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I judged that it was about ten o’clock with the sun already climbing high into the cloudless sky. It was hot and I was perspiring freely and had been since we left the town just after eight that morning. My shirt was sticking to my back and I paused to wipe my forehead with the bandanna from my neck.

I glanced at my watch to check the time and moved off, counting my paces again. I was four minutes out when I rechecked the watch, so either I was taking shorter steps or my pace was getting slower. I believed it was the latter as the heat was really strength sapping.

I began praying for some sort of vehicle to come to give us a lift. We’d only seen one in the past two hours, and that had been going the other way. The black ribbon of tarmac stretched out before us, shimmering in the heat. Little dust devils rose and fell, they too not having the strength to stay up with the small, slight gust of wind that did nothing to cool us down. If we didn’t get a lift soon, it would be well after sundown before we got to the next town.

My name is Chris, and walking slightly ahead of me was Tom, my college roommate, sharing for the past six months. I’ve just reached eighteen years of age and Tom is four months older than I am, and due to that fact, and also that he’d been in the room first, sort of made him the leader.

I’d no objections to that, as by nature I would say that I was a shy person. But don’t get me wrong with that. I could talk quite easily to most people, and answer their questions, but I was always rather hesitant to instigate any sort of conversation.

The sun was really getting hot, and being a natural blonde, I would get red and burn before I tanned. My forearms were already red and I could feel that happening to the back of my neck. I envied Tom his colouring, as he tanned so easily and quickly. I adjusted the bandanna again to cover as much of my neck as possible.

We both were wearing jeans and sturdy hiking boots, shirts sticking to our backs, even though they were open to the waist, and rucksacks. The straps of which were cruelly cutting into my shoulders and just to add to my discomfort, was sure I was getting a blister on my foot.

‘Doesn’t anybody drive in this part of the country,’ I heard Tom mutter, and as if to belie his words, the sound of tyres humming on the asphalt came to our ears from behind. We both stopped and turned to face the approaching vehicle, and held out our thumbs in the universal gesture that begs for a lift, hopeful expressions on faces.

It was a large ‘Overlander’ four wheel drive peoples carrier, and I could see that it held two persons in the front seats. As it got closer it became apparent that it was a man driving and that the passenger was a woman. She looked at us and I saw her lean towards the driver as the vehicle swept past us. Whatever she said had its effect, because the car suddenly slowed and came to a stop about thirty yards ahead of us. The woman got out and waved for us to come forward. We jogged up to the car, more sweat breaking out with this short show of exertion.

‘Going far?’ she asked as we arrived and stopped in front of her, slipping the rucksacks off our shoulders.

‘As far as you can take us,’ Tom replied.

‘Throw your kit over the back seat,’ she said, opening the rear door, ‘and get in. It’s bloody hot out here. You,’ she said, pointing to me, ‘You can sit in the front, and you,’ to Tom, ‘can ride with me in the back. Come on, quick. We’re losing the air conditioning.’ We obeyed and, for a big woman, she was very agile and quick in following her own directive. The air in the car was lovely and coldly crisp, and made me gasp as goose bumps came out on my arms. I could see Tom in the rear view mirror, this car had two of them, and he also shivered. The woman saw this and gave his arm a rub with her hand.

‘My name’s Thelma, and the bum driving is my husband, Trevor.’ We said our hellos and Tom did our introductions. I gave Trevor a nod and saw that Thelma still had her hand on Tom’s arm.

‘Thanks for this lift. It’s much appreciated. It was getting rather hot out there,’ Tom said.

‘Think nothing of it,’ Thelma answered. ‘We couldn’t let two young fella’s like you suffer out in that sun, an’ we know that not much travels on this here stretch of road around this time of day.’ I saw her hand drop from sight, and by the angle of her arm guessed that the hand had come to rest on Tom’s thigh. I adjusted the mirror and saw that I was right.

‘We’re off to some friends of ours who live up off the highway apiece. They’re having some sort of party, so, instead of coming next week, we thought we would drop in a little earlier.’

I could see her hand now rubbing itself up and down Tom’s thigh, moving closer to his crotch with every stroke.

‘Say! Would you two fella’s like to come along? There’s always plenty of food and drink, and I’m sure some of the girls will be there too. Maria lays on a good spread, believe casino şirketleri me.’

I could see that Thelma’s hand was now rubbing the bulge in his jeans and he was beginning to move about uncomfortably.

‘Well,’ Tom laughed a little self-consciously, ‘I’m game for anything,’ giving Thelma a sideways glance to see if she picked up the innuendo. ‘What about you Chris,’ he said, giving me a short punch on the shoulder. I half turned my head and nodded.

‘That’s settled then,’ said Thelma. ‘Hit the gas Trev, and keep your eyes on the road. I’m going to be busy.’

Both her hands now moved over the front of Tom’s jeans and undid the top button, and pulled down the zipper. She parted the front of them and putting her hand inside, pulled out Tom’s growing erection. With a few hand movements, it was rampant and sticking straight up into the air from the folds of cloth.

She seemed fascinated by the colour differences as she held his throbbing piece of flesh in her hand, the pink head straining against the dark foreskin. Her lightly sun tanned hand seemed small and barely big enough to hold his cock upright. By shifting slightly myself, me also having an erection within my pants, saw Thelma unconsciously lick her lips and lower her head. Moving again, I saw her open mouth move to the head of Tom’s cock and take it in.

I risked a quick look round and saw that Tom was staring straight ahead, looking at the back of Trevor’s head. I flicked my eyes across at Trevor, but he never moved, his hands staying steady on the wheel as he drove the car.

Some anxiety on Tom’s part must have conveyed itself to Thelma, because she lifted her head off of Tom’s cock, its raw redness glistening with her saliva.

‘Don’t worry about Trev,’ she said with a smile, ‘we both can do what we want to do. We swing, as I think it’s called, so relax and let yourself go.’ She gave his cock a squeeze. ‘This is some tool that you carry around, now enjoy what’s coming and let it go.’ Her head went back down on Tom and really gave him a working over. I could see him getting carried away and when his legs stiffened, I knew he was coming. Thelma’s head kept going up and down and guessed that she was swallowing it as it came.

When she eventually lifted her head and sat up, her lips were wet and shiny and there was a small trickle of semen at the corner of her mouth, which her tongue flicked out and caught. Just like that of a lizard when it catches a fly on the wing.

‘That sure is some powerful poison that you got in there boy,’ she said, licking her lips clean. ‘Debbie will die when, er, if she can get a taste of that, and I’m sure of that and you are pretty well hung down there.’ She even had Tom’s balls out and was now holding them in her hand as though she was trying to guess the weight.

Tom gave her a small smile and nodded his head toward Trevor, still facing forward and driving.

‘Ha ha,’ she laughed. ‘Trev knows what I like, and I know what he likes. As I said, we both swing every which way, don’t we Trevor?’

‘We sure do Honey,’ he replied, ‘I’m sorry about that Tom. I should have warned you. She eats anything that moves, and I do mean anything, so don’t you worry none.’

I looked across at him and saw that he was smiling, so I guessed he was used to his wife giving blow jobs to perfect strangers, I didn’t know then that she was a confirmed lesbian but still liked to suck on a cock now and then.

The car suddenly lurched to the left as we left the highway onto an unmarked dirt road that was heading out into the foothills some distance away. With the bouncing about of the car, I could see that Tom had great difficulty in putting himself away, but he eventually managed it.

The track finally reached the hills and weaved in and out and through some canyons before emerging out into a small valley. In its centre, was a sprawling white building, Spanish style with its low red sloping roof that overhung the white walls with many arches. There were trellises covered in greenery and bright flowers that surrounded the open end of a sparkling blue swimming pool. We bumped down the last of the track and Trevor pulled up and parked in a shaded car port with the dust

cloud that had followed us down, dispersing in the slight wind and settling on the two other already dust covered cars that were parked there.

‘Welcome to Pancho’s Villa, ha-ha,’ laughed Trevor, ‘that’s what we call him. Pancho! His real name is Sebastian, but everybody calls him Pancho on account of the house, see?’

We did see and agreed with him as we disembarked from the car. The dust was still settling and the heat from the sun hit us after the coolness of the car. I fell in step beside Tom, and we followed Thelma and Trevor around the house corner and into the pool area.

The water of the pool was an inviting cool looking blue, sparkling in the sun. There was one figure in the water; a female I thought, but couldn’t be sure casino firmaları because the reflected sunlight made it difficult to tell. But it definitely was a female that reclined on a lounger on the other side of the pool. The sun’s rays were caressing a magnificent pair of breasts, and even in that supine position, the rounded mounds were full and the nipples pointed skyward. Silicone implants was my first thought, but as I found out later, they were completely one hundred per cent flesh and blood.

Thelma had stopped and raised a hand up to shield her eyes from the sun, and must have recognised the figure in the pool. She gave out a squeal, and kicking off her shoes, swiftly pulled her dress up and over her head and threw it to one side. She wasn’t wearing any underclothes and standing just in front of us completely naked. With another squeal, she ran to the water’s edge, her white buttocks jiggled and jounced as she moved and leapt into the pool.

The figure that was already in the water rose up, making me realise that this must be the shallow end of the pool, and I could now see that it was a woman. She too was bare breasted and the drops that she scattered flicked rainbow colours over us from the refracted sunlight.

Thelma surfaced next to her and they both went into an embrace and started kissing each other. The force of Thelma’s surge from the water, and the forward lunge, toppled them over, and with their lips glued together, sank below the surface.

Trevor’s beckoning hand drew our eyes away from the water, and he led us past glass sliding doors on our right, the water being on the left, and towards a table at the other end of the pool. Seated there were three people, two of whom rose as we approached, the third being a young woman, remained seated.

‘Hello Trevor, you’re early! About a week,’ and Trevor laughed and embraced the other man with both slapping each other’s back.

‘You know I cannot keep away from Maria’s cooking. Let me introduce you to some new young friends that we found lost out on the highway. Tom and Chris. And this is Pancho.’

I leaned forward and shook a hand that had a firm grip saying the usual words of greeting. He was about thirty odd years of age, nicely tanned and lovely light blue eyes in a very pleasant face. His shirt was open to show a good chest also as bronzed as his face. He wore a sarong in the fashion of a Hawaiian islander.

The next man was Richard. He too looked to be about the same age and also had a well tanned body. I didn’t like his choice of swimwear really, the trunks looking as though they were made from a tartan kilt. His handshake was firm as well and not a macho type bone crusher that some men like to use.

The young girl was a striking beauty, a Eurasian I guessed, and her name was Heloise. Her tiny hand was soft and small in mine and she gave a small flutter of her lashes as she smiled at me. The eyes were very dark and seductive and her teeth showing up very white in her tanned face. Her breasts, that were uncovered, were small and looked as firm as round apples, with large dark aureoles and small pert nipples in the centre.

When Tom finished his round of handshakes, Pancho spoke, ‘Welcome to the villa and I can see that the first thing you would like is a nice cold beer. Santos!’ he called over his shoulder at the open door behind him. ‘Five cold beers please.’

It must have been anticipated, because almost a once, the houseman, wearing a white jacket, appeared with five bottles of beer, speckled with frost, and glasses on a silver tray. Both Tom and I declined the offered glass and took a bottle each, and almost as one, we lifted them to our mouths and downed the contents without taking the bottles from our lips.

‘Bravo,’ clapped Pancho, ‘you must have been thirsty. Another two if you please Santos. Would you like a swim,’ his hand waved at the pool, and without waiting for an answer, ‘Trevor. Take the two young men and show them where they can change for a swim. I can see from their faces that it would be most welcome.’

We nodded our agreement at that last statement, and putting down our empty bottles on the table, followed Trevor round this upper end of the pool. We passed a small, but well equipped gym and then into a changing room that had shelves of towels, swim suits etc.

‘There are showers just through there and a sauna too, but with this weather,’ he laughed, ‘it’s not used very much.’

Tom quickly stripped off his dusty clothes and started to sort through the trunks, and a gold coloured pair he threw across to me. Trevor had selected a red pair and was soon out of the door with a, ‘See you in the water,’ as he disappeared. I faced the wall as I stripped down and quickly put on the trunks that Tom had tossed over. He, meanwhile had found a white nylon pair that suited his colouring and put them on. They were a bit tight and he took a moment or two to adjust himself inside them.

Our appearance at the güvenilir casino poolside was, I think, a bit theatrical. Two young men, both muscular, fit and healthy, ebony and ivory as we paused at the edge of the pool. Then together, we dived into that welcoming coolness and stayed down till the need for air made us surface. We looked at each other and then raced away down to the shallow end, churning up a huge froth of water behind our flailing feet, we turned and continued back to the deep end. I think Tom touched just ahead of me, but I’m sure it appeared as a dead heat. There was applause as we touched from those that were watching as we had raced. I also think that the reason he touched ahead of me was because I had brushed against Thelma as I passed her.

Thelma swam down to us and introduced us to the other woman in the pool who came up behind her. Her name was Claire and she was the wife of Richard. And your lover too Thelma, I thought as we shook hands with her as we trod water.

The girl who had been on the lounger came and sat down on the side of the pool and dangled her legs in the water next to Tom.

‘Hi,’ she said, her voice low and husky, ‘my name is Debbie.’ Tom swung round, trapping her legs between his arms and chest. She was leaning forward and Tom had to lean his head right back, his view of her face being obscured by her large breasts swinging just above him.

‘Nice to meet the pair of you,’ he said to those beautiful mounds slowly swinging over his head. I could see that she had a lovely face and a smile to match.

‘I’m Tom and that’s Chris over there.’ I gave a little wave in her direction and sank below the surface. I could see her legs moving and it looked as if her toes were scratching at Tom’s chest. I blew to the surface in time to see Tom reach up his arms, and she automatically took hold of them, but was surprised when he held on and lunged backwards.

She fell into his arms and had her breasts crushed to his chest as they went under. She’d had the wit to take a lung full of air before submerging and also to swing her legs up around his waist, clamping them tight, forcing air out of him. They rose up and broke the surface, he was choking and she was laughing. She helped him to the side and pushed him up the ladder to cough up the water he had swallowed. She followed and stood in front of him, legs apart and her hands on hips, her tits heaving up and down, and bouncing about with her laughing. Tom finally straightened up and Debbie stopped laughing when she looked down at his groin.

‘My God! It’s a horse!’ she exclaimed. As Tom was sideways to the pool, we could see what Debbie meant. It seemed that it had been a waste of time him putting on that costume. With it being wet, it was now almost transparent. His cock was curled above his balls and all were clearly visible. Debbie seized him by the shoulders and swung him round till he faced those at the table and those in the pool.

‘Look what I’ve found girls,’ she screamed. Thelma laughed from the water, ‘Too late honey! I’ve already seen, felt and tasted it,’ she screamed back as she rolled her eyes. The eyes of the other women, those that I could see, gleamed with pure lust. I also had a funny feeling that I might have looked the same way, because I saw a look of surprise in Tom’s as he looked at me.

Debbie then grabbed Tom from behind, her breasts squashing up against his back, her hands coming round and delved into his trunks and held him fast. It must have excited him because we could actually see it growing in size in her hands. I swear he was blushing as he then clamped his own arms over hers and fell forward into the water amongst us.

There was a great swirl of splashing as the three girls fought with Tom. I went under and watched as they got his trunks off between them and freed his now erect cock. I surfaced in time to see one of them, Claire I think it was, throw his suit out of the pool. Tom then swam down to the shallow end and back, taking it slowly. I guess it was to gain time for the cool water to reduce his size.

Having seen him in the showers and in our room at college, I knew that when reduced, he was still bigger than some men when erect. I’d seen some of the envious glances cast his way and the racist talk about his parentage.

I’d not been with him long when he told me a little about himself. His grandfather had been a Negro who’d married a Mexican woman, who turned out to have some wealthy relatives that had left her enough money to send his father to medical school, from which he became a doctor. He was in the U.N. Peace Corps and met a married his mother, a Malayan half caste. Her mother had been pure Malaysian while her father had been an English army officer. His father had been killed ten years before by a mortar bomb attack on the hospital where he had been treating the wounded. He also had a brother a few years older than himself. He said that he was black from one grandfather and white from another, and khaki from the distaff side.

There was only a slight trace of Negro in his face and his hair was straight like his mother’s. Then he laughingly said that he got his cock from his grandfather, his balls from his father and the spunk from his mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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