Gym Daddy

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Hi, my name is Nick. I’m a gay 18 year old living in Milwaukee. I started going to the gym last summer just to get in shape-I had no idea that would be where I met my daddy.

I was slightly muscular, with broad shoulders, petite pecs and sizeable biceps, complementing my 7-inch cut dick. I noticed daddy right away-he was in his mid-forties; his bulging biceps fit well with his ginormous, furry pecs and tightly muscled calves. He was egotistic, you could tell in the way he carried himself-the grunting, the walking like head honcho, and the lifting of heavy weights But, it wasn’t until he saw me noticing him in the locker room that he gave me any attention.

“What are you looking at,” he growled, wiping his muscled under armour shirt with a towel.

I replied shyly “Nothing, just packing up my clothes.”

He replied with “You sick faggot, you know exactly what you were doing. If I wanted a little slut boy I would get one instantly.” His words shocked me, as I would have never believed in my wildest dreams casino şirketleri he was gay. Without my notice, my cock became harder than it has ever before. He started licking his lips and looked me up and down. When he reached my cock area, he saw the prominent bulge popping out of the thin short material, and stated “You’re such a pervert.” He could see that I was starting to tear up due to his harshness, and then stopped.

Suddenly, his attitude changed to the situation- he came up to me, bent down into in my face, put his muscled chest somewhat it was pressing against my nose, and offered to fuck me in exchange for me blowing him. I, without hesitance, agreed.

We went into a closet, and he pulled out his 9-inch, thick, cut cock. I know I was a virgin but I could identify a sexy cock when I saw one. It was so vascular, so thick, and had a ginormous purplish-red head.

I couldn’t handle myself-I threw my mouth onto his fine piece of dick. He put his vascular hand on my head and pumped it in and out of me. casino firmaları I threw my hands up on his monstrous, slightly furry pecs and he began popping them for my pleasure. He then demanded that he fuck me. I agreed, and we went into a missionary-style position. He pumped his member into my tight virgin hole, all along covering my mouth so no one could hear me scream.

Suddenly, the pain I have been feeling turned into a substantial amount of pleasure, and I was begging him to continue. As he fucked me we made out, and he gently bit my tongue just to tease me. He started stroking my dick while fucking me at the same time. I had never felt anything like this before-this beat masturbation my a long shot.

The pleasure was so intense-I couldn’t hold onto it any longer. I felt an amazing swish of orgasm travel through my spine and manage to roam all the areas of my body.

The ejaculation was powerful as well. After my orgasm, I shot at least a pint of my boy cream onto my chest. It even reached my forehead. Daddy güvenilir casino chuckled. Suddenly, he let out a monstrous growl and I could feel his cum fill my ass. He slowed down, coming out of me to cuddle. I stroked his thick, defined muscles as we kissed passionately.

We cuddled for sometime longer. I loved sucking in his nipples while I twirled the little amount of pec hair he did have in my hands. He could’ve been a bodybuilder he was that muscular. No wonder why all the woman attempted to talk to him at the gym.

Then, we left for his house.

He forcefully pushed me onto his king-size bed. He tore his sweaty Under Armour muscle shirt off and forced it into my mouth. He forced his thick shaft into my tight little asshole, which made me scream in pain. Daddy, however, thought this was funny.

My daddy was going bareback. I tried to clench my ass so I would not catch a disease.

He went even faster and harder, causing me to tear up slightly. However, a feeling of euphoria soon overwhelmed me and I had the deepest, strongest full-body orgasm I’ve ever had.

That night, daddy cummed five times. Daddy and I are still together today, a whole two months later. He is even more muscular now, and the sex, of course, is still amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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