Her Test

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The blindfold slipped easily over my eyes, plunging me into darkness. I felt vulnerable and raw all at once, unsure about what was going to happen next. I had put myself completely in his hands and, even though I fully trusted him, I knew he liked to push me.

He pulled my hands behind my back and laced a silky rope over my wrists, pulling them tight together, securing them. I took in a deep breath at the realization that he took away another level of my control, leaving me completely at his mercy.

“On your knees,” he whispered in my ear.

I fell to my knees without hesitation, curling my legs underneath me as I had been trained to do. I kept my back straight, my chin up, my breasts out.

I felt his hand graze my nipple before he gave it a pinch and pull. I sucked in my breath at the exquisite pain that shot straight through to my cunt, warming me up. I wanted to squirm and beg for more when he abruptly released me but I knew better than that.

“Good girl,” he said, his voice somewhere over me.

I heard him walk away as I took in deep breaths, trying to steady my rapid heartbeat. I had no idea what he had in mind. He been building my anticipation all week, whispering hints as he plowed into me, telling me how he was going to make me completely his and the only way to do this would to have me 100% trust him. This was my test and I didn’t want to fail.

I heard a door open and close and soft footsteps on the plush carpet moving towards me. I kept my straight stance, wanting him to be proud of me, wanting him to know how much I listened to all he taught me over güvenilir bahis the last few months. I wanted to prove myself to him, to let him know that I trusted him, that I was in this for good.

“My sweet pet,” he said, his voice rich and deep, washing over me like a sweet caress, “I’ve brought a friend along to meet you. He prefers to remain unknown to you so your blindfold will stay on and he won’t talk. You may or may not know him. I’m not giving that away. Open your mouth.”

My heart hammered as I opened my mouth wide, tongue out, like I knew he liked, my head swimming with the possibilities of who he brought to see me. He had never shared me before but I had the feeling he planned to share me a lot moving forward. If I wanted to give myself over to this, over to him, I knew I had to go along with this, to fully accept my place, to be whatever he wanted me to be.

The tip of a cock brushed my lips. My tongue reached out and tasted its saltiness as it ran along its velvety head, sucking it into my waiting mouth. The cock pushed forward as hands gripped the back of my head, guiding me. It wasn’t his cock but the guest’s cock, a bit thicker, slightly longer. I took it all in as it was guided, opening my throat as my tongue bathed its underside.

Whoever this was, it no longer mattered. I focused completely on the cock in my mouth, allowing my mind to go blank, only wanting to please it as it slid in deeper. It reached the back of my throat before my gag reflexes kicked in. I willed my throat to open and relax, to allow the cock to fill my throat.

“Good girl, my pet,” I türkçe bahis heard him say from behind me as the cock in my mouth worked its way in and out in a slow but steady rhythm. I kept my mouth open, my jaw slack, as I took it in, sucking it in as I could, opening as I must.

The cock increased its pace as hands found my tits, squeezing them before pinching and pulling on my aching nipples. My whole body felt on fire as my nipples were pulled, the cock pumping in my mouth, its pace increasing as drool started to spill down my chin.

My mind went blank as I was nothing but hot sensations rolling through me, open for their use. The cock pulled out before it completed, leaving me vacant. A hand pushed at my back, pushing me over, positioning me with my head on the carpet and my ass in the air. Fingers found my wet cunt and pushed in as if testing my depths. It was quickly replaced by a cock, thick and long—the guest’s—pushing me deeper into the carpet.

My cheek scraped against the carpet as the cock plowed into me, holding onto my wrists behind my back for leverage, fucking me with everything he had as if he had been waiting forever. Maybe he had. I would never know.

He increased the pace as the pressure started to build low in my abdomen. I felt like nothing more than a vacant hole that had been waiting to be filled, finally fulfilling my purpose with every thrust. My heart soared as he fucked me rougher, harder, his groans matching my own shallow breathing, my cunt wide open, taking it willingly.

He pushed in deeper, gripping my wrists where they were bound, riding me, taking güvenilir bahis siteleri every ounce of pleasure from me. I opened myself to it.

“Push yourself up,” I heard him say through the blissful daze.

I slowly pushed myself up while the cock continued to fuck me until I was on all fours.

“Open,” he said.

I obediently opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. I wrapped my mouth around it, welcoming it, as he grabbed my head and pushed in deep. They skewered me on both ends, filling me, fucking me in unparalleled rhythms, making me dizzy from it all. I was open and available and that’s all that mattered.

The pressure continued to build, threatening to overwhelm me. I wanted to let out a scream as I came, pushing back on the cock in my cunt, squirting all around it, but the cock in my mouth muffled me. I heard a groan behind me as he drove in deeper and emptied himself into my sopping cunt.

He didn’t pull out right away but kept himself lodged deep inside me. I love being filled and wished I could have kept him inside me forever. The cock in my mouth picked up the pace, pushing into me, hitting the back of my throat, but this cock I was used to and took it all in willingly. I opened myself to it as it pumped in and out, harder, fiercer, before it spilled itself down my throat.

His cock pulled out quickly after completion, dripping itself down my chin. The cock in my cunt pulled out, too, exiting as if it were time, leaving me empty and wanting.

He slapped my face, not hard but enough to sting, and said, “Good girl. Stay that way while I show our guest out.”

I heard them leave, soft steps on the carpet, the door opening and closing, while I stayed positioned on my hands and knees, cum dripping out of me on both ends, happy that I had somehow passed his test.

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