Hot School Sex

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From Behind

* 18 OR OLDER *

Ryan was walking down his school hall with a heavy backpack and depressed attitude.

School had just begun, and Ryan wasn’t up for his senior year of high school.

Ryan opened his locker and dropped his notebooks in a messy pile. As he closed the door, he happened to notice a group of girls walking down the hall. At the front of them was Kori.

Kori was an attractive senior with dirty blonde hair and a thin but curvy body. If Ryan had to guess, her boobs were size 32 DD. Her large butt was tightly compressed by her skimpy jean shorts and her small cheerleader’s shirt didn’t conceal her tits very well.

As Kori and her friends walked down the hall, Ryan turned and walked the other way. He had always been attracted to Kori in a sexual way, and was getting a boner just looking at her.

As her friend group kept walking, Kori noticed Ryan attempting to hide is massive package. Ryan turned a little red.

She passed by and Ryan quickly went to the bathroom.

‘Shit.’ he thought.

‘Did she notice?’

He washed his hands as the bell rang for his next class. Ryan rushed out the door in a hurry.

****** The Next Morning ******

Ryan sat down at his desk for the first period.

Kori was in the seat to his right. Ryan couldn’t help but notice her long tanned legs, and when he looked up after a minute, he saw her staring back at him.

Ryan quickly turned his head, but was sweating with worry. He shook his head clear and turned his attention to the teacher, Mr. Viser.

“All right, class, I am handing out your tests right now.”

Ryan noticed Kori shudder, and when he looked over he saw her eyes wide open with fear.

She had forgotten about the test.

Ryan looked back to his desk where Mr. Viser had placed the test. It was three pages long, double sided and no multiple choice.

Ryan heard Kori sigh in sadness, and began filling in answers.

After forty minutes, Mr. Viser called out,

“Stop! Time is up! Hand in your tests to the student on the left.”

Ryan turned to receive the tests from Kori. As he turned, he saw her panicked expression.

She whispered to him,

“help casino şirketleri me please…?”

Ryan instantly nodded yes and while the teacher wasn’t looking, he scrambled in ten answers to ones she left blank. He then passed the tests to the right.

He looked to the right as she sighed in relief. She whispered again,

“Talk after class?”

Ryan nodded his head yes again. He heard the bell ring and he walked out and waited for Kori.

She walked up to him and leaned her head against the wall.


“Hey Kori…”

“I just wanted to say we don’t know each other very well but that back there… well… that was the shit, Ryan. Thanks a lot.”

“Thanks Kori.”


“So what?”

“So what’s your price?”


“What do you want? Guys usually want… well… nudes… so…”

“Oh geez I’m not a dick… but… I would like to hang out with you after school… if you’re available…”

Kori brightened up.

“Yeah, sure! Just drive home with me, my family is out for the weekend.”

The bell rang in the distance.

“Okay, see you later Ryan!”

She waved and ran off to her next class. Ryan slowly watched her ass ripple as she ran, thinking how lucky he was.

****** That Afternoon ******

Ryan walked with Kori over to her car, a 2014 Lexan.

“Thanks for giving me a ride, Will has been giving me lifts for a few days.”

“No problem. So what do you want to do?”

Ryan took a deep breath, hoping this plan of his would work out.

“It’s really hot. Maybe we should swim? Do you have a pool?”

“Yeah, but do you have a swimsuit?”

“I’ll swim in these. They’re pretty much the same.”

Kori snorted as she drove down the road.

The drive took fifteen minutes. Once they arrived, Ryan threw his shirt aside and phone and jumped into the pool.

Kori laughed and yelled,

“Wait up! I have to change!”

She ran inside as Ryan warmed up a few laps.

A few minutes later, Ryan heard the door open, and Kori walked out in a stunning two piece bikini. The dark pink top showed off her perfect breasts and her bottom was practically a floral casino firmaları thong.

Ryan instantly got a boner just looking at her. He sneakily adjusted his dick inside his pants, but she noticed.

“Wow, at least I know if I look good in this. Don’t adjust your dick in the water okay?”

She hopped in with a cannonball.

Ryan just stared at her, blushing and confused from what she said.

Kori sighed and spoke up,

“Yeah I know. You’ve been staring at me a lot but I get it. It’s just normal for me.”

Ryan nervously chuckled and dove underwater. When he surfaced, Kori was holding a volleyball.

“You can hit a ball, right?”

“Of course I can!”

Kori and Ryan played volleyball for an hour before getting sore.

“Want to sunbathe, Ryan?”

“Um… sure.”

They got out and Kori tossed Ryan a towel.

“Dry off a little before getting on my chairs.”

Near the middle of the yard directly in the sun were two beach chairs stretched out like a large mat.

Kori grabbed suntan lotion and sat down.

“Ryan can you rub some lotion on me?”


Ryan rubbed his hands as she flipped over and unclipped her top. Ryan rubbed her back with the lotion and got her shoulders and the small of her back.

Kori surprised him even more when she pulled down her thong.

“Can you rub my ass too?”

Ryan was already getting a boner again as he rubbed her buttcheeks. He rubbed her legs down as well as her feet.

Kori rolled over and spoke up,

“Could you get my boobs?”

She had removed her top entirely, revealing perfect tits, already hard from the lotion rub.

Ryan nervously chuckled,

“So we’re going nude sunbathing, huh?”

Kori smiled,

“Something like that…”

Once Ryan finished, she sat up.

“Your turn.”

Ryan lay down, hoping to pull off the same tactic, when Kori surprised him.

In one swift move, she pulled his shorts off him and threw them on the ground.

Ryan tried I speak up but was beaten,

“Ryan, I know you want to fuck me. So I guess this is reward for what happened today…”

She leaned down and started güvenilir casino to stroke his erect cock. She twisted her fists back and forth, slowly stimulating his dick.

Ryan leaned back and moaned as she slowly put her lips around his tip. She slurped her way down to the base where his halls were.

Kori moved her mouth up and down, slowly deep thrusting him. Then she resumed her stroking as she sucked his balls slowly. Then she spoke up,

“You like it when I suck your cock Ryan? You like that?”

Ryan could only moan as he neared ejaculation.

“Have you ever gotten a blowjob Ryan?”

Ryan groaned and shook his head no.

“I’m… I’m a virgin…”

She made an o with her mouth.

“Oh Ryan, this is gonna be fun.”

Ryan let out a loud sigh as he suddenly erupted all over her naked body. She giggled and tasted his cum.

“Tastes so good… mmmm…”

She got up and helped Ryan up. Kori got on her hands and knees on the chair and said,

“Get behind me Ryan. I’ll show you what to do.”

Ryan held his erect cock and guided it up and down her butt crack. Kori leaned down and guided his cock into her pussy lips.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity Ryan?”

“Oh fuck yeah.”

She gave his dick a little push and Ryan slowly thruster in.

He instantly felt a rush of pleasure. He was inside his dream girl’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, holy fuck Kori” he moaned as he slowly thruster in and out.

He upped his pace and she started to moan too.

“Uhh… uhh… do me harder Ryan, oh fuck yes!”

Ryan continued to thrust in and out for a few minute, until Kori pulled away and sat him down in the bench. She climbed up and sat down on his cock.

Ryan slowly felt the rush of pleasure as she bounced up and down his cock.

Kori moaned as she stroked up and down. She leaned forward and bounced her boobs in Ryan’s face.

After three minutes, Kori got up and switched with Ryan.

“Fuck my tits, Ryan. Fuck them please.”

Ryan lowered his cock between her boobs and felt the urge to cum. She squeezed her tits as Ryan thrusted.

After only a few seconds, Ryan exploded all over her boobs and face. He let out a sigh and pleasure.

Kori giggled and slurped his cum off her tits as Ryan stood up and jumped into the pool to get rid of his sweat. As he leaned out, she said,

“We need to do that again.”

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