Holly and Kent

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Holly first became aware of the sensation of warmth of the new day, then the light of the advancing sun. She remained motionless for a few minutes, letting the sense impressions gradually stir her sleepy mind, and then she stretched her body under the single sheet that covered it. The cotton fabric grazed her nipples, awakening another sort of sensation, and her fingers traveled up to enhance it. Then she stopped herself. Normally, she would have fanned the early flames of arousal, greeting the new day with a long and delicious masturbation session. But, her mind was engaged now, and she knew that this day would be a departure from the norm.

Holly had a big day ahead of her at work. She was traveling to Milwaukee to make a presentation at a conference, and she was a bit nervous. She had to make a good impression, and when she was under pressure, she relied on a trick that she had devised over the years; she would fantasize, and keep herself aroused, until the task was accomplished, and then would come the reward. Somehow this tactic always served to steady her nerves.

She was nervous for another reason as well. Her old college roommate, Jeri, was her immediate superior at the firm. She hadn’t seen Jeri in some years, although they had corresponded. Jeri was responsible for getting her this job, and Jeri was originally planning to attend the conference. However, a family emergency had called Jeri out of town, and Jeri’s husband would be standing in for her.

Holly and Jeri had developed an unusual kind of intimacy in college. It wasn’t exactly a lesbian affair, because they were both very heterosexual. But it was a sexual relationship of sorts. It began when they discussed their dating exploits. They demanded of one another intimate details of each encounter with the campus men, and it sort of escalated into a ritual, where whenever one of them returned to the dorm room from a date, they would get high, then retire to their respective beds, and the girl who had gotten lucky that night would tell the story of that evening’s sexual exploits, as they both masturbated. They both began to look forward to these sessions, and would each try to outdo the other in seeking more and more outrageous and erotic encounters; and it seemed that the excitement of telling the story was as great or greater than the exploit itself.

After a year or so of sharing a dorm room, the relationship developed further. They agreed to share their boyfriends, without the boyfriends being aware of the arrangement. As soon as one of the girls developed a steady relationship with a man, the other had permission to seduce him. They discovered the old adage that forbidden fruit tastes sweeter; the boyfriend, under the impression that he was cheating with his girlfriend’s roommate, would often be guilty and reluctant, which seemed to sharpen the sexual excitement when finally succumbing to temptation. The girls, of course, knew that there was no risk of hurt feelings, but they let the boys continue under the impression that the risk of discovery was great. They made sinners out of their boyfriends, and savored it. And afterwards, they talked about it and touched themselves, and thrilled to one another’s arousal, separated by a few feet of dorm room.

Jeri was erudite and witty, and talked her quarries into bed. Holly relied on a more basic technique, showing lots of cleavage and a big smile. She let the boys do the work, and she had a fabulous body that motivated them: long, shiny black hair, big provocative breasts, long legs and a well-rounded derriere.

Sometimes her hot allure made the boys self-conscious; they couldn’t stop looking at her, and they felt guilty about it. She always found this particularly exciting, because she knew it would increase the sexual tension. She began to experiment with exhibitionism, to drive these types over the edge. She would lure them to the room on the pretext of a meeting with Jeri — often Jeri would serve as her accomplice — and then Jeri would be somehow delayed, and they would be trapped there with Holly in various types of provocative dress or undress.

There was a guy named Ron, very good looking, very shy. He would blush when Holly met his eyes, because his eyes had been all over her. She acted nonchalant, and when she had him alone in the dorm room, she began tidying up the place. Tidying up meant bending over to pick up garments on the floor, and bending over meant putting on a show, because she wore a short skirt with no panties. Jeri had called to say that she would regrettably be held up for at least an hour. Ron’s gaze was riveted to Holly’s behind, and rewarded with frequent glimpses of her increasingly aroused pussy — although Holly continued to make small talk as she puttered around, and would turn to smile innocently at Ron from time to time. Ron was turning a sort of scarlet. Holly continued to chat amiably while giving him ever-more revealing views, until she actually reached up, as if absent-mindedly, to stroke her clit as she tidied around the bed.

At that moment, a deep groan escaped Ron’s lips, bahis firmaları as he bolted across the room, dropping his pants as he came, and seizing her by the hips, he entered her at once from behind. She was more than ready for him, and the game she had played with him made the act all the more exciting. And what gave her particular satisfaction was the frenzied sounds that Jeri made later as she lay in her bed, listening to Holly’s description of the deed. As was often the case, Jeri and Holly climaxed together as Holly told her tale.

Another boy, Richard, was clearly aware that Holly wished to seduce him, and was determined to resist. He was attracted to her — who wasn’t? — but was stubbornly committed to what he believed to be monogamy with Jeri. Holly knew, however, that it was just a matter of time. And the time came when Jeri told him to wait for her in the dorm room, only to call with a tender apology, asking him to stay for an hour until she could make it home. Holly had the candles lit and the lights off, and after 10 minutes of awkward silence, she just let her robe fall open, and began to tease her pussy with both hands. Richard was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, but he continued to look, and then he was under her spell, crawling across the room on his hands and knees, and licking her fingers until she finally seized his ears and brought his mouth to her cunt. After he made her cum twice, she pushed him back on the floor and straddled his face, and she stayed there until she had cum three more times. Then she helped him take off his clothes. This story was one of Jeri’s favorites — she demanded to hear it again and again.

Jeri, of course, returned the favors, seducing Holly’s lovers and then regaling her with descriptions long into the night, as they both stroked themselves to ecstasy. They kept this up all through college. After graduation, they parted, but kept in touch by email, and occasionally they would have phone sessions after a hot date. But in time this all tapered off, and Jeri got married. Holly couldn’t come to the wedding, and Jeri’s new relationship had kept her busy. None the less, Jeri had gotten Holly a good position in the firm’s Madison office,

So, this afternoon, Holly would meet Jeri’s husband Kent for the first time, and without Jeri being present. Holly realized that after a few minutes of reminiscing about her college days, she was highly aroused. Slowly and deliberately, Holly slid one hand between her legs, penetrating her pussy with two fingers while coaxing delicious sensations from her clit, using her thumb. But again, she stopped herself. This was a complicated situation. Did Jeri expect her to seduce Kent? She knew that Kent must be a hunk — Jeri wouldn’t settle for less. But they had never discussed how their “arrangement” would apply if one of them were married. Plus. it had been five years. Maybe Jeri didn’t think that way anymore. Jeri had put her in something of a predicament. She had to know how excited Holly would be under these circumstances — didn’t she have an obligation to provide Jeri with some ground rules? Holly groaned as two fingers rubbed a sensual circle around her clit. But she had to stop, because it was time to get dressed and drive to Milwaukee, where she would be making a presentation the could determine the course of her career.

Ten minutes later, Holly was on Interstate 94, headed for Milwaukee. She had butterflies in her stomach over both the presentation she was to make, and how she ought to handle the delicate matter of Jeri’s husband. She was becoming more and more convinced that Jeri had set her up, that there was some kind of practical joke or other agenda involved. Jeri had left a message on Holly’s voice mail, indicating that Kent would be there, and Jeri would not; there was no opportunity for Holly to ask questions or look for cues. Jeri was incommunicado. Holly would have to play it by ear.

Holly, aware that she was fretting a bit, decided to calm herself in the usual way, by thinking about sex. She recalled the night that she seduced Ron. Half an hour after Ron had gone home, Jeri burst into the dorm room, flushed with excitement.

“Did you have your way with Ron?” she asked.

“Oh, yes I did,” Holly replied. “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable, while I roll a joint.”

This was a familiar ritual that they both relished. Soon they were both in their underwear, seated on their respective beds and passing a joint back and forth by candlelight. The taste and aroma of the weed reminded them both of sex, and soon they were good and high, and in the early stages of arousal.

“All right,” said Jeri, “what did you do?”

“Well,” Holly replied, “when you called and said you would be late, I told him just to relax while I cleaned up the room. And I had on my flimsy little skirt — you know the one — with no panties, and I started picking things up off the floor. Starting to get the picture?”

Jeri giggled lasciviously. “What did he look like when he saw your stuff?”

Holly said, “I didn’t let him see much kaçak iddaa at first. I gave him some quick flashes and kept talking to him. He was obviously checking me out, because he was getting all tongue-tied and red in the face. I kept smiling at him like nothing was going on. But I was getting pretty hot.”

“MMmmm,” said Jeri, stretching out on the bed.

“In fact, I was getting very wet.”


“I decided to let him see a bit more. I bent over to search for some non-existent stuff along the floor. And I quit talking, to make sure he wouldn’t be distracted. I wanted him to see how wet I was. I could hear him swallowing.” Holly looked up to see what Jeri was doing with her hands. She had taken off her bra, and they were on her nipples. Holly said, “Let’s get naked.”

“Yesss… keep talking,” Jeri replied, wiggling out of her panties.

“Well, look at this — I’m all wet again,” said Holly, as her panties came off as well. Holly’s hands began to roam about her breasts and pussy as she continued:

“I had my back to him, so I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was all contorted, you know, the way he gets when he feels guilty about looking at me, and I was pretty excited about the whole thing. So I just thought I’d touch myself to see how wet I was — just like I’m doing right now.”

There was a sharp intake of breath from Jeri. Holly could see her massaging her clit.

“Then Ron made this sound, sort of like he was in pain, and I could hear him get up and kind of run over toward me, and I could hear his zipper coming down. I didn’t turn around… I was really into it, I was rubbing my pussy, just enjoying the whole thing.”

“Did it feel nice?” gasped Jeri.

“Oh, yes. My pussy feels really nice right now. How about yours?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jeri replied, her voice low and guttural. “So what did Ron do then?”

“He grabbed me from behind and just slid his cock right in.”

Jeri moaned. “He’s big, isn’t he?”

“Lord, yes, he’s big. You really know how to pick ’em, Jeri. And I love it from behind like that — it goes in so deep.”

“God, I know,” said Jeri. She was starting to thrash around as she rubbed her pussy, and Holly knew she was about to cum.

“It didn’t last too long, but I came twice before Ron did.”

Jeri came just then.

“Then he tried to apologize. I told him to shut up because… I wanted… to suck his cock.. UHHN!” Holly was cumming now, too.

“Did he let you?” asked Jeri, gasping.

“No. But next time he will.”

With this recollection simmering in Holly’s mind, her car sailed into the parking lot of a shiny, impersonal motel/convention center on the outskirts of Milwaukee. She disembarked into the velvety, muted light of a summer day beneath an army of dark clouds, clouds that heralded an impending thunderstorm. And as is usually the case, the clouds were accompanied by an unusually cool breeze that always gave Holly a sensual thrill. The breeze playfully caught the hem of her dress, as if to underscore the point.

She moved purposefully across the lot, and into the less interesting, air-conditioned coolness of the lobby. She spied the conference registration desk and signed in, and as she did so, one of her two anxieties began to dissipate. She had worried about the presentation she was to make at the conference, but now that she was there in her work environment, her training kicked in and she was running on autopilot; she was, in fact, very well prepared for this.

That left one other anxiety. She had been placed into a dilemma by Jeri, into a situation where she would be meeting Kent, and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. And she had only a few minutes to decide.

Holly put that few minutes to good use by getting herself a room. She didn’t need to spend the night; she could drive back to Madison. But she was keeping her options open.

Holly was to meet Kent at the registration table at 3:00, just before Holly’s presentation. She ducked into a nearby ladies’ room. A popular piece of advice to public speakers is to deal with stage-fright by imagining the members of one’s audience sitting in their underwear. Holly preferred a different approach, where she addressed them without her own underwear. She liked to get herself just a little aroused before the presentation, because she found it calmed her nerves. So, off came the panties, and into her purse. She allowed her fingers to glide over her pussy for just a few seconds, to prime the pump. She closed her eyes, parted her lips, and smiled, and then, letting her emerald-green dress fall into place, went looking for Kent.

She had no clue as to what Kent looked like, but she assumed he would be attractive — knowing Jeri — and that he would not be one of the employees of the firm, most of which she had met at one time or another. So, Holly stood near the registration table, appraising the men there and fantasizing just a little about the ones that met her criteria. She turned around to look toward the entrance, and saw a man giving her boobs that kaçak bahis familiar gaze of covert yearning, a gaze she had learned to recognize since high school, because it was always a 100% guarantee that she could get the gazer into bed if she wanted to. The man caught himself in a fraction of a second — so busted! — and pretended to be reading her nametag, which was right there in his line of sight. “Excuse me,” he said, “I’m Kent Wilcox.”

She gave him The Smile, but toned it down a bit, because she was in a tricky situation here. He was hot, no question about it. Six feet tall, fit and trim, short curly hair, green eyes. She could definitely find a use for a guy like him. But she had to tread lightly, because she didn’t want to hurt her friend who was also her boss. She greeting him graciously and found him a seat in the auditorium, just as the conference moderator called her up to make her presentation. Holly walked up to the podium, smiling inwardly as she savored the warm and slippery feeling between her legs. But by the time she turned to face the audience, she was all business.

Her presentation rocked the house. She acknowledged the applause, and then walked briskly back to where Kent was sitting, motioning with her head that she wanted to go outside the auditorium. He followed her into the lobby, and made some polite comments about her speech. He clearly didn’t have much involvement with the subject matter, but he was full of praise for her delivery.

Holly told him that she had been very nervous about the presentation, which was true, up to a point, and said she’d like to get a drink. Kent had no problem with that. They went into the lounge, and Holly selected a table in the back, where the lights on the dim side. Holly ordered a double Bushmills, which might have seemed a bit much for four in the afternoon, but Kent didn’t seem to think so, and had the same. They began to chat about topics of mutual interest, including Jeri, and as Holly began to feel the liquor, her internal debate began. It went something like this:

She had decided that she was very attracted to Kent. Kent was charming and funny. But, he was minding his manners. He didn’t say anything that could be construed as him hitting on her. Nonetheless, not even the perfect gentleman can look at a body like Holly’s without registering his appreciation in subtle, unconscious ways, and Holly was expert at detecting these signals. But what about Jeri? She could have given Holly some sort of clue about how to handle this. It wasn’t necessary to send her husband to this event, and in general, the whole set-up was reminiscent of the game they used to play in college. Holly could easily imagine Jeri at home, naked in an armchair with one leg splayed over an arm, doing all sorts of things to herself as she imagined Kent with Holly.

But, Holly hadn’t had much contact with Jeri in recent years, and there was no guarantee that Jeri wasn’t actually visiting her sick mother, which is what she had told Kent.

So, everything was up in the air. The tension was making Holly thirsty, and horny. She pulled energetically at her drink, and talked up a storm. Kent was looking at her tits, discreetly. Maybe he’d like a better view. Oh so casually, as she was making a point about how to handle personnel disputes, Holly flipped loose a button, and then another, at the top of her dress. Kent should be able to see a lot more now. He had that sort of secretly mesmerized look that she knew so well. Clearly, she could get anything she wanted from this guy. But she had to decide what she wanted.

If he were just another guy, she would probably have given him a blowjob under the table — that’s the sort of mood she was in. She could feel how hard her nipples were against the flimsy brassiere, and by now he could probably see how hard they were. Her pussy was primed and ready down there where the air was caressing it, under her dress, and without thinking twice she sent her left hand down to say hello, while her right hand held her drink in the neighborhood of her mouth. After checking to be sure that her busy left hand was invisible under the tablecloth, Holly called the waitress over and ordered another round of drinks.

At this point, Holly’s pussy was beginning to call the shots. What the hell, she thought, and looking Kent dead in the eyes, she said, “You know, Kent, you’re a very attractive man.” He didn’t respond. He could have looked nervous or disapproving. Holly finished her Bushmills just as the waitress walked up with round two. Holly took the tray from her, and brought her left hand up from beneath the table to take a glass and wave it under Kent’s nose, letting him smell it. Actually, she was letting him smell her fingers, and the expression on his face spoke volumes.

Outside, there was a sudden flash, followed by the hollow rumbling of thunder and a rattling crescendo of rain. Holly paid little heed to it; the sights and sounds of the storm hardly seemed to penetrate the sanctuary of the convention center cocktail lounge, which was as quiet, as impersonal and as deserted as the stacks in a library. The waitress, having brought another round, had retreated to the front of the bar, leaving Holly and Kent alone in the dim recesses with the subliminal whispering of the air conditioner.

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