up on a chair and put his cock on my lips. I happily opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. Hunter reached out and began to play with my closest tits. Ryan just kept fucking me harder and harder, speeding up his pace as I moaned with more pleasure. For what seemed like forever but was probably only a few minutes, the three of us just moaned and groaned in delight as we enjoyed our three-some. Then my son Hunter spoke to his brother. “Wouldn’t it have been great if we had another brother or two? Just think of how much we all could have fucked mom.” Ryan slowed his pace down a bit, “Yeah that would have been great! I am sure our slutty mom would have loved that! Getting fucked by three or four of her sons at once instead of just the two of us! Just think of it.” With that, Ryan went back to fucking me really hard and fast. Hunter pinched and pulled on my nipple even harder as I sucked his cock. “Mom, you are such a great cock sucker. I could just imagine all of us gang banging you mom. One of us would be fucking your great pussy, another would be fucking your tits and the other one or two of us would have our cocks in your mouth.” Then Hunter pulled his nice hard prick out of my mouth and stepped back. He just stood there jacking off while watching his brother fuck me. “Honey…why did you take your cock out…out of my mouth? Don’t’ you want me to suck your cock?” Hunter just stood there for a few minutes. My other son was fucking me even faster now; I reached down with one hand and began to rub my clit. I let out a moan as I laid back on the dinning room table and writhed around in joy. “Yeah Ryan, Fuck mom! Fuck her hard! Fuck our slutty mom, make her moan!” Hunter just kept yelling out dirty words of encouragement to his brother and his brother responded to it. He just went wild, overcome by animalistic passion. I was barely able to talk from the intense pleasure that was building up in me. “Hunter…baby…please let me suck your cock…oh god yes Ryan don’t stop fucking me! Please…I want…I want your cock in…in my mouuuth. Oh fuck honey you are going to make me cum!” “Mom, I wanna fuck your tits! I wanna cum all over them!” “Oh…oooh…I promise…if you let me suck your cock…just…oh god I am so close Ryan…if you let me suck it…just tell me when you are gonna cum…I will…I…I oh god…I can’t hold back dear…I will jack you off onto my tits.”

“You promise mom?” “uh huh…oooh god I can’t take it!” With that I let out an intense scream of pleasure as my sons hot fucking brought me over the edge and I got off. My pussy tighten around my sons cock, a rush of pussy juice coated his hard prick. My pussy began to pulse with my orgasm, milking my son’s cock. I writhed around screaming out at the top of my lungs. Hunter rushed forward thrusting his cock into my open mouth. I grabbed the base of his cock, stroking his prick wildly as a covered his cock with saliva. I licked his tongue just like it was a melting popsicle. Ryan yelled out, “Oh fuck mom! I gonna cum!” I felt my son’s loins tense up and then I felt his cock beginning to pump his cum load into my pussy. I could feel spurt after spurt of his thick cum being blasted into my pussy. “Oh yeah mom, take it! I’m gonna fill your fucking tight pussy with my cum!” Ryan just moaned with lust as he kept pounding his cock and his load into me. Hunter then yelled out, “mom I’m ready cum! Jack me off on your tits!” I pulled my sons cock out of my mouth; he leaned over me as best as he could. It only took a few strokes of hand along his shaft to get my son to empty his cock all over my tits. Hunter sent a huge, long spurt of pure white cum splattering all over my tits. He yelled at me; “That’s it mom! Make me cum! Look at my cum on your tits!” I kept stroking his prick as he erupted with several more spurts of his tasty cum onto my nipples and tits. His brother pulled his cock out of my pussy and rushed over next to his brother.

When he stopped cumming, I quickly slid off the table and dropped to my knees, taking both of my son’s cocks into my mouth. I licked and sucked their cock’s dry of every drop of cum that was left in them. I loved the taste of my pussy cum all over my sons cock and the flavor it made in mouth mixed with their cum. I looked up into my son’s eyes, hunters cum was all over my tits and chest. I licked each of their prick heads, “Do you boys want to watch me lick all the cum off my tits? You wanna see your mom clean her tits off of all your cum?” They both gave me a lustful yes, so I spent the next few minutes slowly cleaning myself off with my tongue. They delightfully watched, telling me how to lick my tits, telling me to stick my tongue out with Hunters cum on it and then to slowly swallow it. I loved putting on that show for them.

Afterwards I asked them to set the table while I went upstairs to change into my sweats. We ate dinner, just having a normal conversation, the whole time I kept looking at the table thinking to myself how I good I just got fucked on it. As we talked I decided to change the conversation just a bit. “Do you what I kinda miss? I kinda miss jacking you two off. I miss seeing the look of lust and happiness on your face’s as I stroke your pricks and make you cum.” My son’s were a bit caught off guard, by they still smiled at me, “What else do you miss mom?” “Hmm, I don’t know. Oh, I never have seen the two of you actually jack-off from start to finish. I would really like to watch you both do that some time. Yeah, that would be great, watching my son’s either sitting or standing, looking at me, lusting after me so much that they jack-off in front me. I also miss having my pussy licked as well. I love seeing you two with your head’s buried in my pussy. I love the feel of my son’s tongues licking and slurping away at my pussy. That is such a great sight and feeling. So, Hunter, Ryan, do you think you would be up to having some fun some time after dinner? We could sit and watch a movie and at some point, we could have some more fun. What do you say?” of course both of my son’s said yes, instantly! Ryan said, “We are always up to having fun with you mom.” “Shit mom, you are so hot we could have fun with you all time. I’ll jack-off for you anytime you want!” added Hunter. “Great! Then we will have some more fun.” My sons helped me clean up after dinner. They went upstairs to change into their sweat pants. I went over to the TV and put in a DVD. I took my time cleaning up the dishes, making my boys lust build up, as they had to wait for me.

We sat down on the sectional, Ryan on one side, Hunter on the other. We watched some regular TV for a while, then I asked if they wanted to watch a movie for a bit. They said yes, although I knew all they really wanted to do was to fuck me some more. I hit play and to my son’s surprise I put in a porno movie for us to watch. I wanted to make them really horny! We started to watch, I glanced at my sons sweat shorts, and both of them had nice hard erection’s going. Then the phone rang; it was my boss wanting to go over everything for the day. This did put a damper on our planned activities, but we kept watching the movie; all I did was turned down the sound. As I talked to my boss I decided to have some fun. I put the phone on my shoulder so I could have my hands free. Then I began to grope my sons through their sweat shorts. They moaned with pleasure. I grabbed my pad of paper and wrote down on it to my son’s, ‘Take your shorts off, sit down and be quiet! Don’t say anything or make ANY sound.’ I showed it to my son’s, they looked a bit puzzled but they did what I said. They slid their short off and then sat back down. Their cocks were hard, bright red and their prick heads were already covered with pre-cum.

We watched the porno movie as I talked on the phone with my boss. I had of course picked this DVD for a reason; it had a really hot scene I wanted my son’s to watch. When this scene was coming up I grabbed my note pad again while all the time talking to my boss as if nothing was going on, if only he knew. I wrote down another message for my son’s, it read ‘Pay close attention to the next part coming up. I want you to fantasize that woman is me and you two are the guys in it’. This scene was an incredibly hot threesome. Two guys fucking the hell out of a woman in every way imaginable with a great cum shot scene. It had cock sucking, pussy licking, pussy fucking, tit fucking and ass fucking, double penetration (one cock in her pussy another in her ass). Of course the woman was a hot blonde with large tits like me. I let my son’s watch it for a minute or two before I went into action. I put the phone back on my shoulder, tilting my head to hold it there, now my hands were free. I grabbed my son’s cocks and slowly began to jack them off as they watched the movie, thinking it was the three of us. Ryan and Hunter both turned and smiled lustfully at me, and then they readjusted themselves so they could get the full pleasure of me stroking their cocks. I tried to keep the pace slow; I didn’t want them to cum too soon. I wanted them to enjoy the entire scene before I let them cum. Both of my sons became really horny and wanted me to join in their fun. At first they ran their hands up and down my inner thighs, slowly working their way to my pussy. The fabric of my sweat pants being rubbed against my slit was an incredibly hot sensation. Then they slid their hands down my sweat pants.

My sons’ finger’s found my pussy dripping wet! They took turns inserting their fingers into my extremely wet pussy. While one of them had their fingers in my pussy, my other son was playing with my clit. I could only take a few minutes of this before I had to stop them. I went from talking to my boss to starting to wiggle around on the sectional and moaning uh huh to my boss to answer his questions. I smacked my son’s hands and shook my head no. I was wishing my boss would shut up and hang up. I wanted my son’s to finger me and get me off, it was pissing me off that I couldn’t. My fingers were coated with my son’s very sticky pre-cum. I watched their pricks oozing in a steady flow, tasty pre-cum. A part of me wanted to hang up the phone, drop down to my knee’s and suck Hunter’s and Ryan’s cocks. Their pre-cum oozed between my fingers, coating both sides of my hands. My palms were so sticky with my son’s pre-cum.

Since I had watched this movie before, I knew when it was getting close to the on screen cum shot, so I knew when to start stroking my son’s hard cock’s faster and faster. As I was jacking my son’s off; I realized that this was the most intense lust I had I ever felt. I guess the whole situation was turning out to be even better than I thought because I was on the phone with my boss. I thought here I am having a work conversation with my boss on the phone, at the same time, I am watching a porno movie with my son’s, who are sitting next to me naked knowing they were watching the movie picturing it was them fucking me. Add to that the fact I am their mom, I had my son’s cocks in my hands, jacking them off, wanting to see the cum spurt out of my own son’s cocks. Luckily I was able to time it about right, my son’s released their cum loads about the same time as the guys on the DVD, except my son’s came even more. My poor boys, I know they wanted to let out loud moans but they were so good and they didn’t make a sound. Hunter and Ryan came at about the same time. I could feel their cocks go rigid, hard as steel, then they erupted. I could feel the muscle’s in their pricks pumping their incestuous cum out of their cock head’s. Cum surged out of their cocks like nice, wonderful, tasty cum geysers. Cum splattered on their stomachs and on my arms. Most of son’s cum load flowed out covering my fingers and hands with escort bayan hot, sticky cum. I saw my son’s looking at their cocks as they came all over my hands.

When they were done, I couldn’t even grab the phone because of the amount of cum that was all over my hands. Their cum felt so good on my fingers, it was so warm, sticky, I just looked at my hands and fingers, playing around with my son’s cum for a bit. I grabbed a towel I had left on the coffee table and wiped my hands clean, not really what I wanted to do with Ryan and Hunter’s cum but I was still on the phone. I grabbed the note pad again, writing my son’s another note. I knew my boss was finally getting ready to hang up, so I wrote my son’s a note I knew would excite them. I wrote ‘Go upstairs and get my sex lube. As soon as I am off the phone we are going to role-play. I am going to pretend to be your passive, innocent mom. You two are be as aggressive and dirty as you can be. I want you to lube up your cocks and I want you to take turns fucking me in my ass! I loved how you two took turns holding, restraining me, as you fucked me on my desk, do it again!’ My son’s read that note; their eye’s over flowed with joy. They ran up stairs to go find my sex lube, I knew they had been wanting to fuck my tight ass, now they were going to get their chance.

I was on the phone with my boss for another 10 minutes, Ryan and Hunter came back downstairs after they found the lube. They stood there in front of me and I got to watch their nice pricks get hard again as they became horny in anticipation of fucking my ass. They covered their hands in lube and then my son’s began to stroke their cocks slowly, coating their pricks with lube. Finally I hung up the phone and I immediately went into my role. “Oh my god! What are you doing? I am your mother, you shouldn’t be standing there naked in front of me stroking your cocks!” Ryan spoke up; “We are going to do a lot more than stroke off in front of you.” Hunter added, “That’s right mom, we are going to give the fucking you deserve and want.” I climbed up onto the sectional, acting afraid, “Oh please no, I’m…I’m your mom. You can’t fuck me! That…that is incest!” “You want it mom. Look at you, you can’t keep your eyes off of our cocks.” Ryan said. “You want it mom! You want to be fucked like crazy by your son’s. That’s right it is incest, it makes it so much dirtier and you will enjoy that much more!” Hunter followed up saying. My son’s moved towards me, they each grabbed an arm of mine. “Hunter, Ryan…please no. I am your mom…don’t fuck me…not here.”

They lifted me up to my feet and started to walk me around the sectional, I assumed they were going to take me upstairs, or downstairs. I struggled a bit, seeing how much it was turning my son’s on, as well as me. I found the anticipation to be very erotic, kinky and huge turn on. As I came around the arm of the sectional Ryan stopped. “Hunter, I can’t wait to fuck mom.” “Yeah, let’s fuck her right here Ryan!” My son turned me around so I was facing the armrest of the sectional; Hunter was standing on knees on the sectional. “Bend over mom. Hunter, grab moms’ hands.”

Ryan bent me over the arm of the sectional, hunter placed one of the cushions down on the on the seat to make me more comfortable. Hunter grabbed my arms holding me in the bent over position. I looked over my shoulder at my son stroking his hard cock, looking at me ass. Ryan began to rub my ass then he grabbed my sweat pants at the waistband and pulled them down to my ankles. “What…what are you doing? I’m…I’m your mom!” Ryan pressed his body against my ass, with one hand he began to rub and squeeze my ass, with his other hand he held his prick at the base and began to slap it on my ass. “You are such a hot, sexy mom. You are such a tease as well. You go around wearing tight clothes, jacking us off. Oh no mom. You are not going to get away with that anymore.” Ryan rubbed his cock across both of my ass cheeks smearing his pre-cum across my nice, small round ass. With his other hand, he slid a couple of finger’s in-between my ass cheeks and ran his fingers down my crack to my pussy. “Hey Hunter, mom’s pussy is nice and wet! See I knew she wanted her sons to fuck her.” “No… boys please…this is wrong, I’m your mother!” The next thing that came out of my mouth was a moan as Ryan slid his fingers deep into my pussy up to my G-spot. I turned my head around facing forward, looking at my other son’s prick. His piss slit was oozing pre cum as well. Ryan slowly finger fucked me for a few minutes, my eyes glazed over with pleasure and of course Hunter saw this and pointed it out. “Hey Ryan, mom is really enjoying you fingering her pussy. You should see the look on her face! That’s it mom, keep looking at my cock. I know you want it in your pretty little mouth. Don’t worry mom, you are going to get all the cock and cum you want and deserve!”

I moaned a loud and then I pretended plead to my sons. “Oh god please don’t do this…oooh…mmmm…that feels so good. I mean…I am your mom…” I looked over my shoulder at Ryan, “Please don’t…I won’t tell anyone what you have done if you stop now.” That only made my son work his finger in and out of my pussy faster. I bent my head down, burying my face in the cushion, trying to hide my moans of pleasure. I laid my head on my cheek, closing my eyes so I could savor the pleasure my oldest son was giving me. Hunter rubbed his prick head along my up turned cheek; his pre-cum ran all over my face. I instinctively turned my head and wrapped my lips around his prick head and gave it a quick suck. Hunter pulled his cock out of my mouth; I stuck my tongue out, trying to lick his cock head. “So mom, you want us to stop and you just tried to suck my cock.” I actually blushed, a little embarrassed and I tried to deny it. “No… no I didn’t…it was an accident…I didn’t mean to!” “Yeah right mom. You don’t get to suck our cocks until we tell you to!” Ryan slid his fingers out of my pussy, I gave a little protest; I really wanted him to get me off. My son then grabbed both of my ass cheeks. He rubbed them, squeezed them and then he told me to look at him. I raised up off the cushion and looked at my son over my shoulder. “Mom, you have such a tight pussy. You have such a great hot ass. I bet you ass is incredibly tight. What do you think Hunter?” “I think there is only one way to find out.” I watched with intense pleasure as my son pulled my ass cheeks apart and pressed his prick head against my tight asshole. “Please be gentle Ryan.” I said in low voice.

He slowly pressed his cock head into my ass, he let me get use to that feeling and then he very slowly pushed his nice hard cock into my ass. The feeling was incredible! I had never let their father fuck me up the ass and now I was letting my sons do it. At that moment I understood why my daughter wanted Paul to fuck her up the ass. It was such a different feeling of pleasure. It only added to the dirty, erotic delight. Ryan let out a loud, deep moan. “Ooh yeah! Oh fuck! Fuck Hunter, you gotta feel how tight mom’s ass is, this is great!” “Give it to mom so I can fuck her ass next.” Ryan slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out of my ass, then he slowly pushed his cock back in. I pulled my hands out of Hunters’ and braced myself on the cushion. I tilted my head back, letting out a loud moan of lustful pleasure. “Oh yeah baby! Fuck my ass! Oh honey your cock feels so good up there!” Hunter just kept kneeling in front of me, stroking his cock. “I thought you didn’t want your sons to fuck you mom? What happened? Did a nice cock change your mind? We knew that not only are you a hot mom but a slutty mom who has always wanted to get fucked by her sons.” I looked up and my son with glazed eyes, “Oh no… no this is…soooo…good…I mean…wrong. But it feels…so fucking good! You can go faster Ryan.” With that my son slowly increased his pace as he pumped his cock into my tight anal canal. I collapsed back on to the cushion. I reached one of my hands down in-between my legs back to my pussy. I slid my fingers up into my soaking wet pussy. I began to fuck myself as my son fucked my ass. I began to picture what it would be like to have both of my sons fucking me at the same time, one cock in my pussy and one in my ass. Ryan saw what I was doing and pulled my fingers out of my pussy. “Hey Hunter! I told you to hold onto mom hands.” Hunter quit jacking himself off and grabbed hold of both of my hands, holding them out in front of me. I pleaded with my sons to let me finger myself all I got was a very hot response from Ryan. “No mom! Your tight, sweet, wet pussy is ours now! We will get you off when we want you to. You, your pussy, your tits, your ass, you mouth are our sex toys. Just lay there and squirm mom!”

Slowly my son began to fuck my ass faster and faster; his balls made such a nice noise as they slapped against my ass. Then Ryan began to slap my ass, that I didn’t expect that! I especially didn’t expect the erotic pleasure I got from it! Ryan didn’t slap it to hard; he did it just right. “You are such a bad mom!” he slapped my ass. “Such a horny, slutty mom, letting your sons fuck you!” Ryan slapped my ass again. “Oh yes hon. I am a bad mom…spank me baby.” “So you want to get off? Huh? You were telling us not to do this? You didn’t want your sons fucking you?” “No… its wrong…its incest but.” Ryan slapped my ass, pulled his cock out of my ass and rammed it deep into my pussy. He pumped my tight pussy a couple of times, I thought he was going to let me cum, I was wrong. My son pulled his cock out and slid his pussy juice covered prick back into my ass. “You want us to let you cum, don’t you mom?” He spanked me until I answered. “Oh god yes…please let me cum.” “What will you do if we let you cum? Huh mom?” I looked over my shoulder at my son as he spanked me some more. “Please…anything…please let me cum.” “Do you want us to lick your pussy?” I said no, we had to stop this was wrong. Ryan spanked me again. “You do, don’t you mom. You want to sit on the sectional with your legs spread, watching your sons on their knees with their faces buried in your pussy. Our tongues digging deep in your pussy licking up all your sweet pussy juice.” then Ryan gave me little spanks until I answered him. “Yes…yes…yes Ryan. I do. I want you each to take turns eating me out. I want cum all over your tongues, lips and faces!” he smiled wickedly at me. “Don’t worry mom, we will do that, won’t we Hunter?” “Oh fuck yes! I am going lick and suck your pussy dry mom!” “Then you are going give us each the best blow job every!” “Oh no… I can’t…you’re my sons! I can’t suck your cocks!” “Yes you will mom! We know you are great cock sucker!” He spanked me again, I knew my sons loved it when I would not answer for a bit. Hunter rested his legs on my arms and leaned over my body and he began to spank me. “Come on mom! Answer us!” Finally I yelled, “Yes I will suck your cocks!” Hunter leaned back, placed his hand under my chin and raised my head up. “You will let us cum in your mouth, won’t you. You will swallow every drop of cum, right?” I said no; I couldn’t do that. Hunter leaned over me again and spanked me until I said I would. “Oh yes…I promise I will…every drop I will swallow it!”

By this time I could sense by Ryan’s pace, his breathing and his moaning that he was getting close to cumming. I could feel his cock swelling, becoming even more rigid. Hunter could tell as well that his brother was getting ready to cum. “Do it! Do it Ryan, cum in mom’s ass so I can fuck her ass next!” Ryan pumped faster and faster, his balls were slapping against my ass, and he reached down with one hand and began to play with my clit. I knew he was going to let me cum as well. After about a minute or two of wild ass fucking my son yelled out, “Oh yeah mom! I gonna cum in your ass mom…get ready!” Then I felt his hot cum spurting out of his prick and deep into my ass. At that moment I came as well. I passed out from the intense pleasure of my orgasm. It was incredible; I had to remember to thank my daughter about showing me about ass fucking.

Ryan removed his cock from my ass; he traded places with my other son. He grabbed a baby wipe that were sitting on the coffee table, I watched as he wiped his cock down. “See mom, I want you to have a nice clean cock to suck later.” Hunter moved around behind me, taking his position behind my ass. My son surprised me by sliding his nice hard prick into my pussy. “Sorry mom, I wanted to feel your nice tight wet pussy around my cock first before I fuck your great ass. Ryan, take mom’s sweatshirt off. We gotta play with her nice big tits!” Hunter slowly fucked my pussy with his cock while my other son pulled my sweatshirt off. Ryan began to fondle my tits, squeezing them and tugging on my nipples. I moaned and groaned with lustful, wild pleasure as my younger son fucked me and my older son played with my nipples and tits. I looked over my shoulder at my son, I smiled wickedly at him and then I said, “Oh hunter, that feels so good, fuck me nice and slow. Make your mom moan.” “Mom, get up on your hands, I want to fuck your ass while you are on all fours.” I did exactly what my son said. This gave Ryan a nice view and great access to my tits.

Hunter withdrew his slick, red hard cock from my pussy much to my complaint. I really wanted my son to fuck me until I came. He pushed his cock right into my tight asshole. I bent my head back as I moaned with lustful pleasure. “Oh yeah baby…fuck your mom’s ass! I love having your cock up there.” Ryan laid down on his back and slid himself between my arms until his wet mouth was on my tits. My son wildly began to suck on my tits, his tongue danced around each of my large, erect nipples. I looked down and watched his cock grow hard as he got out his teenage male horniess by licking and sucking on my tits. This really made my ass fucking even more enjoyable. I told Ryan to keep sucking my tits, and then I glanced over my shoulder and told hunter to fuck me faster and harder. Hunter grabbed my ass as he pounded his nice prick in and out of it. “Hey mom, I like these tattoos you have on your back.” I had one down at the small of my back and one up between my shoulder blades. “Are these like targets for when someone fucks you from behind? I bet I can hit both of them with my cum.” I was actually speechless, my ex never did that to me, it actually excited me, it sounded so dirty. “You do whatever you want to me, I am just antalya escort your slutty, sex toy mom. Just fuck me good!”

For the next ten minutes or so all that could be heard were myself and Hunter moaning together along with slurping and sucking noise’s coming from Ryan working my tits. Ryan was nice enough part way through to insert a couple of fingers into my wet pussy and finger fucked me until I came all over his fingers. I tried to bend my head down to suck his cock but every time I tried to do it, Ryan would push my head away and told his brother to grab my long blonde hair. Hunter seemed to like that, holding my hair like reign’s as he fucked me. Looking at my son’s cock oozing pre-cum was driving me wild; I really wanted to suck him off. Hunter got closer and closer to cumming on his own part. “Ryan…should I cum in mom’s ass or cum all over her back?” Ryan yelled out, cum on her back! That’s why she has those tattoos there. They are cum target’s!” Ryan slid out from underneath me to watch his brother blow his load all over my back. Hunter pulled his cock out of my ass, I thought he was going to jack himself off all over my back, I was wrong. He took his prick and just worked between my ass cheeks, the same way he would fuck my tits. “Oh yeah mom, lets see how far I can cum across your back! Ready? I’m gonna cum!” As he thrust his prick between my ass cheeks, his prick erupted with his load of cum. I could feel the surge of cum spew out of his piss slit. The first spurt landed about halfway up my back, the next spurt was smaller and landed on the tattoo on the small of back. Ryan cheered; yeah you came on one tattoo! Then my son sent another, large spurt of cum splattering across my back and bingo; he hit the other one. I loved the feeling of his hot, sticky cum all over my back. I felt so dirty, so slutty; it took our affair to an all-new level. Once he finished, he wiped the cum off of my back with his fingers. Ryan told me to sit down on the sectional, as I did Hunter held his cum covered fingers up to me. “Gone on mom, clean my fingers off.” I went back into roll playing, “I can’t…I…I’m your mom.” Hunter held them up to my lips, “Do it mom! Make better use of your tongue and get to licking!” I hesitantly, slowly licked the cum off of my sons fingers. Both of sons watched me with a wild, lustful, deep lust in their eyes.

Hunter dropped to his knees in front of me; he placed his hands on my knees and spread my legs revealing my wet pussy. “Mmm, I am hungry for some mom pussy. I’m gonna eat mom out first.” With that said, my son buried his face in my crotch. He ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips, and then he stuck the tip of his tongue in-between my pussy lips. He ran his tongue up and down my very wet slit; he would play with my clit for a bit then he would go back to lightly licking my pussy lips. “Hey, how does mom taste?” “She tastes fucking great. She is so wet. Mom, I am going to make you squirm!” Hunter pulled my wet pussy lips apart with his thumbs and then slid his tongue in as far as he could get it. My son licked fast and deep at my pussy, sucking on my clit like there was no tomorrow. Wow did it feel so good. I looked down at my son just going at my pussy and I was over come with a high degree of passion. I moaned and kept encouraging my son to keep his tongue right where it was. Ryan began to play with my tits, first fondling them, then he leaned down and began to lick and suck on my nipples. Then I noticed he was jacking himself off as he was playing with my tits!

“Oh baby, are you jacking off to me, your mom?” “Fuck yes mom! I’m gonna cum all over your face and in your pretty little mouth too!” I placed my hands on my son’s head, keeping his face up against my pussy. As I did that I watched my other son wildly stroking his cock. I could tell that both of my sons were just overcome with their taboo thoughts by this point. Hunter was going at my pussy like there was no tomorrow; Ryan was lustfully sucking and fondling my tits as he stroked his cock faster and faster. Ryan leapt up still stroking his nice red, hard cock. He stood up on the sectional, straddling my body; he placed his free hand under my chin and raised my head up. “I’m gonna cum mom! Open wide, I wanna blow my load into your mouth!” I slipped back into my role-playing mode, just to drive him even wilder. “Oh no! Please no! I’m…I’m your mom! This is so wrong, so dirty what we are doing. Please don’t make me do this Ryan.” Ryan leaned down, running his prick head across my lips, his pre-cum tasted so good, I couldn’t help but lick my lips right afterward. “You see mom! You fucking want it! You fucking want me to cum all over your face and mouth! Now be the nice hot, fucking slutty mom we know you are and open your mouth!” Hunter stopped licking my pussy and told his brother to stand to the side so he could watch him cum in my face. Ryan did just that, he quickly stepped to one side, he placed his hand on my forehead. My son ran his fingers through my hair, grabbing a handful of my blonde hair. He pulled my head back a bit; I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out.

Ryan’s hand was like a blur as it moved up and down his cock. My son had such a wild look of pure lust in eyes, I knew he was about to cum. “Oh yeah mom, get ready! Here it fucking comes!” “Oh baby, are you jacking off to me, your mom?” “Fuck yes mom! I’m gonna cum all over your face and in your pretty little mouth too!” I placed my hands on my son’s head, keeping his face up against my pussy. As I did that I watched my other son wildly stroking his cock.

Ryan stroked his cock a few more times and then his cock exploded with cum. Cum spurted out of his cock head and splattered all over my face. My son’s cum landed on my forehead, my nose, the side of my face, my chin and of course on my waiting tongue and into my mouth. I watched my son wildly jacking himself off, the incestuous cravings was almost pouring out of his eyes as he watched he came all over my face. Him and his brother kept yelling out, “Oh yeah give it to mom! Take it mom, take it all! You are such a hot, slutty mom! Cover mom’s face with cum.” Just as my son finished I came in my younger son’s face. I grabbed his head, ramming it into my pussy. I could feel my son lapping up all my sweet, honey pussy juice as I sent wave after wave of my orgasm on to his chin and tongue. Hunter rubbed his face, lips and tongue all over my pussy; I could barely hear my son’s slurping over my loud moans of pleasure. Ryan slid his cock into my mouth, which I happily sucked dry, still moaning as my orgasm subsided. Both of my sons watched me clean my face off, licking off as much cum as I could, then I used Hunters very hard prick to wipe off the rest of the cum and of course I sucked it right off his throbbing prick. Ryan lustfully said, “My turn to eat out mom’s pussy.” Hunter pulled his cock out of my mouth, he told me to lie down on the sectional. I placed one leg on the floor the other one over the back of it; making a very nice spread eagle for my son Ryan to lick my nice wet pussy. Ryan lunged for my pussy, burying his tongue deep into it. He started to lick and suck hard on my clit, then my pussy lips. His tongue dug deep into my hot pussy. I began to moan wildly, I begged my son not to stop. Hunter straddled my body then lowered himself down onto his knees. I knew exactly what he was going to do, fuck my tits. He grabbed my tits, put his cock between them and began to fuck the hell out of my large tits. “Watch me mom! Watch me fuck you tits and then cum all over them!”

For awhile the only noises we were all making were animalistic ones. Ryan was moaning as licked my pussy, we all could hear him slurping and sucking on my pussy and clit. “You taste so good mom!” Hunter kept pounding my tits with his cock, I could feel his sticky pre-cum all in-between my tits. “Oh yeah mom, fuck your tits are so big! I love fucking your tits mom!” I writhed around as much as could, moaning and groaning, allowing my deep yearnings to take over. I kept watching my sons’ cock head thrusting out from up between my tits. His cock was so hard, bright red. “Oh my god you boys are so bad! Fucking your own mom like this! You are so good at eating my pussy. You boys can fuck me anytime you want! Please, any time! I want your nice cum everyday! Hunter, I want your cum all over my tits. Make me your slutty mom.”

Ryan slid a couple of fingers into my wet pussy as he licked and sucked on my pussy. I squirmed around as my son brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. My other son was just enjoying himself while fucking my tits. He told me to hold my tits together, around his cock. I did so happily; my son then started to play with my nipples as he pumped his cock in and out of my large tits. As I got even closer to my orgasm I let all my lust come to the surface. “Ryan…oh yeah Ryan! That’s it! Lick my pussy, finger me! Oh yeah, that’s it, make your mom cum! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! I’m getting closer, oh yeah…don’t stop, keep it up baby.” After a few minutes my orgasm became to intense for me to hold back and I writhed around, screaming out in pleasure as I came all over my sons’ finger’s, tongue and face. Ryan kept sucking and licking my pussy as I sent wave after wave of my orgasm of sweet pussy juice all over my son. “Oh fuck mom! You taste so fucking good.” When I recovered I could tell my other son was getting close to cumming all over my tits. “Are you gonna cum all over my tits? Well Hunter, are you going to shoot your cum all over your mom’s nice big tits?” “Fuck yeah mom! I’m gonna blow my load all over your tits and face!” “Come on and do it! Do it now! Be a good son and cum all over me.” As soon as I got that out, my son’s cock erupted. I could feel his first spurt of cum blow out of his piss slit while it was still in-between my tits. As his cock head burst out from the top of my tits, he sent another surge of thick, hot, sticky cum spurting and splattering onto my chin and lower lip. His cock pushed out the gobs of cum he blown between my tits. He grabbed his cock which was covered with cum and jacked himself off. He blew another couple of spurts of his cum onto my nipples and large areola. “That’s hunter, keep cumming on my tits. Give me all your cum. I love your hot sticky cum on my tits.” My son leaned forward, pushing his hard, cum covered cock into my mouth. He tasted so good; his cum mixed with my sweat. I happily sucked and cleaned off his cock as he sent his last spurt of cum deep into my throat.

Hunter removed his cock after a couple of minutes of having me suck on it. My son climbed off of me and sat down on the sectional, my other son sat down next to him. Ryan’s cock was bright red and hard again. Ryan looked at me and said “Ok mom, now do what you promised. Be a good slutty mom, get down on your knees and give me a blowjob!” “Ok honey, I will give you the best blowjob a mom can give her son.” Then I turned and looked at my other son. “Hunter when I am done with your brother, I will suck you off too.” Ryan spread his legs, holding his cock at the base of his shaft. I got down on my knees between my sons’ legs. I grabbed his cock and ran my tongue up and down his shaft. I covered my sons cock with my saliva, he just watched me moaning. “Yeah that’s it mom. Lick my cock. I can’t wait to cum all over your nice wet tongue mom.” I ran my tongue up the underside of his prick, when I got to the underside by his piss slit, I lapped up all his pre-cum that was already oozing out. I licked it as fast as I could go, which drove my son wild. “You like that Ryan? Do you want me to suck your nice hard cock? Do you wanna cum in your moms mouth?” “Yeah mom! Fucking suck my cock! I wanna fill your mouth with my cum.”

I slid his cock into my mouth and I began to bob my head up and down on my sons’ cock. He grabbed my hair and held the back of my head, keeping his cock in my mouth. As I sucked on his nice prick, I snaked my tongue all around his throbbing shaft. I slurped and sucked on my sons’ prick, savoring all his tasty pre-cum. I fondled his balls as I sucked his beautiful prick. I glanced over at my other son; his prick was hard as a rock. Ryan released my head and I slowly pulled his prick out of my mouth, a long strand of pre-cum and saliva attached my lower lip to his prick head. I looked at my other son, “I see your cock is nice and hard Hunter. I can’t wait to suck your nice prick next.” Then I placed Ryan’s prick head into my mouth and I began to jack him off in my mouth. Ryan moaned yelled out for me to keep doing that he was getting close to cumming. I sucked and licked his prick head faster and faster as I stroked his prick. My son’s cock stiffened, he began to breathe hard and I knew he was about to cum. I opened my mouth sticking my tongue out, I kept my sons prick head on my tongue. I did my best to keep licking his cock as I jacked him off. My son’s prick exploded with cum. He yelled out, “Oh fuck mom! Take it all!” He sent spurt after spurt after spurt of thick, hot gooey cum into my mouth, down my throat and he coated all of my tongue. I loved every moment of it, watching the lustful look on my son and tasting his great cum was wonderful. I swallowed some of my sons cum before I moved over to my other son. I knew they wanted me to be really slutty, I still had Hunters cum on my tits! Hunter went wild when I went for his cock. I just grabbed his cock and sucked and licked it like a popsicle. “Oh yeah mom, you are such a slut. I love seeing you suck my cock with my cum all over your tits!” “I am your slutty mom, remember? I just love to have this hot, sticky cum all over me.” I worked my head up and down my sons cock, I was bobbing my head as fast as I could. The slurping sounds were so incredibly loud as I lavished my sons cock with all my passion. Hunter kind of took me by surprise at how quickly he came. Suddenly I felt a spurt of cum erupt out his piss slit, then a huge spurt of cum surged out of prick, nearly filling my mouth with cum. As I kept sucking on his prick, moaning with pleasure, my son sent another surge deep down my throat. He had a few small spurts of cum after that but pretty much my boys were spent. I removed my sons cock from my mouth; I had cum dripping down the sides of my mouth, cum was on my chin, my tits and cum was all over my lips. I enjoyed sitting there, letting my son’s enjoy watching me take some time licking their cum off of my lips, then my tits. I used my finger to collect all of their seed I couldn’t reach with my tongue and I fed myself my son’s jizm. Afterwards we were all pretty tired so we retired to our separate bedrooms to rest up for our next incestuous encounter.

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