High Fever

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It’s been 3 weeks already and I want to leave but then again I dont. She’s here. Being in the hospital for that long can make a person go crazy but not with my new found bestie as my roommate and definitely not her. She’s my evening nurse, beautiful, full figured and my lips secrete at the sight, sound and smell of her. Yes those lips. Skin the color of bronze, full lips, sleepy eyes, high cheek bones, breasts the size of small melons, hips and thighs as wide as the Mighty Mississippi river. My type of woman. My roommate tells me she thinks her evening nurse likes her so we come up with a plan to seduce them.

At 9:06 pm we’re pretending to get ready for bed when they come in, do the usual, they check vitals but something’s different this time, “You have a fever, lil bit its 103,” she says to me. Cream already soak my pussy lips, clit begging to be touched. “I know something that’ll bring it down.” She leaves to grab whatever she needs. My roomies nurse is still with her but the curtain has been drawn, but I swear I can hear muffled moaning coming from her side. This makes casino şirketleri my river flow even more. She comes back closes the curtain but I cant see what she has, I had surgery on my knee which is held up by a lift swing, so Im stuck in missionary.

She lowers the swing bringing my leg down and demands, “Spread your legs.” I obey once more then she adds, “this pill will help bring your fever down, but I have to insert it anally.” She has a smirk while she’s says it, I look horrified but nod anyway. She spreads my cheeks with one hand while the other pushes the pill in without a problem, she sees how soaked I am. “Somebody’s been a bad girl,” she says licking her lips she lifts my leg back up and brings the pussy up to her face. “I have to clean up the mess I made,” she licks me slowly from my pussy to my clit.

She eats like a starved kitten, moaning, sucking, tongue kissing my honey pot. I am paralyzed, unable to do anything but grip the sheets and moan her name. “You can call me daddy since I own this pussy now,” she says. Im trying stay quiet but she is relentless casino firmaları in her feasting. I scream into my pillow as I cum, her name, daddy, mami and a whole lot of nonsense words. She lays my body down, and kisses me. Deep, tongue kisses I taste myself, mint and a hint of strawberry. We kiss for what seems like forever. She pulls her scrubs pants down and take her top off. Her breasts drops like 15 lb weights unto my face, swinging like pendulums her big black nipples and areolae are begging for my lips. I catch one and suck as if she’s lactating, licking her hershey kiss nipples.

I knead the other like dough and suck that one. She’s moaning in my ear and sucking my ear lobe. She brings her cream coated pussy up to my face, it covers every inch of her bush and her scent intoxicates me. I need it. Now. She hovers for a few seconds. “Taste me, baby, eat me like im your last meal,” she says as she lowers herself unto my lips. I have no problem finding the treasure in her jungle. Creams drops like honey into my mouth instantly, I lick, suck, kiss every surface until my face güvenilir casino is covered in it.

I push my tongue as far as possible in her pussy and she rides it slowly, she’s hoarse now, and her moans sound far away. She’s pulling my hair as she cums and I catch every drop. She moves and sits on my stomach. Both we thin sheets of sweat covering our bodies. “I wanna taste both of us,” she says as she devours my lips once more. She doesnt stop there, she brings my areola into her mouth and sucks hard. She repeats this several times between both breasts. She spreads my good leg as far as she can and swings her leg over mine, causing our very sensitive clits to touch.

She slowly rides me, own hands interlace and she speeds up her merciless lovemaking. She then brings on hand up to my neck and starts to lightly choke me. She rides faster and squeezes a little harder with each stroke. Stroke, then choke. Stroke and choke. She continues until my eyes rolls to the back, and she removes our last interlaced hand and covers her mouth and I cover mine with both. I scream her name and she screams mine, hand still on my neck. She climbs off me and lays in between my legs. Silence. We kiss again and she grabs the thermometer. Three seconds later there’s a beep. “98.6, perfect,” we smile and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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