Heaven’s Angel and Hell’s Demon

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Danny looked down at the man between his legs, his back arched as he felt the darker man’s lips on his lower body. His white wings stretched out as far as they could go without popping out of his back and taking flight all on their own. He knew his master would rip them out if he had known where he was. He was supposed to be watching his charge and protecting her from a demon, the very demon the he was making love to.

The demon, Doyle, looked up at him with black eyes tinted with green flecks. His ankle length black hair was pulled tightly back from his face and exposing his ears which were pierced from top to bottom. He stretched and his black wings moved with his shoulders as he crawled up the length of Danny’s naked body, pressing his own nude body against his. Danny watched him and let out a silent whimper, every inch of his five foot ten body shuddering as he watched Doyle’s six foot three one rise above him. He shook out his waist length red-brown hair and let it fall around his shoulders and looked up at him with his fiery brown eyes.

“Doyle, your master will kill you if he finds you with me. I can’t let you put yourself in such danger,” Danny said in a low voice, avoiding his gaze while his body betrayed his words.

Doyle shook his head as he replied, “And do you not put your own self in danger for this? For our love? I think you do for I heard you say it once with my own ears and trust me dear heart my ears never hear anything that isn’t truth.”

He leaned down and kissed Danny again. Danny tried to pull away but tried to stay close to hi all at the same time. His mind screamed No but his body screamed casino şirketleri yes as Doyle’s hand traced a line from his neck, down his chest and stomach and down between his legs. Danny sighed into Doyle’s mouth, pressed himself into Doyle’s hand as they kissed. Every inch of him wanted nothing more than for Doyle to take him and throw him down, having his way with him. He wanted to tell Doyle the elaborate fantasies he had about him whenever they were apart but didn’t have the nerve. He looked down and saw every inch of Doyle’s manliness hard and ready, aching for him to touch him.

Danny reached down and wrapped his hand around Doyle’s throbbing manliness and stroked him gently, hearing the long, soft moan that escaped Doyle’s mouth into his own. He smiled through the kiss they still shared and wrapped his hand around Doyle more firmly, making Doyle moan louder with every touch he gave. Doyle pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Danny, his eyes fierce and wanting.

Danny knew the feeling well, he was feeling it himself more than even he would ever admit. He raised up onto his knees and pushed Doyle onto the soft hotel bed they were in, rising above him much like Doyle had done to him moments sooner. The person they were both chasing could wait-the love they had was more important. He lowered himself between Doyle’s legs and took him into his mouth slowly, achingly slow.

Doyle arched his back and moaned loudly as he felt Danny’s mouth enclose his most intimate areas. His hands reached out and clutched the bedsheets tightly as he looked down and watched his nude, heavenly lover work. He loved Danny casino firmaları with all his heart even though he always claimed not to have one since he was one of Hells most prestigious demons. He could make you fall in love with him while he sucked your soul out with one kiss. Danny was the opposite-he was one of Heaven’s most trusted Angels and could give you back life in a single touch. They were polar opposites which made the love they shared even stronger.

Danny sucked gently at first, listening to the sounds that were escaping his lover’s mouth as he worked. He sped up, going faster and faster until he heard Doyle’s breathing change, heard him beg for him to stop but still he sucked, his hand massaging Doyle’s inner thigh as he exploded into Danny’s mouth. He drank it all down as he rose up to lay next to Doyle and kissed his neck gently.

“We better get to work my love, or we will get caught for sure,” Danny said as he stood.

Doyle smiled from where he lay on the bed and reached out, grabbing Danny by the wrist and pulling him back down onto the bed. He smiled as he got to his knees and hovered above Danny’s nude body with his own.

“So that’s it then? You pleasure me and then leave? I want more than that, I want to hear you scream as you come for me, watch you writhe beneath me as I make love to you,” he said in a low voice in Danny’s ear.

Danny shuddered from the sound of Doyle’s voice, his body aching to be touched and played with. His wings stretched to their full length and he watched Doyle’s face. Doyle smiled and stretched out his own wings, the tips of his wings touching the tips güvenilir casino of Danny’s and causing them both to shudder and harden. Danny looked down at the hard length of Doyle and felt himself for the first time in over a century. He had never blushed looking at Doyle’s most intimate areas though this affair had been ongoing for months now. He wanted to feel that hard length inside him, pounding into him like never before.

Doyle sensed what Danny wanted and smiled. He wanted to do it, wanted to make Danny scream and beg for him to not stop and to keep going even when the two of them were exhausted. He kissed Danny with as much force as he could without hurting him. the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt him. He loved him too much to do that to the man he loved. He pressed his hard, long self against Danny’s hardness and brought moans from both of their mouths.

Danny felt himself harden and waited to see what Doyle was doing. Doyle gently turned Danny over onto his hand and knees, kissing along his neck as he did so. He pressed his length against Danny, gently entering him from behind. Danny held on tightly to the bedsheets, soft moans escaping his lips with every inch that entered him.

Doyle slid in and out of Danny over and over again as his hand slid from Danny’s hip to the front of him. He took Danny’s hard length into his hand and began to stroke him gently at first but then harder and harder, his hand in rhythm with his hips. Danny moaned loudly, his nails digging into the bed deeply and causing them to bleed.

“Oh Doyle please don’t stop my love,” he gasped as Doyle thrust in and out of him while he stroked him harder and harder, faster and faster until he felt the pressure building up from everything he was feeling. He knew he couldn’t hang on any longer and he came as Doyle came, their bodies in perfect harmony from their orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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