Hiking Story

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Big Tits

The day is bright and warm. There is not a cloud in the sky, which is perfect because you and your girl are going on your long awaited hike. You enjoy getting out and taking long hikes with her, she is fun to be with and following behind her allows you to think of all the things you would enjoy doing to her. She is about 5’2″, her hair is a deep auburn color and hangs to her waist, her figure is perfect, and she weighs about 100 pounds and has curves in all the right places. She is about a D cup and her breasts are firm from all the working out that she does. Her eyes are dark and carry all her emotion in them, you love to touch her along her breasts and run your hands along her body because her eyes darken and smolder with her desire.

As you leave the house you check your pack one last time: picnic blanket, food, drinks, and portable music. You want the right mood; you want to set a romantic lunch at the top of the hill. You know that there is a flat clear area inside the tree line when you reach the top, and that is where you are intending to have lunch. When you arrive at your girl’s place she comes bounding out of the house. She is dressed in little tight denim shorts that hug her slender hips and are very short, she is very tan, and she has put on some kind of lotion that makes her skin glisten. She is wearing a cropped tank that hugs her breasts and leaves her mid-drift bare. Her belly button has a bar running through the pierced area today. You love it when she shows off her body. Her hair is pulled into a single ponytail that falls down the center of her back and she is smiling at you as she gets in the car. You guys chat happily as you drive to the base of the hill.

Once there you open her door and help her from the car. As she gets out of the car and faces you, you lower your mouth to hers and take a deep, long kiss. Your lips press against hers and your tongue darts into her mouth as you pull her body flush against yours. In your mind you are thinking what a perfect day it would be to have her on the picnic blanket…. The weather is perfect and the sun would glisten off that fabulous body.

You release her from the kiss and retrieve your backpack from the trunk of the car and you both start up the hill. She is leading the way, walking in front of you. Her hips are slightly swaying with each step she takes, and her shorts pull slightly tighter each time she steps forward. Her leg muscles are taunt and perfect as you walk up the hill, you know how much you like to feel her legs wrapped around bahis firmaları you as you move inside her. She is chatting to you, and looks back often. About an hour into the hike you come to a clearing and suggest that you stop for a while. The path opens onto a flat area behind a bench and on the opposite side you can see the bathrooms are just a little ways from the trail. You take your pack over to the clearing, trees mostly obscure it, but you can see the trail from here and the bench. Because the bathrooms are on the other side of the trail you figure that you will have some privacy here so you can relax.

You spread the picnic blanket and retrieve a bottle of water from your pack. As you hand the water to your girl she spills some down the front of her. You lean over and lick the drops off her neck and chest, just above the shirt line. As she leans into your kiss you gently wrap your arms around her and lay down on the blanket. She is so warm, and feels so soft in your arms. She is moaning softly to your kisses and your light touch along her exposed mid-drift. You kiss down her neck, along the shirt line and over her covered breasts. You gently nip at the area where her nipples are and watch them harden in response. She is moving her hands along your body too; she gently cups your hardening cock through your hiking shorts.

You return to your mouth to hers and deepen your kisses. As you slide your hand inside her shorts to feel her womanhood.

She is warm, and slightly moist. She is arching her back, lifting her hips into your hand when you here twig snap. You look up and see some hikers passing by, not interested in them and seeing that they are not stopping you continue your exploration of your girl. She is tugging at your waistband and loosening your shorts as you peel hers down over her hips and expose her flesh to the summer air. She is wearing a g-string in the softest shade of beige; it almost blends perfectly with her skin. You move it out of the way and begin to kiss her stomach, licking the pierced navel, and rolling the bar with your tongue. You move lower, showering her hipbones with gentle kisses. She is lifting her hips to your touch, and moaning softly asking for more.

She pulls on your arms, dragging you upward, and then reaches for your cock. You are already hard, you can’t believe that this is actually happening, you have wanted to do something like this but have never told her. She is wrapping her fingers around your hard cock and stroking you gently, she is applying kaçak iddaa pressure and she runs her hand along the length of your cock. She has managed to move your shorts down past your ankles and is now sitting between your legs as she starts to remove your shirt. She lifts it over your head and lays her lips on your nipple, sucking it in between her teeth and nipping gently.

She is licking the other one and starts to trail kisses down your stomach and then she slides her tongue along the length of your cock, wetting both sides before she slides it into her mouth. She takes you into her mouth, inch-by-inch, deeper and deeper, until she has you buried down her throat. She is fondling your balls and making small humming noises that have her throat vibrating against your cock. She flicks her tongue just under the head of your cock when she raises up, then she slowly slides it back in.

You are so hard and want her so bad. You grab her by the shoulders and drag her up the length of your body, laying her flat against you. Your skin is touching her skin and the sun is heating you both. You gently roll her to her back and enter her slowly, using gentle pressure to spread her wet and waiting pussy lips. As you push past her lips and enter her hot wetness you moan, you feel like you have just gone to heaven. You begin to move inside her, moving faster and deeper, pulling her body into yours, she has wrapped her legs around you and is meeting you thrust for thrust. As you slam into her you are feeling the back of her pussy, knowing that you are touching the place she likes most, you slow your movement and drive deep, rubbing your cock against her back wall. She is panting, begging you for more, she wants you to keep moving. She is pushing against you and then she cries out, as you feel her pussy spasm and the muscles are contracting around your cock, you know she is cumming and you move inside her, bringing yourself to a climax with her, enjoying the sensations and basking in the warmth of the sun.

As you both float back from the orgasm, you look toward the trail and see that there is a man watching, he is leaned against the back of the bench and smiles toward you when you see him. You return the smile, and whisper to your girlfriend that you have an audience. She looks over to the bench and smiles, then she surprises you and waves the man over. He hesitates for only a moment and then saunters over. He says hello to you both and your girlfriend invites him to sit down. She can feel you stirring inside her. She smiles kaçak bahis at you and winks, then she asks the stranger to lean forward and reaches up to kiss him, full on the mouth.

You are instantly hard inside your girl and she moves her hips against you, smiling slightly and asks the man if he would like to join in. He quickly removes his clothes and begins to lick and fondle her breasts. He is already hard. As he is licking her breasts she pulls away from you and pushes the guy back and down onto the blanket, then she straddles him and slowly slides his cock into her pussy. She pulls on your hand

bringing you around the front. She slides your cock into her mouth where she begins to suck on your cock while she rides this stranger. You are playing with her breasts and can hear the guy moaning his pleasure as she rides him. She is moving faster against him and is sucking you deeper into her throat, as she quickens her movements with her mouth to match that of her ride as she has her second orgasm. She quickly lifts herself from the guy and pushes you back onto the blanket, were she straddles your waist, facing away from you. She gives her fingers to the guy for him to lick, then she gently touches her other hole, using his saliva and the wetness from her pussy she prepares your cock for entry into her backdoor. You know that she is into this fully, because she rarely does this and it is usually a rare treat for you. As you slide into her ass she is moving up and down your cock, once you are fully inside her and she is relaxed around your hardness, she lays back, and continues to move on your cock, but now her back is against your chest and she pulls the stranger towards her as he enters her pussy again. You can feel the tightness. There is only a thin wall separating the two of you as you fill your girlfriend with hard cocks.

She is moaning softly and withering against your body, as the stranger moves in and out of her pussy, you are ready to explode and you feel her orgasm. Every muscle in her body is responding to her third orgasm. She is crying out, begging for more, and she rides you harder, pulling you deeper as her muscles spasm and bring you to your second climax, the stranger pulls out and proceeds to cum on her stomach.

She is smiling when she sits up. He smiles too, and thanks you for allowing him to join in the fun. Your girl moves off of your lap and turns to kiss you. You can see in her dark eyes that she is fully satisfied and you are just as content, because she just fulfilled your wildest fantasy without even knowing it. Once you have all cleaned up and packed your things back into the backpack you start back down the hill, the picnic spot will have to wait for another day and maybe another stranger.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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