Her Present; Her Pet

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Mistress’ POV

“Have you picked her up yet, slave?”

“No, my Mistress, we are still waiting for The Master’s approval.”

“Who do you listen to? You listen to your Mistress not The Master, only I deal with him, understood? Now bring me Elarinya White!”

Elarin’s POV

Wrapping a purple, and fluffy towel around me, I left the blue bathroom with it’s powder blue mat, and dolphin shower curtain, and blue curtains for the windows. Stepping out into the hard wood floor my mouth dropped open, a male figure stood in the end of the hallway, dressed in all black from head to toe, I saw a slight smile come across his lips.

“Elarinya White?”

“It’s Elarin, and yes. Why are you here, and who are you?”

“I’m what everyone used to know me as Damon, and I have a woman who would like to met you, and I have a feeling she will like her little present.” My bottom lip quivered, and I pushed back my orange red hair.

“What little present?”

“Why my dear you don’t know? My Mistress wants you.”

* * *

I was now blindfolded, half dressed in just underwear, and a sundress. Sitting in the back of a van, my life flashed by my eyes, it didn’t take long, you would think twenty-three years would take longer than a minute, but not for Elarinya White, the person who has done the lest interesting stuff ever. This though has made my number one on my most exciting list though that’s for sure.

The van suddenly stopped, and someone shut off the engine, I tensed up, and the back door opened.

“Come on now Elarin, get out of this dirty van, and met our Mistress, she is so very eager to met you finally.” I reached my hand out to grab onto something, but I felt Damon’s arm, I sighed, and grabbed onto it, he wrapped one hand around my waist, and practically threw me out of the van.

“Hey! Be careful with her, she is the Mistress’ now.” I heard a voice yell from far off, Damon grumbled something under his breath, and ripped the blindfold off. I blinked, and stared at the mansion, it was red with white shutters, and a garden with beautiful, and well tended flowers.

“Come on Red, lets not let Mistress wait, now shall we?” He shoved me forward, and I walked towards the tall marble steps, stepping up each one slowly, Damon pushed the door, and called out. “I’m back, and I have her.”

The was a sound of buzzing noise, it was all the people in the main hall talking at once, then everyone became silent, and Damon jerked my head towards the tall stair case that went up, and spilt of into two different directions. A woman with dressed in a tie dyed skirt, a billowy white shirt, and a scarf wrapped around her head. The end of it trailed down the back of her head, and laid on her bright golden honey hair. Eyes that saw too much, and knew all stared back at everyone in the room, including me. Well, more like especially me.

Her eyes were sapphire gems, staring into, and knowing everything, like x-ray vision. She smiled at the room, and finally opened her


“My little slaves have come through for me, no? Let me met her, come Damon, show me this present.” She said in a deep French accent, somehow it worked perfectly for her, but I had casino şirketleri a feeling that the accent was just used to be impressive, that she could, and probably would talk in an American accent. Damon grabbed my arm tightly, and started to pull me. “Ah! Damon, do not damage my present. She is mine, and I do suggest unless you like punishment that you hand her to me unharmed. Is that understood, slave?”

Damon bent his head down, and loosened his hold on my arm.

“Yes, my Mistress, I understand.”

“Remember slave, I’m not just your Mistress, I’m everyone’s Mistress, there is no hogging, or jealous, or even possessive here, at lest only if involving with me. Everyone else is free game to be any of those’s to, if they do not object.”

Damon nodded again, being reprieved once more didn’t seem to work well with his cocky attitude. Everyone else diminished, and once more it was silent with just me, Damon, and the woman who everyone calls Mistress. We walked up the stairs quickly, and turned to the stairs on the right, we headed up them, and down the hallway with a long red hallway rug, we stopped at the end of the hall to see double doors.

“Mistress, why are we taking her to your room? Shouldn’t she be taken to the newbie area to be trained just for you?” The Mistress’ hand flew out from beside her body, and slapped Damon across the cheek.

“She is my present, and I am Mistress, I can do what I please, and I wish to train my present. Do not ask my motives again SLAVE. I am The Mistress no one has authority over me except for The Master. After I get my present into the room I wish for you to go down to the punishment area, and be punished for your insolence, your behavior is so newbie-as you call it-of you that I won’t even punish you myself. Be dismissed.”

Damon nodded, and let go of me, he turned around, and walked down the stairs loyal. “Come on.” The Mistress said in a compelling voice, she pushed the double door open, and swept her hand in. I walked in, and she did after me shutting the door quietly.

I turned to her, and looked into her eyes, I saw her hand come out, and I shut my eyes waiting for the blow, but it never came, I opened them to see her hand hovering over my cheek before stroking the side of it tenderly with her finger. “I wouldn’t look into my eyes around the others, it’s considered a challenge.” I looked down at her hand.

“Thank you, and I won’t.”

“Your not asking questions, why is that?”

“Because you slapped Damon for asking questions.” I felt her smile, and she tilted my head up so our eyes looked at each other.

“You catch up quick Pet, well let me tell you some more rules. One don’t look me into the eyes in front of the others. Two you only call me Mistress, nothing else unless I decide we have something that requires an exception. Three be respectful, and listen to me, and some of the other slaves. Four know that no one orders you around except for me. And finally five you do not sleep with anyone without my permission. This rule only applies to you, you are my personal Pet, and you shall not be shared unless I agree so, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now is the time where I will allow questions, and answer casino firmaları them freely.”

“Thank you Mistress. Just two I think. Why me, what is so special about me that you think I’m worth as your present.” She smiled, and brushed my hair back.

“That is a question that I have no answer to Pet.”

“All right, Mistress, my last question. Is this a what’s called a Master, and Submission relationship?”

“Sorta Pet. With you, and me yes I’m thinking it will be, but for the others. I don’t usually sleep with them, unless to break them in, or if they are a gift. I’m their Mistress as in like boss, and they are my slave, sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes not.”

“Wait, Mistress one more question. Do you mean by that our relationship will be Master, and Sub does that mean sex? As in you want to have sex with me?”

“Well, of course. Do I look like I’m straight? No, never mind ma petite fleur, come, and sit.” Mistress sat down on the King size bed, and patted the seat next to her, she smiled at me. I sighed, and sat down next to her, she touches my cheek, and pushes my hair behind my ear. “Now Pet, tell me about yourself.”

“My names Elarin, I’m twenty-three years old, I have a collage degree in literature, and a minor in history. I live alone, I don’t have a boyfriend, and my best friend is a girl from my hometown. I’ve never done anything more than that in my life, and I didn’t think my life was all that interesting at lest until now.”

“Nice of you to sum up your existence in a minute. I suppose I should tell you who I am, pretense of Mistress put aside for a moment. My names Raina, I’m from France, around Paris. I’ve gone to college, and I am an expert on the human mind, and I’m a Gypsy.” I my hands up.

“Wait, Mistress, a Gypsy?”

“Yeah like a true one, kind of like a

witch, but not. More free spirited, and more likely to curse you.” She smiled gently at me, and placed her hands on my shoulders, she closed her eyes for a moment, then they popped open. “Yes, you really will be something of great importance, my Pet. Now it’s time for supper, no? Are you hungry Pet?”

“Yes, Mistress very much so.”

“Good, but before supper…” She trailed off, and slipped a hand behind my head, she nodded, and leaned closer, my breathing stopped, and I stared at her in coming lips, unsure of what to do. When they connected with mine a sharp shock went through my body, and I felt Raina trail her finger nail down my bare leg. She pulled back, and looked at my flushed face, she chuckled. “Never kissed a woman I see.” She commented, I touched my lips with my fingers, and bursted into uncontrollable tears. “Ah, no. Elarin, no. No tears, it’s all right.” She pulled me to her, and I buried my face in between her breasts not caring.

“I-I’m sorry Mistress, I’ve never kissed…”

“You have never kissed a woman, I know little one, I know. I’m sorry, but you have to be strong, Mistress can’t protect you, and keep you happy if you are not strong.”

“I’ll try to be, and I try not to disappoint you.”

“Somehow my Pet, I do not think you could ever disappoint me. Now dry those tears, time for supper, my lovely.” I pulled back, and wiped my tears.

“Thank güvenilir casino you, Mistress.”

“For what my darling?”

“For not getting angry with me, Mistress.” She touched my forehead with her lips, and stood up.

“I’m The Mistress Elarin, but I’m not cruel nor unable to understand things. I get it, you my little flower were taking from your home, and brought here to a new way of thinking, acting, understanding, and that is scary to some no? I am right, Mistress is alway right. Come we are keeping dinner.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But before, yes. We need you to change, you cannot run around in that, you are barely dressed, and I don’t want to share you just yet, if ever.” Raina walked over to her huge dresser, and pushed clothes around in it, she pulled out a bra, an off both shoulder shirt that was blue, and a pair of jeans. She turned around, and laid them on the bed. “Strip, and put theses on, your bra size is a C38, no?” I blushed, and nodded.

“But Mistress, strip as in front of you?”

“Yes, Pet did I not make myself clear. Strip.” My lip quivered, and I looked back down at the clothing then back at her. “Are you going to disobey me so soon?”

“I don’t want to disobey you, Mistress.” She nodded, and handed me the bra.

“If you don’t want to, then strip. Or will I have to punish my present before I even open the packaging.” I shut my eyes, and nodded. I blushed as I lifted the bottom of my dress up, and over. I dropped it onto the bed, and kept my eyes to the ground, I heard Raina’s tongue cluck. “Pet, look at me.” I lifted my face up to hers, and covered my exposed breasts, my face turning even more crimson.

“Y-yes, Mistress?”

“Drop your arms Pet.”

“If you wish it, Mistress.” I whispered, and dropped my arms, frowning.

“Do you not like pleasing Mistress?”

“That’s not it, Mistress.”

“Then what has gotten you to want to disobey me so quickly, all I asked for you is to strip, and change clothing, nothing more for now.”

“Mistress, I’m… I’ve never let anyone see me naked before.” Raina’s eyebrows quirked up, and her face softened.

“Are you a virgin, my flower?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I said, looking away, ashamed. I was surprised to see Raina’s face brightened, and she took the bra from my hands, she put my arms through it, and clipped in it the back for me. She brushed my orange red hair way from my neck, exposing it, and pressed a tender kiss to it. She fixed the twisted straps of the bra, and walked back in front of me.

“You will not be allowed to be alone with any male for as long as I say so, understood Pet?”

“Yes, Mistress, and I know I’m not suppose to question your motives, but may I?”

“Yes, just this once. I don’t want any of the men getting ideas, some have intense fetishes, and virgins are one of many. I would not wish to hurt someone, but if they tried anything with you. Just it’s better to have you safe, and if there is anything else like this, please tell me now.”

“Like what Mistress?”

“Health problems, and metal state.”

“I have a heart murmur, and asthma. Also I am sure I’m sane, nothing emotional tragic happened to me.” Raina nodded.

“I will get to those problems soon. For now finishing getting dressed, I will go to the bathroom, and I expect you to be done by the time I get back. You have two minutes, and Raina, my Mistress walked out of the room.

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