Hobson’s Choice Ch. 03

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Sunday, May 12, 6:00 am

“John, John, – are you awake?” I came out of my deep sleep slowly. I felt someone kissing me, and a hand gently caressing my cock under the covers. I opened one eye, and looked into Sandy’s smiling and excited face. “Come on, John, – it’s morning and it’s tomorrow!”

“What time is it?” I mumbled, still groggy.

“I don’t know, but the sun is up,” said Sandy. “That means it’s tomorrow.”

“What are you talking about?” I said, and suddenly realized what Sandy meant. Her face fell. “Did you forget already?” she said in a small voice. “You promised me last night, and you forgot already!”

I reached up and hugged her tight. “No, silly, – I didn’t forget. Today is the day, right?” She lit up again. “Oh yes, please! I am the last one and I can’t wait any longer. It’s tomorrow now, right?”

“Yes, my little soon-to-be-ex-virgin! It is now tomorrow!” I threw off the cover, reached up and pulled her taut, naked body down on top of mine. She melted into me, moulding every curve to as tight a fit as she could.

“I have hardly slept all night,” she whispered in my ear. “I have been in here to look at you at least ten times. You are so beautiful! I looked at you under the cover, too, and even gave your penis a little kiss once.”

“You mean my dick?”

“Yes,” she said with a happy laugh. “Your dick, your cock, your wang, prick, schlong, shaft, cunt-driller…” She ran out of words…

“You know, we don’t use those words hardly at all, even between us girls. It feels good to just say them and know they are just words describing something enjoyable.”

I smiled, – “that’s my girl.” I kissed her and slowly we settled into some serious kissing. This was not a new activity for Sandy, she was a terrific kisser, gentle, erotic, with a growing urgency. She squirmed on top of me, making my cock slowly stiffen and grow under her. It was starting to press against her pussy, and Sandy’s legs slowly divided and slipped down along my sides. My prick nestled softly in between her cunt-lips as they opened. I reached down to her ass and grasped her firm globes. I squeezed them and rubbed them, and then started to pull them apart, opening the crack to the air.

Sandy curved her back, moving her ass up to meet my hands. My dick slid along her pussy as she did so, hitting her stiffening clit in the process. Sandy gave a small shudder of pleasure, and reversed her movement. Soon she was humping me slowly and rhythmically, sliding her pussy along the whole length of my dick, ending with her spread ass cheeks sticking up in the air, and allowing my hands free access as far as I could reach. Her mouth never left mine, and her breasts stayed pressed against my chest during the whole movement, causing her hard little nipples to get their own share of stimulation.

I felt as if I was being given a full body massage, and Sandy obviously enjoyed it as well, since her breathing became rapid and her pulse started to race. My dick was now hard as rock and gave her pussy and clit an impeccably placed massage as well, as she slid back and forth. Her first orgasm came on her without warning, – she suddenly gasped, held her breath and squeezed down hard on my dick. I could feel her pussy contracting, trying to grasp me as I lay snug in her now very wet valley.

She lifted her head and smiled happily. “That was nice, John, – I didn’t even know it was happening, and suddenly I just came and came.” She lay still for a second, but as I made a small hip movement, she started her sliding again. This time she scooted up towards my chest just a few inches and dropped her legs fully down on each side of me. She reached back and fondled my balls and the small part of my dick she could reach.

“Is this good for you too?” she asked timidly. “I want it to be special for you too!”

“Oh yes,” I replied truthfully. “t feels very very nice indeed!’. She made a small twist with her hips and suddenly my dick slid inside her just a little, instead of sliding past and up her stomach. “Oooh,” she said. “It’s inside me.”

“Weeeell,” I said. “Not quite, but it’s a good start.”

She repeated her move and started moving me further and further inside. She was incredibly tight, – I could feel the walls of her pussy resisting the invasion. “Relax,” I said. “Let’s just take it easy and work our way up to it slowly. That way it will last longer, it won’t hurt much and you’ll have much more fun.” Sandy grunted something, fully focused on the slow progress of my dick into her tight pussy. Little by little her pussy expanded and each slow stroke bought me another millimetre inside. Sandy made one careless move, and I slipped out again, sliding up to hit her clit once more. Her face contorted, trying to express regret and excitement at the same time.

She quickly scooted up and got him back inside her again. “It feels so good inside,” she panted, “but I am too tight for you, this will take forever…”

“Do you mind?” I casino şirketleri asked, tongue in cheek.

She buried her face in my neck “No no no no no,” she mumbled, “just don’t stop!”

We went back to our previous rhythm, steadily worming inward. It felt like a fuck now, I had a good inch and a half inside and some of my prick was clasped in the warm moist space between my belly and Sandy’s pussy lips. It was very hard to stay still and let her set the pace. She was struggling with it as well, I could tell. We realized at the same time that we had reached the main obstacle.

“I can’t get any further,” said Sandy, “I guess this is when it will start to be rally painful, right?”

“We’ll see,” I replied with a smile, “but I don’t think so, – not if we do it right. Sit up straight.”

Sandy straightened up and the movement put her weight on my prick. Her face was a study in delight and astonishment when she suddenly slipped part way down my prick to sit on my legs. The flicker of discomfort was almost too brief to notice, and her joy was so intense. She let out a whoop that would have done Geronimo proud. “Whooooooooeee that’s fantastic, – Oh God, I’m so full. It’s a little bit like the last time when you fucked my ass, but very different. Oh Wow this is so good!” She was so lost in her revelation that she totally forgot to move. She was just sitting there, beaming and focusing inward on every sensation.

We heard laughter from both the bedrooms. “Way to go, Sandy!” “Good one John!” “Go girl!” Sandy grinned mischievously and happily and whooped again. I lunged up just as she started the whoop and it came to an abrupt end as her eyes widened. Her breath caught in her throat and she sputtered incoherently. “STOP!” she shouted, “I can’t..”

I withdrew slightly, and her face went almost panicky. “NO DON”T STOP!” she shouted again and pressed herself down on my throbbing dick. “I didn’t mean stop, just…” Her breath came in ragged gasps and she exploded in another orgasm. Her breasts heaved and her head was thrown back, making her neck muscles stand out in relief. I started caressing her lower belly with my fingers and her skin contracted involuntarily. I slid my hands up her hips and stomach until I held her breasts, with her nipples caught in a gentle grip in my fingers. She was contracting her vaginal muscles and held me as in a vice. She was tight from before, but this was on the edge of real pain. I squeezed her nipples hard and her face went blank.

Slowly she came down from her high and her pussy started to let go of my dick. As soon as could move again, I started to gently slide in and out, just a few inches at a time. She clamped down again, but relented when I grimaced. “Oh, John, I’m sorry. I’ll try not to do that.”

I smiled. “I don’t think you always have control over it, but you are very tight, and you have very strong muscles in there, so if you try to keep it in mind, I would appreciate it.”

“How about this much?” she said and tightened a little again. The feeling was incredible, like an internal hand massaging me I felt the urge to come boiling up and gasped


Sandy laughed triumphantly. “So now the tables are turned are they?

“I guess we can both be too much for one another at times,” I grinned. “It felt incredibly good, but one more second and our session would have been over.”

“I’ll just keep that one in reserve, then,” she replied laughingly. “I might need it some day.”

“That lucky guy won’t know what hit him,” I said enviously, “but he’ll enjoy the hell out of it.”

Sandy started moving again, lifting herself up and slipping down again, experimenting with the stroke length and speed. The lubrication and relaxation from her last orgasm had made movement much easier, and we were soon fucking lustily, out bellies slapping together in perfect time with our grunts and moans. I could feel Sandy having mini-cums over and over without slowing down. She clasped my head and kissed me while we fucked on. Breathing became very awkward, but we persisted and enjoyed the process tremendously. She couldn’t resist squeezing me with her pussy muscles from time to time, but I managed to keep control.. I used my hands to manipulate her breasts and her clitoris, and Sandy took it all in with complete abandon.

At one point I had to stop, to regain some control again. Sandy looked puzzled, but quickly understood, and grinned. “What’s the matter, old man?” she said mischievously. “Can’t keep up with us young girls?”

“That’s not the problem,” I gasped, “as you well know. I have to stop to keep it down!”

“Oh poor John. It’s not fair that men only have one bullet in the gun. I have been firing and firing and firing.” She sounded genuinely regretful now, but with a smile lurking behind her eyes. I didn’t respond, just flipped her over on her back with one heave, and started ploughing in earnest.

Her eyes went wide again, and she joined in with every casino firmaları ounce on muscle in her body. “Aah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah,” she panted rhythmically, in time with our increasing pace. I grasped her legs and bent them back to her shoulders, throwing her pelvis up into my thrusts. She was limited in her movements now, almost completely my captive as I struck into her very depth again and again. I held her ankles with one hand and moved the other down her body, pinching her stiff nipples and stroking her belly on my way to the target.

I laid my thumb gently on her clitoris and a finger on her asshole and pushed. Her muscles spasmed again, and this time it was all over. We came together in an explosion of sensations. My prick was hosing down her interior in great gushing spurts, with her strong muscles milking me dry as quickly as she could. I let go of her legs and she came back to a lying position under me, pressing herself tightly against me.

We lay there for several minutes, not talking, just revelling in our ebbing sensations and the feeling of love and caring. Finally I raised my head and looked tenderly at Sandy’s face. She was crying silently, but her expression wasn’t sad. I kissed her tears away. “There, there, my little dove,” I said. “Let me kiss it all better.”

“Oh John! It can’t get better! That was the best it will ever be, and I’m so happy it happened like this, – with you. How can I ever thank you?”

“Remembering this and remembering you is the best thanks I could ever get,” I said, “and I am the one who is thankful for such a wonderful gift.”

Sunday, May 12, 8:30 am

There was a timid knock on the door, and Alya stuck her head in. “Is it really over this time, she said smilingly. “We thought you were done three times already, but then you started up again… Do you guys want some breakfast.”

“Shower first, then breakfast,” I said “Oh goody,” said Alya, we were hoping you would say that”.

So in the shower we trooped again, all five of us, but this time Sandy and I were both centers of attention, getting cleaned thoroughly by the other three. “Well, there is no doubt now” said Karen as she washed the faint streaks of blood off my dick. “No more virgins in this neck of the woods!” She gave it a good kiss and suck, and came up grinning. “There was some left in there, – delicious!.”

“There is more here,” said Alex, scooping my cum from Sandy and licking it off her fingers. Alya and Alex both bent down and their tongues competed for the new supply of cum oozing from Sandy’s well-fucked pussy.

“Easy,” said Sandy, – “I’m a bit tender down there.” They kissed her pussy more softly, but kept going until there was no more left. Sandy leaded back against the wall of the shower and spread her legs as much as she could.

“Oh yes,” she said, “That feels sooo good.” She came again, to her complete disbelief, clutching the heads of her two friends to her crotch. “Oh Wow, oh wow!”

Karen had a go at getting me back up, but I knew it was a lost cause, so we stood there caressing each other, watching the three others enjoy themselves. Karen shuddered and leaned back on my shoulder. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Breakfast was another meal ‘au natural’. It seemed silly to get dressed somehow. Everyone felt very comfortable, and enjoyed keeping a mildly erotic mood, with an occasional stroke or kiss, or a coquettish display. It was a beautiful day, warm for the time of year, and we decided to go to the lake for a spell. I made everyone put suntan lotion on, they would have been burned in no time without it. That too became a sexy process, everyone volunteering to do everyone else. I certainly got my share, and my trusty dick will never get a sunburn again, after all those layers, lovingly rubbed in.

The sun was nice and warm, and we laid ourself out on the small dock by the boatshed. The sun was baking down and soon the sweat was running freely. “This feels great,” exclaimed Alya.

“Fantastic,” chimed in Karen – ‘and I’m finally going to get some sun on these big white things.” She held out her breasts for inspection. We all had a very good look, much to Karen’s enjoyment.

“They really are amazing, Karen,” said Alya. “I feel inadequate next to you.” She too cupped her more modest breasts and held them up for inspection as well.

“Mine aren’t small, said Sandy, but they’re nowhere as big as yours, Karen.” Another pair was presented to the audience for inspection. Everyone looked at Alex. “Oh well,” she said, lifting and holding up her breasts, full and heavy. “These are OK I guess, but I wish they would stand up some more.”

They all looked at me. “What do you think, John?” said Alya with a glint in her eye.

“Whoa there”, I protested. “We’ve been here before, and I couldn’t decide then, if you remember.”

“Yes, but you are , – uh – more familiar with them now,” said Karen, also smiling.

“You girls work this out yourselves,” I said firmly. güvenilir casino “Decide on the judging criteria and do your own comparison.” I lay back and relaxed again, leaving them to it.

They broke out in a lively discussion, which I followed only in parts. “Size,” said Sandy. “Shape,” said Alya. “Firmness,” “Weight,” “Responsiveness”; – the suggestions were coming thick and fast. “Nipple length,” “nipple hardness,” “pain response” That one made me sit up and take notice I could see Alya blushing at the reaction to her suggestion. “Suckability.” – the last one was mine and got an uncertain frown from the girls. The girls were having a ball with the discussion, which was much more fun than they had imagined. The list was discussed extensively and finally agreed upon, with a point score system and a judging methodology. They had to go get paper and pens as well, it became way to complicated to keep straight in their heads.

“John?” said Karen.

“No, I responded firmly. “Absolutely not! I’ll just watch.”

Alex got the last word. “OK, but you have to be the tie breaker. And one of us will be right here at all times to make sure you are paying attention. With that she plonked herself down on a cushion next to me and started playing gently with my dick. That got my attention all right, and the girls took an interest as well.

For the next half hour I laid there as they tried out every suggestion in every permutation of girls. Boy, when these girls decided on something, they were going to get it done, come hell or high water. Actually, neither hell not high water came, but I am sure the girls did a few times, and I was kept on a knife’s edge for the full 30 minutes.

The girls soon decided that in order for the breasts to be properly evaluated, they had to be excited, and since we were all stark naked, the opportunities quickly presented themselves. What a view I had, like an Arabian nights potentate watching his harem preen and compete for his attention. The girls took their turns keeping me just under the boiling point, and despite begging for release, they loved the control they had over me and refused to let it happen.

“We have a winner!” declared Karen, after they had carefully tallied all their numbers.

“No, it’s another tie!” Sandy was quick to protest. “We need the tiebreaker.” It didn’t take Karen but a second to understand and agree that yes, she had made a mistake and it was a tie – again, – surprise, surprise! I was of course asked to do the tiebreaking. And to make sure I stayed comfortably in my prone position, they decided that the only reasonable approach was for each girl to sit on me while I did the testing. They lined up, and one by one they lowered themselves on my steel rod and presented their breasts for my inspection.

I have no idea how I got through the process. Their pussies were fascinatingly different, – and by now I think I could have told them apart blindfolded, even without the added information from fondling, squeezing, nibbling, and sucking on those luscious breasts. I managed them all without coming, which led to an immediate second round of testing, then another….

In the end it was Sandy’s internal muscle control that got her the win. When she did her squeeze play I was a goner. I erupted in the loudest, most intense orgasm I can remember. Sandy didn’t get much time to enjoy her triumph, she was summarily lifted of so everyone could watch me shoot in the air, – and get their share of the spoils.

Sunday, May 12, 12:30 pm

Karen was the first to move. “This looks like a scene from an orgy,” she said with a laugh, as she sat up and looked around. Sandy was lying half on top of me, still clutching my dick in a firm grip, her pussy read and open, with my cum leaking down her thigh. My dick was crusted with dry juices from myself and four pussies. Alex and Alya were lying side by side, their hands holding each other’s well-fucked pussies.

Karen looked down at herself. ” Yep, Kilroy was here too,” she said smugly. “This is going to be hard to top! Who’s for a shower?”

We dressed for lunch. We had done everything else, so we thought that might be fun. The girls would have been beautiful in whatever they decided to wear – or not, and they still managed to give me tantalizing glimpses of themselves. The no underwear rule seemed to still apply, even if we were back in normal attire otherwise. And just to make sure I was perpetually aroused, they once again took turns fondling me.

Suddenly, we heard a car in the driveway. The girls jumped up and looked at each other anxiously, hastily checking that we were all looking decent. I was as surprised as the girls, – I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. We trooped outside as a big sedan came around the last bend and pulled up in front of the house.

“Dad!” exclaimed Karen. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom!” – Alex this time.

In the end one dad and three moms emerged from the car, each going to embrace their daughter and checking them out to make sure they were all ok. The girls were fending off endless questions and subjecting themselves to hugs and scolding alternately. In the end they looked at each other with exasperation. Karen became the spokesperson.

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