Hijabi Affair

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Hijabi Affair
My husband and I have a reasonable sex life. I don’t have much of an appetite and only like a few positions. My husband likes sex a lot more than I can manage. However, I do sometimes get turned on thinking about him being with another woman. Recently I have been fantasising more and more about women wearing the hijab. There have been a number of porn movies made with women dressed in a hijab and I live in an area with plenty of hijabi women. The below story is a fantasy of mine between my husband and my friend Zahra.

Zahra is an old friend of mine. We had been to school together but as happens after marriage, we had started seeing each other less and less. Recently, we had moved house and Zahra lived nearby which meant we had reconnected. She started coming over for dinner every week or so and it was a pleasure having her. She was always open, liberal in her mindset and willing to change her opinions based on facts.

Zahra was 5’3 with gorgeous caramel skin and big almond eyes. Though she wore the hijab, she became a bit lax around us and I was sometimes able to appreciate her curvy figure and occasional glimpses of cleavage. kaçak iddaa I could see that my husband noticed this too and was attracted to her. This turned me on and I looked forward to have Zahra over for more than just intellectual debate. She was also married but her husband wasn’t the most sociable person and left Zahra to herself a lot.

One day I told my husband that me and Zahra had been discussing our sex lives with each other. He was horrified. He doesn’t discuss sex with anyone else. I said ‘don’t worry, Zahra was just curious to compare herself to us, she just wanted to know how we are. I didn’t say anything bad.’

‘So what did you say?’ he said. ‘Well she was curious to know how long it lasted for us and if we do anything different. I told her you last for like 30 minutes and she was shocked. Sounds like her husband goes hard for 5 minutes and that’s it,’ I replied.

‘Wow, too much information!’ he said. ‘One thing I should admit’, I said, ‘I did tell her about your fetishes, she was worried that she was the only one who liked kinky things. Apparently her husband only wants to have sex in missionary whereas she likes canlı casino siteleri to do different things.’

‘Oh great now she thinks I’m a pervert….’ he replied disappointedly. We carried on with our chores.

The next day Zahra came over again. She was wearing a full length skirt that accentuated her hip to waist ratio and a buttoned up blouse. Immediately I could see that my husband was cringing thinking of our conversation the day before. He was thinking, ‘what does she think of me now?’

As we arranged the dinner table I couldn’t help but notice how sexy Zahra was looking today. As she bent over, her sculpted arse was highlighted by the tight fitting skirt. Occasionally she would lift her skirt slightly as she walked, showing off her stockinged feet and calves. A button fell open on her blouse giving me a glimpse of two firm, pert breast cupped in black, lace lingerie. It was too much for my husband, he excused himself to the bathroom, no doubt to masturbate.

Now our bathroom has a lock that can be opened up from the outside, a new safety feature in newer homes. He heard the door creak as someone opened the casino şirketleri lock from the outside and turned around, cock in hand, caught. He saw Zahra’s wide eyes at the door staring at him in amazement. ‘My my, she wasn’t k**ding was she.’

‘What are you doing Zahra!’ he whispered. ‘I am in the bathroom.’

‘Yes, but you’re being naughty, does your wife know you do this?’ Zahra retorted.

‘Of course not!’ he said.

‘Well what do we have here’, she said glancing down at his phone. ‘A hijabi girl wearing stockings… she did tell me you had fetishes. Such a shame that she doesn’t fulfil them for you.’ She started to lift her skirt showing off a pair of sexy, athletic legs clad in stockings. ‘Wank for me or I’ll tell her,’ she said.

Caught between his horniness and the sight of Zahra’s legs, he started to rub his cock up and down. ‘Take off your shirt too, I want to see that famous gym body,’ said Zahra. He obliged. ‘Wow’, whistled Zahra, ‘beats my husband’s pot belly that’s for sure. A gorgeous sexual man like you needs to be satisfied better than you are.’ Zahra pulled her skirt all the way up revealing a bare, shaved pussy. She started touching it revealing her wetness on her fingers.

‘Zahra, where are you?’ I shouted. Zahra quickly dropped her skirt and walked off. ‘We’re not done having fun yet. You deserve a woman who is your sexual match’, she said as she walked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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