Holding It In

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This story involves strong excretory fetishes and bodily functions. Those who dislike this kind of thing should not read further.


Lynn Kenton was always nervous as she walked over to Andrea’s house for her weekly meeting. The smartly-dressed, blonde, 42-year-old teacher invariably controlled her high school chem classes with a combination of wit, knowledge, and awareness of the latest trends sweeping through teenage lives. Little did any of her students realize that the assured lady felt she needed to visit her colleague, the demure 35-year-old Andrea Ames, the quiet but effective chair of the school’s English department.

Andrea enjoyed having friends and even some colleagues like Lynn report to her regularly for disciplinary sessions. The lithe brunette had a happy marriage, an adopted child—a little girl of 7, and also fulfilled her own needs as a switch by visiting her good friend, the Rev. Alicia Madison, when she felt she needed to be put through her paces for behavioral missteps. Andrea did, despite her quiet nature, exude an air of command, especially over her English department colleagues, including some men who were more than ten years her senior and had originally resented her being promoted over them.

Now Lynn had arrived at the doorstep of Andrea’s pleasant home, the latter’s husband, a highly successful insurance agent, being conveniently away on a business jaunt. She rang the bell and Andrea smilingly opened the door and welcomed her, as if this was merely a neighborhood stop-by to exchange gossip and cookie recipes.

After they had sat in the living room chatting for a few minutes, Andrea motioned to Lynn to stand and arose herself. Lynn knew this was a moment always of supreme embarrassment when she would roll up her short skirt above her waist and lower her panties for Andrea’s intimate inspection. Lynn couldn’t help feeling the butterflies roaring across her stomach. She had brought this on herself: she came to see her friend Andrea to be embarrassed, shamed, even bruised. And it turned her on bigtime. She felt herself getting wet down between her legs. Which also reminded her that she would need to pee soon and she had been forbidden to do so for two hours before this session.

She managed to hoist her plaid skirt—she had purposely dressed in a classically schoolgirl manner—above her waist and now felt totally abashed as she tugged her little white panties down below her knees.

Andrea gazed at Lynn’s neatly-trimmed pubes as she lowered her gaze to the visible crotch of Lynn’s undies. Lynn had remember that on days when she was to see Andrea, she needed to place a small pantiliner in the crotch of her panties. The particular kind Andrea required her to wear would show any stain much more clearly than would be visible in the panty crotch itself.

As Andrea fixed her eyes on the pantiliner, she commented to Lynn that there were a few yellow streaks where Lynn may not have wiped herself completely after peeing. There also were some uncolored stains that Andrea concluded had been left when Lynn had been thinking sexual thoughts and generated fluids from her vagina.

“And my dear,” Andrea said, lifting her voice, “do I see some cum stains on your little pantiliner?”

“Yes, Miss Ames,” Lynn responded in an effort to defuse what could be something that would mean severe punishment for her, “I did have sex last night with Bill and I suppose some of it took its time finding its way out of me this morning.”

Andrea merely nodded that she had heard the explanation and told Lynn to follow her to the “little girls’ room” as Lynn hobbled along with her panties at her knees. Lynn felt an impending need to pee, brought on both by her following Andrea’s strict orders forbidding her to use the toilet for two hours prior to her session and casino oyna by the excitement that Andrea’s scrutiny of her panties and intimate areas always stirred in her, which included filling her bladder.

“Since you have stained the pantiliner in several different ways, dear,” Andrea observed as they entered the bathroom, “you have earned yourself some punishment today, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, Miss Ames, I’m so sorry,” Lynn exclaimed. “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“You surely will, sweetie,” Andrea smiled, “but now sit on the toilet and hold those labia apart for inspection.”

Lynn complied with the humiliating order and held her lower lips open, exposing her pink vagina, into which Andrea inserted her forefinger and ran it up the inside walls. She removed it and held it to her nose, commenting, “Very good, Lynn, you do have a pleasant feminine smell, not FDS or cum or some other awful thing.”

“Miss Ames,” Lynn responded, “thank you for inspecting my naughty cunt. May I be permitted to pee now? I’ve followed your instructions and need to pee very badly.”

Andrea considered the request and much to Lynn’s dismay but not very surprisingly based on her usual procedure, calmly issued the awful instruction to her sub, “No, it’s not convenient right now. You will pull your panties up. Right now.”

Lynn had trouble holding back a sob at being denied relief as she felt her bulging bladder press on her urethra. This was going to be really hard to contain today, she thought. I hope I don’t embarrass myself with an accident. She knew, too, that Andrea would punish her very severely for any failure to hold her water or even a tiny leak.

“Now tell me about your week, sweetie,” Andrea continued, as if the denial were the most routine part of their conversation.

Lynn began by reciting to Andrea how many times she had had intercourse with her husband Bill that week. “We fucked three times, Miss, and yes, once he had me in my ass,” Lynn said with a slight blush as she described the embarrassing picture of having her husband’s cock deep in her anal cavity.

“Did it come out clean, sweetie?” Andrea asked inquiringly.

Thinking that this woman always knew what Lynn would find most embarrassing to relate, Lynn managed to sputter out that her husband’s penis had emerged with some brown streaks.

“So that means you hadn’t made a doody before you let him fuck you in your ass?” Andrea asked, sounding like a concerned mother questioning her toddler about a daily bowel movement.

“No, I hadn’t gone all day and I didn’t feel the need before we started making love,” Lynn confessed, “so I was slightly ashamed when I saw how dirty I had made him,” she admitted.

Andrea reached into her handbag and pulled out a little red book. “I’m going to have to enter this as a demerit,” she announced. “Anal intercourse while retaining bm,” she intoned and wrote that into the book.

Lynn was feeling the increasing pressure on her bladder and kept moving her legs so nothing would leak out.

“So you really need to go now?” Andrea asked in a motherly way.

“Oh, yes, Miss, I’m really needing to pee, sooo badly,” Lynn said in almost a cry.

“Well,” Andrea responded, “you will have to hold it until you get permission and you’ve been quite naughty staining your pantiliner, not to mention your husband’s cock, so you will have to wait some more.”

She ushered Lynn back into the bathroom but this time ordered her to get into the bathtub on all fours, with her skirt still above her waist and her panties pulled up. Andrea increased the humiliation factor by urging Lynn to push her pantied bottom out.

Andrea leaned over and began to run her nail softly down Lynn’s furrow over her panties through her crotch. Lynn felt the finger stirring up her sensitivity canlı casino in her cunt and began to panic about holding her pee in much longer.

Put into this stressful position, Lynn felt her sphincter loosen for a moment and a spurt of yellow pee gushed into her panties and even started to drip down into the tub when Andrea immediately saw it.

“Did you have an accident, sweetie?” she asked as if this were the most normal thing in the world that might happen.

Sobbing and fearful of how she would be punished, Lynn managed to gurgle a faint yes and started to cry softly.

Andrea now decided to increase the shame Lynn would feel by telling her to go ahead and let the rest of her pee out into her panties. Lynn was both relieved but horrified that she would be peeing her panties and in this awful position on all fours.

Andrea watched with growing excitement as the yellow liquid filled the crotch of Lynn’s tiny white undies and then seeped right through in a stream from the bottom onto the tub base. Finally, the long pee ended and Lynn already felt awful as the pee in her panties and all over her nether regions began to smell and make her feel clammy.

Not wanting to leave her in that condition, Andrea took a small cloth and pulling down Lynn’s soaking undies, began to softly wipe her bottom and crotch clean. The cloth passed right through Lynn’s now excited furrow and dabbed at her risen clit.

“Now I think I better examine that naughty tushee of yours,” Andrea remarked as she put a dab of vaseline on her forefinger and slowly inserted it into Lynn’s tight anal rosette.

Lynn felt the insinuating finger and aside from continuing to feel shame, which excited her no end, she enjoyed the feeling of being probed in her erogenous area right inside her anal opening.

When Andrea’s finger moved inside, before very long it felt the tip of what clearly was an oncoming bowel movement almost ready to emerge from Lynn’s bottom-hole.

“Somebody is going to go number two very soon,” she commented cheerfully as Lynn cringed to hear that her body would again betray her into major embarrassment. Andrea withdrew her finger and held the soiled finger in front of Lynn’s nose in the tub as Lynn’s face blushed even more red now.

“Did that make you need to make a doody now?” Andrea inquired, using the childish word to make Lynn feel even more humiliated.

“Yes, Miss Ames,” Lynn managed to murmur, “I’m afraid I need to go there now. May I sit back onto the toilet?”

“No, my dear,” Andrea replied with a grin, “you can push it out right here. I do hope it isn’t too messy although it did feel nice and firm when my finger touched it inside you.”

Lynn grunted and slowly a long dark brownish and quite firm log slid out of her cute anal rosette. Finally it narrowed to a point and dropped on the floor of the tub.

Andrea took a few sheets of toilet tissue and scooped it up and deposited it in the toilet.

“Now I will wipe you, sweetie,” Andrea said, further shaming Lynn who was both excited and humiliated to the nth degree.

The dominant teacher took some more cushioned toilet tissue and carefully wiped Lynn’s anus and the area around it quite thoroughly. She then motioned Lynn to lift her legs so she could remove the panties which were still wet from Lyn’s peeing in them.

Andrea now sat on the toilet and motioned to Lynn to get across her lap. That done, Andrea began to spank Lynn much as a mother might punish a little girl who had wet herself.

“You need to make sure you hold your pee in better, sweetie,” Andrea cooed as she punished and watched Lynn’s nates turn from light pink to a rosy hue. Then Lynn was ordered to get up and follow Andrea to the bedroom.

Once there, the younger but far more dominant woman made her assume the kaçak casino diaper position lying on her back with her legs up, exposing her vulva and anus both to Andrea’s eye and likely, further punishment. “Your coochie was very naughty, Lynnie,” Andrea intoned as she reached for her soft whip and Lynn cringed as she anticipated being punished right on her most sensitive place.

Andrea snapped the soft little whip three times vertically on Lynn’s open vulva and the older woman could not help screaming as she felt the strokes on her cunt.

Another stroke aimed up at her clit and Lynn now let out a loud scream that prompted Andrea to warn her about making so much noise.

Andrea put the little whip down and now proceeded to apply her thin cane to Lynn’s bottom as she held Lynn’s legs up and aimed above her anus on Lynn’s commodious bottom. Soon the thin red stripes appeared on the alabaster skin. Lynn screamed some more while Andrea thought about how she liked this cane. She did not strike hard, knowing that the snap would sting and that the sting would keep being felt by Lynn.

Finally the punishment was over and Lynn was allowed to lie down on the bed. Andrea quickly stripped off her dress, bra, and panties as well as the thigh-hi hose. She lay down next to Lynn and held her tight as she began the make-up part of the session.

She took Lynn into her arms and softly caressed Lynn’s well-developed breasts until the nipples rose and Andrea could tweak the firm projections. Lynn applied a kiss to her domme’s lips and Andrea responded by inserting her tongue deep into Lynn’s waiting mouth.

Now Andrea reached down and began to use her fingers to stimulate Lynn’s vagina by inserting two or three fingers and then grazing the tip of Lynn’s prominent clit on each insertion and removal of the fingers. She quickly brought Lynn to orgasm, which was not noisy but definitely felt and appreciated by the recipient.

Then Andrea propelled herself up on her knees and turned so her bottom was in Lynn’s face. Lynn knew she was expected to lick her superior’s bottom and insert her tongue deeply into Andrea’s tight anal opening. She bent forward and began laving her tongue around the rosebud and gradually it opened to her as her tongue moved past the sphincter ring into Andrea’s rectum.

Fortunately, Andrea was not waiting to defecate and had cleaned herself well so the taste Lynn experienced was mostly just a tad musky. Lynn cringed at the idea that she was licking this woman’s ass but she had already been shamed and punished so that this ultimate humiliation was hardly registering in her consciousness. Besides the orgasm Andrea had induced by attending to Lynn’s vagina and clit had rendered Lynn far more quiescent now.

After Andrea experienced a most satisfying cum from Lynn’s anal stimulation, she relaxed, again held Lynn in her arms, and told her she hoped Lynn would improve her performance on the intimate examinations next time.

“I want you to keep your pantiliner from each day next week and bring them with me for me next time,” Andrea advised her. “And as punishment, you will be wearing the short skirt for the next few days.”

She pulled out a 10-inch plaid skirt and bade Lynn to put it on after handing some clean white panties to replace the ones still soaked with Lynn’s pee.

Lynn cringed and pleaded not to have wear the shameful skirt, “Miss Ames, everyone will be able to see my panties when I wear that. Please don’t make me do it.”

Andrea decided to relent, if only because she did not want Lynn to get into trouble at school if the principal were made aware that the popular chemistry teacher was wearing skirts so short that her undies were on view to everyone.

“All right,” she finally said, “you will only need to wear the skirt when you are not in school. So you will put them on in the rest room before you leave school in the afternoon. I’d suggest you not go to the teacher’s room to change and leave until most everyone has left for the day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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