Head Counselor…

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This story is the third in a series of stories in which a camp counselor in training, Brian, is seduced and lured into pleasing his older counselor Mark. Can be read on it’s own or as part of the series.. …as always, I appreciate feedback!

After the last two nights, the first in which Mark snuck bedside and jerked me into ecstasy and fed me my own cum, and then followed up the following night by thrusting his thumb deep inside me as I grinded out a load into my sheets, only to have to clean Mark’s fingers willingly–only after this could I be wondering what he meant when he asked me if I was ready to be head counselor.

Of course I had some ideas. But what followed, and how willing I was in going along with his plans, surprised and stirred me deeply.

The following day after Mark impaled me with his thumb, I again was mildly embarrassed to face him the next morning. And again, he managed to find me in the bathroom, shooing away the other campers for another meeting of counselors. This time, he didn’t ask me if I was okay. He just merely held the thumb that was deep inside me just hours ago, a few inches above my mouth, and I instinctively went to my tippy toes to suck on it.

“Oh, you are going to do just fine tonight,” he assured me, as I lunged higher to take more of his thumb in my mouth, all while he slid his hand under my boxers and clutched my growing cock.

“We’re both on overnight duty tonight, meet me at the head counselor’s cabin at 10.” With that, he gave a final squeeze to my cock and slowly removed his thumb from my mouth, wiping my saliva on both of my cheeks.

The head counselor, Bruce, was another one of my idols as a camper at this sleep-away camp. For ten years, he and Mark were the coolest counselors, the ones most looked up to by all boys in the camp. Certainly he couldn’t be in on Mark’s escapades. He was married, in his 50’s and two of his kids attended the camp. His wife was the head of girl’s camp.

When 10 rolled around, I knocked on the door and to my surprise, Bruce answered the door.

“Brian, good to see you! You must be waiting for Mark, he’s in the living room,” as he ushered me in. Mark was sipping on a beer on the couch, and patted the couch for me to sit next to him.

I complied and Bruce came in and sat on the other side of me.

My heart started pounding as I knew now that Bruce most definitely knew about what Mark and I was up to, and he clearly wanted in on the action, since I noticed his fly was down on his jeans and there was no underwear to be seen. Being casino şirketleri sandwiched on the couch between two men much my senior had my head spinning.

Bruce started in by saying what a great counselor in training I was, according to Mark, doing pretty much everything above and beyond what was expected of me. I nervously thanked him and told him that they were both my idols when I was a camper so, it really meant a lot.

“So as a reward for your hard work, we thought we’d let you be the, uhh, head counselor for the night,” as he looked over to Mark.

“What Bruce is trying to tell you, Brian, is that Bruce and I really need to see if you can handle the job of being head counselor, and all that comes with it. So give us each one of your hands”

I gave Mark my right, and Bruce my left, and they both placed my hands in their laps, as I felt their respective bulges grow.

“How does that sound?” Bruce asked.

My head ready to explode, I felt like I was back on my job interview. “I think I can do a good job, but I just don’t have any experience.” I stammered.

“Well, that’s okay, that’s what this summer is all about.” Bruce reassured me, pressing his left hand down on top of my hand that was on his lap. I could feel his pubes and bare cock through his pee hole.

“So here’s how it works, we tell you what to do, and you do it. Got it?” Mark said in a more commanding voice.


“So, I think it would be a good idea for you to take our cocks out and tell us what you want to do with them.”

“Well, I’m already rubbing them, which feels really good. What I’d like to do is take them out and take a closer look.” I knew at this point it was going to be a long night, a night of many firsts.

I got on the floor on my knees and began to take out first Bruce’s cock, and then Mark’s. Never having sucked a cock in my life, I now had two much older men sitting before me ready for my inexperienced mouth to please them. I knew what I had always wanted to do, and here was my opportunity.

“Before you get to live out your fantasy, Brian, there are just two things for you to do. See, we know you could be a good counselor in training for boy’s camp, but tonight we want to see if you’d be a good counselor training on girl’s camp too. On the table over there you’ll find some very wet, hot pink lipstick. You’ll also find a girls counselor in training uniform, panties and skirt. Go put them on.”

Now this was something I didn’t expect. I began to protest. “I don’t really think I need…”

“Brianna, casino firmaları as you are to be called for the remainder of the evening, you’ll do as we say, or you can explain to your mom why you’re home in early July instead of the end of August.”

With that, it became clear that I was no longer in charge of what was going on. There’s no way I wanted to get canned so early in the summer, and the uniform wasn’t too bad–a tight polo shirt and a gray pleated skirt.

I walked over, applied the lipstick looking in the mirror and they were some serious blowjob lips if I ever saw them.

On the chair, next to the skirt, was a pair of matching hot pink panties.

“Those too,” Bruce said.

I got totally changed and looked at myself in the mirror. The counselor looking back at me was most certainly in training, training to be a sissy.

“Pull your skirt down six inches and play with your pussy for us.”

I was super hard, leaking through the panties already.

“Oh look, his pussy is already dripping with excitement, Mark,” Bruce commented.

Blushing, I took my cock out and began to stroke it.

“Come back over hear sweetheart and get on your knees,” Bruce said.

I swished my hips over to him, as my skirt stopped me from taking full steps since it was pulled down somewhat.

I kneeled before him, and before I could begin to reach for his cock, he lifted my chin to face him. In his hand he had a brunette wig, with two pigtails, one on either side. “Now Brianna, you’ll look so much cuter with pig-tails, don’t you think?” and with that he placed the wig on, adjusting it just so. I sat there kneeling as he did this, and he leaned forward to affix the wig to my short buzz cut head. His cock brushed my lips as he leaned forward, and I seized the moment. I opened my mouth and closed my lips already three fourths the way down his shaft.

“Oh my, you sweet little angel whore, what do you know Mark? We have a good head counselor indeed.” He sat back on the couch and I scooted forward, keeping him in my mouth the whole time. I just started to instinctively bob my head like I’ve seen in so many porns, mostly bukkake flicks when the girl or guy gets to please as many cocks as possible, taking as many loads to the face and throat as possible.

I could tell Mark was getting restless, as he started to stroke his cock closer to my mouth. I stopped blowing Bruce and continued to pump his cock with my left hand and took Mark in my mouth for my very first time. It was heaven. My stomach lept güvenilir casino with joy pleasing him with my mouth, my boyhood hero now using me as his man, or, well, girl counselor in training. It didn’t matter, I found my calling.

Before long, Bruce grabbed me by both pig tails and told me he was going to cum. I placed my lips on the tip of his cock and continued to stroke him as quickly as I could. I wanted his load, in my mouth, on my lips, and on my face. He started to lift his ass off the couch and he screamed with pleasure as he exploded all over me. Some in my mouth, lots on my face, and even some on my wig. Once he settled, he had me back on his cock, applying pressure to the back of my head so that I didn’t miss a thing.

“Holy shit, Mark, how do you sleep across from this little bitch of a cocksucker?”

“I don’t know, but I’m finally going to give her what she’s been cleaning off my hands for the past night. Only this time, you get it straight from the source. Isn’t that what you want sweetie?”

Blushing, I nod my head up and down.

Mark give me his thumb to blow, and I do, mimicking the movements I’ve been making on his cock. He reached over, grabbed the lipstick, removed his thumb, and applied a fresh coat to my lips. I looked up into his eyes as he did this, his masculine spell clearly cast on me. I was his and Bruce’s, and they knew it.

With a fresh coat of lipstick freshly applied, I went to town on Mark. Bobbing, sucking, jerking him to pure ecstasy, I wasn’t holding back at all. I wanted to please him, I wanted him to want me, I wanted his cum, badly. Bruce got back in the action holding the back of my head with each bob, telling me what a good girl CIT I was making.

And then it came–rope after rope of cum, as though he hadn’t come in months, unleashed all in my mouth. I swallowed, one, two, three, four, five mouthfuls, as he just kept screaming, “Yeah Brianna, I’m cumming sweetie, swallow me! Swallow me!!!” I didn’t let up until he went limp on the couch, spent from a mind-blowing orgasm. I let him go limp in my mouth, and then slowly lifted my head off of him. I went to stand up and when I did, realized I had cum with Mark. My pink panties were filled and dripping with cum. We all laughed as I realized what I had done.

“Now sweet heart, go change out of your clothes, but keep your panties on and report back to our bunk immediately.” Mark commanded.

I complied, and changed hurriedly. My shorts were already wet through the front from my cum soaked panties. Bruce and Mark both had me clean their cocks one last time, as they squeezed their cocks from the base, producing just enough for two more swallows. As I cleaned Mark, he told me that I had made head counselor. And once again, I was his favorite little camper deep inside…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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