Highacre Dragon Breeders 2 – Ebony and Ivory

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Highacre Dragon Breeders – Ebony and Ivory

A couple of days had passed since Mimi had first arrived at the Hatchery and she was beginning to feel settled in. Her new quarters were spacious and suited her needs well. Mimi had a small suite of rooms in the stable hands quarters just like every other stable hand that was employed at the far. Her suite had three rooms, the living room, bedroom and bathroom. This morning Mimi had a lesson with Viktoria about the history of the stables. Mimi left her quarters and made her way to the office building where Viktoria would be waiting for her.

Mimi passed through the main cloister were the stable hands took their meals and relaxed when not on shift. The sun shone down and warmed the pink stone of the cloister. The pillars glowed a soft red in the morning sun. Taking a second to enjoy the warmth before continuing on to Viktoria’s office.

Mimi knocked on the door before entering and called,
“Viktoria, I am here for my lesson”
She walked in and sat at a small desk where Viktoria had laid a couple of books for her to study. Mimi picked up the first book and started. She was a few pages in when Viktoria came in dressed in her simple training robes that exposed the side of her breasts and the curve of her hips and waist. The robes shimmered in the light coming through the window. Viktoria beckoned for Mimi to follow her as she headed out of the office.

While they walked Viktoria began telling Mimi the history of the stables and why they had been established,
“These stables were founded by my Great Grandmother, Meesa Venic, to help bring the race of dragons back from extinction. The first dragons were obviously Nadir and BlutFang. But over time she found more eggs in the DragonKeep Mountains. The eggs were brought here and cared for until they hatched, giving the stable a mix of male and female dragons with which she could begin breeding”
Mimi nodded in understanding and followed as Viktoria led her to the main stables once more,
“You will be working closely with four of the stable hands. Today I will introduce you and begin outlining your basic roles and responsibilities.”

As they entered the stable where the stable boys should of been working they were nowhere to be seen. Viktoria and Mimi went from stall to stall. Many were clean but some still had the old used straw and hay that had yet to be cleared and replaced. Viktoria began to increase her pace as she looks for the stable boys, calling their names but getting no answer. Viktoria was getting more and more frustrated and annoyed at the boys absence. To distract herself from her anger she begins telling Mimi about her last encounter with the stable boys “well…….” her eyes went glassy as she remembered the details.

Viktoria had been doing her weekly quarter check when found the stable boys in Titas’ quarters. They had obviously been drinking a long time, their hands were all over each other as Viktoria walked into the room. Eric was on his knees between Titas’ legs. Slowly and gently sucking on his rapidly growing cock. He kneaded his balls and took as much of his cock as deep into his throat as he could manage. Naith and Dane were locked in a slow but hard sixty-nine. Viktoria watched from the door, her own excitement growing by the second. Titas pushed Eric away and stood before bending him over the arm of the sofa. Gently he licked Eric’s ass before sliding a finger in and then a second. Eric moaned in pleasure before saying,
“stop teasing me and fuck me”
Titas grinned and pulled his fingers out of Eric’s ass before lining up his cock. He pressed gently against Eric’s hole before pushing the head in. Eric gasped in pleasure and gently pushed back, taking Titus’ nine inch cock to the balls in his ass. Titus began to gently thrust into Eric’s ass making him moan and buck in pleasure.
Dane and Naith had stopped sucking each other and now moved in front of Eric so he could suck them both in turn. Titus gradually increased his pace until he was pounding Eric’s ass and making him scream in pleasure.

Viktoria continued to watch from the doorway. She izmir escort bayan slid her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit tenderly. As she watched Naith moved behind Dane before bending him over Eric so Eric could continue suck him. Naith thrust hard and deep into Dane’s ass making him cry out and cum at the same time filling Eric’s mouth and throat with his seed. Eric’s ass tightened on Titas’ cock, he could feel it throbbing in his ass. With a final thrust Titas’ came hard in Eric’s ass filling him with his cum, followed a minute later by Naith cumming in Dane. The four boys collapsed to the ground and Viktoria stepped in and said,
“room for another?”
Viktoria helped the boys clean themselves up before she began to suck and wank them. She knew the boys could fill her every hole and told them as much. Once they were all hard once more she had Eric lie on the floor, once he was settled she lowered herself onto him, her dripping pussy taking his cock easily. Viktoria began to ride him slowly, she took hold of Titas’ cock and wanked him gently while Dane moved round behind her and licked hungrily at her pussy and ass. She looked back over her shoulder and said between gasps,
“fuck it or make way for Naith”
Dane nodded and pressed his cock against her ass and slowly pushed in. Viktoria screamed and moaned in pure pleasure as she felt her pussy and ass filled with thick young cock. She let the boys pound her as she began sucking and wanking Naith and Titas. The boys began to pound her pussy and ass hard wanting to hear her scream for more.
In a wash of pleasure she came so hard her pussy erupted and she squirted all over Eric. He gripped her round pert breasts and sucked on the nipples as he continued to ram his cock deep into her pussy. He could feel Dane doing the same and saw the look of delight on his face as he screamed,
“I’m gonna cum”
After a couple more thrusts they both buried their cocks to the balls in Viktoria’s pussy and ass and came at the same time filling her with cum.
She told them to go and clean themselves up while she straddled Titas and sank her ass onto his cock and pulled Naith into her pussy and moaned “fuck me my boys” they both began to pound her and within seconds she came again. The boys fucked her hard and fast, each trying to out do the other. Naith was the first to cum, he buried his cock in her pussy while his face was buried in her breasts. Titas came a second later and screamed in pure ecstasy as he filled her ass with cum.
Viktoria sent them to get cleaned up so she could get dressed to finish the quarter check. From the door Viktoria gave the boys their duties for the day before blowing them a kiss and leaving.

Viktoria finished telling Mimi the last time she had played with the boys and saw her cheeks were flushed and her lip trembled. Viktoria kissed her gently,
“what is wrong little one?”
Mimi blushed and whispered
“you have made me horny with that story”
Viktoria smiled and pushed Mimi into a clean stall before pushing her down to her knees and pulling aside her robe exposing her moist pussy,
“it made me horny too, now lick me”
Without a seconds hesitation Mimi began to lick Viktoria’s clit. Mimi licked from her clit to Viktoria’s ass hole and back, drawing gasps of pleasure from her until Viktoria stepped away and pulled off her robe completely,
“strip and lay on your back little one”
Mimi did as she was told and removed her riding leathers and lay down. Viktoria stood over her and smiled before kneeing beside Mimi and kissing her. After she broke the kiss she straddled Mimi’s face and began to tease her clit. Gently squeezing it between her finger and thumb.
Mimi started to lick again, driving her tongue as deep as she could into Viktoria’s pussy and ass, every probe of her tongue was met with a gasp of pleasure. Soon it was too much for Viktoria and she buried her face between Mimi’s legs. her tongue exploring every little fold of young flesh. She worked her tongue around Mimi’s clit as she gently slid two fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Mimi moaned in pleasure and returned the gesture, sliding buca escort two fingers from each hand into Viktoria’s dripping pussy.
Viktoria screamed in pleasure and came so hard she squirted over Mimi’s face. Mimi swallowed what she could as Viktoria climbed off and replaced her robe.

Viktoria pulled a towel off the wall of the stall and helped Mimi get back into her leathers. They were a little tight but once broken in would fit her perfectly. They were about to leave the stable when Viktoria heard a voice she recognised as one of the stable boys.
She set off towards the voice but stopped short when she heard a dragon purr of pleasure. Viktoria stormed off in the direction of the purr with an expression of pure fury. Mimi tried to keep up but her leathers rubbed and she had to keep stopping. Viktoria crossed the yard into the next building, the female holding pen for the breeding pens.
As she enters sees the boys and watches for a moment to see what they are doing. Mimi comes up behind and and watches what is happening. She goes to speak but Viktoria gently puts a finger on her hips and shakes her head.

The four boys are in the middle of the holding pen with two of the female dragons. Viktoria recognises them instantly as Ebony and Ivory. The two dragons are on their backs with their tails twitching slightly in pleasure. Two boys were with each of the dragon.
They were stripped down to their leather riding shorts, their backs were covered with scratches from the dragons, they bled gently, not too deep. Scratches given in lust not malice. One of each pair of boys had their fists buried in the dragons pussy’s up to the elbow. They thrust them in deep and slow. Pulling out one fist before sliding in the other. The second boy pleasing ebony was bent over her licking her clit.
Viktoria couldn’t make out the boys from behind as they all looked similar, broad muscular backs and shoulder length dirty blond hair.
The other pair were doing exactly the same to Ivory. Fisting and licking her, making her purr in pleasure.
Viktoria moves around for a better look, the dragons see her but she signals them to stay. The boys are so caught up in their pleasure they don’t see her. Mimi follows behind, a little fascinated with what the boys were doing. she knew there were some breeds of dragons that gave birth to live young and were very similar humans in their genitalia but she hadn’t thought they would be that similar.
As Viktoria watched the two boys with Ebony pulled off their riding shorts to reveal their stiff throbbing cocks. She recognised them straight away, Titas and Naith, the two biggest cocks out of the four. They got as close as they could and slid their cocks into Ebony’s pussy. They both groaned in pleasure as they began to fuck her. Gently they gripped each others ass cheeks as they thrust in, and began to speed up. Each thrust punctuated with a wet slap as they pounded Ebony’s pussy. after a minute of pounding they slid a finger into each others ass holes and began to finger each other as they fucked the dragon.

Dane and Eric were still taking it in turns to fist Ivory. They watched what Titas and Naith were doing and tried to copy them.
As Dane fisted Ivory Eric licked around the cloaca and every few minutes they would swap around. After Danes third turn of fisting they removed their shorts and tried to copy the others. They both slid their throbbing cocks into Ivory’s cloaca. It was painful at first because of her scales rubbing against them. But after a couple of seconds her cloaca was moist with dragon cum and they were able to fuck her easily. They saw the others begin to finger each other and did the same. Viktoria saw that Titas and Naith were the ringleaders of their little experiment while Dane and Eric were just copying everything they did.

All four boys were pounding into the dragons and Viktoria could see they were getting close to coming. She stepped out of hiding and yelled at the top of her voice,
“What the fuck are you doing”
The boys jumped and pulled out of the dragons, covering their pussy and cloaca in cum. They scrambled to grab their izmir escort clothes as Viktoria stormed towards them, her robe flapping in the breeze and exposing her shaved pussy to them. They tried to cover their cocks but she yelled,
“stand up straight and arms at your sides”
They obeyed instantly dropping their cloths and standing straight. Mimi came out of hiding and walked up behind Viktoria her eyes drawn to the boys cocks.

Ebony and Ivory moaned and grumble as the pleasure ended abruptly before moving off to the other corner and began to lick each other clean. Their tongues exploring each other and tasting the cum dripping off them. Once they were clean they turned to watch what was happening, not fully understanding what was said but inquisitive as to what was going to happen.

Viktoria demanded to know what was going on and why the boys weren’t working. When none could give her an answer that was a good enough reason she had them turn and lean against the pen wall. Viktoria went over to an equipment chest and pulled out four sets of riding cuffs and handed two sets to Mimi,
“put them around Dane and Eric’s wrists and over the hooks on the wall, I’ll do the same with Naith and Titas”
Mimi nodded and did as she was told, she didn’t say a word to the boys as she bound their wrists and but them over the hooks. The boys whimpered not knowing what was going to happen but knew they were about to be severely punished.

Viktoria went back to the chest and pulled out a large strap-on, the cock was ten inches long and three inches wide. It was a smaller version of Hazards cock. Mimi helped her secure it in place with a leather harness. Viktoria handed Mimi a bottle of lube and told her to apply it generously to each boys ass. Mimi did as she was instructed and rubbed lube onto each of their ass holes before stepping back silently to watch.
Viktoria took a riding crop from the pen wall and walked behind the boys running the crop over the scratches on their backs. She continued doing this for ten minutes. When she could see that the boys were beginning to relax she struck them with the crop and reopened the cuts.
Not using her full strength but enough to leave red welts across each of their ass cheeks, she used the crop on each boy for a minute until their asses were red and raw, she yelled,
“You do not fuck the dragons when you are meant to be working and when you do not have permission”.
Viktoria cast the crop aside and went up behind Titas and gripped his shoulder before saying,
“You will all take your punishment like men, if not you will be fired”
Titas nodded but didn’t say a word, knowing his carrier hung in the balance. Viktoria pressed the head of the strap-on against his ass and thrust in. In one motion she buried the entire length of the cock in his ass. Fucking him hard and fast for a minute before pulling out and sending him back to his quarters.

Viktoria did the same with Naith and Eric, fucking them both hard but they took the punishment and left the pen, gathering their cloths on the way out. She came to Dane and as she pressed the cock against his ass he bucked and pulled away pleading and begging.
Viktoria growled at him, low and furious. She took off the strap-on and cast it aside. She pulled the cuffs off the hook and took them off him before saying in a low monotone voice,
“Get your cloths, clear out your quarters and get out of my stables, you are fired and not welcome back”
Dane sobbed and cried and begged Viktoria to change her mind. she pulled him up by his hair and slapped him hard across the face and screamed “GET OUT”.
He grabbed his cloths and ran. By nightfall he had left the stables and began to make his way home to his parents in Imp. Ashamed he had lost the best job he would ever have.

After Dane had ran Viktoria collapsed to the floor and began crying. Mimi came over and without a second thought held her tight.
Viktoria sobbed because she hated having to punish her staff but knew that she had to. She called a couple of the off duty stable hands to get Ebony and Ivory into clean pens and retired to her quarters. Mimi stayed with her for the entire night to comfort her, they went to bed and cuddled gently as they both fell to sleep. Mimi now knew never to piss Viktoria off.

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