Guess Who?

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We’ve been out for the evening with a friend of mine – he’s at a loose end because his girlfriend had a party to go to. He and I have a had a couple of drinks, and you’ve agreed to drive him home. He invites both of us in for a nightcap and a chat. You’re not sure about it, because I’ve been teasing you under the table the whole evening, and you’re feeling quite horny – given the choice, you’d probably vote for going straight back to your place and getting down to it. But you can see that I’m keen for the evening not to end just yet, so you agree to pop in for five minutes.

A little while later, and we’re in his kitchen, and he’s making tea and coffee. You’ve just come back from the bathroom, and you’ve walked into a conversation about a girl who was in the pub wearing a very short skirt.

“Typical men,” you sigh “You’re all the same.”

This starts up a whole new discussion, with you insisting all blokes are alike, and us defending men in general by claiming that we aren’t all alike. I decide that I know how this argument can be settled.

“Okay,” I say “You sit on this kitchen chair, and we’ll stand behind you. We’ll take turns rubbing your shoulders, and see if you can tell one bloke from another by his massage technique.”

You agree to this, figuring that at least you’ll get two free shoulder-rubs out of it. He goes first, and gently but firmly rubs across your shoulders, digging his thumbs into your shoulder blades, easing the knots out of your muscles. His fingertips work at the tops of your shoulders, then move inwards until he’s massaging your neck. You seem to be finding it very relaxing. Then I take over, making exactly the same movements so as not to give any clues away. I look down, over your shoulder, and see that you’re gently tapping one of your feet – a sure sign that you’re either annoyed or getting turned on. I decide to test my theory, and run my fingernail right down your neck from hairline to where your necklace hangs. Sure enough, the tap becomes a wriggle…

“No good,” you say “Couldn’t tell you apart – but thanks for the neck rub!”

“Okay” says my friend “Foot massage – every bloke has a different technique. She’ll need to keep her eyes close, though. No cheating. We’ll do one foot each.”

You agree to close your eyes, and then we move round in front of you. You feel your left shoe being removed first, and firm hands bahis firmaları rub the soles of your feet without tickling. You feel fingers moving up from your ankle to the top of your sock, and then your sock being peeled slowly down and off. Each of your toes gets a tiny massage of its own, then your ankle gets gently wiggled, and its done. The exact same movements are repeated with your right foot, but then whoever is doing the massage plants a small kiss on the top of your foot just as he’s finishing, and you feel the unmistakeable flick of a tongue across your sensitive skin…

“Still no good.” you say quietly “Both felt lovely, thanks!”

“Okay then…” I say “Let’s try something else. This time, we’ll touch you somewhere different to each other. You’ll have to keep your eyes closed though!”

You nod slowly, and squeeze your thighs together very gently.

“And” I add “We won’t tell you where you’re going to be touched.”

You nod again, unsure where this ‘game’ is heading, but willing to enjoy it for now. The next thing you feel is a hand slowly moving over your tummy, stroking through your shirt, gently rubbing up to just below your breasts, then down to the waistband of your jeans. You begin slowly squeezing your legs together rhythmically, enjoying the soft sensation of having your abdomen stroked like a cat. Then you feel the fingers stray over the waistband of your jeans, over your zip, and then back up, but under your shirt… fingernails graze the bare skin of your tummy, circling around your bellybutton. You open your mouth to lick your dry lips as you feel as a second hand reach for the bottom of your shirt and raise it slightly, so that the first hand can move more easily up and down. Up to the edge of your bra, then slowly down to your waistband, then further down and over your button and zip.

Then you feel a second pair of hands begin to caress the sides of your neck, fingertips gliding over your throat, and the sides of your face. Your breathing is getting heavy, as you wonder how far the two of us will go. You open your mouth to make breathing easier, and a fingertip slips in. You aren’t sure who’s it is, but you playfully lick at it anyway as it moves in and out. The other hand of this second pair moves down your throat to the neckline of your shirt, then slips under the fabric and moves down to the edge of your bra. You begin sucking kaçak iddaa the finger in your mouth, gently at first, then hungrily as you feel a hand slip inside your bra and caress your naked breast. You can feel your jeans being unbuttoned, and the zip slowly pulled down, and you realise that you’ve reached the point of no return.

But you make no effort to stop things.

One pair of hands pulls your shirt up and over your head, then off completely. The other pair of hands gently ease your jeans open, and you raise your arse from the chair to allow them to be pulled right down around your ankles. The hands pull your jeans over your feet, and you hear them get thrown across the room. Then the hands slide back up your bare legs, on the inside, pushing your legs apart, stopping just before your tiny knickers and squeezing at your thighs. You feel yourself being gently pushed forward in the chair, and then your bra is unclasped. Hands move over both breasts, squeezing and pinching, fingernails grazing your nipples.

You are in a strange man’s kitchen, sat on a chair naked except for your knickers, while two men touch your naked skin. You don’t bother to disguise a moan as you feel your knickers being pulled to one side, and a tongure gently lapping at your soft pink skin. As you’re being licked, you hear a zip coming down, and feel a hard cock being pushed into your open mouth. You don’t care who’s cock it is, and you suck and lick, hungry to satisfy one of the men who have made you so hot. Your hands move to your tits, squeezing and pulling at them as you suck. You’re bucking your hips towards the tongue which is now plunging in and out of you, a tongue which may never have tasted you before. You can hardly even moan with the cock moving in and out of your mouth, fucking across your tongue.

Then, without warning, you’re stood up and bent over the kitchen table. A pair of hands roughly yanks your knickers down your legs. You feel hands on your hips, and more hands on your hair. As you step out of your knickers, you feel the tap of a foot between your own, urging you to spread your legs wider. You’re right on the edge of a climax, as you feel a cock ease into your soaking cunt, at exactly the same time as another slides into your mouth. Both cocks begin fucking you, the one in your mouth is gentle and slow, but the one in your tight cunt is rough, insistent. You are kaçak bahis being banged against the table, and can’t use your hands for anything more than hanging on to the edges of it.

“Mmmmm… mmmffff..” is all your full mouth can manage, as you come hot and hard, squeezing down on the cock hammering into you from behind. Then, abruptly, you’re pulled to your feet again, hands over your glasses stopping you from peeping. You’re led into another room, and you feel yourself moving across carpet. Then you’re guided down to the floor, sinking to your knees and nearly screaming out loud as you realise that you’re sinking down onto a hard cock…

Although you’ve just come, you buck and ride on the cock, feeling it growing harder and bigger inside you with each grind. From somewhere behind you, you hear a cupboard door open and close. As you slow your grinding, wondering what might be coming next, you feel somebody moving up behind you, and sinking to their knees resting a hand on your shoulder. You gasp in shock and surprise, as you feel something warm and slippery being smeared over your tightest opening.

Before you can speak, you feel a finger being slid into your hot arse. It moves slowly in and out, in time with your slow grinds against the cock in your cunt. Your arse begins to relax a little, and you feel a second finger join the first, pushing deep into you, and then pulling almost all the way out again. Over and over they push and pull, and you feel the cock inside you swell even more. Whoever it is, they’re going to come soon.

“Aaaaahh!!” you cry out loud as you feel the whole length of a hard cock being slid up your arse. It stays still for a moment, letting you catch your breath, and then both cocks begin to pound into you at the same time. Your arse and cunt are full of hard cock, leaving your mouth free to cry and moan at the combination of stinging discomfort and pure dirty pleasure.

“Oh oh oh oh oh” your breath comes in short gasps as you feel the second cock get even bigger inside your arse. Then, without slowing or stopping, both cocks explode inside you, and you feel yourself being flooded with come, front and back. Spurt after spurt of hot come triggers your second orgasm, and you pant and shake as the two hard cocks continue to thrust in and out, in and out. Your legs are trembling, and you’re feeling a bit unsteady, as first one, then the other, pulls out of you and you tumble gently over on to your side. As you lie there, shaking and used, eyes still closed, you hear a woman’s voice from the doorway behind you.

“I’ll have what she’s having, thank you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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