Halloween Pool Party Pt. 01

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The Dane Estate sat on 15 acres in the hills north of New York City with a view of the Hudson, plenty of trees and open space and an amazing pool. It was one of the infinity style pools and it looked like you could jump all the way to the river from it. Nearby sat an 8 person hot tub with hundreds of perfectly placed jets. It has a seasonal building around it with a retractable cover so you could swim if it rained, or year round. A bedroom, changing rooms, big screen TV’s and a well stocked bar and grill completed this bit of heaven. Well maybe not heaven for a lot of people but it was for me. I stayed here about half of my time, and would spend the night listening to tunes or watching the TV.

For 2 years I was the pool guy tasked with keeping the pool and tub clean and maintaining the pool building. I had worked on pools for a few other folks but the Danes’ made me an offer to work full time for them. I would make more than all my pool jobs combined and plenty of time for myself to swim, chill out, or go to town. They traveled a lot to so that meant even more time for me.

I kept my small apartment not far away. My few acquaintances knew me as Ron the pool guy, but I didn’t hang out with them too much. I am a bit of a loner actually. I dated a few gals, but nothing lasted too long. I am considered good looking and at just over 5’6″ have a decent body as I was a swimmer in high school and college, I guess that I often felt intimidated by the young ladies I went out with. Always so in awe of their beauty and feminine manners that I just seemed to get clumsy around them. Maybe they thought I was beneath them because I didn’t have a fancy career after college like they all did. But I was happy. I made great money with very few expenses. I ate most meals free at the Danes, the only suit I needed was a bathing suit. And I spent most nights sleeping in the room in the pool house. My car was new and paid for, I didn’t really have any family to speak of, and was free to travel if I wanted.

So back to the Danes. Dr. Thomas Dane was a high profile surgeon in Manhattan. I would only see him a few days a month as he mostly stayed at their condo in the city. He was about 45, 6′ tall, smooth shaved and handsome. His wife Maddy was here most of the time. She had her own Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture clinic here in the valley and was quite successful on her own. She was 5’10”, about a size 12 with maybe a b-cup chest and long dark hair. Really a classic beauty. She swam daily and worked out often giving her a very strong and commanding presence. And wow, did she look hot in a bikini. I know because I would tremble just handing her a towel as she emerged from her daily swim. I think she enjoyed how she looked down at all 5 foot 6 of me as I handed it to her before getting her a glass of wine from the bar. I am so glad I had baggy swim shorts on. Lol

So its early October and the Danes were away for a week. I finished my work and decided to take a swim. Even with no one else around, by habit, I went into the changing room to put on my swim shorts. As I was sliding them on I noticed one of Maddy’s bikinis laying on the bench. It was bright yellow with a white heart print. I quickly imagined her in it and was seemingly drawn to it. I picked up both pieces and felt how soft they were. So much softer than they my baggy swimwear. I rubbed the panty against my chest, then brought it up to my face. I stretched them wide and pictured how pretty they looked on Maddy. I was getting more aroused and actually kissed the crotch thinking of my gorgeous employers pussy being in them. Getting to lick and nibble at her clit. It was too much and I quickly put them down on the bench and did my 20 laps in the pool.

I went back to my place that night and had dinner, but couldn’t help but think about Maddy and that yellow bikini. I went out to the neighborhood bar for a couple drinks, thinking maybe I would actually meet a gal and quit thinking about the days events. A couple of people I knew stopped in the bar but I couldn’t clear my head and decided to go home and masturbate. Maddy’s bikini seemed to be controlling my thoughts. I masturbated thinking about her in them and how soft it felt against my skin. I came a couple of times that night and drifted off to sleep with visions of bikini’s in my brain.

The next morning I went to work as usual, but with no one home I really didn’t have much to do all day. Even the the Housekeeper that cared for the main house was not around this week. I turned on the stereo and with headphones in place fired up my laptop. I answered a few emails and then decided to surf around the web a bit. Not sure why but my fingers seemed to just type on their own, and I was soon looking at pics of young women in bikinis. I couldn’t keep from getting hard looking at their beautiful fem bodies and how pretty their smooth crotches looked in the bikini panty. It looked so natural, and I felt like I was in a trance looking at them. I was rock hard in my pants and rubbing myself as I stared at page after page of pics.

I’m not sure how long casino şirketleri I was on the laptop but I finally gained enough of my senses to put it down and go for a swim. I went to change and there was that yellow bikini. I undressed and picked it up knowing I had to try it on. My hand shook as I fastened the bra around my chest and tied the halter top around my neck. It felt electric over my nipples and and I caressed both sides as it hugged my slight frame. Then the panty. My legs trembled as I slid it up and over my stiff 6″ cock. It felt so right but looked so wrong with that big bulge. If the top felt electric the bottom was lightning. I tried to tuck my cock back so it would fit flat in front like Ms Dane and the women on the websites, but I was too hard. I gently rubbed the soft fabric. It felt so nice and I exploded in the bikini before I could stop myself.

I felt so guilty about what I just did. Maddy would fire me if she found out. I quickly took the suit off and washed it in the sink. I took my swim and went back to my apartment. Not much to do at the pool-house anyway. I decided to take the next day off and relax in town.

“Look Thomas” Maddy Dane called to her husband. “I linked into our home security system so even here we could watch our little project.” Thomas joined his wife relaxing on the deck of their rental condo on the beach in Costa Rica. “Here is Ron on one of the pool cams. He finished cleaning and is on his laptop.”

“Is he wearing the headphones?” he asked. “

Yes dear, and if he has been doing that as much as most young people use them my subliminal codes should have started to work on him.” Maddy replied. “I told you I would win this bet. You will just have to pay up when the time is right” she gloated.

“Ha, you don’t really think that he’s listening to the music you want do you. He probably has his own play list.” he laughed back at her.

“Don’t be so sure” she said, explaining that her techie showed her how to run background feeds through anything playing in the house.

“Well you better keep it out of my headphones if you know what’s good for you” he teased.

“I certainly know whats good for me and maybe I already have done it darling, and you just don’t know it yet”, she teased back, then leaned over to kiss him. “Oh look he’s heading for the changing area maybe he’s going to go for a swim. Well look at him naked Tom, he does have a cute little body.”

Tom agreed and before commenting they watched their pool boy putting on the yellow bikini. “Wow, maybe your hidden tracks are having an effect” Tom said as they both stared at the young man totally oblivious to their spying eyes.

“I cant wait to see how the week progresses” Maddy said with a satisfied smile on her face.

The night at his apartment was much like the last night, thinking of Maddy and her yellow bikini. Rubbing my stiffie with one hand and my chest with the other, my hair seemed much more noticeable that in the past. Remembering how I used to shave it all off when I was a competitive swimmer. (Not that I ever won, but all the guys on the team did it so I did too). “Might be time to shave again”, I pondered, thinking about how much nicer that bikini would look then. But when I remembered all of the razor cuts I seemed to get and thought better of it. Maybe I would get some Nair in the morning and use that instead. I jerked off again thinking of wearing that bikini earlier and even swimming in it the next time. In my dreams I saw just that. Swimming in a pretty bikini with my own full breasts filling out the top, and a pretty, smooth line in the panty. I awoke the next morning with the remnants of a wet dream in my bed.

After a leisurely breakfast I headed out shopping, I needed some groceries, and some socks and of course some Nair. I stopped first at the drugstore to get some the Nair. On the way into the Walgreen’s I passed a nail salon with a sign out offering waxing. I was drawn to the sign thinking that might be easier than than the Nair but shook off the idea as too embarrassing. I strolled into the pharmacy and looked at the Nair and similar products.

A young employe approached asking if I had any questions and I said I was looking for a hair remover. “Well any of those will work OK, but I will tell you something straight-up” she said. “They are all filled with harsh chemicals and that’s like really yukky for your skin”.

“What do you recommend,” I asked.

“Laser is the best but really expensive. I go for waxing. It may hurt a bit but lasts much longer, and leaves your skin smoother. Why don’t you get your friend a gift certificate to the salon next door?” she said.

Happy that she didn’t seem to think it was for me, I told her “thanks maybe I will” , and headed out the door.

On the way back to the car I peered into the salon. “Maybe she was right,” I thought and decided to do it. I would hate for an someone I know to see me in there. Maybe I should go to another town and do it. I have all day so I drove about a half hour away. Wow, every casino firmaları strip mall has a salon it seems. Well let me try here. The first salon said they didn’t do waxing on men, and I left feeling a bit embarrassed. “Were they all like this?” I wondered aloud. The second salon would do men but the price seemed outrageous. Not wanting to go home hairy he decided to try one more.

I spotted Lady Olga’s salon in the next strip mall. At the reception counter I was given a fair price and told that they could do me right away. Admitting to never getting waxed before, “I just want my legs done” I told her.

But then Olga reached over the counter and plucked a hair out of my chest just inside my shirt, startling me and making me jump back in surprise, and said “Chest Too!” Loud enough for all to hear “and maybe back”. She pushed a buzzer and 2 women approached the counter.”This is Myra and Portia, you will follow them and do as they say” she told me. I said “Yes Ma’am” and turned to follow them towards the back of the salon. I blushed as the gaze of about 6 or 7 female customers watched me following them.

We got to a door and Portia told me to go in, take my clothes off and lie on my stomach, covering my ass with the towel. The waxing room had a padded table with the “required” tissue paper covering, a mirror and a few cabinets of supplies, and very bright lights. What they called a towel was really a hand towel and to me it looked more like a small washcloth. “What would that even cover” I thought? The waxing technicians entered a few minutes later and Myra explained what they were going to do and said it may hurt a tiny bit but that I was to stay still. As she checked the wax, Portia put my clothes in a cabinet. I wonder why she locked the cabinet with a key, but figured it was to help clients feel that their belongings were secure.

They each started on a leg and I did wince a bit when after spreading the wax they rubbed a cloth on it and yanked. With my legs done almost up to my ass and my back done they told me to turn over. Not so easy to keep my package covered and turn over at the same time, I tried to do it as gracefully as possible. Although pretending to look away as I turned, I know Portia and Myra tried to steal a glance.

Myra and Portia were both probably in their 40’s, matronly but pretty like Olga and with the same accent. Probably Polish or Russian or something. They soon started on the front of my lower legs . The pain was hardly noticed down now, just that little bit of a wince. Especially when they both yanked a strip at the same time. A quick knock at the door and Olga stepped into the room and said something in her native language to my waxers. They both nodded and Olga said “okay” then quickly pulled up my towel, looked at me for a second, looked at my face briefly, and said, ” Ya, do full treatment girls” and walked out. I asked what full treatment meant? Portia said “Miss Olga won’t let anyone out that doesn’t look perfect, and we are to see that you do.” Still kind of shocked over Olga’s actions I just kinda said OK and laid back on the table.

My legs done up to my thighs and I started to get a bit aroused as they were working closer and closer to the towel. Portia moved to my chest, blocking my view as Myra slid the towel away and got up into my bikini line. I was not expecting that and it was definitely more painful. I started to move but Portia pushed my chest down to the table and told me, “It is okay. We have seen men before.” It was to late to stop it and when Portia finished my chest she helped Myra by pulling and stretching my privates to make it easier to wax. She even held my legs up so Myra could wax my taint and around my ass hole. Well no way I was going to get embarrassed by being hard under these conditions. Far from it. I shrunk like I was swimming outside in winter.

Finally done and Myra started rubbing a lilac lotion into my skin starting at my feet. She said it would help the skin feel better and had ingredients to help slow future hair growth and I would smell really pretty too. “Oh great, now will smell pretty too, and I still have to go shopping.” I thought to myself. As she rubbed in the lotion my my skin felt immediately better. Portia was looking at my face and telling me to hold still, she started trimming my brows with a tiny scissor. I told her my brows were fine and she said she was just going to clean them up a bit. “We do men brows all the time, not to worry” she told me. Maybe I should have worried as I next felt her applying wax under my brow and ripping it off then another strip on top. I was certain there was nothing left but I could do nothing about it now. She finished my other side, plucked a few strays and pronounced me finished as Myra put some of the lilac lotion on my brows. I swear it felt like they were all gone but I couldn’t see the mirror.

My clothes were returned and Myra asked if I was getting a mani and pedi too? I told her I couldn’t today but thinking I would not be doing this kind of thing again anyway, said I would be back güvenilir casino next week for it. I dressed , then went and paid Olga and she smiled and said I looked and smelled great and asked me to come see them again soon. I said I would and left a large tip for Myra and Portia. I got in my car and realized I had spent almost 3 hours in there. As I looked in the mirror before backing out I caught a glimpse of my eyebrows. There were two delicate arches over my eyes. Oh my goodness, how am I going to explain that to anyone. Maybe I will shave the rest off or something. Or sun glasses, yes big sunglasses that will cover them up.

I went to Target for socks and because the grocery was nearby. First I went to the sunglasses rack and found a pair that would cover my brows. They were a womens style but seemed pretty unisex to me. It didn’t take long to get the socks but on the way back to the register I had to pass through the womens section and there it was. A whole rack of End-of-Season bikinis on sale. Something flipped in my mind and I knew I had to get one. I remembered that Maddy’s was a size 12 and seemed to fit me, so I looked at those. No one seemed to be paying attention so I went through them looking for the hottest one. I found a soft pink with white lace trimming on it and had to have it. Then I saw a similar one in black and red and grabbed it too. I headed to the check out and the clerk rang them up saying that it looks like someone was going to get a nice present. If she only knew, lol.

I got my groceries at the nearby supermarket and headed home. After putting the food away I couldn’t wait to try on my new swimsuits. I decided to try the black and red one first. It felt so delicious against my now smooth and hairless body. I ran my hands over my body and the soft swim suit and it made me hard instantly. I hopped into my bed and stroked myself furiously thinking about how nice it would be to swim in the new pink one the next day. I fell asleep in my bikini and didn’t wake up until 10 the next morning.

Deciding that I couldn’t wait until I got to work, after a shower and further examining my now hairless body I wore my pink and white bikini under my jeans and tee shirt, had breakfast, then headed for the Danes’ home. It was a sunny and very warm for an early fall day so I hit the button to retract the roof over the pool and started my chores. “What the heck, ain’t no one here but me”, I thought and took off my outerwear and decided to do my work in my bikini. It felt so fun and a bit kinky to be working like this but I didn’t care. I took a break and did a few laps then rested a while with some music and web surfing.

Checked my email too, and there was one from Maddy that said she would be home Saturday. She mentioned that she had left a couple gallons of paint in the garage to repaint the bedroom in the pool house and wondered if I could take care of it before they returned. She said there was a roller and brushes and everything else needed with the paint. It was just Wednesday so I had a couple more days to enjoy my privacy. I replied that everything was cool here and I would take care of the painting and looked forward to their return. The sun was shining brightly as I surfed the web a bit more. Again drawn to pics of bikinis but this time it was guys in bikinis and they all seemed smooth down below. I read about how these “tranny” guys tucked there cocks to get a smooth look and knew I should do that too.

It felt really odd at first, but once I ran my hand over my smooth crotch in the beautiful bikini I was wearing I was ecstatic. It felt so right and looked so pretty and natural. The snug bikini bottom hugged everything just right and the lace trim made it look even more fem. I decided to get in the hot tub to relax a bit and after setting the timer I enjoyed the pulsating jets over my body. Like a super massage, it felt so relaxing. I turned to my side and felt a couple jets directly on my tucked back cock. What an amazing feeling. I let it pulse on me for a while and soon had an amazing orgasm without even touching myself. Oh my how wonderful that was. I wondered if that was why Maddy loved the hot tub so much. It must excite her every time she gets in it. “Women are so lucky” I thought.

The tub turned off automatically and I hopped out and swam a few laps before going back to the headphones for more tunes and played some online games that I liked enjoying the warmth of the fall sunshine streaming in through the open roof. Around seven I decided to change and closed the roof and locked up before heading home.

“Thomas, It looks like our pool boy has his own bikini now. Take a look at these cam views.” called Maddy.

“Wow” the Dr. replied, “I guess your subliminal codes really are effecting him. That doesn’t look like one of your swimsuits darling.”

“No its not. It really is sexy though. He must have bought it himself” she laughed. “And did you notice when I zoom in that his body is shaved smooth too? And check the arched eyebrows. How sweet is that? This is even better than I hoped for. I didn’t think it would have such a strong effect on him this quickly. His mind must be very susceptible to hypnosis for it to work so well. He may be a “Pool Girl” quicker than I thought.” The Dane’s both laughed at that before turning off the cam feed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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