Hawaiian First Time

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Well, what can I say… the trip itself took a lot out of me. I’m not used to the time difference of 5 hours neither.

On the first night that was Saturday, it was a nice flight out which I really enjoyed. Joy let me sit next to the window and I loved the clouds, being told by the pilot of the sights below.

The flight itself was a long one though, almost 9 hrs with stop-overs and change of planes. By the time we got into Maui we were tired.

We picked up 5 hrs though and since then I’ve been struggling with it ever since.

Paula, Michael, Staci and Anastasia picked us up at the curb after Angel came in and met us at the gate and showed us thru. It was nice to see her and meet her. She is as gorgeous as the rest of them.

After getting our bags we stepped out to the curb and I saw this huge 4×4 sitting there, black and silver in color with dark tinted windows and little Oakland Raider emblems on the knockout caps of the wheels.

I knew it had to be Michael’s. As we made our way to the truck. Woman after woman stepped down from this massive truck and as we walked up Joy and I were swooped up. Paula hugged Joy then me, followed by Staci who I thought was going to break me in half with a huge hug then Anastasia.

Michael was the last to walk around the truck and passed Joy up and went straight to me. He hugged me as I hugged him back and I laid a kiss on his lips. He then turned to Joy and gave her a long hug with a kiss on the lips.

Introductions were made and then we moved towards the truck. Staci helped everyone take that first step up on the running board before she slipped inside herself. Michael walked to the driver’s side of the truck but since he’s taking things slowly we all were in the truck before he was.

He started up this truck and the engine was so smooth and silent. I’m used to the trucks back home where louder is better. Not here I guess. It rode so smooth for a big 4×4 with those big knobby tires and a 5-inch lift. I could barely see over the dashboard.

Michael pretty much listened to the conversations rather than talking. I know he’s a quite man but I wasn’t sure just how quiet until that night.

Michael pulled off the main road and up onto an old dirt road. He made the turns smooth and before I knew it we were heading downhill. Up another bend in the road and then up a private road. Once we heading up he flicked a switch and the road lit up. He had turned the KC lights mounted on the front grill and on the roof of the cab. It looked like daylight.

As we made one last turn, I saw wrought iron gates making their way around a huge house. Michael drove up the long driveway and flicked another button. I saw the tall gates ahead open up and without slowing down at all Michael inched past the barely open gates.

He flicked the switch again causing them to close behind him. Once closed a red light flashed on the console. He drove up to the front of this huge house and parked it behind a classic old 1966 blue Ford Mustang.

Staci jumped out first then helped each of us out. It was funny, Staci grabbed my bag that I was holding and then reached out for me. I took her hand but she told me to reach with both hands. I then found the answer to a previous question I had been thinking about on the way to Paula’s house and that was, ‘I wonder how strong she is’.

Staci took my hands and pulled me forward the placed her hands under my arms as if holding a baby and lifted me from the truck. I felt embarrassed until she did the same thing to Joy and Angel. She is very strong.

Once back to Paula’s house it was a night of relaxation and chatter. Drinks flowed, wine flowed and all I could do was marvel at the photos on the walls. Some of Paula in modern black and white motif with gold frames. All photos of her were either nude or semi nude. She looked beautiful.

We talked late into the night as I was falling asleep before anyone else looked even remotely tired. For me it was late but in reality I think it was like 10pm. My body told me to go to bed so I kissed everyone and headed upstairs.

Joy had showed me our room and boy was it nice, more photos of nudes on the walls. The walls were painted a frost color, which made it homey. The bed was big king size with matching covers that matched the decor of the room. Very nice for sure.

Joy came upstairs shortly after me and she too got herself ready for bed. I was dead tired that after brushing my teeth I just dropped into bed. Joy was about to turn off the light when Paula came up and asked if everything was ok. We both answered yes as Paula turned off the light and told us g’nite.

I passed out from exhaustion listening to Joy talk to me but that turned into a blur as I went into dreamland. I slept really good and that bed is so comfortable.

In the morning, I awoke first. I lay there wondering what the day would hold for us. I looked over at the clock and it read 5 am. Knowing nobody else would be awake I got out of bed and took a stroll casino şirketleri thru the house.

I made my way downstairs and out onto the patio. The patio was huge with a BBQ and pool. Stools lined the edge of the pool closest to the house. Over by the other set of sliding glass doors was a black mesh love swing mounted to the beams coming off the back of the house.

I knelt down and put my hand into the water and it was warm. I didn’t hear a heater or pump so I guess the pool was naturally warm due to the climate. I walked around the pool to see the depths as it went from 3 feet to 7 feet on the far end.

Moving around the pool I found myself near the love swing. Not having used one before but have heard of Joy’s tales in it I found myself steadying myself as I sat in it. It felt pretty good, almost weightless as I swung forward and backward.

Checking out the straps and Velcro harness I tugged to see how strong they were. I looked around the pool area then upwards towards the upstairs rooms. No lights so I thought I’d experiment abit.

I repositioned myself and slid one leg thru one strap and secured the Velcro. I then slipped my other leg thru the other one and fastened it with the Velcro. I then reached up and slid my left wrist thru the strap above and thought about putting my right wrist thru the strap but I couldn’t do it incase I got stuck there.

I moved my body from side to side testing the movements of the swing. As I did so, I found myself getting excited at the thought of being taken wholly and completely at being restrained in this swing.

Moving my right hand down to my pussy I began to rub myself. I looked around again before falling into a trance like state imagining someone licking me like this or being slid into from behind and letting the motion of the swing control the thrusts.

I pushed 2 fingers into my pussy before rubbing circles around my clit. I was lost in my own world as I could feel the hardness of a cock penetrating me, taking me to new heights as I was being fucked deep, long and hard.

I felt my pussy tighten and my legs flex, wanting to squeeze them together but could not. I could feel my nipples growing harder with each swipe of my fingers across my clit. My orgasm was fast approaching, faster than at any other time ever.

Over and over I imagined a thick hard cock fucking me from behind, my attention soon turned to Michael’s cock. Filling me up from behind.. hearing his moans, wanting to feel his fullness in my body. My mind changed gears just then as I could feel my orgasm approaching, the cock in my pussy hammering me now was in my ass from behind.

I’ve waited so long for the moment of when Michael would fuck my tight backside like he has done to every woman here in the house now. I wanted to feel his cock explode in me as I rubbed my clit faster and harder. Rubbing over and over.

My imagination getting the best of me, I pulled my left wrist from the strap and reaching under me and thru the mesh I slid my middle finger deep into my open ass as my orgasm flowed. I moaned out at first then muffled my mouth against my arm as I kept fucking myself and coming over and over again.

By the time my orgasm began to subside I was pumping both my holes with my fingers. It felt so good as I sat there swinging in the swing, making love to myself. I opened my eyes and looked around, still nobody.

I unhooked myself from the swing and on wobbly legs made my way back to the glass doors of were I emerged from. I stepped inside and was greeted by Joy and Staci sitting on the sofa talking.

Walking in red faced I’m sure, I sat next to Joy. She asked if I enjoyed myself outside and I asked with embarrassment if she saw me. Staci laughed and said everyone probably saw after that moan. I felt myself turning red and Staci told me not to be embarrassed as this week I’ll see things that won’t shock me anymore.

Just then, Staci stood up. Grabbed Joy’s nightshirt and ripped it off her. Joy sat there laughing and watching. Staci then picked Joy up in her arms, walked out towards the pool but instead placed her in the swing and strapped her legs and wrists.

Staci then began to tease her shaven pussy, touching her clit before rubbing her own pussy against Joy’s knee. Joy watched as Staci dug her nails into her then back out again. Staci slid a finger inside herself then traced Joy’s lips with the wet finger. Joy’s tongue stabbed at her finger.

Staci reached into a drawer near the swing. She pulled out a long dildo which was about a foot and half long. Staci pushed one end into herself and took it in herself deep. Taking more than half into her pussy. She then pulled it out and pressed the dry end into Joy’s wet pussy. She alternated between herself and Joy each end going into the same pussy.

Staci then pushed the dildo back into Joy and left it there, hanging out from her pussy as Staci untied a rope, pulled down on it and then tied it again. What that did was raise Joy’s legs up so that she was casino firmaları almost in a ‘U’ shape.

Staci then pulled the dildo from Joy’s pussy and slid it back inside hers. She then pulled it out and placed the end that was in Joy’s pussy back into her pussy, she then bent the dildo in half and shoved the other end wet with her own juices into Joy’s ass. She evened out the length until about half was in each orifice. The dildo perfectly bent in half.

Staci then untied Joy’s left wrist and told her to masturbate herself while we watch. I watched Joy rubbing her pussy as my hand began to rub my own. Staci then told me to take a seat on a stool and to spread my legs.

She looked over at Joy rubbing herself with her pussy and ass stuffed with the dildo and announced to her that she was going to tongue fuck her girlfriend and knelt down between my thighs and began licking my pussy.

She told Joy that she couldn’t cum until I did and when it happened that we both were to moan out as loud as we could as to give the others their morning wakeup alarms. We both agreed.

Staci began tonguing my slit and telling Joy how wet I was from my previous cum. Staci’s tongue felt so hot in my pussy. She really knows what to do as all I could do was close my eyes or watch Joy. She felt great licking my clit and sucking my pussy lips.

Joy began to moan louder as Staci held up her finger. I began to moan as I held Staci’s head between my legs. Her head never moved but her tongue sure did. It felt as if her tongue was deep inside me yet stayed on my clit. I knew my orgasm would be fast and furious as I looked over at Joy.

I winked at Joy and knew she was close to coming much like I was. I managed a smile to her just as she began to cum, I too began to cum as our moans filled the area. Hearing her made me cum again with more intensity as I pulled Staci’s face into my pussy.

Staci couldn’t have gotten much air as I held her deep in me as I moaned out her name. Joy rubbed her clit over and over as her moans began to quiet down.

Staci pulled off my pussy and stood up. She then grabbed my hair and planted a pussy juice stained kiss on me. She then walked over to Joy and released her from her straps then pulled the dildo from her pussy first then gently dislodged it from her ass.

Joy stood up with help by Staci and both walked over to me. Staci looked at me and asked if I was still embarrassed t which I answered not all. Staci good and then looked at the both of us and told us we owed her an orgasm not now but later. We then walked back into the house.

Staci went to the kitchen and started making breakfast. Staci pressed the intercom button and called Anastasia and Angel to come down to help her make breakfast. Angel replied ok and to give them a few minutes.

Joy went into the kitchen but Staci chased her out saying they were the guests. Staci poured 7 glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice for all of us. I could only stare as Staci moved around the kitchen totally naked. Her body was phenomenal.

Joy asked if she squeezed the oranges herself and Staci smiled and said yes. Joy told her to show me how she squeezed the oranges. Staci grabbed an orange and squeezed it a couple times then cut a small hole in one side and turned it upside down into my glass. She squeezed it again and I watched more juice pour from that one orange than I get from 4. She was good.

I loved the way her biceps flared when she squeezed. The perfect 4 pack of her abs and the cuts in her upper body and legs were so defined. She is a woman who spends a lot of time working out.

Anastasia and Angel stumbled into the kitchen, looking at the clock Ana said it was only 6:30am and what was the urgency. Staci smiled and said no urgency only that our guests have already had their morning orgasms then pointing to me said I had 2. I could feel myself turning red again.

Angel and Ana asked how we slept which was good. Staci told Ana to start on the eggs and handed Angel a bunch of bread to make the toast. Staci was making home fries with diced bell peppers, onions, habaneros, jalapenos and tomatoes.

Staci put together the plates just as Joy asked about calling down Paula n Michael. Staci said to let them sleep in and that one of us would bring them breakfast in bed. I thought that was nice. Little did I know…

Staci asked me to make coffee for the group and handed me the kona coffee. She put together two plates first and scooped a little bit of each item onto the plates. She then pulled out a small table and placed the plates on the table. Stabilizing the plates with napkins.

She asked me to bring the small table up to Paula n Michael’s room. I thought it was a nice touch having been the new girl in the house. I grabbed the table and carried it carefully up the stairs. I heard the girls in the kitchen laugh at one point but I was determined not to drop anything.

I got to the top of the stairs and walked towards their room. I knocked on the door and was told güvenilir casino to come in by Paula. As I pushed on the door I was surprised to see Paula leaning over Michael’s lap with his cock in her fist and the thick looking head in her mouth.

I stood there just staring. Paula never stopped licking or sucking his cock. She pushed more of it into her mouth as her fist traveled the length of the long shaft. Michael pointed to the coffee table in the corner as I set the table upon it. I turned around to look at the both of them as I was about to leave but Paula patted the end of the bed as to tell me to sit down.

Taking the offer, I sat down near Paula. She looked up at me and continued to inhale his cock. Michael was quite long, thick and trimmed. Paula’s hand barely fit around the shaft but the crown of his cock was quite thick. Paula rolled her tongue over the head before lifting up off him.

She stroked his cock thru her hand as she asked me how I slept. I answered every thing she asked and as I replied she would either lick or suck the head. Michael lay there not saying a word but enjoying the motions of Paula and watching me squirm.

Paula asked how I enjoyed the swing. I felt myself turn red once again only this time a much deeper red than before as I couldn’t get over how open she was as sucked her boyfriends cock before me.

I asked Paula if it was wrong of me to roam around her home and she assured me it was only natural and that her home was mine for as long as we’re here. I smiled feeling better but also getting quite turned on seeing his stiff cock standing up as her tongue wiped around the head and shaft.

Paula then pointed up and as I looked up I saw a monitor mounted in the corner of the room, the camera pointed towards the area of the pool, which included the swing. The picture was clear as if you were standing there. They saw me.

Paula told me that I caused this erection of his and that it would only be right for me to take care of it. She smiled with it but inside myself I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around his cock and feel the smooth head on my tongue.

Paula said she’d take care of it herself but that if I wanted too, I should stay in the room with them. I wasn’t going anywhere as I watched her get down to basics. She sucked the head and pumped his shaft with her hand. He began to squirm as she took more of his cock into her throat.

I wanted to join in but sat and watched her. Paula is a very beautiful woman. Her beauty is much more pronounced in person than in her photos. Her eyes are very intimidating to the common person. Looking at her I can sense she knew what I was thinking.

She pulled off his cock one more time and asked if I wanted to join in or take over. I passed up the chance this time but knew it wouldn’t happen again as I wanted to see him cum and how she took it.

She worked his shaft faster, taking more of his length into her mouth. Her lips stretched tight over his head. She started rubbing her pussy with her free hand as she sucked on him. She pulled her mouth of his cock long enough to tell me to feel free to rub myself if the want was present.

I was too engrossed in the size of his cock and imagined trying to fit him into my ass at some point in the week. Paula was moaning her pleasure as her fingers penetrated herself. His cock a deep red as she gripped him tight. Michael began bucking his hips as Paula pulled her fingers from her pussy and began squeezing his balls.

Michael groaned out, the same groan I’ve heard many times when we talk to each other via phone. It was now so much more exciting for me to witness it in person. Paula sucked the head harder taking more into her mouth until the head bumped against her throat. She slid him into her throat just as Michael moaned out, grabbing her head and holding her tight onto his cock he began to cum was my guess.

Paula moaned around his cock as Paula moaned out again and again. Saying ‘yeah babe, suck my cock’ as he came in her mouth. My pussy was on fire by now and I knew I would have to rub my clit sooner or later. Paula pulled off his cock and along with it came a long thick stream of cum.

Paula licked it up as another spurt followed by another shot from his pulsing cock head. Paula watched as the spurts flew the air. One landing on my bare thigh as to which I scooped up and licked my finger. He was so sweet.

Paula squeezed his head before sucking the last droplets from the head. She released his shaft and amazingly his cock just stood there as if wanting another sucking. I watched it bob in the wind and thought about sucking it but figured I’d get my lips around it later.

Paula got up on her knees in the bed and straddled Michael’s face. He licked her pussy slow at first as she ground on his tongue. She began to moan as she moved her pussy over his face and tongue. I watched her tiny ass move around and wondered how all these tiny women could fit him inside themselves.

I reached out and grabbed Michael’s cock and pumped it in my hand. I heard Michael moan out as Paula looked thru the mirror on the headboard. She could see me pumping his cock with my hand. Paula told me to straddle him but instead I opted to hold him in my hand.

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