Here She Comes

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You are naked, spread eagle on the bed, waiting there for me to lick you. I move in between your legs and sniff toward your pussy. I want to smell you, that sweet smell I love so much….lady, that smell always makes me hot! I bask in the sweet aroma of your sex and notice that you shaved your pussy for me, Wow, this is a first, and usually you do not shave. But I told you that I really wanted to see your pussy completely bald. I wanted you to shave it because a shaved slit makes me so fucking horny.

I move into you fast, not wasting time with teasing. I lick at your newly shaved cunt and coat the bald area there with my spit. Your pussy feels so slick, even without my spit. I love it! You breathe a heavy breath as I attack your sex. I work my tongue around getting you good and wet. I push your legs forward moving them closer into you causing your asshole to appear before my face. You assist by wrapping your arm around one leg for stability. This totally exposes your bunghole to me and it looks ready for my lashing. I then move down and swirl my tongue around your asshole, working my tongue around it getting it nice and slick and gently probing my tongue inside.

I know you like that and it gets me so fucking hot, yes, really hot. I know how much you like for me to eat your asshole, so I give you what you want. I delve my tongue completely into your ass. I use my hands to gently spread open your anus and piston my tongue in and out of your hot asshole. You really get off on me licking and tongue fucking your ass. I know you do.

Once you are good and relaxed, lubed up real slick and wet, I insert my finger slowly into your ass all the way until I can go no further. I then gently swirl my finger around inside you, touching all the places inside you that make you want more. I hear a low breathy “oooooh” and I know I have you ready for more. You love ass play, almost as much as I love to give it.

I start licking your slit and begin fucking you with my tongue, swirling around and exiting my tongue from inside your pussyhole and gently flicking my tongue across your clit. I continue working on your slit with my tongue alternating in the places I lick. I begin to work my finger in and out of your ass until I know you are ready for more. You say to me “Put another finger in my ass, I need more because I am so fucking horny tonight, tonight is going to be so big, I can just feel it in my crotch”. My cock immediately springs to life upon hearing that! I ask you “What has gotten you so worked up baby?” You reply, “I got really, really turned on in the shower shaving my pussy for you, now I really want to fuck you so good with my brand new pussy.” “I’m so fucking hot for your tongue and cock right now I feel I may burst open right here.” I reply, “Oh really?” and you say “Uh huh, I’m glad you wanted me to shave because I have my own wish tonight and I want to be able to see every second of it.” “Oh, your finger feels wonderful in my ass sweetie may I have more please.” I didn’t push the issue with your wish because I like surprises too. I catch the hint and begin the excursion of leading you into heaven.

I briefly exit your ass and lube another finger with my mouth, and slowly insert two fingers inside of you and I can feel the tightness around them. I hear another breath of pleasure from you as you accept my fingers inside of you. I work them in slowly and move them around to loosen you up and get you good and hot. I swirl my fingers inside your tight ass and you say to me breathily, “Oh, I really like that, yes, keep doing that.”

I do that for a minute and can tell you are really ready for something more profound. I begin to gently piston them in and out of your soft wet hole, and can feel the excitement inside of you. I decide it’s time to place fingers in other areas, so I wet my other fingers and insert them into your pussy, I can feel my fingers swirling inside of you.

I swirl all of them around in both places because I know that is what you like. I can feel how much you like it and want more so I put finger number three into your ass and start to piston and swirl a little faster. I can tell you like it and are ready for more. I take my third finger on the other hand and insert it gently into your pussy and begin fucking you, alternating the movements of my hands, in and out, taking care to swirl both hands inside you, so that you are always filled with me.

I stop moving for a minute and push them into you trying to penetrate your sex as far as my fingers will go. You really like that, I know because you push against me craving all the length I have, wanting it deeper inside of you, wanting it deeper inside to touch those areas that make you desire to be fucked so good. You are so tight around my fingers and I can feel the suction of your sex against my hands. I ask, “Do you like that?” and you respond with, “Uh huh, fuck my ass and pussy, I am so stuffed, finger fuck me hard.” I then take the three fingers inside your pussy and bend them up casino şirketleri to work your g-spot, massaging it gently with the fingers I have inside you. I can feel the spot swelling and making you get wetter. You can feel it as well and a smile comes over your face. Curious, I ask, “You really like that huh?” you say, “Uumm, yeah baby, I love for you to stroke my spot. I love to orgasm that way for you.”

I am pistoning your ass and pussy with all I can muster. Working my fingers on both hands; feverishly now, I quicken the pace. I can tell you love it, because you are breathing so fast and are moaning just slightly. Your hips buck with the motion of my hands and your holes suction to them. You fuck yourself with my hands, getting wetter by the second. We can hear the wetness of your pussy and ass as it makes the smacking sound of wet flesh against my hands. You love to hear that sound, it is the sound of sex. You love being fucked in both holes by me; you have told me that you love my fingers stuffing your pussy and ass. I remember and oblige you by stroking your fuckholes the way you crave; the way that makes you come. Your pussy and asshole move to be stretched and fucked by my fingers.

I move my tongue down onto your clit and begin teasing it swirling it around, sucking it slightly to get it good and swelled. All the while, I am still pounding my fingers in and out of your hot pussy and ass. I am getting it ready for the orgasm you want to release to me. You respond to my tongue by moving your hand down to your clit, using two fingers to spread your lips open, exposing your clit to my tongue, you tell me, “Lick my clit baby, oooh, suck it good sweetie.” As I comply with your command I hear you say, “Ooh, that’s it, yeah, I really like that, ooooo, suck it.”

You move your other hand from around your leg and allow your leg to return to its original position. As your leg moves I can feel my fingers in your ass move slightly but I hold firm and let gravity and my fingers stretch your bunghole more. I hear a gasp come from you as this occurs. Damn you are hot for my fucking! Your now free hand moves up to your tits and you massage them, pinching each nipple really hard, making them perk up.

Pistoning my hands now feverishly, trying to keep up with your humping motion and breathing; I begin licking your clit in the circular motion you really like and are very attuned to. I do this to mimic your fingers as they rub your clit. I do it the way I know you are comfortable with, the way you make yourself come.

Pressing harder with my tongue I quicken the motion, to match the fucking of both your holes, building on the rhythm that will send you down the path to orgasmic delight. I feel your insides tighten, and know you are getting ready to release your orgasm to my waiting mouth. Your insides tighten more as I am fucking you, and I notice your breathing is quickening, nearly ready to push the orgasm to me, giving me the sweet juice I love so much.

I can feel your release coming, it is very close. You can wait no longer; you need to come now and can no longer stand the build up. You decide it is time to give up your come. You move your fingers down to my tongue and extend two of them to my mouth. I wet them, and become excited because I know you are wanting to come quickly. You begin to rub your clit and take the place of my tongue. You work your clit with passion. I can really feel you tightening around my fingers now trying to push them out of you, but I won’t give in.

You are so ready to burst. The thought of my tongue inside your hot pussy, lapping up your come, and my face being soaked with your squirting juices sends you ever closer, and you have to come very soon. Working your clit faster, you ask me, “Do you want my pussy to squirt?” I reply with, “Oh, baby, I want it, please let me have it!” You are really hot now, hearing the desperation in my voice. You say to me, “I want my cunt to squirt in your mouth; I want you to suck the come from my pussy baby!” Wow, you must be really turned on by what we are doing, you are talking so dirty to me, and I really love it. I love that you are as “into this” as I am. Just hearing the dirty talk makes my cock stand up and listen.

You hold your breath for a second and tighten your body, pushing your sex closer into me wanting that deep stimulation and a last good stroking of your g-spot. You reach the height of the cliff and are ready to go over the edge, your cum is here and your orgasm is peaking. I press onto your g-spot as hard as my fingers will press, and the pressure is the trigger which ignites the explosion. I hear you say “Oh my God, I’m going to come!!!” I respond with, “Come for me baby, I’m so thirsty for your squirt!!!” Feeding off my enthusiasm you continue, “Oh baby I’m going to squirt my come for you, suck it from my pussy!! Uuuuhhhh!! Oh Yeeeaahhh!! Here it is. Uuuuuh!!” I feel you relax and you freeze your motion for a quick second as a hot wave of sticky squirt comes spurting casino firmaları out your pussy soaking my hands.

Yes! I love your cum and want to drink it all. I want every last drop. As the first wave of squirt spews from your cunt you rub your clit with total reckless abandon, feverishly fast, encouraging your pussy to give way to more squirt.

I remove my fingers from your pussy, and that motion is immediately followed by a huge thick squirt which spews out about six inches onto the towel under your ass. I quickly replace my fingers with my hot awaiting mouth and bury it deep into your slick wet gushing pussyhole. When I do this, you say to me, “Oh, yeah, drink it!!! Drink from my pussy!!!!” You frig your clit harder. More come explodes from your hole and I can taste the sweetness of your come on my tongue, streaming into my mouth like hot lava. Your juice is coming out in thick hot waves, spurting with the contractions of your hot fuckhole. You feel my mouth and tongue against your cunt and say to me, “Oh, that’s it!! Drink my pussycum!!”

You reach over me with your free hand and grab the back of my head and force my face and mouth harder against your pussy. Pressing my mouth tighter against you I am able to catch every gush your pussy provides, swallowing every drop of juice as it enters my mouth. I am gulping your huge gushes as they flow from your hot wet fuckhole. You encourage me further by saying, “Oooo, Drink all my squirt!! Swallow all my juice!!”

It tastes so good, like nothing else on the planet. I greedily drink the squirts you expel. I am sucking your hole feverishly now, drawing more squirts from deep inside your pussy. Your orgasm is casting out wave after wave of your hot sticky juice into my mouth. Your come gushes like a dam bursting, it pours into my hungry mouth. It is so much; I am in amazement that a woman could have so much come locked up inside her hot pussy.

And I drink it as fast as I can swallow. I love the taste of your cum, I love it so much. I can’t get enough of it. Unmoving, I avert my eyes to look upon you and notice you are looking at me drink your juices through half-closed eyes. You say to me, “I love watching you drink my cum! Drink it all sweetie. I love to see you drink the juice from my cunt. Oh you look so sexy sucking the cum from my hot pussy.” I moan with pleasure as more squirts are entering my mouth and throat. This excites you, you love to watch, and I love to show how much I crave your cum. You revel in the ecstasy. I can feel the orgasm subsiding, so I slowly remove my fingers from your ass. You cry out, “Oh!!! Oh fuck!!! Ooooo!!! Yeah, drink some more baby!!” My exiting fingers cause you to send more waves of your thick cuntjuice into my eager mouth. I drink every drop you release, and lick my lips to catch the excess.

I love it so. You begin to buck your hips pushing the last of your orgasm to me, as you stop rubbing your clit. You leave your hand there cupping your pussy and gently squeezing it as I drink the last wave of squirt swallowing it in a huge gulp. I move up onto my knees to look at you. I am delighting in the sight of you in orgasmic bliss. My mouth and face are wet with your come and the excess is dripping from my chin onto the bed and my cock. The insides of your legs, ass cheeks, and the towel beneath them are completely soaked with the squirt I was unable to drink. I love it so much, being wet with your juices. I can’t get enough of it and you look so beautiful when you are in that state. You are in a state of complete and never-ending ecstasy that I can only imagine is heavenly.

You are so turned on by our actions, I can tell. You are rubbing the come from your pussy, legs and ass cheeks all over your stomach and up to your tits, rubbing it into them, then back down to your pussy, making sure you are good and covered with your sticky squirt. You dip your fingers inside your sopping pussy and bring them to your mouth to taste your cum. I watch with awe. You are so fucking hot!! I don’t believe you have ever been this excited before! As I am watching this, you ask me, “Do you like the taste of me? Do you like the taste of my pussycum?” I respond with, “Uuum, yes, you’re cum tastes so good, I love it so much.” You say, “Oh, I love the taste too.”

You then motion for me to move closer into your sex. You need to be fucked with a cock now. You invite my hard rod inside your pussy and reach around and grab my ass with both hands to push my cock in as far as it will go. As my cock sinks deeper into your pussy I move my lips down to yours and we kiss. My face is still dripping with your squirt and you lick it off of my chin and cheeks, delighting in the sweet taste of your own come. This is extremely exciting for me, knowing that the taste of your squirt is not only enjoyed by me, but by you as well. I confirm my excitement by pumping my now diamond-hard cock in and out of your juiced cunt faster.

You are coming down from your orgasm as I pound my cock into your pussy güvenilir casino with all the force I can, slapping my balls against the edge of your pussy and ass. I continue to fuck you, slamming my rod into you all the way to the hilt. The sound is phenomenal, a wet smacking sound as our sexes collide with the force of a car wreck. Your sexhole is so fucking hot and wet right now. I am slipping in and out of you so easily.

“Oh fuck me sweetie, fuck me good!!” You whisper to me. Your grasp on my ass is very forceful now as you assist me in slamming your pussy with my hard cock. You do this by rocking my hips into you and meeting my inward push with your own outward push, slamming against me. That motion is so awesome and I am approaching my own orgasm. I can feel inside you that you are tightening up again and another orgasm is building inside of you. I want you to come again. I want to fuck you with my cock as you come all over it. I am really pounding you now, and you are really responding to the bucking of our sexes.

All of the sudden you stop your movements and direct me to stop. I am a little curious but am put at ease as you say to me, “I want to ride your cock, roll over and let me sit on your pole.” I eagerly comply and I move into position. You get up from the bed and move over to our full length mirror we have in the corner of our bedroom and guide it over to the edge of the bed. I watch you prepare the mirror, lightly stroking my cock to keep it good and stiff, eagerly awaiting your return. You say to me, “My wish is I want to see my pussy squirt. I am so jealous of you because you get to see it and drink. Well; tonight I get to watch.” This really gets me going now, and my cock stiffens even harder in anticipation. I love it. I get the hint and reposition myself so I am lying on my back facing away from the mirror. I get smart and angle my body so as not to block your view but I want to be able to lift my head and watch too, of course.

You return to the bed, straddle me and lower your dripping cunt down onto my rock hard cock and we both moan as it slides deep into you. You surround my rod with your pussy, and grind it around in a circular motion once you reach the base, letting my cock explore every square inch of the inside of your hot fuckhole. I love it. Being the guy I am, I ask, “Can you see what you want to see? Do we need to move?” You smile and say, “Oh, yeah sweets I can see very well.”

I ask you, “Do you like riding my shaft?” and you respond with, “Uh huh, it feels so good.” You move around in that circular motion a little faster now, quickening the motion. I am getting very close to bursting and am unsure if I can continue with this method much longer. You sense I am getting close and say to me, “Are you going to come soon, sweetie?” I reply with, “Um, yeah, very soon if you keep doing this.” We both laugh a little at that and you return with, “You can’t come yet baby.” “But your pussy feels so good on my cock, I can’t wait much longer.”, I say. You just smile and reply, “I need to come again first, and then I want you to come.” I say, “Oh, ok, no complaints here baby.” I think to myself, I can do it, I can hold off for her. I hope.

You continue your grinding and I can really feel your pussy constricting around my cock. You then move your hand down and begin rubbing your clit again. Your breathing increases as you rub and move, and then looking me in the eyes you say softly, almost to yourself, “Baby, I have never been this horny before, you have made me so fucking hot, I love to squirt my pussy for you and I am going to give you a whole lot more.”

Your cunt is so tight around my cock as you rub your clit; my cock feels like it is being strangled. “Baby your pussy is so tight on my cock, I love It.”, I say. “Yes, it is.” you say sexily. I notice then that you are no longer looking at me, but that you are looking into the mirror, watching you’re grinding on my cock. You are really excited now. You then move the leg closest to the mirror out from under you and turn it like you want to stand up. This makes your body lean slightly and raises your pussy off the base of my cock just a little bit. You, give out a heavy breath as the view excites you more. You are still grinding and able to maintain the pace and pressure of your movements. Your pussy is so hot on my cock, it feels so great.

You rub and grind furiously; you’re breathing increases with every stroke of your clit. This orgasm is coming on way stronger and faster than the first one. I can really feel it. You are going a mile a minute, and are so worked up, you say to me, “This feels so fuckin’ great, It feels like I’m gonna burst. I’m going to come so big.”

Frigging your clit ferociously now, you begin lifting off my dick, ever so slowly, letting the orgasm rush into your pussy. You say, “Oh, Your cock feel so good!! It’s gonna make me fucking come!!!” Before I can even reply you say, “Oh my squirt is gonna be so huge!!!” “Oh yeah, I’m gonna gush you with my pussycum!!!!” I say to you, “Come on baby, let’s watch you squirt!!!” You ask me, “Oh, yeah, you want to see it, you want to see my pussy gush??!!!” Hurriedly I say, “Oh, yeah, gush it for me!!” You fly like a supersonic jet into your orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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