Hot Train Ride In Country Australia

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It was late as I ran for the train. My thoughts still on our time we spent together, our stolen weekend in your bush hut. As I ran for the train, warm droplets of sweat formed on my body, as I vividly recalled out hot weekend of sweet love.

I made the last train home just in time. Alighting the train, my eyes searched for an empty seat. I walked passed a few farmers probably back from an auction, some women with their laps full of parcels, and a couple of teenagers returning to Melbourne after visiting their families. I walked though to the next carriage, deserted except for a young man and an elderly gentleman. I slumped into the back seat, my overnight bag at my feet.

The heat intense, our Aussie summer in full swing, I removed the jacket I had been wearing to save carrying it. My jacket bringing back so many wonderful memories of this weekend, when you gently laid me down outside the hut, using it as a pillow for my head. Memories of how we made love over and over, sweet sex filling the air mixing with the perfume of the wild flowers.

Sitting on the train my eyes wandered outside, as I watched the Aussie bush rush past, the golden wattle shining majestically in the sun, the sounds of the kookaburra laughing at the clatter of the train over the old bush tracks. My hand reached for my jacket, and as hot as it was on the train, I brought it to face, the smell of you still lingering. Closing my eyes, I felt my body warmed as I recollected the memories of you this weekend.

In my day dream I saw us naked, laying outside on the blanket, the old gum tree willowing gently about our bodies, shading us from the sun. The clatter of the train now distant in my mind, I allowed my thoughts to slip back to the weekend. My body began to warm as I saw you come to me naked, your manhood excited. I recalled how you gently caressed me, your hands casino şirketleri running over my body as your eyes consumed me. I could almost feel your lips on my breasts, kissing them exciting my nipples, as you gently took them between your teeth, and your other hand slowly ran over my legs, tenderly opening them. As I sat on the train my hips began to rock slowly, as I relived my excitement .

My legs had slipped open and my hand was gliding over them, my short skirt high on my legs. I suddenly opened my eyes, feeling somewhat embarrassed as the young man walked passed me on his way to the rest room of the train. He was standing there smiling, obviously enjoying the sight. Smiling back I turned covering myself with my jacket, my gaze quickly to the window watching the sparse land, the kangaroos jumping as if racing the train. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the young man walk past, taking up a seat just ahead of me on the opposite side of the carriage. He sat down casually and returned to his novel.

I studied him for a moment, as my eyes wandered over him. I noted the expressions on his face as he read, and found myself thinking when was the last time he had made passionate love to someone. Our eyes met momentarily and he smiled; checking myself for those crazy thoughts, I tried to get comfortable again placing my jacket behind my head for a pillow.

However, as I felt myself dozing off, the weekend came rushing back as fierce as before. I saw us again as your hand continued to open my legs gently. You were straddling me with your back to my face, as your fingers opened my swollen pussy lips. I could almost feel you as I envisaged your tongue coming down on me, exploring my swollen clit. I recalled how my body felt; hot, wanting and throbbing for more as your tongue slowly entered me, lapping at my hot juices, and as you casino firmaları delicately sucked my clit into your mouth.

I then recalled how I brought your throbbing cock to my face and began licking you and sucking you into my mouth as my body burned with desire. I could almost see my other hand gently cupping your warm balls feeling them fill, as my hips pushed closer to your mouth. The sound of our moans echoed clearly in my memory as we both hungrily explored each other in my dream.

The day still hot as the train rocked along on the old bush tracks, I found myself feeling incredibly hot as my thoughts ran wild. Oblivious to anyone, my hands went to my short top as I began to pull it up, my fingers to my breasts, rubbing them, rubbing my nipples between my fingers. Sliding down on the seat, I rocked sensually wishing you were here with me as I stretched out, my jacket again behind my head. Unable to control myself, I pulled my top up higher, my nipples standing erect as I continued to fondle rub them between my fingers.

I did not know that the young man sitting opposite had now put his novel down, his eyes taking me in lustfully. My body aching, again my legs parted as I drew my skirt up to my waist. My need for release increasing, my fingers drew aside my g-string and I began exploring my womanhood. My body began to sway sensually as my fingers found my swollen clit, rubbing gently as I allowed one leg to fall off the seat casually, pushing my foot hard on the floor for support against the rocking of the train.

Unaware, the young man was now kneeling next to me, watching as he rubbed his hardened cock over his pants, his novel thrown carelessly on the floor where he was sitting. The rocking of the train relentless, drawing us together. My eyes closed as I pulled my g-string away more, both hands to my warm place exploring güvenilir casino myself as I moaned softly.

As I continued, feeling my need rise more, the young man had undone his pants, his hardness now fully erect as he continued to watch me. My mind far away to the weekend just gone I found my arms high above my head, and the young man gently pulling down my g-string. My back stiffened, my eyes tightly closed as the young man buried his face in my crotch, his hot tongue exploring me, pushing deeper into my pussy tasting my juices. Before I knew it, he was over me straddling me and my hands were around his cock, stroking, my other hand caressing his firm balls.

I moaned loudly as the tip of his cock touched my clit, rubbing in circles exciting me more as my fingers trailed over his manhood. My body stiffened as his hardened cock began to enter me slowly, and our bodies began to dance together in rhythm. Faster now, deeper he buried his himself into me as my hands gripped his shoulders tightly.

The train racing forward in unison with our rhythm, as he thrust wildly into my moist pussy. The wild flowers in the paddocks, a replica of the hot lust taking place on the quiet country train, as our bodies danced.

His hands went to my breasts pushing them together, as his hard cock continued to pound deeper into me. My body hot, aching for release as my orgasm approached, on the verge of erupting as I felt his cock pulsate. The moment electric as he gripped my shoulders hard, his orgasm powerful, as his hot juices entered me. Unable to hold back, the lust within me exploding as sweet waves of electric pleasure forced my body to quiver. I orgasmed hard and strong as he continued to thrust deeply into me.

The train whistle sounded, bringing me back to the present as our eyes meet, your lips on mine kissing me passionately. We slowly dressed, no words needed as our eyes remained fixed on each other.

Stepping from the train, you take my hand, squeezing it gently, your eyes thanking me for the passion, for the hot train ride.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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