Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 04

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A Taste

“Thanks for a wonderful evening,” Barbara Loomis told Tim Jackman when they pulled up in front of her apartment building late Saturday evening.

Barbara worked at the Jamestown Police Department, as the secretary for the chief of detectives. She’d wanted to go out with Tim since the first time he’d come into her office to drop off crime reports from his shift for the detectives, and was delighted when he asked her to go to the movies with him. She accepted his invitation immediately.

“It’s not that late. Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?” she asked.

“Sure,” Tim said. He studied at his companion. Her honey-blonde hair, which looked thick and soft, fell just below her shoulders and framed an attractive face that held a pair of arresting blue eyes. She also had a very kissable pair of full lips. She was tall, about five-nine, weighed maybe one-thirty-five, and every ounce of that weight was well-distributed from what he could see. She had on white cable-knit cardigan sweater and a snug ribbed white skirt that allowed him to see how we–formed her long legs were.

Barbara’s apartment was on the second floor, and following the lovely girl up the stairs provided Tim with quite a pleasing view. Her alluring bottom moved wonderfully as she mounted the stairs. His cock was half-hard by the time they reached her door.

When they got into the apartment, Barbara directed Tim to the sofa in her living room and she headed for the little kitchen area adjoining it to make the coffee. “Do you take cream or sugar in your coffee?” she asked as she started getting the coffee going.

Tim said, ” I take it black.”

Barbara smiled. “All you cops drink your coffee black, don’t you?” she said.

Tim nodded. “It’s a necessary evil if you’re working night shift,” he replied. “Got to do what you have to so you can stay awake.”

Barbara started the coffee pot, then she walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa next to him. She laid her hand on his. “I really did have a nice time tonight, Tim,” she said softly.

Tim wasn’t prepared for the sensations that shot up his arm when Barbara’s hand touched his. They were a lot stronger than he anticipated. “I, ah, I had a nice time, too,” he admitted. He smiled at the pretty blonde.

Barbara blushed, got up, went to the counter and filled two cups with coffee. Then she carried them to the coffee table, set them down, then sat down next to Tim again. “Do you like being a cop, Tim?” she asked.

Tim nodded. “A lot,” he replied. “I guess I’ve always wanted to be a cop, actually.” He put a hand on her arm.

Barbara was leaning forward to put down her coffee cup when he touched her. When she felt his touch, she turned toward him.

Barbara’s sudden turn caught Tim off guard. He didn’t have time to pull his hand away and it wound up resting on the side of one of her firm breasts. When he realized where his hand was, he jerked it away quickly and turned bright red. “I…I’m sorry, Barbara,” he stammered, “I…I didn’t mean to…ah….”

Barbara reddened and smiled at her date, enjoying his discomfiture. “I know, Tim,” she said, softly, “if I hadn’t moved so fast, it wouldn’t have happened. But…but I…I don’t mind…” She blushed again and kept looking at him, then she leaned forward and put her arms around him. “I’m not sorry it happened,” she whispered. “It…it felt nice.”

Tim’s throat tightened, his cock leapt in his pants, and his arms went around her. It felt awfully good to have a woman in his arms again. It had been quite a while.

Barbara tilted her head back and looked up at Tim, her lips parted ever so slightly. Then he covered her lips with his. The kiss grew more ardent the longer it persevered.

Barbara’s tongue caressed Tim’s lips and, tentatively, his tongue came out, seeking contact with hers. Her arms slid around his neck and, with a muffled groan, she strained against him, showing an urgency that surprised him.

When the kiss ended, Barbara looked at Tim with wide eyes. Her chest was heaving and she was trembling. “Oh, Tim,” she whispered. “I…I feel so strange. I…I…”

“I do, too,” he said, caressing her face. Then he started to comb his fingers through her soft, silky hair. She pressed against him and continued to gaze into his eyes.

Over Barbara’s shoulder, Tim saw the open door to her bedroom. He stood up, took her hand, pulled her to her feet and into his arms. Barbara moved against him and again their lips met in a kiss just as passionate as their first one. When the kiss was over, Tim led his trembling date toward the open doorway.

“Tim, what…what are you doing?” Barbara asked softly.

“I’m going to make love to you,” he told her.

“Oh, yessss!!” Barbara murmured.

Tim’s heart thudded like a pile-driver and his legs were shaky as, holding hands, they walked into her bedroom.

Inside the room, they faced each other. Barbara’s chest was heaving and her eyes were squeezed casino şirketleri shut. Tim began opening her sweater and she stood there trembling, offering no resistance.

When he had the sweater unbuttoned, Tim peeled it from her and dropped it to the floor, then he ran his fingers lightly over the silky, warm skin he’d exposed. He felt goose-bumps rise on her soft flesh.

“God, Tim, that feels so wonderful,” Barbara whispered. “You…you’re so gentle…”

Tim loosened her skirt then pushed it down, leaving her wearing only a bra and panties. He continued caressing her, then he slipped his hands behind her and he undid the clasp of her bra.

When she felt her bra loosen, Barbara raised her hands to her chest and held the flimsy garment in place, looking at Tim wide-eyed.

He slid his hands down her sides, hooked the waist of her panties and dragged them down, then began caressing her buttocks.

Barbara opened her mouth as if she was going to say something, but only a soft moan came out. Tim pulled her against him and she let herself be drawn into his strong arms. Soft murmurs continued to pour from her.

Tim could feel his pretty companion trembling as he held her against him. He took her hands from her chest and her bra slid down her arms, then fell to the floor, leaving her nude. Her breasts sagged only a little, and her nipples – surrounded by large, dark areoles – were thick and beginning to emerge. Her belly was a smooth, flawless rounded expanse of skin. He gazed at her, finding her even more stunning than he expected her to be.

He urged her onto the bed, then he knelt next to her, leaned over her, and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Barbara grasped his head and moaned. His lips ventured from one breast to the other, sucking the splendid, swollen tips. While he suckled the lovely blonde’s breasts, her body twisted and turned and the magnitude of her moans increased. He let his hand roam over the rest of her lovely physique.

Barbara pressed up off the bed against Tim’s caresses, then she began to moan when his lips began moving down from her breasts, headed for her gently rounded belly. He slid his hand between her thighs, onto her vagina. Her clit was hard and erect and, as his hand slid over it, the pretty blonde jolted as if she’d been given an electric shock.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” she cried. “Oh, God, Tim! That feels so wonderful!”

When his companion’s legs parted Tim began tracing the outline of her wet opening with a single finger, feeling the silken softness of her labia. After a while, he inserted his finger between the well-lubricated slips. Her hips rocked upward when his finger moved into her, seeking the penetration that was clearly giving her pleasure.

“Yesssss!!! Do it!!! Oh, Yesssss!!!” Barbara begged.

Tim’s lips traveled across her belly to the patch of sparse pale pubic hair at her middle. He continued kissing and licking her there. It was obvious she desperately wanted to be made love to and that was exactly what he intended to do. He moved between her shapely thighs, bent, and sucked her clit between his lips.

“Ahhhhhh!!! My Goddddd, Timmmmmm!!!” Barbara cried. Her hips rose off the bed and her hands pulled at the bed covers, then her body went rigid and she began to quiver violently.

Tim heard his companion’s high, keening wail, felt her vagina rippling along his finger, and continued doing what was so obviously giving her pleasure.

Barbara finally calmed and lay still. Tim took advantage of her state to get off the bed and strip off his clothes. Then he laid down next to her and took her in his arms.

Barbara lay in Tim’s arms, looking at him, her eyes large and fluid. “I…I can’t believe you did that!” she said. “It…it was so wonderful! But…but what about you?”

Tim kissed her softly, then he rolled atop her. “That was my gift to you. Now…” he said, “…now we share pleasure.”

Barbara opened her legs, slid her hand between them, grasped his rigid shaft and guided it to her still-wet opening.

When he felt Barbara’s fingers wrap around his erection and position it at the portal of her body, Tim lowered himself slowly, forcing his blood-engorged rod into her. Her hips rose to meet his invasion, drawing him into her. The excitement he felt as he sank into her was almost overwhelming.

Barbara’s arms wrapped around his neck, she pulled his face down to hers, and pressed her lips against his. “I knew it would feel this good to make love with you!” she exclaimed. “I knew it would!” She began to move her hips.

Tim thrust deep, aware he was incredibly aroused and wouldn’t be able to stand the delectable grip of Barbara’s snug channel for long. It thrilled him when he felt her body begin to quiver again. The rippling raced up and down his embedded erection and he knew it was fruitless to try holding back any longer. He let himself go and began spewing one powerful blast his hot seed after another into her, filling casino firmaları her to overflowing. Waves of pleasure broke over him and it was his turn to moan with ecstasy, and as he did, Barbara’s wails of joy blended with his. She was coming again!!!

Afterward, they rested in each other’s arms, feeling warm and wonderful. Barbara snuggled against Tim, put her arm around him, and began stroking his back. She smiled at him. “You are so wonderful, Tim! How am I ever going to thank you for the pleasure you’ve given me?” she asked as she continued to stroke him tenderly.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Tim told her, “But I’m not going to complain if you keep doing what you’re doing!” He rolled onto his back to give her better access to his body. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to make love again, given the intense pleasure they had just shared, but what she was doing sure felt nice, so he decided to let her keep doing it.

Barbara slid her hand across Tim’s belly, into his pubic hair which, she learned was matted and damp, and grasped his limp penis.

Tim felt a pleasurable stirring deep inside him. Maybe what they’d just done wasn’t the finale of their evening of love-making after all!

Barbara kissed his ear, then traced it with her tongue, making him shudder. “It…it felt so huge when it was in me,” she whispered. “How…how did you do that?”

“You keep that up and you’re going to see huge again, real soon!” Tim croaked.

Barbara did keep doing what she was doing, and his cock did get hard again. It took a surprisingly short time doing so, too. Soon she had it standing proudly again, while Tim, twisting and turning, moaned softly.

“I…” Barbara murmured, “…I want to kiss it.” A flush spread across her face and chest as she told Tim of her intentions.

Tim was barely able to talk because waves of ecstasy were again crashing over him. “Go ahead, do it! I’d love it if you did!” he gasped.

Barbara got to her knees and bent over him. When she did, her mass of soft, silky hair tumbled over Tim’s middle, giving him a totally new experience, inflaming his passion more than he thought was possible. She wrapped her warm hand around his throbbing pole, brought the tip to her lips, and kissed it. Then she kissed it again, looked up at him, and smiled. “I kind of like the way it tastes,” she whispered, her voice filled with yearning. She licked his cock, then she let her tongue slide up and down the swollen, veined exterior.

Jolts of excitement shot through Tim. Warmth and wetness engulfed him when Barbara took the ribbed, throbbing wand into her mouth. At first, she held the tip between her lips, then she took a deep breath and lowered her head, swallowing almost all of him. The sensations he experienced were so powerful he thought the top of his head would come off.

Barbara kept sucking him and, as she did, she began to show signs that she was becoming aroused, too. Tim began pulling on her nipples, inducing gasps and squeals of delight.

Just when Tim thought he wouldn’t be able to stand what Barbara was doing any longer, she sat up, leaving his straining wand waving in the cool air.

“I want you again,” she announced breathlessly. “I have to have that wonderful thing of yours in me again!” She swung her leg over his body and settled atop him, her thighs caressing him, her damp opening trapping his rigid shaft between them. She rocked her hips, rubbing her slit against his swollen club. After doing that for a while, she reached between them, grasped his rod, raised her hips, then she lowered herself onto him. She sighed with joy as he slid into her. “Oh, yessss!!!” she moaned. Then she began to rock her hips.

Tim grasped her bobbing breasts, his thumbs stroking her rigid nipples, and her head rolled back. Once more the bedroom was filled with the sounds of their shared passion. Soon Tim felt Barbara’s body begin to tremble and heard the sounds that announced her incipient orgasm.

“Yesssss!!! Oh, God, Tim!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!” Barbara cried. Her body went wild. “Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Nowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!”

Tim held on to her breasts, his thumbs teasing the delightfully firm tips, as her body shook and her cries of ecstasy got louder.

Barbara’s violent orgasm triggered Tim’s. His fluids bubbled up from deep inside him and filled her to overflowing. He could feel their mixed juices trickling down between them and dripping onto him.

Slowly, Barbara’s spasms of joy passed. She collapsed onto his chest and didn’t move. Tim held her a little longer, then he gently rolled her onto the bed. She lay in his arms, breathing regularly, her eyes closed. “What the hell…?” Tim mused. “Well, I guess she won’t mind if I stay the night.” He pulled the covers over them, turned off the light, and soon was sleeping as soundly as the lovely blonde in his arms.

Tim awakened the next morning, not quite sure where he was at first. güvenilir casino Then he turned his and saw Barbara lying next to him, her eyes open, a smile on her winsome face. Now he knew where he was.

“Good morning,” he said. “I…I hope you don’t mind that I stayed the night.”

Barbara stretched languorously and smiled at him. “I’d have been terribly hurt if you hadn’t been here when I woke up this morning,” she said softly.

Tim rolled over, began stroking one of Barbara’s breasts, and heard her groan with delight. Her nipple started to harden immediately. He captured one erecting nipple with his lips.

“Ohhhhhhh!!!” Barbara groaned, arching her back, offering herself to him. He was gentler than any man she had ever been with! It was wonderful! She was so glad he asked her out!

Tim licked the rigid bud of flesh, noting with pleasure that she groaned and writhed more and more the longer his lips and hands worked on her.

The prim, proper business suits Barbara wore at work, and her pleasant, proper way of treating him in the office, were certainly a stark contrast to the luscious, wanton creature next to him. His lips moved through the valley between her breasts and up the slope to the other straining tip which stood there, awaiting his attentions.

“Yess!!! Oh, God, Tim, yesssss!!!” Barbara groaned. “That feels so good!!! Your lips are magic!!!” He was turning her on more than she’d been turned on in a long time. Her hands sought his erection and started stroking it.

Tim suckled her breasts for a while. He couldn’t get over how large her nipples were. At last his lips started wandering down over her body, following his hands, which were already blazing hot trails over her skin.

Barbara writhed, her breath coming in gasps, as Tim made love to her expertly. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could stand! It felt too good! God, what a fantastic lover he was! “Tim!! Oh, God, Tim!!!” she groaned, her soft hand still clutching his erection. “You’re making me feel so wild!!”

Tim continued doing the things he knew turned her on. His lips moved across her rounded belly, into the curly hair where her legs and body joined.

“Oh, God, Tim!!!” Barbara cried as his lips moved through her pubic forest, “If you do that…Ohhhhhh!!!…you’re gonna make me… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Oh, sweet Jesus!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!” The minute his lips and tongue landed on her clit, she went wild, her body thrashing, legs flailing.

Tim licked and sucked Barbara’s convulsing opening until she lay still. Then he slid atop her and kissed her. Her arms slid around his neck and she returned the kiss fiercely.

“God, Tim, you make me feel so wonderful!” she breathed. “I love what you do to me!” She felt his erect cock pressing against her soft belly. “I want you in me! Please, Tim, I want you in me!”

“Your wish is my command,” Tim said. He raised his hips and his swollen shaft slid between her soaking labia. When he felt the head part the silky lips, he lowered himself and felt his erection plow into her snug channel.

“Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!!” Barbara purred. “Oh, Lord, yesssss!!!” She clutched his back and locked her legs behind his.

Tim began stroking, moving slowly, deliberately, in spite of the fantastic feelings rushing through him.

The fact that she’d come only moments before didn’t seem to make any difference to Barbara’s body. Tim’s insistently moving organ soon had her quaking with passion. Her legs tightened and her pelvis ground against his. It felt so fantastic!

Tim kept driving into her, felt her growing response, then he felt her stiffen. Her fingers dug into his back, and her legs clamped him even tighter. Her mouth fell open and her back arched.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Aggggainnnnnnnnnn!!!! Yesssssss!!! Take meeeee, Tim!!! Oh, please!!!! Please!!!” the lovely blonde cried as once more, passion exploded through her. “Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!”

The milking action of Barbara’s snug channel was more than Tim could take. His own explosion began and he pumped gushers of hot cream into her. “Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!” he cried, lost in bliss.

“I really hate to leave, but I have to,” Tim told Barbara after their frantic morning love-making session finally wound down.

Barbara responded with a very attractive pout. “You mean you’re working today?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Tim said, “I told Bernie Lowenstein I’d work his shift.” He kissed her. “Of course, that was before I knew how wonderful you are.”

“Are we ever going to do this again?” Barbara asked.

Tim smiled at her. “Of course we will. How about some night next week?” he said.

“Why don’t you call me?” Barbara stretched, gratified that his eyes remained glued to her as she did. “You know, you can stop up to the detective office any time you want.”

“I’ll probably do both.” Tim said. He had every intention of calling her. He’d be a fool not to.

“You mean that?” Barbara asked. She sat up suddenly and the movement made her breasts jiggle delightfully.

“I sure do,” Tim said. He went to the bed, kissed her, then headed for the door. He was running late, so he had to hurry.

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