Heart of Texas Gift Shop

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I was planning on giving my girlfriend a fabulous birthday. I had invited all her friends and family for a surprise party, I had several gifts already wrapped and ready to go. After the party we were going away for the weekend to a nice little bed and breakfast in the Hill Country. The only thing left was the lingerie and maybe a toy or two.

The Heart of Texas Gift Shop was an upscale adult gift shop. They had all manner of toys and lingerie available in a clean and friendly environment. My girlfriend and I had shopped there frequently. This time, I went alone.

I entered the store and began to browse, somewhat uneasily; I always felt this way when there were other people shopping. I fidgeted nervously until the two giggling women had left. They hadn’t bought anything. I walked over to the counter where the vibrators were on display. The saleslady walked over.

“Can I help you with anything?” she asked. She was tall, about six feet, and had long brown hair that fell down her back. Her body was built like a volleyball player, athletic and sexy. Her tank top was short to show off her tanned six-pack. I smiled at her.

“Yeah, actually. Which of these is the best?” I waved a hand at the shelves.

“It depends on what you need it for? You?” She had a playful smile on her face. I shook my head quickly and told her about my girlfriend. I was a little nervous and told her about all of the birthday plans, too. She smiled sweetly, obviously used to that sort of thing. “Okay. So your girlfriend is Jessie, whose birthday is on Saturday and you want a vibrator for her. Let me show you this one.” She held up a purple, knobby thing.

“Perfect for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Uses double A batteries and has multiple settings. This one,” she held up a pink, sleek device. “Is just a good, but can also be used rectally. But my favorite method,” she picked up a silver egg-like device attached to a long cord and long penis-shaped blue thing, “are these two. The silver vibrator is the most powerful of its kind, perfect for everything. The blue penis is equally perfect for everything and waterproof. I use it in the shower and my hot tub.”

I smiled. “I don’t suppose you could show me how these work…” She smiled back. And walked around the counter to the front door. She switched the sign to ‘Closed’ and locked the door, carefully shutting the blinds.

As she walked back to the counter, she pulled off her tank top and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were smallish and perky, the kind where the nipples point up just a little bit. They were hard and perfectly proportioned.

She kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans. She began to wiggle out of them and her hips swayed beautifully as the dark skin was revealed. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear and she tanned in the nude.

Her tiny strip of light brown pubic hair was a perfect contrast to her tanned skin, a guide pointing to her lower lips, which rested between her perfect legs. She grabbed the two devices from me and hopped up on the counter that was against the wall, backing up enough so that her feet were on the edge.

“First, we need to make sure I’m wet. Like this,” she touched the silver egg to her clit and flicked the switch at the end of the cord. It began to hum and she grunted softly; it was a sexy sound. She rubbed her nipples with her free hand casino şirketleri and began to breathe harder. She grabbed the blue penis and turned it on, expertly inserting it into her pussy easily. She was wet and I was getting hard.

With one hand, she held the egg on her clit, the other thrust the blue penis in and out in a rhythmic motion, her eyes were closed and her face made the occasional grimace of pleasure. I wasn’t expecting this and I had no idea what to do. I stood there and watched, painfully aware of my erection.

“Help me!” she gasped. I walked over slowly, unsure of what she needed help with. “Suck my nipples! Please, I’m so close!”

I thought about it briefly, then decided that Jessie would never know. I leaned in and took one in nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned deeply. I alternated between the two perfect breasts and watched as she worked on her pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore and I dropped to my knees in front of her, taking the vibrators out of her hands.

I licked her clit, the long way, using as much of the tongue as possible, not just the tip like you see in movies. She grunted again. I did this for a minute or so then lengthened the licks, starting from between her asshole and pussy, slowly licking all the way up and then down, circling her hole, occasionally flicking in, sometimes shoving in deeply.

I trailed my tongue down her lips again, around her pussy and then around her asshole. She flinched and moaned. I took a risk and licked across her asshole, she moaned loudly.

“Ooohhh, you’re bad,” she breathed, “Don’t stop.”

I didn’t.

I licked up and down, from clit to asshole, occasionally stopping to work specifically in one area. I grabbed the egg vibrator and slid in into her pussy, just long enough to get it wet. She was pleasantly surprised when it slipped into her asshole. I turned it up all the way.

I concentrated on her pussy, running my tongue in and out quickly, almost fucking her with it. I grabbed the other vibrator and put that in, cranking it up to full, also. I licked her clit again and stayed there. I looked up and saw her face was twisted in ecstasy, a sign that she was barely able to take my techniques. She was about to come and she stopped rubbing her nipple and grabbed my head, pulling it closer into her crotch. She came hard, moaning the whole time. I sucked her clit and licked at the same time and I felt her buck her hips into my face. She gave one final moan and shuddered violently, almost collapsing onto the floor. I held her up and removed the vibrators, turning them off and setting them on the counter.

She smiled at me and sat up. I thought she was going to kiss me, or maybe even return the favor. Instead, she picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hi, it’s me. You really need to come over. Yeah, I’m at work. Use your key to the back door. Bye.” She smiled as she sat there, calmly waiting for whomever to show up.

I felt my erection struggling against my pants, with what had just happened and the fact that this beautiful lady was just sitting there in front of me. Neither one of us spoke, she was lost in the afterglow of her orgasm and I was nervous, waiting on our mystery guest. I don’t know how long we were like that, but I never heard the backdoor open or hear the mystery guest arrive right behind me.

“Hey, beautiful,” the casino firmaları female voice behind me said to the nude sales lady. “You look fabulous like that. Who’s this?” She put an arm on my shoulder and I turned around to stare directly into the face of my girlfriend.

“Jessie?” I said, awestruck to find her here, not feeling guilty in the least.

“Alex?” she said also, just as confused. The sales lady laughed behind us, a sexy sound to say the least. “Michelle? What’s going on here?”

“This is Michelle?” I asked, turning to her. “Your friend Michelle? I invited her to the birthday. What is going on here?”

Michelle laughed and got off the counter, walking over to kiss Jessie passionately. I noticed Jessie returned the kiss. “We’ve been more than friends for awhile now, Alex. And we’ve often talked about including you in our fun. Once I knew it was you, I decided to go for it. But I had to know that you were good first. And you were.” She kissed me just as she had Jessie. My erection found new strength.

I kissed her back, and then Jessie stepped in. I kissed her and felt Michelle’s hand stripping away my shirt, then travelling down to my belt. Jessie helped and within seconds, I was naked. Jessie wasted no time wrapping her lips around my rock hard cock and Michelle made sure that Jessie was equally as naked, her much paler skin a wonderful contrast to Michelle’s dark tan.

Jessie stood up, naked, her large breasts hanging perfectly. I looked at her pussy, a perfectly clean-shaven masterpiece, with exquisite lips and a barely protruding clit. I couldn’t wait to lick it.

Michelle beat me to it.

She pushed Jessie up on the counter and went to work, sliding her tongue around her clit and pussy, just like I had done. Jessie squirmed and I went over. She grabbed my dick and stroked it, adjusting herself so that she could suck it while Michelle rammed her tongue into her pussy. I heard a buzz and saw the silver egg disappear in to Jessie’s asshole, a rare treat, considering Jessie’s aversion to anything anal. My heart skipped a beat.

It was only a matter of seconds before Jessie came. Like Michelle, she came hard but unlike Michelle, she came loud. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and kissed her, trying to keep her quiet. Michelle laughed.

“Sound-proof walls, don’t worry about it. She’s come in here louder than that.”

I shrugged and kissed Michelle and she almost threw me to the floor. Before I knew what was happening, she slid her wet pussy down over my dick and began riding me, hard and fast. I grabbed her ass and she shoved a tit in my mouth. I sucked hungrily, happy that I could reach them. Jessie was too short and I couldn’t reach hers.

Michelle stopped and turned around, propping herself up on her hands and feet, almost crab-like. She ordered me to fuck her and I did, careful to help hold her up by her ass. Jessie got off the counter and began licking Michelle’s pussy. Quick and hard. Michelle moaned loudly, even grunting once or twice.

I felt Jessie shove a finger in Michelle’s asshole.

“Ooooohhhh, yes! Fuck me! Yes! Ooooohhhh! Uuuuhhhhh!”

She squirmed, almost dislodging my dick and I steadied her hips and kept fucking. Jessie grabbed my cock and took it out, sucking it hard, savoring the taste of pussy on it. Michelle got on her knees and began rubbing her clit. güvenilir casino Jessie stroked me and led me to her friend.

“Go easy at first,” she said, kissing me hard. I wondered why if I had just been railing her that hard. Jessie guided my cock in, but not to Michelle’s pussy, but to her ass.

I started slow and easy, gently pushing my dick past the tight anus, reveling in the sensation. Jessie sucked one of my nipples teasingly and crawled under Michelle, stopping to rest when her face was buried in the sleek wetness just below her ass. Michelle tried to return the favor to Jessie own pussy, but her pleasure was too great, and she began yelling around Jessie’s perfectly sleek pussy.

“Ooohhh, God!” she screamed into Jessie clit. “Don’t fucking stop! Uuuuhhhh! Uuuuhhhh! Harder! Oh! Right there!Mmmmmm!Mmmmmm! Nnnnn! Oooooo!”

Michelle let go, arching her back and screaming, almost in pain, I kept thrusting, struggling to stay in by clutching her hips in desperation. Jessie didn’t stop either. Her mouth was locked on Michelle’s mound, sucking hungrily, relishing the orgasm her friend was having and not wanting to stop. Completely spent, Michelle fell to the floor, breathless and exhausted. She shuddered a few times and smile of contentment crept across her fact.

Jessie turned around to face me.

“Your turn,” she said, lifting her legs up. She grabbed my cock and put it against her asshole. I slid it in slowly. “Fuck me.”

I did slowly, she grimaced once or twice in pain, and then they turned to pleasure once she got into it. I began to hit her harder, my dick sliding up all the way easily. Michelle watched quietly, enjoying the view, occasionally stroking her own clit. When she couldn’t help it any longer, she grabbed the blue penis and crawled over.

She slid it into Jessie gleaming wet pussy. Jessie moaned at the double-penetration. Michelle had only to lick Jessie’s clit a few times and she came, loud like last time, but this time she bucked against my cock.

“Ooohh fuck me! Fuck me, you bitch! Harder! Ram that cock in to me! Ooooohhhh, Jesus! Fuck!”

. I couldn’t take it, either. I felt my own orgasm coming and I pulled out of Jessie ass and Michelle grabbed my cock like she’d been expecting it and began stroking hard and fast.

I shot the biggest load of my life, huge globs of come went everywhere. The first flew out low, splashing into Jessie’s bald pussy, running down the clit and lips to rest in her pussy. A thick, white glob flew into Michelle’s hair and she adjusted her strokes to aim the next spurt in her mouth. She opened wide and a pair a thick stream splashed on her tongue and teeth, dribbling down her lips and chin. An errant glob splashed over Jesse’s belly button and another over her tits. The come flew as I came for what seem like forever. And when I was done, the come covered girls only got me started again.

Jessie had a small glob resting just inside of her eye. Her tits here covered and she was rubbing it all over, giving her breasts a shiny glow. Michelle had come in her hair and all over her face. A stream hung off her chine and her tits were also decorated with jizz. She didn’t bother rubbing in her coatings of come; she was too busy rubbing in the come on Jessie pussy. Then she started to use her tongue. I’d never seen a girl lick come off another pussy before, but the way Michelle did it only made me hornier.

“I’ve got a shower in the back,” Michelle said. “Why don’t we use it? I bet there a lot more where that came from.”

She grabbed my cock and led the way, with Jessie following dreamily behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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