Hot and Sweet Ch. 14

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I walked into the bathroom to find Dana in the middle of shampooing her hair. “If we’re going to be staying over this much, you’re going to have to get better shampoo and soap,” she told me through the clear shower door.

“You girls are welcome to leave whatever lotions and potions you want here.” I told her and opened the shower door. “I reserve the right to throw them out if you don’t visit often enough.”

“And how often is often enough?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Depends on my mood.” I stepped into the shower and closed the door behind me.

“Heaven save us!” she said. “For us to be at the mercy of a man’s mood.”

“It’s not hard to keep me in a good mood,” I said.

“Oh, really? What’ll we have to do? Lick your cock every day?” She held the showerhead in front of her and stretched her pointed tongue towards the spray of water.

“That’d certainly be a good start,” I said. “But you aren’t allowed to do that just yet. So you’ll have to find something else for now.”

“What would you like?” she asked. “Will watching me take a shower be enough?”

“Depends on how you shower.”

She laughed. “Oh, I can get a shower pretty dirty.”

“Show me,” I laughingly told her.

She began caressing her breasts, pinching the nipples and running the water across them. I sat down on the shower seat. Her hand followed the stream of water down her flat belly to her shaved pussy. She began rubbing herself, slipping her finger between her lips to brush the hood of her tiny clitoris. Her hand slipped back up to caress her breasts again. “Do you like that?” she asked.

“It’s a good start,” I said, “but I don’t really think it’s dirty enough.”

“Oh, really?” she said with a raised eyebrow. “What about this?” She turned around and leaned forward against the shower wall, pushing her tight little ass back towards me. I could see the lips of her pussy beneath the small curves of her tight, high little ass. She pointed the shower head down her back and began sliding her fingers back and forth from her pussy to her asshole, circling the little pink orifice before returning to her cunt.

“Have you ever fucked a girl’s ass, Jim?”

“No,” I said. “I’ve never fucked anybody’s ass. Do you like it that way?”

“Oh, god, yes,” she said. “Your cock might be too big, though. I’ll have to feel you fuck my pussy first, but I love a good ass fucking. Would you like to fuck my sister’s ass?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” I said. “If she wanted me to, I’d be willing to try.”

“mmmm. I’d love to watch you fuck her ass,” Dana said. “She likes it when I put my vibrator in her ass, I think she’d like to have you fuck it.”

She turned around and put her leg up on the seat next to me. I had a clear view of her little shaven pussy. She directed the spray of water down her body and began fingering herself again. “But tonight, this is where you’re gonna put your cock. How do you want to fuck my little pussy for the first time, Jim? Do you want to be on top so you can pound my little pussy with your big cock?”

“No,” I said. “I want your sister to take my cock in her hand and put it in your wet little pussy. Then I want you to ride me.” “Oh, yes!” she said. Her finger was moving faster and focusing more on her engorged clit.

“I want you to grind your little clit against me while you fill your cunt with my big cock. I want to watch while your sister sucks on those perky little nipples of yours. I want to smack your tight little ass as you slam yourself down onto my cock.”

She came with a cry. I saw her legs begin trembling and pulled her slippery body down onto my lap. By some miracle my cock was aroused yet again. It pressed against her thigh as she sat on my lap and shook with the force of her orgasm. After she was done, she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I can see why my sister loves you,” she said, her face still buried in my shoulder.

“I love her very much,” I said.

“Then why do you want to fuck other women?”

“What relation do the two of them have to each other?”

“It’s just…”

“Have you only had sex with people that you love?”

“No, I’ve had sex just for the fun of fucking, but never when I was in love with someone else. Then I only wanted to make love to them.”

“You differentiate between ‘fucking’ and ‘making love’?” I asked.

“There’s a difference in how you feel about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.”

“Always,” I said. “I would make a difference between being ‘in love’ and ‘loving.’ Being in love is a very strong emotion that doesn’t last, in my experience anyway. Loving is a strong emotion in a different way and it lasts. In order for me to be happy, your sister has to be happy too. Of course, making love can be an expression of the emotion, but just fucking can be part of it too.”

She rotated her hips against me, grinding my cock between our wet, slippery flesh. “And what about fucking other people? Will it never be making love between casino şirketleri you and me?”

“That gets complicated,” I said. “I love your sister. I love you too. Your sister will always have the first claim on my heart. I don’t think it’ll be necessary to choose between you — you love your sister more than you could love any man and wouldn’t want to hurt her by trying to steal someone that she loves from her.”

“So long as we’re clear,” she said with a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. “I’ll choose her over you too.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” We kissed briefly. I picked up the showerhead from the floor and put it back in it’s holder, directing it’s spray over us. Dana turned around in my lap and began moving against me, sliding my cock up and down the crack of her tight little ass. She turned her head back to me so that we could kiss as I began rubbing her clit and playing with her small tits.

She was approaching another orgasm when I heard the front door open and close. I patted Dana and she got up off of me. I stepped out of the shower as Jana opened the bathroom door. I could tell that she was furious, not least because of the stream of Hungarian expletives that poured forth.

She began unbuttoning her blouse and said, “That little [farteater]! He fired me and Kriszta both! He even had the nerve to tell me that I could keep that [shitty] job if I was willing to blow him once a week! God, just the thought makes me feel dirty.” She was naked now. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the shower with her sister. “You both need to wash me so that I can feel clean again.”

Dana and I began soaping her-she took the front, I took the back. I was done soaping first (there were fewer interesting spots on my side), and began rinsing. Once I was done, Dana took the shower head and rinsed her sister from head to toe. Dana passed the showerhead back to me and I put it back in its’ holder as Dana began licking her sister’s cunt. Jana’s foot went up on the shower seat to give her sister better access. She leaned back against me and gave herself over to her sister’s oral assault on her pussy. In next to no time, Jana was shuddering with orgasm as I held her up. When it was over, Dana stood up and the sisters shared a lingering kiss.

They broke it off, eventually, and Jana noticed the state of my cock. “Sit,” she directed me. Then she sat in my lap, in the same position her sister had been before Jana had come home. She slid her slick body over mine, then reached under herself and pulled my cock forward. She guided me into herself and began riding me slowly. She reached for her sister and pulled her close. “Before you fuck my boyfriend, you have to lick my clit while he fucks me,” Jana said.

Dana sank to her knees between our thighs and lowered her head to her sister’s clit. She began working it while Jana rode me faster and faster. Soon Jana was cumming again. When she was done she slid off of my cock and joined her sister on her knees between my legs. She began sucking my cock. I pulled Dana up and began kissing and fondling her tight little body. “I can’t wait until I can suck your cock, Jim,” Dana whispered in my ear. “I’ll let you cum all over my face and in my mouth. I’ll swallow everything if you want me to. Cum in my sister’s mouth now, I want to snowball it with her. I want to taste your cum, Jim! Cum in my sister’s mouth!” I did. Given the activities of the prior 24 hours, there wasn’t much left, but Jana kept sucking and milking, draining my balls of every drop of semen.

I lazed in the heat of the shower as the girls stood in front of me, swapping my cum back and forth between them and feeling each other up. They each swallowed about half of it. Dana said, “Well, sister-mine, since you’re unemployed, what do you want to do today?”

“Get you ready to fuck my boyfriend,” Jana answered. They laughed, I just smiled and gave them each a kiss and a squeeze. Dana turned off the water, I got towels for the girls and myself. We all dried each other off and I went and got dressed for work. When I came out of the bedroom, they were loafing naked in the living room, discussing something in Hungarian.

“Anything I should know?”

“I’m still pissed off at that little farteater,” Jana said. “We were just discussing methods of revenge.”

“Don’t do anything that leaves a permanent mark,” I said. I gave them each a kiss goodbye.

“Don’t stay too late,” Dana said, “I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to for you to fill my little pussy with your great big cock!”

I promised to hurry home as soon as I could and went on my way. Naturally, I couldn’t concentrate at work at all. It was Friday, so nobody else was working very hard either. I made it to about 3, before I decided that everything else could wait until Monday and headed home. I found Jana and Dana in bed, snoozing. I stripped and crawled into bed with them.

They were lying together, Dana on top of Jana, their legs intertwined. I slid underneath the covers casino firmaları and began licking up each of their legs. They woke up slowly, grinding their pussies together. I pushed Dana’s legs apart so that she was straddling her sister and began eating them both out and finger fucking them. My tongue moved from Jana’s pussy and clit up to Dana’s, then back to repeat the cycle.

Dana let out a cry the first time my tongue slipped up to rim her little pink asshole. She began begging me to rim her when I moved back to work on Jana’s clit. When I gave in to Dana’s pleas, Jana began begging me to work her clit. I moved back and forth between them as rapidly as I could. Soon they were both cumming.

Once they’d recovered, they noted my raging erection. “Would you like to fuck me now, or wait until we’re at home so you can fuck my sister?” Jana asked me.

“I think I’d like to fuck your sister as soon as possible,” I said. “I’m not sure how much more of this temptation I’ll be able to take.”

“Okay, it’s your choice though,” she told me.

We got up and got dressed. Jana wore a loose purple blouse and a short jeans skirt. Dana wore a short white skirt and a white top. Both girls took pains to show me their panties as we loaded our luggage in the car and left Budapest for the countryside. Jana was wearing rainbow colored panties. Dana was wearing a white g-string.

When we got to their house, their mom greeted me with her limited English and set about making me at home. I was ensconced in a chair in the den and given something to snack on. We all drank wine. As their mom bustled in and out of the room, the sisters took turns flashing me and taunting me. At first it was just Jana taking a long time crossing her legs so that I could see her panties. Then it was both of the sisters pulling their shirts up to expose their braless tits to my lustful gaze.

The teasing culminated, however, somewhere around the third glass of wine. Dana opened the door to a tall cabinet where they kept videos and CDs. The door swung in such a way that she was hidden from the view of her mother in the next room. Thus concealed, Dana began with showing me her tits, but then moved on to lifting her skirt, pulling her g-string to the side and rubbing her pussy while gazing over her shoulder at me.

Jana moved over to sit on the arm of my chair and began taunting me mercilessly. “Look at that little pussy, Jim. Don’t you want to fuck that little pussy? Does it make your cock hard to see my little sister naked, Jim?”

“Yes,” I said helplessly.

“Do you want to fuck her, Jim? Are you going to fill her little pussy up with your big hard cock?”

“You know I want to.”

“Do you like her ass, Jim? Would you rather fuck her pussy or her ass?”

“Both,” I said. I couldn’t take much more, so I thought I’d better retaliate “But don’t you want her, Jana? Feel how hard my cock is for your sister,” I said. I took her hand and put it on my throbbing cock, then I slipped my hand between her thighs and asked, “Does it make you wet to think about sucking your sister’s pussy juices off of my cock?” I felt her, her panties were soaked through. “It does, doesn’t it? You like the thought of tasting your sister on my cock. It makes you hot to think about sucking my cum out of your sister’s tight little pussy doesn’t it?”

She slapped at my hand. “That’s not fair!” she exclaimed.

“Hey, I’m putting on a show over here!” Dana said.

“And a fine job you’re doing too,” I told her. “Come here,” and patted the other arm of the couch. She sat across from her sister. I pulled her head down close to mine and whispered, “Doesn’t it make you hot to think of your sister licking my cum out of your tight little pussy?”

“Jana’s right, that’s not fair.”

“I’m only saying what we’re all thinking.”

Just then their mom called us in to dinner. We managed to behave mostly through dinner. At one time or another both Jana and Dana had a foot in my lap, gently rubbing my cock with their toes. They translated between me and their mom, giving answers about what I do, where I’m from, and what my intentions towards Jana were that I assume were mostly factual. I think they told her that I promised not to take Jana to the States permanently, although I didn’t.

Eventually dinner was over. I tried to help clean up was told in no uncertain terms that as a guest that would not be allowed. Instead, I was directed into the den to watch TV while Dana and her mother cleaned up. Jana and I sat on the couch and watched Sky TV for a bit. She was sitting to my left, away from the kitchen, so I took the opportunity to fondle her. I began with her breasts, pinching her nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse, then sliding my hand up her skirt to rub at her hot, wet pussy through her panties. I’d just slipped a finger inside of her when Dana and her mom joined us. Dana saw what was going on, but her mom gave no indication of having noticed anything. I hadn’t felt like this since I was a teenager, güvenilir casino it was odd and strangely exciting.

Dana sat down on my other side, their mom took the chair. We switched to a Hungarian-language show. I didn’t understand it at all but it included buxom female police detectives, so that was all right. As the credits rolled, their mom bid us good night and went back to her bedroom. They had a one-story house. Their bedrooms were down a hallway off of the den. Their mom’s bedroom was essentially on the other side of the house, down another hallway off the kitchen.

As the next show began, first Jana and then Dana lay their heads in my lap. They made jokes about being poked by my cock. Pushing it back and forth between them, complaining about potentially losing an eye. I fondled both of them, sliding my hands up their skirts to caress their asses and rub their wet pussies.

It wasn’t long before Dana said, “Well, I’m just not going to be able to concentrate on this show while this big cock is poking my face. Why don’t we do something to settle him down and then we can enjoy the show.” She took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked on it twice before letting it bounce free, leaving a big wet spot on my pants from her saliva.

Jana and I agreed. We turned off the TV and adjourned to Dana’s room. They stripped me, then made me lie down on her bed. Jana stripped quickly and lay down next to me. Dana made more of a show of it. Taking off her top, caressing her small, bare tits. Slowly shimmying her skirt down her long, lean legs. She cupped her ass and gave it a light smack, then slowly sliding her g-string down to the ground. She put a leg up on the bed and rubbed her pussy. “Do you want to put your big cock in here?” she asked me innocently.

“I’d love to,” I said and grabbed her. She fell on top of me. We kissed passionately as she slid into position over my cock.

“Will you put my cock in your little sister’s pussy, Jana?”

“I’d be delighted to,” she said. She took my cock in her hand, stroked it twice and then began rubbing it across her sister’s wet little pussy. Once it was adequately lubricated with her sister’s pussy juice, she said, “Take my boyfriend’s big cock in her little pussy, Dana. Fuck him like the little whore you are!” She smacked her sister’s little ass and began sucking on her perky little nipples.

Dana began to slowly ride me, sliding my cock deeper into herself with each movement. Once I was all the way inside of her, she leaned down and kissed me again. Then she began to ride me in earnest, bouncing up and down on my cock, moaning and crying out with pleasure as I smacked her ass and her sister sucked on her tits. Soon enough she was lost in lust as her orgasm peaked and carried her away. She collapsed on top of me. I fondled her as she caught her breath.

“You’re still hard,” she said.

“Yes, but we’re not done yet. Turn around, I want to fuck you doggy style while you lick your sister’s pussy.” She pulled off of me and moved down so that she was in the position I’d directed. I began fucking her as she licked her sister’s pussy. I leaned in close to watch Dana’s tongue and see if I could pick up any tips. I reached beneath us and began rubbing her clit as I slowly slid in and out of her. All three of us were moaning in pleasure. I leaned back and gave Dana’s ass a few sharp smacks until it was a nice bright red. As Dana came a second time that evening, so did I. My tired cock fired what little sperm I’d produced during the day deep into her wet little cunt.

We all lay down and cuddled while we recovered. After a little bit, Jana moved down and began sucking my cock. “Your pussy juice tastes even better on his cock than I thought it would,” she told her sister. Dana moved down and joined her sister. They passed my rapidly renewing cock back and forth between them, each licking or sucking it a few times before offering it to her sister.

Once I was completely erect, Jana climbed on top of me facing away in the reverse cowgirl position. She guided my cock into herself and said, “Dana, would you lick my clit and Jim’s balls while I fuck him?” Dana accommodated her sister’s request and it wasn’t long before Jana was cumming.

Jana slid off of my still erect cock. Dana took it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she slid up next to me and lay down on her back. Spreading her legs wide, she put her feet underneath her and began rubbing her pussy as she lifted her ass clear off the bed. “Please will you let Jim pound my little pussy with his big cock, Jana? I’ve wanted him so long…”

“Of course, Dana. Jim, you heard my little sister. Pound her little pussy with your big cock!”

I moved quickly to comply, climbing on top of Dana and sliding my erection into her little, shaved pussy. She wrapped her legs around me. Jana lay down next to us and kissed us both. Then she began masturbating as I fucked her little sister hard. Dana and I came simultaneously, Jana was just a few seconds behind.

After we’d recovered sufficiently, Jana said that she and I should move to her bed so that her mom wouldn’t wonder about what had gone on. We kissed Dana tenderly good night and retired to Jana’s bed where we fell almost instantly asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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