Happy New Year

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My hands were freezing and I blew into them to generate some warmth. Rubbing them together, I wondered how much longer it would be before someone would come to get us.

“It’d be a lot easier if you’d relax,” one of them said.

“Relax,” I spat. “I’m locked in a storage shed, with no lights and no heat, with three guys, one of whom is an idiot. Tell me, please, how do I relax?”

The events of the evening had not gone according to plan. I was part of a surveillance team, and at the last minute, we had to ditch in a storage shed. The four of us had been assigned to watch some multi-millionaire with a suspicious wife. The party we had gotten ourselves invited to was the talk of the town. The mansion seldom saw this many guests, but this millennium New Year’s Eve was a date to be celebrated.

The Porter’s had invited the most influential people in the city, including government officials and local celebrities. One stunning blond in particular interested Mrs. Porter, but only because she interpreted her as a threat to Mr. Porter’s fortunes. So she hired our investigative firm to track every move Mr. Porter made. We had gotten some strong suggestions that he had been seeing this blond, but as of yet, we had no concrete evidence. Mrs. Porter had insisted that I come to this party, since I was a female, and wanted three good-looking men to escort me. My firm is fairly large, so the only three decent looking guys I could find were ones that worked in narcotics. They agreed to come along for this experience, mostly to get a glimpse inside the famous Porter mansion.

We had been doing a bit of snooping around the house during the midnight festivities, looking for some sort of clue as to whether there was something romantic going on between Mr. Porter and the blond. Dixon, one of my companions, had witnessed the two slipping outside by the pool. With camera in tow, I signaled to Bryce and Jacobs, my other two escorts to follow us out. We stayed relatively hidden, until Jacobs tripped over a lawn chair, causing us to run for cover. The closest place for all of us to hide was in the pool house supply shed. Unfortunately, Jacobs, the klutz, managed to lock us inside the pool house.

“You are SO fired,” I said to him, rubbing my bare arms. The shed was spacious enough, but it was not heated, and so as not to give ourselves away, we weren’t able to turn on the lights. I was wearing a sleeveless black number, and left my wrap in the house. The men seemed warm enough under the circumstances with their tux jackets on. New Year’s Eve in Virginia Beach was not exactly warm climate.

“Here,” Jacobs said, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders. I took the jacket out of mere necessity, thinking that I would set fire to it once we were out of here.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, looking over my shoulder. The movement caused me to get a sniff of the cologne that was on the jacket. It smelled good and my immense irritation waned just a little.

“Look, CJ, who knows we’re in here?” Dixon asked.

“The only person who really knows that we’re at the party is Mrs. Porter. I was supposed to report to her before we left, so I’m hoping that she’ll look for us as the party starts to wind down. She’s very specific about her directions, so if I don’t find her before this thing’s over, I KNOW she’ll be ticked and want to find me. I can see just a little bit out that window there,” I said pointing to one of the walls, “and it faces the back exit of the house, so if she comes out and the coast is clear, we’ll just have to start yelling or something.”

“Man, this blows,” Bryce grumbled. “I knew I shouldn’t have come on this assignment.”

“Then why did you?” I snapped back, annoyed more at the situation that at him.

“Hey,” Dixon said as he moved closer to me, “there’s not much we can do until this party winds down, which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon.” He moved up behind bahis firmaları me and put his hands on my shoulders. “We might as well make the best of this situation. Are you warmer, CJ?”

“Yes,” I said, although my shaking, petite frame, told otherwise.

Dixon and I had worked together on several assignments and had confided a lot in each other. I was amazed that this sandy brown hair, brown-eyed hunk was still single. I guess the unusual hours and circumstances we put ourselves in for this line of work didn’t help cement any relationships.

“Come here,” he said, pulling me closer to him. He opened his jacket and I slid my arms around his waist, snuggling myself into his thick chest. He wrapped the jacket around me and rubbed my back.

“Get a room,” Bryce snidely remarked.

Through the faint light coming in from the back of the house, I could see Bryce’s expression in a sneering glare.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Dixon asked. “Afraid I’m moving in on your territory?”

“What???” I asked, backing up from Dixon. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” interrupted Bryce. “Nothing at all,” he said giving Dixon a ‘go to hell’ look.

“Brycey boy here has a crush on you, didn’t you know that?” Jacobs interjected.

The scuffle of feet tripping over pool floats and chlorine bottles could be heard as Bryce attempted to punch Jacobs. Easily deflected, Jacobs just chuckled at the obvious embarrassment he knew Bryce was feeling.

“Like you’ve never had a hard-on for her either, right Jacobs?” Bryce threw back.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded as I backed away from Dixon. Grabbing my shoulders, his smirk was obviously a give away at the seriousness of the conversation.

“Look CJ, you’re hot. Guys can’t help it that they drool all over you.” Dixon attempted to pull me back in an embrace, but curiosity got the better of me.

“You too, Dixon?” I mused with one eyebrow cocked. “How do you feel about me?”

“Oh, I’d like to fuck you,” he answered with definity.

“Fabulous,” I drawled with sarcasm, shaking my head in disbelief. “So, I’m locked in a freaking pool shed with three guys who have hard-ons for me. Wonderful.”

“It could be,” Dixon said with a slow grin. “Ever been with more than one guy at a time?”

“You’re joking, right?” I said, slowly backing up against the wall. I didn’t have much room to move around, so one step back from Dixon and I was pressed up against the side of the shed.

“Well?” I could hear the excitement in Bryce’s voice as he urged me on for the answer.

“No, ok?” I answered with a slight tremor in my voice.

“Wanna?” Jacobs piped in.

“I-I…” I stammered, not sure what to say. My mind was saying no, but the wetness I felt between my legs gave my true feelings away.

“We’ll be gentle,” Bryce cooed, inching his way toward me. I could see by the faint light in the shed that he was removing his tux jacket. My cheeks flushed with warmth and I felt a slight flutter in my stomach.

“Um…well…this just feels weird, guys.” I tried to regain some composure over my initial shock, but suddenly I was inclined to go along with them. It had always been a secret fantasy of mine to be with two men, I guess I had never considered three. The wetness grew and suddenly I was sweating from beneath Jacobs jacket. Dixon must have felt my consent because he leaned in and slipped to coat from my shoulders. The brief chill made my nipples harden and sent a light shiver up my arms.

Jacobs, who was still the furthest away, began to remove his bow tie and unbutton his shirt. After his scuffle with Bryce, he had found a makeshift seat out of a cooler and was still sitting on it. Bryce started removing his tie as well. Dixon, still clad in his whole monkey suit, gently took my shoulders and moved me closer to him. I had imagined kissing him before, but never in front of an audience. kaçak iddaa I felt awkward and stared at, but the minute his lips pressed mine, I forgot my surrounding and yielded myself to his warm lips. As he pulled me closer to him, I could feel his cock pressed up against my torso. This caused the wetness is my panties to grow intensely. I felt Bryce and Jacobs repositioning themselves and pulled away from Dixon to see what they were doing.

Dixon took advantage of my inattentiveness and began to undress. I noticed that both Bryce and Jacobs had removed their pants and were now standing near me nude. Never would I have guessed that beneath the street clothes I normally saw them in, that they had such decent bodies. Staying in shape was definitely top priority for both. I could faintly see their erect cocks and the desire that shot through me caught me off guard. I swept my hair up from my back and turned around for one of them to unzip my dress. I felt the zipper give way and strong hands pushing it off my shoulders and onto the floor. I felt stupid standing there with my pantyhose on, so I quickly stripped them off and tossed them aside. As I turned around, Dixon’s hands went up under my bra and clenched my tits. I gave a start as the pressure sent a tingling through them.

“Take it off,” I heard Dixon say in a gruff voice. Obeying, I removed the bra and started for my panties.

“No, no, leave them on,” I heard Bryce say. “For now anyway.”

As nervous as I was, the anticipation of what was to come was making my head spin with excitement. “What should I do first?” I asked of all three.

“Get on your knees,” Jacobs said, moving closer to me, with his cock in his hand. I lowered myself to my knees and Jacobs brought his rock hard penis to my lips. I licked them and opened, willingly. I heard him suck in a deep breath as my mouth plunged down over him. He smelled of scented soap and my hand couldn’t help but caress my breast. I felt my own hot juices pouring out of me now and couldn’t believe that I was actually going to fuck, and be fucked, by three men. My mouth continued it’s dance over Jacobs shaft and I saw Bryce stroking his own cock. I reached out with my other hand and began to fondle his balls, then moved my hand up so that I was the one stroking him now.

“Oh, fuck, CJ, that feels good,” he groaned. I glanced around to see where Dixon was and noticed him on the other side of Jacobs. Still sucking on his cock, I motioned with my hand for Dixon to bring himself where I could reach his dick. The three of them were relatively close now and I began a musical cock number on all three. I plunged my mouth over Dixon and heard a high-pitched moan come from him. I continued to play with Bryce and after a few tongue licks with Dixon, switched over to fuck Bryce with my mouth. I alternated between the three until Dixon grabbed my ass and shoved his hand inside my panties. His finger found my dripping clit and he rubbed in earnest.

“I want one of you inside me, I don’t care who,” I said, removing my panties and throwing them off to the side.

“Oh, not yet,” said Dixon, rearranging some item in the shed to make for a pallet on the floor. “I’ve got to taste you.” He lowered me onto the floor and spread my legs open. Clutching my knees, he lowered his mouth on my pussy and drank up the juices. I arched my head back and felt a cock slap my mouth. I opened, unsure of who was in it, but not really caring either. Dixon was finger fucking me, and licking me at the same time and I felt the first spasm come over me.

“That’s it, baby, come all over me.” I felt my pussy clenching over his fingers as he continued to move them in and out.

“My turn,” said Jacobs, making me realize that I was sucking on Bryce. Only when I expected Jacobs’ mouth to cover my pussy, I instead felt his cock ram inside me. I squelched a scream with Bryce’s cock and moved my hips to adjust to Jacobs’ rhythm. kaçak bahis Bryce shoved his dick deep down my throat and I felt like swallowing him. He thrust it down my throat a few more times and then came on my face. It took me by surprise, but it only helped lubricate myself even more.

Bryce moved off to the side to recuperate and catch his breath while Dixon took his place. “Wait,” I said, repositioning myself. Flipping over to my knees, I began sucking on Dixon’s member, while Jacobs pumped my from behind. Rocking my back and forth, I kept in rhythm with them both. It was exhilarating to me and I began to play with my clit. I felt Jacobs slid a wet finger in my ass and it almost made me cum. He slid it in and out and soon he had two fingers fucking my ass. The second he put both fingers all the way in, I came again, this time longer than the first. I momentarily ignored Dixon and succumbed to the awesome feeling that swept over me.

“I’m getting in on the action, too,” Bryce piped in after a minute.

“Ok,” Dixon said, standing up. “Jacobs, you’re turn up here.” Dixon moved to my rear and Jacobs moved around toward the front.

“What about me?” asked Bryce.

“You get her pussy, but lie down on the floor, let her ride you,” he directed, while massaging his cock.

Bryce went down on the floor and I gingerly mounted him. He was the biggest of all three and my wet pussy was so ready for him. I began to ride him up and down, then bent forward for Jacobs to stick his rod in my mouth. Dixon slid his finger in my ass and massaged it gently. I could feel my body glowing with anticipation, but wasn’t totally prepared when he slid his thick cock in my tight ass. At once I realized that this was my ultimate fantasy. I was being fucked in the cunt, and the ass, and had a pole in my mouth as well. It didn’t take long for me to cum again, but the guys were holding off. I figured that Bryce would be able to go a bit longer since he’d already cum once, but the other two had amazing stamina. I heard Dixon softly moaning a few times as his dick went into my ass further and further with each thrust.

“You have such a fucking tight ass,” he said, increasing the pace of his thrusts. “Fuck,” he said over and over.

“Oh, shit I’m gonna cum,” wailed Jacobs as he shot his wad in my mouth. I gulped down his cum as it spasmed in my mouth. I felt Dixon withdraw from my ass and felt his hot cum on my back. I waited for Bryce, but he kept fucking me. He grabbed my ass cheeks and continued to work me up and down over his shaft. I could feel my own cum running down my legs as I slapped his balls with each downward motion. Jacobs ran his hands down my chest and squeezed my nipples. I gave a slight shriek and Bryce all but threw me off his cock as he came.

“I’ve got to have one more taste,” said Dixon as he rolled me onto my back once more. He brought his mouth down and sucked all the cum juice out of my pussy. I put my head down and closed my eyes. He finished licking me clean and when I opened my eyes, I saw that Bryce and Jacobs had both donned their shirts, but still had no underwear on. I smiled at the sight and propped myself up on my elbows. Dixon sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Jesus,” he said. “That was incredible.”

“CJ, this is one surveillance I will never forget,” Bryce murmured.

“Surveillance!” I shouted. “Oh my God, we forgot to watch Mr. Porter! What time is it? Mrs. Porter should be coming out looking for us.” I scrambled around to find my clothes, hoping my stockings weren’t in shreds. The three guys were mostly rearranged and looked presentable. As I was putting on my dress, I glanced out the window to see Mrs. Porter walking over to Mr. Porter who was standing alone by the back gate of the pool. A short conversation took place, none of which we could hear, and I saw them embrace. After a moment, they walked off hand in hand toward the house.

Bryce found a small shovel and used it to jar the door open. As moonlight poured into the shed and we all gulped in the fresh air, Dixon said, “Looks like we’re not the only ones to get lucky tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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