Hotel Californication Ch. 05

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Dinner was at seven, the “Lingerie Ball”, at nine. I had just stepped out of the shower when Carol came into the bathroom to finish getting ready. She held what appeared to be some sort of personal invitation in her hand.

“What’s that?”

She opened it reading. And then smiling. “It would seem we’ve been given a special invitation to dine tonight with Diane, Charlie, Jack…and someone named Charles Anderson the third.”

I looked at her in disbelief. Not for being invited to sit with them at their table, but that I recognized the name. Truly, this couldn’t be the same person I was thinking of. The Charles Anderson I knew and had read about, was a State Senator. I started toweling off, figuring we’d find out soon enough, though if it was him that was actually here, I was more than a bit surprised at his willingness to even be here. Though I also knew he wasn’t currently married, so even if he was, there wasn’t much that I figured anyone could try and use against him. As powerful a man as he was, I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the one to take him on.

“Hey, thought you were wearing that black outfit you showed me?” I asked as Carol began slipping into a rather nasty looking red camisole that hugged her tits quite nicely, especially the way her hard nipples were already pressing against the tight thin material as she pulled it down over her charms. All she put on besides that was a matching garter and shear stockings, no panties, officially meeting the only real criteria as being “accessible” during the ball.

“Changed my mind,” she said simply, though I didn’t mind at all seeing her dressed in red instead. I honestly liked this look better than I think I’d have liked her in the black negligee she’d brought along. It might not have been quite as revealing upstairs…but the way those tits of hers looked through the red tight top she had on, was even more sexy and alluring.

I put on my simple black tie, and we were all ready to go.


A few minutes later we had entered the Ball Room – Dining area and immediately spotted Diane and Charlie sitting up on stage at was obviously one of the head tables sharing a cocktail together. Neither Jack, nor “Charles” was present, but it was early yet. Like the girls, Carol and I had come early as well in order to sit and have a few cocktails before dinner actually got started. Seeing us the moment we came in, they immediately waved us over to join them. As they both stood in greeting, I couldn’t help notice, and drool slightly over the way they both looked. Like Carol, Diane too looked hot as hell, her attire a bit unusual perhaps, wearing a black bow tie, much like mine, though she also had one what appeared to be a white satin bra, with nipple cut-outs, her gorgeous tits poking through, though that wasn’t the only thing that was either. She wore bright red crotch less panties, and though her cock wasn’t exactly hard, it was thickly firm, hanging down almost invitingly between her legs.

Charlie was dressed somewhat similarly, a red bow tie, though she wore no bra. Her tits were bound however, already looking a bit swollen, almost purple with some sort of red sash binding them together, which looked provocative as hell. Though much like Carol had worn, Charlie too wore white garters and stockings, her own smaller cock, was just barely concealed behind what appeared to be a matching white thong. We ordered drinks and then turned our attention back to the throng of people slowly moving in and finding their seats. As they did, I began to notice something, that up until now, hadn’t really dawned on me, nor had I actually questioned it, especially when I looked over and saw that Darcy and Jolene had just come walking in. Both girls were completely naked, though all either had on, or was wearing was a white bow tie. As I began glancing about, I noticed that a great deal of men, and some few women wore black lingerie, or ties, a larger majority wearing red, both men and women, and then like with Darcy and Jolene only white, though those numbers seemed far fewer in appearance.

“Ok, obviously…I missed something,” I commented looking over at the girls and my wife and then nodded back over to where Darcy and Jolene were sitting down as an obvious gay couple came over to join them, the guys likewise just wearing white bow ties and nothing else.

“You must have,” Diane quipped, chuckling. “Frankly, I was surprised to see you wearing a black bow tie, and not a red one at this point.”

I looked over at my wife. She just shook her head both smiling and frowning at me. “If you’d have read through everything, you’d have know what that means,” she said shaking her head once again. “And actually I was sort of wondering the same thing myself, but decided it was up to you what color you personally chose to wear.”

It didn’t take being a rocket scientist to figure things out after that, though Diane quickly explained things to me anyway.

“It makes things a lot easier for everyone, especially during the actual ball,” casino şirketleri she began. “Obviously, those who are wearing only white, are letting you know they prefer ‘intimate’ sex as we call it, only with members of their same sex. And black of course, just the opposite. Strictly heterosexual as it were.” She again purposely glanced towards the black tie I had on, frowning. “And red of course…means you’re cool either way. But since you are wearing black tonight, does that mean…?”

Once again Carol laughed. “I did in fact buy you a red bow tie as well, it’s back in the room if you’d like me to go and get it,” she giggled. “Just wasn’t sure if you’d be in the frame of mind to actually wear that particular color just yet.”

I had also noticed, that most of the staff, like Diane and Charlie, seemed to be wearing all three colors, and though I wasn’t sure of any real significance of that, knowing these two so well already, it seemed rather obvious even then.

“I think I’ll stick with the black tie for now, no rules about crossing over any lines later now is there? Just because I start out wearing black?”

“No,” Charlie chuckled as well. “In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of people wearing black now, who come back wearing only red the next time they come here to stay with us. I am sure that by the end of the evening, color, regardless…won’t be much of an issue either way, as I’m sure you’ll soon see. And like the rules state to begin with, once out on the floor, everyone is free to touch anyone, regardless of what color they have on. The only thing we honor, along with anyone else…is the intimate rule. No intercourse, or oral with anyone that you’re simply not interested in being with according to the colors you’re wearing. Everyone here respects and honors that. But again, regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation, fondling, a bit of groping and caressing, that sort of thing is perfectly acceptable and clearly defined in the terms of the evening’s event.”

“And besides, once the ‘ball’ actually starts, and with everyone out there on the crowded dance floor, you’ll find it’s almost impossible not to run around bumping and groping everyone else out there anyway,” Diane added to that.

“So black for now then,” I said sitting back comfortably sipping on my cocktail, figuring that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Jack wearing a red bow tie, though I was also now wondering. If Charles was “the” Charles, what color would he then have on?” I was indeed curious to find out.


As part of the evening’s entertainment during the dinner hour, the resort had their own version of the “Blue Men Crew,” as they were called. Four guys that I would later find out, painted in blue as opposed to wearing any sort of costumes, and each one purportedly with nothing less than at least a nine inch cock, which they ran around through the audience, performing with much to the delight of everyone, based on some of the special tricks they enjoyed performing with those enormous sized cocks of there. The groups leader in fact, actually sporting one that Diane claimed she had herself personally measured the last time they had come here and performed, tell us that his prick in fact measured fourteen inches! Though she candidly added to that, it didn’t get any bigger than that either, nor really very hard, which I guess in a way was somewhat understandable. Having a prick that big, even somewhat flaccid, would take some real doing to get much blood flowing constantly into a monster like that. I had read somewhere where guys who were actually that big, seemed to experience that particular difficulty. So I for one, though certainly not below average in size, was perfectly happy with the equipment I’d been blessed with. Not to mention the fact that so far, Carol had never complained, nor had anyone else for that matter. If anything, stamina, and my ability to experience several orgasms during the course of an evening, actually put me a little above par as far as that went.

Still, I was already curious and looking forward to the evenings entertainment when the Blue Men Crew came out and began entertaining everyone later.

There was just time enough for another round of cocktails before dinner service was to begin, when once again Diane motioned, nodding at Charlie as the two of them stood, and then Carol and I did, joining them. Sure enough, Jack was walking towards us, wearing a red bow tie. And with him, was in fact the State Senator himself, Charles Anderson the third. And he was wearing of all things, a red and white striped bow tie, with a blue field and white stars. And I honestly wasn’t really sure what the hell that that meant. But, he was naked…that much was clearly showing. Though I’d have also been hard pressed to actually find his dick.


Dinner as usual was excellent, as was the floor show as the Blue Guys with their big dicks ran around the audience thrilling and teasing everyone. They had ended their entertainment with what could only be described casino firmaları as the wildest drumming I had ever seen performed, especially considering the ‘drum-sticks’ they used when doing that.

But dinner had certainly been interesting in another way as well. Unlike the movies where you see scenes where this woman, or that one fumbles secretly with either the guy sitting next to her, or across from her, or visa…versa. This was pretty much expected to happen here. Between bites, sips of drinks, everyone seemed to be reaching out, enjoying themselves, as well as their dinner partners throughout the entire course of the meal.

I was sitting next to Charlie on one side, and Diane on the other. Jack sitting between my wife and Charles, which as it turned out, had some interesting moments as the evening wore on. Almost from the start when we’d begun eating our first course, Diane had reached over, her hand wrapping itself around my cock, though Charlie too had eventually done the same, the two of them now tag-teaming my prick as we sat eating and almost nonchalantly keeping an eye on all the other entertainment.

It was also just as obvious, especially by the hand-movements, and expression on the Senator’s face, that he was enjoying the attention that Jack’s hand was giving him, all the while occasionally fondling and playing with my wife’s cunt. By the time dinner was finally over, I was about as aroused as I could possibly be, and now looking forward to what I knew may very well be the most interesting ball-room dance, if you even want to call it that, that I’d ever been too. Diane stood shortly after that, addressing everyone at the podium on stage, once again reiterating a few of the simple rules, does and don’ts. Initially, it was tradition that EVERYONE crowd around and into the small designated area that was set off to one side away from the seating area. Admittedly, I had to wonder how well over two hundred and fifty some odd people could even manage to fit into such a small confined space. But then again, that was the whole point in the first place. As everyone began moving over towards the open area, there was hardly anywhere anyone could go without bumping into someone, or touching someone in one way or another, and especially for the men. Most of which, like myself, were sporting good hard firm erections.

Though I had indeed started out with Carol standing close by my side, as more and more people came onto the floor joining us, it quickly became evident that we’d eventually get lost in the throng of people crowding in. Moments later the lights came down way low, and then a reddish hew began to bathe everyone standing there, at first difficult to see very well until the eyes adjusted to it. But shortly after that, this sensual red glow seemed to add to the overall erotic nature of the moment we were suddenly all experiencing at once together. Almost as one, as the music started, though no one of course was actually dancing, the entire mass of people seemed to suddenly start undulating together in a massive sea of exposed flesh and body parts. Hands, fingers along with everything else suddenly reaching out, touching, caressing. I felt a woman’s hand once again surrounding my shaft, though interestingly enough, another woman who’d been standing directly in front of me, sort of leaned over. As she did, my strange partner took advantage of the opportunity to then begin rubbing my cock against this second woman’s cunt, eventually slipping the head in, just barely, though continuing to hold onto it, teasing the woman. She in turn, now sucking another man’s prick as he stood in front of her, though all around this scene, and several like it were likewise taking place.

I had no clue, nor idea where my wife had disappeared to herself. Likewise lost now amongst the writhing sea of people that cavorted decadently together their on the floor. It was an interesting sensation to say the least. Most remained nameless to me, total and complete strangers. A some few here or there I had seen, but not formally met, fewer still whose names I did know, or people I had recognized. Smiling just a bit as I caught sight of Marsha not too far away from where I was standing, one cock in her mouth, another in each one of her hands, someone kneeling between her legs licking her pussy, and yet another guy still obviously fucking her from behind. She was obviously enjoying and taking advantage of the dance.

And then, just like that, things suddenly switched around unexpectedly as the mass of naked people continued to cavort and move around. Looking down, I suddenly felt a mouth engulfing my prick, delighted to see a rather buxom older woman as she knelt before me, busying herself with my prick. Another guy, one whom I’d seen sitting with the two lesbians earlier at their table, wearing a white bow tie looking on.

“Too bad you’re wearing black, and not red,” he stated looking on. “I’d love to be helping her do that.”

It was obviously time to lose the tie. I reached up, undoing it and güvenilir casino allowed it to simply fall away from my neck. He smiled, and then joined the woman still kneeling between my legs as the two of them now proceeded to lick and suck me simultaneously together.

I didn’t even realize it at first, though the music for the first song had indeed ended. And though a few people did clear the floor after that, heading back to their tables for additional refreshments perhaps, it was just barely enough to accommodate additional space. Much of which was now quickly utilized.

During this brief lull before the second song actually started, a very tall woman, well over six feet tall, with long dark hair, sporting once again massive, slightly droopy, yet well rounded breasts stood there looking on at the two people still happily engaged sucking my cock. She reached out, taking my hands in hers, placing them on her breasts.

“Pull on my nipples, pinch them…pinch them hard!” She demanded. I was only too happy to comply to her wishes. Her nipples too far larger than on most women I had seen, thick fat thimble-sized about as hard as they could possibly be as I yanked on them, twisting, doing as she’d asked. “Harder!” She demanded, reaching down as she openly stood there finger-fucking herself, enjoying the sensation as I pulled on her tits even more forcefully, enjoying the show below as my companions continued to pass my cock back and forth to one another. Eventually the guy standing, though the woman now taking both pricks in hand, placing them together as she began rubbing the tips together in a circular motion, occasionally placing them both in her mouth, sucking them that way.

“Oh fuck I love watching that,” my tall companion stated hotly just as the second song started playing, making it hard to hear whatever else it was she had said, though she did cry out loud enough moment’s after that, once again telling me, or rather demanding from me, what else she really wanted. “Now slap them! Slap my tits! Slap them hard, as hard as you possibly can!”

And though inflicting, let alone receiving any real pain wasn’t my thing, it was obviously something that this woman truly enjoyed, for whatever reason. The mood, circumstance and certainly the delightful sensations I was currently experiencing melted away whatever reservations or inhibitions about doing this to her…or for her, no longer mattered. I did as she asked, slapping first one breast, and then the other with what I felt was a rather decent, forceful slap. She winced, smiling, feeling the sting perhaps.

“Again. Do it again. Faster this time, until I cum.”


I was now on the verge of doing that myself. The sensation too great, too pleasurable to ignore any more. Whoever this older woman was, she was expertly unique in the art of cock-sucking, doing things to my prick, and even possibly to the guy now standing next to me, that neither one of us had experienced before.

“Ok, give me your cum,” she told us both. “Both of you. I want to see these delicious hard cocks of yours squirting for me.”

I was going crazy, weak in the knees, hovering on the edge already. Not really realizing that the tall woman still standing next to me, whose breasts I now clamped down hard on, was likewise in the throes of her own climatic release, perhaps because of that.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The gal below me was now screaming, feeling the lurch of my cock as it began to jettison a torrent of spunk, somehow opening my eyes, looking down as I did, simultaneously feeling, and seeing the other’s guys prick similarly doing the same. Still holding us there together, sperming one another, only then drawing the two of us once more back inside her mouth, thoroughly, and completely erasing whatever nectar had remained.


Momentarily satiated, I let go of the tall woman’s tits, though she again smiled, thanking me for such a mind-blowing orgasm. Likewise thanking the woman, and man who’d I just shared this experience with before parting from them, now headed off the floor and back towards our table, needing a drink. As I wandered back, I wondered briefly how everyone else was fairing, especially my wife, though I was fairly confident she was herself having a great time, doing god knew what and where at the moment. At the table, the only two people still there at the moment where Charlie and the Senator. She, currently laying on the table, with the Senator between her legs obviously fucking her, though it was also interesting to note, his hand was simultaneously working her cock up and down too. And though I had just had a very intense orgasm myself only moments ago, it was still interesting to sit down, looking on as the two of them continued.

Moments later a waitress came by taking my drink order, though I was perfectly content to merely sit there, recuperating all the while looking on. Like I said, I don’t know what it was, or why it was…just Charlie being who she was perhaps, but watching her being fucked by the Senator, while he simultaneously stood there also wanking on her small, yet very stiff cock was horny as hell to see. And it wasn’t long at all before I found myself actually stiffening again while watching this, though enjoying my drink as I did so.

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