Haley’s Bi-cummet

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This story is purely fictional. If you are under 18 or are offended by anal, bi-sexual, or lesbian sex, do not read this.

Haley looks like the girl next door and every guy at work dreams of screwing. She stands 5’ 7” in heels with long creamy legs that meat with her nice round ass. She’s very curvy and supple with a flat stomach and 26 in. waist that accents her 36 D’s. She has the cutest chipmunk cheeks, short button nose, gorgeous doe eyes and long blonde hair that reaches to the middle of her back.

The day that my wildest fantasies started coming true, she was wearing a short fitted dress that showed off her legs and cleavage, but classed it up with a jacket. She looked hot, as she walked past me down the hall to her office. You could see just about every guy stop what they were doing and looked her up and down as she went past. I made every effort not to look like the rest of the drooling mutt as she went by. I didn’t want her to feel like a piece of meat. She took a few steps, turned around and called out to me.

“Hey, Scott! Come to my office for a moment. “I want to talk to you about our next project.”

“Sure. I’ll be there in 5.” We were getting ready to shoot our companies new ad campaign, and we would be working side by side for the first time.

I went to my office and grabbed my notes and the list of performers I would like to cast. I straightened out my tie, checked my hair and breath and headed for her office. When I arrived, she was stood looking out her window looking over Grant Park and the Buckingham fountain. She was alone. It was at this point I realized her dress was a strapless number with a plunging back that just about showed the top of her crack. Her jacket was lying across the desk. All I could think about for a second was how easy it would be to get at her tits, or caress her ass. Look up before she turns around, dumb ass. Keep eye contact. I thought to myself.

“I thought we’d go over what market area we’ll run this ad…”

“I didn’t call you in here to work, Scott.” Haley said as she turned. “I want to thank you for something”

“Thank me?”

“Yeah. You don’t know what it means to me that look me in the eyes when you talk to me, not my chest. I feel that the only reason I’m at this level is because some guy thinks he might get some. But, you… you treat me like a real person.”

“You’re welcome. But I know you didn’t just call me here just to say that, did you?”

“No. But I was wondering if you would like to get coffee after work sometime?”

“I don’t drink coffee. But we could go get a drink or a slice of pie at Baker’s Square, if you’re asking me on a date.”

“I guess I am.” She said and looked back out the window. By now I was standing behind her, looking over her shoulder admiring the lake. She smelled intoxicating. I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her close to me.

“Where would you like to go?”

“Well there’s this new bar that my best friend is mow working at. It’s called Ali Katz.”

“Sounds like fun. After work then? I’ll drive.”

For the next three hours in my office all I could think about was her smell. I now knew why she wore that dress. We are going out in style tonight. 5 o’clock came quicker than I thought. Again I checked my tie, hair, breath, and then put on my sport coat and made my way to her office. We chatted about our project for about and hour.

“I hope you don’t mind us talking shop for a little while longer. I just don’t want this to be news yet.” She said.

I completely understood. I wanted her to myself for a while before I had to share our life with the hard up male staff on the floor. So we chatted for a while longer and made our way out.

As we entered the parking garage, she asked if I ever heard of this place. Of course I hadn’t.

“Good. But do you mind if I drive?”

“If you really want to.”

“I do.”

So we made our way over to her ’69 Jag. It was in mint condition. We just had simple conversation about her car, family, high school, etc. We were on the road for a bout 10 minutes when she said. “I hope bahis firmaları you don’t mind but we are kind of overdressed for we are going. It’s ok, I also was wondering if you trust me enough to blindfold you until we get there?”

I played along. It was kind of neat. I was letting myself go. I no longer had to be in charge. We finally arrived but had to keep the blindfold on until further notice. We walked into the lounge and Rammestein’s Du Hast was playing. She just led me through at least two rooms to a third and then sat me down on a couch.

She kissed me full on the lips before taking the blindfold off. It took a couple of seconds but I realized that we were at a gentlemen’s club. There was a single stage with one dancer, a pole, and a bottle of wine.

“Scott, meet Crissy Moran, my best friend.” With that Crissy danced her way up to Haley and planted a long passionate kiss on her friend. I got such a raging boner I had to adjust in my seat. Crissy’s hands reached around and sunk in between the dress and her friend. Haley moaned.

“I used to dance with Crissy in a show right before I graduated. This show is for you. “I quickly looked around and there was just us.

Crissy’s hair was wavy dark brown with fire red tips. She was the same height as Haley, but slimmer with smaller, perkier breasts (maybe 34 C). She was wearing a black lace tied corset with a matching thong. Garters were attached to black stockings and she was wearing 5” stilettos.

Haley finally left Crissy’s side to sit next to me. She sat right next to me holding my arm. “You’re trembling.” I said to her.

“Crissy is a lover of mine. And this makes me hot. See.” And she took my hand and slipped it under her dress between her thighs. Her panties were soaked.

The next half hour Crissy spent time dancing for both of us. Then she came and took a break sitting on the other side of me, opposite of Haley. We talked about their dancing together in the past. The whole time the two of them were rubbing my hard-on through my slacks.

Crissy finally got to the point of the night by whispering in my ear. “Scott, Haley has had the hots for you since she met you and I can see why. You were brought here for my approval.” She squeezed my dick a little harder. “And do I ever approve. What is that…10”?”

“I guess.”

“I told her I didn’t think I could approve and we made a bet. If I did, I would be her slave for the night. There is also a second bet. If you can make her cum just by talking to her you will our first guy. Are you up to it?”

I looked at Haley and I could see the desire in her eyes that this was something she really wanted. “Give me 10 minutes. I began to whisper in her ear. It was amazing how she responded to my words. The whole time I never said what I wanted to do to them just what I wanted them to do to me and each other. Seven minutes into it she had her first orgasm for the night.

Crissy held up to her bargain. She started to get dressed so we could leave but I told her to stop. “Do you have handcuff, a dog leash and color, and a vibrator here as props?” I asked.


“Great, go get them all.”

When she came back we cuffed he hands behind her back, put the dog color around her neck and hooked the leash to it. Then I had Haley insert the vibrator in Crissy’s wet slit with here thong holding it in place. We then draped Haley’s long coat over her and lead her out the building through the front door in front of everyone. When we got to the car we stripped the coat off her and told her to drive us home. Once she was seated behind the wheel I reached between her legs and turned the vibrator on full speed. We undid the cuff so she could drive but we cuffed her to the wheel so she couldn’t play with the vibrator.

We got to there place and went inside. Crissy tried to go right for Haley. I held her back by the leash and smacked her ass. She yelped with the sting. “I get to take care of Haley first. You get to watch as I make her cum and want what I have to offer.” With that said I handcuffed her so all she could do is stand and watch Haley and kaçak iddaa me. She couldn’t touch herself, sit down, I even found something to gag her with.

Once Crissy was secure I took Haley in my arms and kissed her long and hard. To give Crissy a better view I spun Haley around and wrapped my arms around her from behind, taking my time kissing her neck nibbling on her lobes. While I did that I slowly pulled up her dress to her waist, occasionally rubbing through her dress on her erect nipples and between her legs. Haley was beginning to moan and was getting week from my teasing. I held her up securely and finally had her dress complete over her hip. Her panties were pushed aside and I had two fingers stretching to slip inside her.

I picked Haley up in this position and laid her across the bed and spread her legs. Now starting at her feet I sensually massaged her whole body. Moving do different parts of her body to maintain and continue grow her arousal, but always avoiding her nether region. That was last. I got there by taking her nipples in my mouth licking and sucking on them then moving down her body until all there was let to do was suck her clit in. By the time I got there she was so aroused that the second I touched it she started her second screaming orgasm of the night begging me to fuck her hard. I started lapping up her sweet nectar with fervor. Before she could subside I finally lined my thick 8” member at her hole and began to shove it in savoring the squeezing muscle from her climax. I was a good three inches in before she realized it. “Oh my god! The warmth is amazing.” She said. I had forgotten she had never been with a real man before. I looked up and smiled at Crissy. Tears ran down her face but the look wasn’t of sadness.

I took my time deflowering Haley and promised myself that Crissy would be different. I took a good 5 minutes to burry all 8 inches in her virgin velvety fold. When I was finally all the way in Haley had recovered from her last climax and the third one was beginning. II picked up my pace and pulled her legs up over my shoulders so I could increase the depth. She squealed with delight with the deeper sensation. “That’s it! That’s the spot. OOOOOOh! Harder. Oh Gawd harder. She was building toward her third orgasm of the night and I was about to explode too. I then slammed all the way in trying not to loose it. Holding it there. Then I rolled us so she was on top. For the first time she was able to really look at what I looked like stuffing her. “Crissy, he is amazing” She looked up and locked eyes with Crissy for the first time since I entered her and began impaling herself on my member at lightning speed. She began to peak again after three or four minutes and reached out to touch Crissy. When she did this she slipped off me and moaned and ended up with her on her knees and her ass in the air. Needless to say I quickly stopped her from touching Crissy and penetrated her doggie style. I think she actually started howling. She broke my grasp for a moment and I quickly sat upright on the end of the bed and pulled her back down on me, but in my haste we didn’t align quite right and the tip of my dick pushed against her sphincter and slipped in. The tightness was intense and she tried to get away. The fact that I was so easily able to slip in this far told me she’s been ass fucked with something.

“It’s too big, I can’t.” she said. I slipped two fingers into her wet box to help her relax. As she did, she slowly lowered herself on me until I was completely inside her sweet tight brown hole. Haley began to cry with pleasure as she rode me up and down slowly and steadily.

She started to pick up the pace but was nowhere ready to cum like I was now. I could feel my biggest ever coming on. So I stood up still inside her and walked over to Crissy and let there bodies touch. Crissy just about lost her legs. “It’s so amazing Crissy, I can feel him, getting bigger as I speak.” And I was. And she kissed her friend long and hard. I then whispered her to take the vibrator out of Crissy’s cunt and put in her own on the highest speed. I lay back down on the bed with kaçak bahis her on top as she slipped the toy in and turn it on high and fucked herself with it with raw emotion. I was just about ready to come when spun back around to face me. “I want it back in my pussy. Cum in my pussy, please. And with that in one stroke she rose off me and the vibrator at the same time and impaled herself back on my prick at that moment she came again and leaned her head back and her long blonde hair tickled my ball and I shot my first load of the night into her pussy. She got two shots in her when she pulled it out and let the last cover her tit and stomach. Crissy began to go nuts against her restraints.

Haley got up uncuffed her friend and lead he by the leash to the bed and told her to lick the cum off her and me. Happily she obliged. The two of them began a hot sixty nine going at each other like animals. They brought each other off in just a matter of minutes. By then I was ready to go again. Haley saw and motioned for me to line up behind her friend. Crissy had no idea what was about to happen. All she knew was that her best friend had her so wet it was running down her leg and tickling her claves. Haley pulled me down and whispered to me “one thrust.”

“Are you sure?” Yes she nodded as she lapped once more. She helped me line up and lick my balls and I slammed all the way home. Crissy screamed bloody murder and tried to crawl out from under me. I instinctually grabbed the hair and slammed in again. I then began a quick pace; screwing her like there was no tomorrow. Crissy wasn’t as tight but her wetness made it easy. Soon her protest was encouragement as she started her second climax of the night. I was now getting tired but I wanted to unload in her. I looked for Haley but she was no longer in the room. I shrugged it off and flipped Crissy on her back and pulling her legs over my shoulder and started nice and slow allowing her third orgasm to build when Haley returned wearing a 7” strap-on. She then told Crissy to suck on it. So fascinated by this new turn of event I stopped screwing Crissy and just stayed buried deep in her.

“That’s it you slut! Get my dick wet. It’s my turn to do some fucking.” Haley said. She had Crissy spit lube it really well and then slammed the thing down her throat twice making her gag. She stepped back and walked around behind me. I started to pump Crissy faster wanting cum badly before Haley removed me from my spot.

“I’m ready” she said. And I was about to back off Crissy when Haley Grabbed my ass cheeks and quickly pushed the head of the dildo in my ass before I could react. Pushing me completely down and back inside Crissy. I just stayed there motionless not knowing what to do.

“Crissy, he’s too tight. Play with his ball and massage hid dick with your cunt. Sure enough she did and it began to work. Haley just let her weight push that thing completely inside me. All of a sudden I could feel her trimmed pubs against my ass cheek and her tits pressed against my back. It was incredible how good the dildo felt back there. Haley pulled me hair back. “Who’s my little bitch now” she said to be kissing me. She started to thrust that thing as fast at she could in my as. I quickly matched Haley’s pace on Crissy.

“I’m fucking him in the ass, Crissy. He’s taking it all in” I looked down at Crissy and she had started fingering her ass. It was such a site that I blew my load right then and there. Before I could finish, Crissy said, “Scott, stick that thing in my ass. I want both my holes filled now.”

Haley heard and pulled out of me with a plop. She wiped off the dildo as I lied on my back beneath Crissy and she lowered herself onto me. She just lined up and took me up her ass in one thrust and fucks my dick with her ass with a good twenty or thirty strike before getting into a position for Haley to fuck her cum drench hole with the plastic penis. It was amazing watching Haley fuck Crissy with such abandon and that her movements were keeping me hard in Crissy’s ass. The next thing I know Haley and Crissy are cumming at the same time and is so intense that it’s almost lifting all three of us off the bed. Crissy’s ass muscles begin to spasm so quickly I shoot another huge load up her ass. With all three of us finally spent of all energy we roll to our side all staying together and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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