Her Kiss

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It felt like we had known each other forever.

In reality I had only moved to that sad little town twelve month prior. I was a city girl, born and bred just west of London. I was used to falling asleep with sounds of traffic penetrating the double glazed window. The occasional doof doof of a car stereo breaking the soothing monotony of the engines that passed. It had taken me weeks to learn to fall asleep in the silent nights the country provided. Took me years longer to adapt to the stifling heat of the tiny Australian outback town.

It was a hard move for a just turned 18 year old insecure school girl. I walked into class on my first day looking like a wild creature caught in the glaring headlights of a truck. My white skin a huge contrast to the freckled tan faces of my new classmates. My accent strange to the ears of those used to an Australian twang. I settled in fast, made friends, fought of the advances of every boy in class. They had all grown up together, fresh meat was rare and with my city clothes and reckless attitude I guess I was seen as wild and exciting.

It was Gretal that caught my attention though. She was everything I could never be. Blond, blue eyed, tan and busty in stark contrast to my jet black hair , soulful brown eyes and petite figure. She was no dumb blond though, her mind excited me, her perspective on life was so enthusiastic I felt a new excitement for it myself. I didn’t know what it was that I felt for her. I just knew I wanted to be around her so very much.

We lived in each others pockets. My father used to joke that along with his new position managing the towns mines he had inherited a new daughter, Gina and Gretal..twins of the soul. Her family welcomed me as one of their own. It was the night of our school formal it happened.

We had dates, twin brothers of all things, John and Shane, farm boys with little on their minds other than beer and girls. We let them grope at as through our dresses as we parked down the road from Gretal’s place. We shared their beer, smoked a little of their home grown and laughed at their jokes before brushing them off and staggering in peels of laughter into her house. We did the family thing for a minute before her mother laughingly sent us to bed, telling us we would be worse for wear in the morning.

We managed to clamber rather ungracefully out of our dresses and lay on her soft double bed enjoying the warm breeze through the half open window, inhaling the soft scent of summer crops that permeated the air.

We talked, skin touching as we lay together for a while, giggling at nonsense that seems hilarious when you are wasted. I don’t know who reached out first, or for how long we had been softly caressing each others skin before I turned my head and casino şirketleri brushed my lips against hers. I felt her hesitate and ran my fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head and pulling her towards me as I kissed her harder. Her lips melted against mine with exquisite softness, parting as I slipped my tongue between them to explore her mouth.

Encouraged when her tongue met mine I wriggled closer, my firm “a” cup breasts with hard aching nipples grazing against the soft fullness of hers. I slid my hand up and cupped one through the lace of her bra and moaned into her mouth. The unexpected weight and softness, the hardness of her nipple pressed into my palm had the ache running through me and settling between my thighs. I pulled my lips from her mouth and kissed softly down her neck.

My hands fumbled to pull the bra straps from her shoulders, tugging it down so I could place my mouth against her soft skin. Her back arched and a deep groan escaped her lips as I engulfed her nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue against it and sucking on it as my hand squeezed at its twin. I caught the hard nub between my teeth, and she slid her hand down her belly to cup her mound as she whimpered. I pushed her hand away and replaced it with my own, whimpering myself as I felt her grind against it, the dampness of the lacy fabric a clear indication she was as turned on as I was.

I slipped my fingers under the elastic of her panties and let it rest for a moment against her slit, feeling the heat and seeping wetness against my hand. Returning my mouth to her lips I felt an overwhelming urge to taste her, to shove my face into her sweet cunt and consume her….

With her lips still warm against mine I increased the pressure of my hand and gasped as I felt her grind against it. She parted her long toned legs and my finger slid within her slit, into the pool of wetness that gathered there. I found her clit and dragged my finger over it, down the length of her, running over but not entering her hole and back up again, over and over.

She pulled her lips from mine and buried her head in the place when my neck met my shoulders and moaned, her breath hot against my skin. Her hips were circling and thrusting up to meet my hand. She squirmed trying to settle my palm against her clit but I wouldn’t let her, I was intoxicated by the sensation of her warm wetness coating my fingers and needed more time to explore. I returned my mouth to her full breasts, suckling each in turn until they were hard and throbbing.

My sucks and kisses turned to nips and soft bites and I was enthralled to see that it only had her grinding against my hand and moaning loader. I rubbed her clit a little and took her nipple between my teeth, dragging them over casino firmaları the sensitive flesh, biting down as I thrust a finger into my best friends tight hole. She went wild, thrashing beneath me, her pussy grabbing me like a vice, pulsating around it as she screamed out for a second before muffling the noise as she bit into her own shoulder. Her body froze then, arched and stained before I felt the rush of her ecstasy flood over my finger, soaking my hand, running like a stream onto the sheets as her body convulsed.

We both stayed still and silent for a moment before she giggled saying ” oh my god that was fucking great, can I try it on you?”

The next thing I know she was kissing her way down my body whispering ” oh god I want to make you cum like I just did, want to make you feel so good”

The sight of her, so beautiful as her eyes met mine with hunger while she kissed lower and lower. She swirled her tongue over my belly, her hands moving at the same time, stroking, kneading, grasping at my skin. As her lips brushed over my mound I felt my clit twitch sending shivers of desire through me, I wanted her mouth on my puss so bad.

She teased me dreadfully, her tongue playing over my thighs, her fingers tugged softly at my trim jet black pubic hair. My pussy screamed for attention but despite my wriggled attempts to guide her to my need she avoided my cunt altogether. Her fingers traced teasing patterns on my skin and the warmth of her breath had me moaning. I was on the edge, past all point of reason. I didn’t even know what I was doing when I reached for her hair and gripped it in my fists dragging her mouth down to my cunt as I bucked up hard, grinding against her hungry mouth as waves of pleasure overwhelmed me and I filled her mouth.

I was dizzy and wracked with pleasure as I released my grip, but rather than pull away she pulled my lips wide open and examined my with great curiosity, her fingers and tongue exploring my folds, lapping at the running liquid pleasure that seeped from my still aching hole. She moaned softly against me as she cleaned my pussy. The view sent my head spinning, the sight of the tip of her soft tongue lapping at my wet pink swollen cunt rekindled my hunger. Her fingers probed at the entrance to my cunt as her tongue lashed my tingling clit with intuitive skill. “oh fuck eat me you little bitch ” I hissed at her, “suck my cunt dry, fuck me with your fingers, make me cum” I demanded between gasps and groans of pleasure.

She slid two slim fingers into me as she sucked my clit between her lips, her tongue rubbing against it hard and fast, sending me over the edge. I bucked up desperately against her fingers as she fucked , the sensations were mind blowing as I came hard around her fingers. Before the güvenilir casino last waves had subsided her mouth was fixed firm around my hole, thrusting her tongue deep, sucking at me, making my dying orgasm explode into fresh waves of pleasure. I felt the force of it as my cunt expelled my cum into her greedy mouth.

It was so much more intense than anything my own inexperienced fumblings had drawn from my body. As my gasping breath settled I felt her slide her way up over my body, cunt grinding against mine as she kissed me hard. “oh god Gina, I want to do that to you over and over ” She sighed dropping little kisses all over my face before returning her cunt scented lips to my own again. “I want to worship you for days, make you scream in pleasure” she giggled as my hand brushed down her side and over her ass pulling her tight against me

“such a greedy slut” I giggled holding her body tight against mine. She sighed with pleasure as my hands rubbed firmly up and down her back, caressing her ass, making her squirm against me. I pushed her down onto her back and knelt between her legs, demanding she fuck herself with her fingers for me. She didn’t even hesitate, her fingers thrust eagerly into her cunt while she kept her eyes on my face, watching me watching her.

The scent of her arousal, the sight of two slender fingers slipping in and out of her cunt drove me wild. I gripped her wrist and dragged her hand from her pussy and took the cum soaked fingers into my mouth. The taste of her was amazing, it stirred something primitive in me, I wanted to own her, possess her.. bring her pleasure and have her please me. I shoved her hand back onto the mattress and took over playing with her cunt. I soon noticed that unlike me she preferred a rough touch.

The harder I forced my fingers into her cunt the more she moaned. I make her play with her magnificent breasts as I flicked at her clit, then without warning I slapped her cunt hard, making her buck up off the mattress and groan in pleasure. Four more hard slaps had her begging for my mouth as she neared the edge. I shoved my face between her thighs and licked at her clit as I used two fingers to play deep inside her. She begged for more, so I slid a third finger into her virgin hole, sucking her hard clit, and teasing it with my tongue.

I could feel it building in her, I lay against her, my hand between us as it worked its magic between her thighs. Kissing her, hearing her moans, grinding against the back of my own hand as she did the same to the front had us panting and moaning in unison. She exploded, her tight muscles gripped my fingers, pulsing as she bucked up hard against me. It was enough to set me off again, my gasps joining her moans as we came together so sweetly.

She slept in my arms that night. Her full soft body naked and warm against mine. Our friendship changed from that point. No longer just my best friend she became my lover and a short while later my submissive… but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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