Hoffner and his Elf

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I was lying in bed next to Hoffner. He had just finished making sweet love to me and I was lying on his silver haired chest, slowly and softly, licking his soft pink nipples. Our legs were entwined, his large, powerful hand, caressing and squeezing my balls. We had been seeing a lot more of each other, meeting in hotels or at his place when his wife was out or away. They weren’t intimate anymore, so it made it easier to meet at his place, than mine. I had to admit it; I was in love with him.

His scent; a masculine combination of lemony musk, and pure manly aroma made my head burn with blood, my heart pound, my legs tremble, my cock balls ache for his strong hands. He could touch me and I would quiver in heat, like an anxious dog. His sky blue eyes, thick white moustache and soft delicate lips would kiss me so strongly I thought I would pass out from the intensity of it. When he held me, it was firm and delicate at the same time. Sometimes we would strip down naked and hold each other, slowly rubbing against each other, kissing, caressing, and building into a slow, wet orgasm that was more love than sex, more beauty than anything I had ever experienced. We would stay locked together our juices running all over our bodies, a delicious sweat, coating us in a luscious sheen of romance and lust.

I couldn’t keep my hands off his legs and balls, they were like treasures, large round, pink, full of cum and smooth as his beautiful ass. My favorite thing was to slowly savour and lick all around, top and bottom, up and under in the crevice between his thigh and balls, sucking each one like a fine Chinese dumplin. Chewing gently and swallowing each ball all the way up to his pulsing hot shaft, warmly rolling my tongue and mouth around and breathing in the thick aromatic maleness of him.

He had very strong legs with thick powerful thighs, a soft down of white hair, carpeting them from thigh to calf. Just underneath the slight crevice where his ass met his legs, was where I had started shaving him. The first time he was reluctant, but immediately turned on, once he felt my soft touch trailing slowly up the curvature of his bum, lightly caressing the soft fold where his ass curved in to his rectum. I had shaved him all the way right down and around his sweet pink hole, and my finger re-traced the path, till it lingered, teasing and turning and finally brushing slowly over his smooth hole. He shook and trembled and moaned and I knew there would be no more questions about the merits of a good Brazilian and a shaving of the balls. We decided to keep a nice manly patch as he called it of white pubic hair around the top of cock and up into his upper thigh. All the hair on his thick shaft was gone and he loved it when I took my mouth slowly down his smooth shaft all the way to the hilt. He was shaving and waxing regularly now, and the touch, the feel, the sensation of his smooth pink balls and ass was incredible. We had sex so much we were insatiable. Two, three, sometimes four times in a row, for hours, kissing, sucking, fucking each other into exhaustion and then always this, rhapsodic bliss, a sweet surrender into each others arms, warm in the glow and aroma of our sex. It enveloped us in an aura of pure love, that many years ago I would have thought strange, perverted, wrong, and weak.

Now I knew the power of admittance and acceptance and living as you are. All bahis firmaları the spent years of my youth and adulthood lusting after men, with a hunger so deep it almost consumed me, made me mad at times, crazed with a fire in me that was so strong it was unquenchable save for surrender to it.

I knew it from a young age, and yet lived in ignorance, only knowing, that I couldn’t stop myself from looking, always looking at first, boys my age, then men, older men, mostly, grey haired, blue eyed and fantasizing, that I was theirs to fuck into perpetuity.

As a young man, I liked the Levis’ chords. They seemed to form the perfect union between hot young male flesh and tight pants. I can still picture the balls hanging over the zipper, cocks bulging tight against the thin chords. Adidas shorts held a particular attraction. They were always very short and very tight and leaving nothing to the imagination. The outline of balls and cock were clearly and vividly highlighted by the distinctive tight cotton and three striped sides. Each short had its own underwear sewn in, an ingenious cradle for the basket of youth and horny adolescent men that were suspending their jewels in front of my lustful eyes, every day. When I was lucky, I could catch a glimpse of a set of balls hanging out the side of shorts, with a leg hitched high or sitting in the grass innocently spreading wide for my admiring eyes and aching loins.

I began to notice that I was lusting after everything it seemed.

I knew a particularly nice set of balls and a beautiful ass, strong muscular legs, a very good looking young man. We slept together regularly in our underwear only. There was touching throughout the night as I rolled through a listless sleep, with my erect cock stiff and leaking pre-cum and angst. My hand would wander and touch, always in hasty retreat and under high anxiety at getting caught. I cupped his balls in the dark, feeling the deep warmth of his balls, slipping slowly under the bikini waste band, gently lifting and carefully extending a finger to lightly caress silky pubes and soft round balls. Stroking the soft skin underneath the head of his cock, I felt the stiffening and pulled away in fear that the nocturnal arousal would awaken him and expose my forbidden lust.

My attractions intensified and my self-experiments grew more diverse, discovering vibrators, cucumbers, fingers, lotions, squeezing, punching of balls…and finally a visit to a masseuse to unlock this pent up orgasm that was years in frustrated incubation. I was living a duality that was making me quite insane.

The feeling was strange, criminal, like I was doing something wrong and yet, the release was enormous, an orgasm that shook my entire being. Many more trips followed and then finally the courage for my first time with someone I didn’t have to pay. Again, an orgasm that was beyond description, shaking, trembling, humping like a mad beast, hips thrusting in the air as his strong hand stroked our two cocks bound together by his muscular grip, Vaseline squishing around his fingers and our cocks. Bucking and thrusting an arc of cum lofting into the air and splashing on my belly. He kept pumping his cock, thick, short and musky, it had tasted great not moments before, and the head touching the back of my throat confirmed my original perceptions that the warm, soft, tight pulsing of an erect cock in kaçak iddaa my mouth was divine. Finally he came splashing his hot liquid onto my belly. The regret being I left too soon, before I could feel him inside me, spreading my hole with his thick head, lubed up cock, sliding into my virgin ass, filling me, engorging me with the blood rich cock of my young dreams. His bear like chest pinning me to his bed, pumping into me, fucking me, owning my ass, I would have spread and opened for him. Arching my hips into the air and pushing back, clutching the cotton blankets with a grip of surrender and animal lust.

So it was Christmas time and Hoffner decided we should do something special. He asked me to meet him at a hotel where we had been fucking each other for the last year or so. He said he had a special Christmas present for me. He asked me to get waxed and shave everywhere, balls, legs, the whole deal. Of course I agreed, he was my lover. I entered the hotel and made my way to the room, rock hard in anticipation. After last Halloween, I had discovered the kinky aggressive side of Hoffner and learned to love the animal it unleashed in me. I knocked on the door and heard his voice, “come in my little Elf”. This was intriguing. I walked through the door into a holiday paradise. He had decorated the room in red and white, festooned with tinsel, artificial snow and Christmas memorabilia everywhere. He was reclined in a grand chair beckoning me forward, my slutty Santa, legs spread dressed in the most erotic Santa Suit I had ever seen. He had on knee length black patent leather boots, shining and gripping his powerful calves. A spandex, skin tight thong, bright red, wrapped itself around his bulging cock and massive ball. It was so tight, his package was perfectly shaped and wrapped, a steaming erection already there waiting for my tongue, with a slight stain of pre-cum, on the silky briefs, betraying his horniness. His silver chest and belly were displayed shining in the dim light of the room, underneath a red felt vest, trimmed with soft white fur on the shoulders, bottom edge and neck. Around his waist, was a large, patent leather belt, with a big buckle, clenched around the sexy vest. His hat was askew and his eyes glittering with lust. “Do you like Santa’s Suit”, he asked cloyingly eyeing me with that animal lust that made my knees shake.

” A lot,” I said nodding weakly.

“I bought you something too. It’s over there on the bed.”

Laid out on the bed, was a small green hat with a yellow band around it, a short green petticoat with lace brocade and decorative gold buttons, a silky yellow thong and a pair of shiny spandex tights, with a pair of green felt shoes, with curled toes to top it off.

“Put it on, slowly”, he growled at me

I took off my clothes in the amber glow of the Christmas lights and slipped silkily into the thong, its smooth texture, gliding over my smoothly shaven balls and ass. The tights felt amazing, so erotic against my bare legs and ass. The jacket was very short, covering only my naval, leaving my raging hard one and tightly clad balls in full view.

I stood before me lover, so horny, I was in near delirium and ready to do whatever he wanted.”

“Come Sit on Santa’s knee and give him your Christmas wish.”

I slid onto his powerful thighs and putting my arm around his neck I whispered into his ear.

“I kaçak bahis want the North Pole, all of it, deep inside me, Santa.”

I felt him shudder and he humped his thick cock up into my silky ass, nibbling and growling on my ear. He pulled me into his mouth, kissing me with a fire and passion that was insane. His strong hands, entwined around my hair pulling me into his mouth, his silver moustache caressing my lips and our tongues entangled in an erotic dance. His hand was stroking and rubbing my upper thigh and pulling my ass into his erect cock. We kissed and caressed a long time, till finally, I slithered down his lap and peeled back the delicate silk of his thong. His cock was raging, a thick erect, pole, glistening with pre-cum. I had to laugh as he had painted, red stripes around his cock in a peppermint flavored paint that was as delicious as it looked. I licked and sucked his raging pole like a candy cane, up and down and around, swallowing it whole, deep into my warm mouth. I could hear him moaning and groaning and knew he was going to cum soon. He pumped his hips in time with my sucking and finally a big gasp and he cried out loud, blasting my mouth with thick, delicious cum. I swallowed it all and licked that delicious pole clean. It was the best blowjob I had ever given. It tasted so sweet and sour, it was amazing.

I rose and kissed him and he grabbed me by the lapel and said,

” Your turn,” pushing me backwards onto the bed.

He held my hands over my head with one hand, his other hand, yanking my tights down, until I lay there in my yellow thong and short jacket. He took by balls into his mouth, kissing me through the silky material, his hand pushing and rubbing against my hot cock. I was burning up and desperate for his mouth. Finally he peeled down the thong, with his teeth, exposing my smooth cock and balls to the ministrations of his expert tongue. He slowly licked up from the bottom of my balls around, back to the middle of my cock shaft, all the way, around the head, and inside my cock head, sucking and licking up the pre-cum, that was pouring out of me. He took my cock in his meaty hand and started jacking it up and down in and out of his mouth, his lips sliding over the head each time. I was arching into his mouth, his free hand digging into my firm buttock, prying apart my ass, his fingers massaging my aching hole. I moaned and groaned and blew a huge load into his mouth. He swallowed me deep and purred into my pubic hair and balls with immense satisfaction.

He rolled me onto my belly, his cock raging and ready to go. I heard him undue his belt and he slipped it under my belly. He spit on his hand and rubbed my aching hole and then spit again wetting his thick cock. I felt his warm head nudging against my willing ass and then he pulled me into him slowly with his thick, black belt, his black boots digging into the bed for traction. I spread wide and arched into his sweet pole. He buried his cock to the hilt and moved slowly back and forth wetting my ass with desire and lust. He began thrusting harder, faster, lifting me into him with the belt, tugging and digging into my mid-riff as he slammed his sweet, pink cock into me. He was hammering me now, face down in the pillow, my little jacket ripped from exertion; he reefed on the belt with all his might and drove deep into my ass, blasting his hot cum all over my insides and loins, soaking each other and the bed.

“Don’t move, stay on top of me,” I whispered.

We lay like that for a long time, him slowly grinding into my spread, warm hole, Santa and his elf, it was beautiful.

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