Harold’s Balloons

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Sandra walked slowly out to her car, apprehensive about the upcoming evening. She had agreed to take on a client of Julia’s so she could have a date with her boyfriend. As tight as Eddie was with the girls it was rare when any of them could wrangle a night off, so the others were usually glad to cover. In this case however, after Julia explained what Sandra needed to do, she just wasn’t sure.

“Tell me again what it is I need to do for this guy,” Sandra said.

“Harold, his name is Harold.”

“Okay, Harold, what is the big deal?”

“If you don’t remember his name he won’t come in and I’ll be out one of my best customers. Now you need to call him Harold when you answer the door.”

“But it says here that his name is Andrew Hanson,” Sandra said, a bit confused.

“Come on Sandra, stay with me. I don’t care what his real name is, when he comes to the door you have to call him Harold, otherwise he will leave.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll call him Harold, but what is it I got to do?”

“It’s all very simple, you get a bunch of balloons, blow them up and attach them to your bra and panties, like in the picture here,” Julia showed her a picture of the balloon costume.

“How do you fasten them?”

“A safety pin through the bit of the nozzle that is past the knot in the balloon, like this,” she said blowing up a balloon, tying the end and pushing a safety pin through the loose end. “See, you can pin it to your clothes without popping it.”

“And just what exactly is the point of all this?”

“The guy is harmless, he just has an odd fetish. You’ll hold the balloons as he one by one pops them. When the ones pinned to your bra are all gone, you remove the bra, same thing with your panties.”

“And then what do I do to him?”

“Nothing, that’s the beauty of it all. He just watches, getting excited to a point where, well you’ll see. But he doesn’t want to fuck you, suck you or even touch you, he just wants to watch.”

“And for this little circus…”

“He will pay five hundred plus tip”

“Five hundred? For just watching?” Sandra asked.

“Plus tip.”

“So casino şirketleri all I do is walk out and let him pop the balloons.”

“Okay, but you owe me one.”

“Yes, yes, thank you Sandra.”

So now Sandra had to run into the local drug store, buy a pack of balloons, blow them up and then ride in Eddie’s car to some hotel near where this guy lives. Of course the five hundred will help, even after Eddie’s cut.

Climbing into the car she said, “Okay Eddie, I got to get some balloons.”

Eddie pulled away and drove her to the drug store to get the balloons and then took her to the hotel. “Now, Frankie’s behind the front desk, just tell him room two twelve. You then get the key and walk up the stairs. Once in the room you blow up the balloons and wait for Harold. Got it?”

“Yeah Eddie, Julia filled me in.”

“Don’t blow it, this guy’s been good money for a long time.”

“He doesn’t get tired of the balloons?”

“No, they just pop and he gets excited, each time, every time.”

Sandra climbed out of the car, picked up the key from Frankie and walked up the stairs to the room. Once inside she began blowing up the balloons. It took her about thirty minutes but she finally had about as many balloons as she needed. She pulled off her clothes except for her bra and panties. Between pinning the balloons to her bra and panties and pinning one balloon to another she had about twenty balloons running from on outstretched hand to the other and then down around her panties.

She had to kind of half sit and half lean against the bed as she waited for him. Fortunately after only about ten minutes of waiting she heard a knock on the door. “Is that you Harold?” she called out.

“Yes it is Harold,” he replied nervously.

“Come in Harold,” she said, carefully standing up.

A heavyset balding man stepped in the door, looked at Sandra and then turned to leave. Sandra quickly said, “Harold, come back in here.”

He paused, looking at her and then at the door. He said, “But you’re not…”

“Julia couldn’t come today, but she told me about what you wanted. casino firmaları See I have the balloons.”

“But it’s not the same.”

“But that’s good Harold, it’s even a bigger surprise. You pop the balloons and you see my boobies, and my…”

“But she always…”

“I know Harold. When the balloons pop I take off my bra and panties. You can look at me all you want.”


“Come on in Harold, here watch,” she said, grabbing a safety pin and popping one of the balloons herself. Startled at the noise she squealed, “Eek!” as it popped.

Harold closed the door and came in asking, “Did you just squeal?”

Sandra nodded.

He looked over the room, glancing behind the bed and looking behind the curtains. He then walked back and pulled out an huge pin, reaching over an popping another balloon. Once again Sandra jumped and squealed at bit.

“Oh joy,” Harold muttered, sticking the pin in another balloon.

This time Sandra didn’t squeal, but she jumped visibly. She watched again as he moved closer pointing the pin at one balloon near her breast, but then at the last second popped one she was holding with her hand. Once again she squealed.

No matter how he went to the balloon and how he popped it, Sandra couldn’t help but react to the pop. Finally after he popped the last balloon attached to her bra she slipped it off, noticing how hard her nipples were. Damn, she was getting turned on.

As the balloons continued to pop she could see more and more of her panties. Looking closely she could see a growing wet spot in those panties as he popped another balloon, “Eek,” she squealed once again. Looking over at Harold she could see the bulge in his pants and was hoping he might fuck her when he finished, but as he popped the last balloon and she jumped once again, she saw a dark stain in his pants quickly appear and grow. Looking down at her panties as she prepared to pull them off she saw her wet spot was almost as large as Harold’s.

After pulling her panties off she said, “Harold, you don’t mind if I ah, touch myself.”

“Oh no, I’ll watch.”

She güvenilir casino reached down, pushed her fingers into her pussy, wetting them before moving up to her clit. While Harold watched she moved her fingers quickly over her clit and quickly felt herself getting closer and closer to coming, when suddenly she spotted one last un-popped balloon that must have drifted away from her.

“Harold, that balloon, pop it, please pop it.”

He walked over to the balloon, pulled out his pin and then looked up at Sandra as he popped it. She squealed loudly as she came, her pussy suddenly engulfed in the pleasure, her insides twitching again and again. She settled onto the bed and Harold walked over and sat next to her.

“That was fun, I’d like to do it again someday,” Harold said.

“Wow Harold, you really know how to treat a woman.”

Smiling he said, “My name’s not really Harold, it’s Andrew.”

Holding out her hand she said, “Well my name is Sandra.” She held her hand out for several moments before he slowly reached out his hand and shook hers. “I’m pleased to meet you Andrew.”

Slowly pulling his hand away, he looked at it and then looked bake at Sandra, saying “I am pleased to meet you Sandra. I need to clean up my pants.”

She grabbed her clothes and as she wall pulling them on she said, “I need to be leaving.”

“Oh yes, the money.” He went to his wallet and counted out five one hundred dollar bills. Pausing he said, “That is for Eddie and now for you.” He counted another five hundred dollar bills.

“But Harold it’s only one five hundred.”

“I know and then I want you to have the other five hundred for a tip.”

“Oh thank you Harold,” she said, grabbing his face and kissing him on the lips.

Harold backed away, touching his face in astonishment. He then smiled and looked over to Sandra again. “Goodbye Sandra, I can’t wait until we do this again.”

Sandra stood up and backed to the door, waving to him before stepping out into the hall and heading down the stairs. She handed Frankie her key and said Harold was still up there. Frankie nodded and tossed the key into a slot. Sandra then walked out of the hotel and saw Eddie’s car not far away. Before heading to the car she looked back at the hotel, spotting Harold, ah, Andrew in the second floor window waving to her. She waved back and then headed to Eddie’s car.

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