Had to Improvise Ch. 02

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When we left off at the end of Ch. 01 Steve and I had just finished filming a solo shoot (with me behind the camera for a change) that took a turn and ended up with his face buried between my cheeks and his fat cock buried deep in my mouth. You can read the previous story for full details on how we got to that surprising climax but the short explanation is that he had to take a turn in front of the camera and I ended up having to help move things along in order to speed things up. After we both came down from our amazing orgasms I thought for sure there would be more filming but things didn’t end up going that way. Something came up and we both went our separate ways. I for one was fully expecting to meet up again soon for another scene but, as happens all too often, life got in the way.

That was about 5 years ago now and we are finally throwing around the idea of meeting back up, although things are much different now. I’ve been in a committed relationship for quite a while now and although it’s been devoid of any physical intimacy for quite some time I still can’t bring myself to let things get physical with anyone else. I have different motivations for wanting to get together. Steve is really the only one that I could even think of to share my secret with and even the thought of that makes me crazy nervous. I’ve shared with him my desires and some of the things that I do when I have the house to myself but actually showing him is a whole other level of crazy.

I’ve been wearing panties and thongs off and on for a few years now. It started with just pulling on one of my girlfriend’s thongs out of curiosity. I had always been so enthralled when she wore them that I thought I’d see how it felt to be in her position, how it felt to be in something so skimpy with that thin strip permanently between my cheeks. I pulled them up and did my best to get my whole package into the front but there was definitely some spilling over right from the start.

I did my best to cover what I could and then went to check myself out in front of the full-length mirror in our bedroom. The material was straining to keep everything in place in the front but it was doing an admirable job considering that is clearly not what it was made for. After a quick look at the front I turned to get a peek at the rest. I was a little shocked at how good my ass looked as the material above tapered down until it disappeared between my cheeks. I have always been an ass man but I never thought I would see my own ass in a thong and do anything other than laugh.

After a short few minutes of admiring the view from all angles I quickly changed back out of the thong and put it back where I had found it. Even trying it on in private for that short time with nobody else aware I was still feeling embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I vowed to refrain from doing that again and did my best to keep my word to myself. That worked for a few weeks until one day, as I walked in to find clothes after my shower, I found myself staring at a lacy thong laying on the bedroom floor.

Thoughts raced through my head. “She’s gone for the day. I’m clean, still naked, and suddenly curious what this different material would feel like against my smooth skin.” I like to keep myself smooth below the neck.

After almost no time at all I dropped my towel and grabbed the tiny pile of material from the floor, stepped into the leg holes and slid it up my body, again barely covering my crotch as it split me from behind. I was loving the feel of the soft fabric against my skin, straining to keep me contained, combined with the feel of the cool air all around me. In only the thong I went and climbed into bed so I could feel the caress of the satin sheets through the lace and against my naked cheeks. The feeling was intoxicating and it didn’t take long before I had to take my throbbing cock into my hand and stroke myself to a powerful climax, the best that I had experienced in quite a while.

Of course, immediately afterward the feelings of shame returned full force and once again I vowed to refrain from doing that again. I wasn’t fooling myself and realized that I wasn’t going to be that prudish but I was determined to at least stop wearing my girlfriend’s underwear. Within a few days I had done a fair amount of “research” into what underwear I liked the most, what styles and sizes would fit best and I pulled the trigger on ordering a handful of items for myself, all in combinations of black, grey and/or white.

I work exclusively at home so it didn’t take long before I was pulling on some lace and wearing it around the house whenever I knew I’d be home alone for an extended period of time. I’d even taken to wearing skimpy little black thongs underneath my own underwear and clothes when heading out for quick errands. I would never consider letting it happen but the thought of getting caught was erotic beyond belief. Many times I came home and shot huge loads after those excursions but other times I would just go about whatever business I needed to attend to around the house.

Over casino şirketleri time my urge to wear sexy underwear grew stronger. Sometimes I would start to stiffen just from thinking about pulling on a sheer thong. Whenever I would see Victoria’s Secret commercials I would get turned on by the hot models but possibly even more by the thought of slipping on whatever panties they were wearing. The hardest thing about this whole journey was that I didn’t feel like I could talk about it with anyone. It was the forbidden fruit that I was only able to taste alone. I longed to be able to tell someone, to share with someone what I liked and what I fantasized about.

Finally, one night when I was up late in our empty home I couldn’t resist telling someone at least a little bit about my secret clothes. I typed out an email with a subject of “Please don’t judge” and quickly sent it to Steve before I had the chance to change my mind. Regret set in immediately after I clicked send but there was no turning back. I had just poured out my story, told Steve all about what I had been up to starting with that very first thong and there was no pulling it back now.

With thoughts racing through my head of what Steve would be thinking when he read the email I had no hope of falling asleep anytime soon but I crawled into bed anyway, naked except for my little thong. As I lay there staring at the ceiling all I could think was, “What the hell did I just do? What was I thinking?”

My barrage of negative thoughts were fortunately interrupted before they spun too far out of control. I was soon interrupted by a dinging from my phone which I had thankfully forgotten to mute before getting into bed. Reaching over I grabbed my phone and tilted it toward myself to see if it was something worth opening. Man, was it ever!

My heart shot up into my throat when I saw that it was already a response from Steve. I kept trying to tell myself that it didn’t matter what other people thought but by the way I was feeling right then it was clear that I didn’t believe any of that crap one bit. I could feel the heat coming from my ears, one of those symptoms of embarrassment that I know all too well, so I decided it would be best to just rip the band-aid off and see what he had to say.

When I opened the email all I saw were a short couple of lines in response to the stream of consciousness that I had flooded him with less than an hour ago. In my mind that short of a response could only be a bad thing and I was more scared than ever to ready what it said!

As usual, my assumption was not only inaccurate but completely opposite of what was on my screen.

The entirety of Steve’s response to my confessions of wearing panties and thongs was, “Oh my god! That’s soooooooo hot! Pics please! 8===D”.

I’m not sure how long I sat and stared at my phone. Was he fucking with me? It took seeing another notification popup before I started to regain my senses. The notification was for another email response from Steve.

Surprisingly, this one had even more of an impact. “Oh, and of course I’m not judging! To be honest, that’s pretty tame compared to other things I’ve read/heard about. What turns you on has nothing to do with who you are as a person, so more power to you for knowing what you like. Embrace it! And seriously, pictures!”

After that I had two things that I needed to take care of so I got to it.

First, I flipped the covers off of me and snapped a photo from above of my package wrapped in lace. After looking at it I realized that it wasn’t good enough so I headed back to the mirror that I looked in back when this all started. I kept the first picture but added to it a few more…full length from the front (without my face), zoomed in to mostly just my mid-section, full length from the side and both full length and zoomed in from the back.

I typed in a quick response and hurriedly sent it off, “Thanks for being so cool about this. You don’t know the amount of shame and embarrassment I’ve put myself through over this, just because I love the feel and look of women’s panties! It’s so great to have someone that I can confide in! As a token of my appreciation I’ve attached a few pictures, no face of course. I’m not ready to go there yet! We’ll talk more soon I hope.”

And second, I’m sure anyone with half a brain could guess what that was. By that time my cock was straining to bust free from the tight lacy confines and I had to do something about it. I rushed back in, laid back on the bed and pulled the waistband down past my balls, freeing my stiffening member. Immediately after it thumped against my stomach I took it into my right hand and my balls in my left. I began to gently stroke and caress.

Eager to climax I grabbed some lube from my nightstand and coated my rod before I began to stroke with abandon. I was thrusting my hips and rapidly gliding my hand up and down my shaft, staring at the lone eye rhythmically winking at me. My balls were still in my left hand and I could feel them retreat from my hand casino firmaları and pull up in anticipation of what was to come. My cock was as hard as it has ever been, ready to explode, and I continued to pump, waiting, watching for it to erupt.

It only took a few more strokes until the flood finally broke free. I could see my hole open up as the first blast shot up onto my face, reaching as far as my left eye and leaving a thick, gooey trail down my cheek. There was a heavy glob on my lips which I absentmindedly licked as I continued shooting forth rope after rope of my seed. By the time I came down I had blasted my face again and coated my neck, chest and stomach. The last of my release was cresting my tip and oozing down over my hand, finally puddling at the base of my slowly softening cock.

I continued to slowly stroke my cock, ensuring that I got every last twitch of sensation and milked every last drop of cum. Finally removing my left hand from my spent balls, I reached up to first trace my fingers in the cum covering my torso then to massage it all around, rubbing it into my skin as if it were lotion. Normally at this point I would’ve lost all interest and rushed to clean up but that night was different. I was on a sexual high from the freedom of having told my short story and come out unscathed on the other side.

My cock was ever so slowly wilting in my slowly stroking hand but my heart still raced with the excitement of the moment so I didn’t stop to rest. I continued to caress myself and smear the cum around on my skin, coating everywhere on my torso that I could reach. Once satisfied that I hadn’t missed any I reached up to feel how much of my seed rested on my face. With a finger I scooped the cum, dragging it down from my forehead. As I traveled down my cheek the globs piled up in front of my finger almost like a small, creamy snowball.

Once I reached my upper lip I did something that I still look back on with shock. I parted my lips and pushed my cum, warm from its passage through my own pulsing cock, down onto my waiting tongue. Far from being repulsed, I held it on my tongue and savored it’s thick, creamy texture and its odd, yet oh so enticing flavor. After I finally allowed myself to slurp it down I realized that I still craved more so began to feed myself with every last spent drop that I could, starting with the large amount that was puddled above my cock.

After running my hands over every inch of my torso to find and ingest all of my spent seed I finally relaxed back into the bed and smiled. Feeling relaxed and content I allowed myself to drift off to sleep without even reaching down to pull my thong back up to my waist. Finally sharing my most embarrassing secret with someone else had liberated me on that night, allowing me to truly give in to the moment from start to finish.

Life went on pretty much as normal after that night, as normal as can be when you’re a guy wearing panties almost every day anyway. There were still many days though that I just relaxed and wore my normal boxer briefs. Periodically when I was edging during the day I would get bold and take some pictures to send to Steve, usually accompanied by a little blurb about what I was thinking about at the time and what I was planning on doing. Up to that point my purchases had all been pretty tame. One day when I was online browsing for new items to add to my collection I realized that all of the panties and thongs that I owned were still just black, grey with some white so most of them could even pass off as men’s underwear if you didn’t look too closely.

It dawned on me that I wanted to change things up. I wanted to get some stuff that I would think was really sexy if I saw a girl in it. When I was looking at girls in lingerie I always enjoyed the stuff that had some pop and had something extra to them that really made them feminine and sexy. I started looking at different colors and styles rather than the limited selection that I had confined myself to thus far.

Next thing I knew I was putting my credit card back in my wallet and I’d dropped $150 on new panties and thongs with not a grey or black in the bunch. I was dying for the package to arrive full of pink, mint, baby blue and lots of flowers and bows. It was going to be a whole new experience and was curious how it would go once the time came to try everything on for the first time. I was following the package as soon as tracking information was available so that on the day when it finally arrived I was anxiously waiting.

It was interesting (annoying) how apprehensive I was to try on the newer, more feminine pieces but my excitement won out and I dove right in, choosing a sexy little sheer pink thong with flower designs all over and a little bow right at the top. I hesitated before looking up into the mirror for the first time, still worried about how I would feel when I saw myself wearing this new ever so girly thong. Well, I need not have worried. I was immediately excited with the sight. I was dying to try on the rest but I forced myself to güvenilir casino hold off and keep something to look forward to for another day.

To try to keep my mind off the rest of my goodies I headed back into my home office and got back to work, or tried to anyway. I was far too excited to get any real work done so I decided to get back online and browse to see what other delights I could find. Eventually I found myself on the same sites as before, again browsing for sexy panties and thongs. As always, many of them came up as part of a set along with another piece of lingerie like a babydoll or chemise. I loved looking at the models looking so sexy and desirable and I wondered how they felt with all of that soft fabric brushing against their skin.

Quickly, I minimized the browser, locked my computer and hurried back to the bedroom. I wasn’t going for my stuff this time though. Instead, I headed straight for Jenny’s drawers where I knew she kept her lingerie. After poking around carefully I found just what I was looking for. She had worn this pink chemise once early on in our relationship before things went ice cold between us in the bedroom. I figured someone ought to take it out for a whirl and it might as well be me.

I had an understandably broader chest but she had a great pair of breasts so I had hopes that the size just might work. Before I could lose my nerve I quickly pulled it over my head and worked it down into place. It was a little snug around my chest but not a bad fit at all and it felt amazing against my skin. It flared slightly toward the bottom to the point where it hung a little loosely over my crotch and the top of my ass. I was shaking as I stepped in front of the mirror, again looking down at the floor. Just wearing underwear was one thing but right then I was standing there in a full pink lingerie set! When I finally looked up my eyes just about popped out of my head. Before me stood a man in lingerie, ME in lingerie, and I absolutely loved what I was seeing and loved even more what I was feeling.

All I could think was, “How do women not sleep in this every night? Why does this have to be only for those special occasions?”

I felt so sexy and it wasn’t even designed for my body. I looked at myself from every angle, from my lace covered cock sticking out below, to the halter top somewhat loosely hugging my pecs, to the bottom half of my muscular globes peeking out from below the frilly hem in the back. I began to caress my chest, gently rubbing the soft fabric all around my pecs, especially across my nipples. My new thong was straining to hold in my growing member within. I was loving every minute of it.

Soon I pushed the waistband down in the front just below my balls letting my member rise and fully harden. As it reached up higher I lifted the hem of the chemise, leaned forward slightly and let it fall back into place, now covering my fleshy rod. I stood back up straight and looked into the mirror again and could see the protrusion underneath. The lingerie was sexy enough on its own but seeing the telltale signs of a cock hiding underneath was starting to send me over the edge. Reluctantly I took it off and placed it carefully back in its place, knowing that if I kept it on any longer I would get it wet, first with the precum that was starting to ooze from my tip and then with the ropes of cum that were surely going to be blasting out all over very soon.

Rushing over to the bed I grabbed the lube from my nightstand before taking the familiar position on my back, ready to take my cock in one hand and balls in the other. Not wanting anything in the way pushed my thong down and pulled one foot free so I could lay more comfortably, then I poured the lube in a stream down my cock and onto my balls.

I dropped the bottle off to the side and reached down between my legs to begin working the lube around, trying to catch it all before too much dripped onto the sheets. With my fingers leading the way I chased the trickling stream as it made its way down past my balls and snuck between my cheeks, leaving a slippery trail behind. Pressing against my skin I pushed on, slightly spreading my mounds to get to the front of the stream.

Before I knew it I found my fingers pressing against my puckered entrance and I felt a jolt go through me. I paused for a second before pressing against it again. The jolt struck me once more and this time I noticed my cock twitch at the same time. Leaving me fingers in place I kept up the pressure and began to slowly circle all around the rim, sending gentle waves of pleasure up through my balls to my now rock hard cock. I had gently brushed across my hole before but never really lingered or applied any pressure. I continued to circle the rosebud but also began to periodically push against the center, stretching it open ever so slightly.

I started to hear odd sounds but quickly realized they were the involuntary soft moans escaping my lips every time I pressed into my canal. Spurred on by my own sounds I continued to circle and then press harder each time I found myself over my own tight opening, causing the tip of my finger to enter ever so slightly before being squeezed back out, until finally it penetrated enough to where the pressure held me in instead of pushing me back out.

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